– He was blessing
everybody up in here. – That makes this way more personal! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) So you’ve completed
the neutral route of Undertale. What we’re gonna do now
is show you some highlights of how some of these
other potential paths play out. – Okay, cool.
I’m excited. – I was almost on the route
of true pacifist, but I guess there
were some things I missed. – I feel like the genocide one
is gonna be way more violent and dark that–
it’s that sort of thing that I kind of want to see, too. – I’m excited to see
the different endings. – (FBE) So this first video
is the final boss and ending of the genocide path. So to get this, you literally
have to kill every monster in the Underground. That includes all
of the random encounter enemies. So this video’s gonna start off
where you meet Sans in the throne room,
but something different happens this time.
– Okay. – He’s probably gonna be
a little pissed at you, if anything, for killing everything. – I’m ready. (laughing) – Oh [bleep], you fight Sans? – Oh my gosh, you have to kill Sans. – “It’s a beautiful day outside.” You battle Sans? – “Birds are singing,
flowers are blooming.” – That’s what the king says. “On days like these,
kids like you…” – Die. “…should be burning in hell.” [Bleep]! – Holy [bleep]!
Whoa, what the hell?! – Oh my god!
What the… what? – Oh my gosh! That’s insane. – “You feel like you’re
going to have a bad time.” – This is where the memes come from! – (groaning) That’s insane. – I would not be able to do this. – Oh my gosh, that–
I would die instantly. – I feel like if you
did the genocide path, you deserve this. He was like… (laughing)
He was blessing everybody up in here. – “One of your turns…
you’re just gonna kill me.” – “I’ve decided… it’s
not gonna be your turn, ever.” – So he just goes to sleep on you? (snickering) The character, his mouth
is just like, “Hello.” – Oh… I saw the box wiggle. – Oh! Oh, he’s moving the box. – Literally move your box? (gasping) – No! No, you [bleep]
did not just kill Sans, you little bitch.
[Bleep] you. Oh my god. – “Guess that’s it, huh?” – That’s heartbreaking! – “What kind of monster are you?” – “Well, we can always…” He didn’t even let him finish. “Now, now… there’s
no need to fight.” – “Why not settle
this over a nice cup of tea?” He didn’t offer me tea!
(gasping) Wait, what?! You just off him?! – Now the king is scared of us. Oh! Dang, one shotted. – Whoa, you get that powerful
during the genocide route? – And then Flowey comes
and finishes him? What the [bleep] is going on? – “See? I never betrayed you. It was all a trick, see?” – “I can help.
I can… I can…” – “Please don’t kill me.” – Flowey’s actually scared of us. – I should’ve killed Flowey
when I had the chance. No mercy! Yikes! – I wanted to do that to him so bad! Thank you. – “Your powers
awakened me from death.” – “My ‘human soul’…
my ‘determination’… They were not mine,
but yours.” – “Let us erase this pointless world,
and move on to the next.” This is dark. I didn’t realize literally–
erase or do not erase? – Do not? “No? Hmm…” – Oh my god, the eyes. “Since when were you
the one in control?” ♪ (unsettling music) ♪
Oh my god! What the hell?! – Did we just kill ourselves? – And that’s the whole [bleep] game? It just kills you?
Holy [bleep]. This is a really self-aware game.
This is brilliant. – Oh my god! So then what was the point then
of killing everything if you were just gonna end up
getting killed at the end? I don’t know if I–
I feel like I still maybe prefer the neutral ending over that one. – Hold on! The Sans fight is insane. You have to literally memorize it
in order to beat it. That’s what you get for being
a genocide [bleep]hole, okay? – (FBE) All right, so now
we’re going to show you the true pacifist path.
– Oh, I’m excited for this. – (FBE) What you need to get this
is you have to go on a date with Papyrus, you have
to go on a date with Undyne, and you have to explore
the true lab of Dr. Alphys. – The true lab, so not even
the lab I went in? So there’s an extra lab. – So it seems like
a little bit more work, but I’m interested to see the ending. – I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know. – Let’s see this. Let’s see what I could have done. – “Human…” – “It was nice to meet you.” – “Goodbye.”
I did this battle. – How did he die? – Oh, it’s Toriel! – Goat Mama! Goat Mama came back! “At first, I thought I would let you
make your journey alone.” – “But I could not stop
worrying about you.” – “As terrible as Asgore is,
he deserves mercy, too.” – Awww. “Tori, you came back.” – “Tor–” wait, they
call her Tori for short? Hold up! That makes this way more personal. I’m gonna cry again over the fact
that I killed Toriel! – Undyne?! “Ngahhhh!
Asgore! Human! Nobody fight each other!” – “Hey, nobody fight anyone. If anyone fights anyone,
then I’ll be forced to ask Undyne for help.” – “Hey, guys, what’s up? That voice…”
Oh my gosh. See, all the characters
are coming together. – “That voice!” (gasping) They get to meet! “Hello, I think we…
do we know each other? Oh, hey, I recognize your voice, too.” – The knock-knock jokes! – “Nice to meet you. The name’s Sans. And, uh, same.” – “How did you know
everyone to call? Let’s just say
a tiny flower helped me.” (gasping) “A tiny… flower?” [Bleep]! – Flowey, what the– no!! – RIP-a-ronie. “You idiots.” – “While you guys were having
your little pow-wow, I took the human souls. And now, not only
are those human souls under my power,
but all of your friends’ souls are gonna be mine, too.” – “All of your souls are mine.” – Let go of my friends, you bitch! – “It’s me, your best friend.” (gasping) – “Asriel Dreemurr!” The kid! – That’s the son, isn’t it? – The dead son. – What is going on? “I’m not ready for this to end.
Save? “I’m not ready to say goodbye
to someone like you again.” – “So, please… stop doing this…
and just let me win.” – Oh, shoot. “Stop it!” – “Stop it now!” Whoa, this is crazy. – Oh my god. – “I’m so sorry. As a flower…” (gasping) “As a flower,
I was soulless. I lacked the power
to love other people. However, with everyone’s
souls inside me, I not only have
my own compassion back, but I can feel every
other monster’s as well.” Flowey is Asriel! Flowey is Asriel! – “I can’t keep
these souls inside of me.” – This is a really intense story. Like, gosh. – Yo, kid, chill, chill. – Ah! – “The barrier was destroyed.” – (gasping) Everyone got to come out! “Oh my…” – “Isn’t it beautiful, everyone?” – “Hey, Sans, what’s that giant ball?” – “We call that ‘the sun,’ my friend.” – “That’s the sun? Wowie, I can’t believe
I’m finally meeting the sun.” – “It seems that everyone
is quite eager to set off.” – “Frisk… you came
from this world, right? So you must have a place
to return to, do you not? What will you do now?” – “I want to stay with you.” – “What? Frisk…
you really are a funny child. If you had said that earlier,
none of this would have happened.” – “It is a good thing it took you
so long to change your mind. Well, I suppose.” – “If you really do not have
any other place to go, I’ll do my best to take care of you…” – “…for as long as you need. All right? Now, come along.” – Oh my gosh. “Everyone is waiting for us.”
Aww, how cute. That’s so cute! (feigned sobbing) – (gasping) Stop!
This is cute as hell! – Oh my god, that’s my room. She’s gonna bring me pie. Butterscotch pie. – Goat Mama. (feigned sobbing) I didn’t see her in my playthrough! – (emotionally) Oh. – That’s real cute. – [Bleep]! (sighing) “The end.” – I liked that ending.
That was a good one. – The true pacifist route
is so adorable. That’s the true ending. Forget the other two endings. The pacifist one, that’s
what’s supposed to happen at the end. – But that was a good ending.
I liked it a lot. That’s my favorite ending. I should have tried to get that ending,
but I never knew. – Fantastic story, fantastic game. 10/10 for me. – What an emotional roller coaster. Can’t wait to go back and play it. – I don’t want it to be over. I love it! Even seeing the pacifist ending
was so special to me. – Thanks for watching us play Undertale
on the React channel. – What other games should we play? Let us know in the comments. – Peace out, everybody! – Hey, guys, Marc here,
a producer at the React channel. Are you sad that Undertale’s over? I know I am. I think I’m just gonna go home
and play it again. But the true pacifist route. I don’t want to hurt
and kill all my friends. Not because I can’t beat Sans. I can. I swear.