Park Shin hye, first appearance as a doctor fighting with gangster 《The Doctors》 닥터스 EP01

You’re here now because I’m pissed off and you’re going to relieve my stress, right? No- no way sir. Bite your tongue. Bite your tongue. What are you? Are you a medic? You can’t tell? I’m a doctor. This is where patients are treated. If you’re not a patient, please leave. Who do you think you are telling our boss what to do? I’m the person to treat him. I have the right to treat him. I’m not going to accept being treated by a woman. Bring a man here. Do you see me as a woman? I see you as a patient. Don’t disrupt the treatment of other patients and leave please. This person, this person, this person, that person, that person. This woman… Hey, take her outside. Yes, sir. Just go. Doctor, let’s go sit down and rest. Hey, we don’t take it easy on girls. Does that make it less embarrassing to be hit by a girl? I apologize. I’ll treat anyone who is hurt. Boss! Boss! Are you alright? Leave fast. Are you going to leave him to die? Fine. You can be his doctor. However, if something goes wrong with our boss, you will die. Now, let’s start.