Owen Shroyer: THE DESTROYER (Full Movie)

Owen Shroyer here with us from Infowars
tell me how did the Deploraball go today well I showed up a little late because
DC was crazy with the traffic and then I come I walk up and immediately I’m like
two blocks down the road immediately I’m getting assaulted immediately I’m called
a racist sexist a Nazi and so I whip my camera out I’m gonna put a couple videos
up later maybe tomorrow sir would you like to impeach Donald Trump would if
that led to civil war um it might be the price so you’re
willing to go to Civil War avoidable I rather not well it’ll happen if the
Trump gets impeached it’s that’s ghosts on this shoulders yeah
you would like to stop the stock market’s remaining records stop the jobs
from coming back stop the repatriation taxes you want to stop America from
returning coming right now so yes okay why don’t you like president
Trump mutters so he’s a misogynist Pig in a sexist how so he likes to grab
people’s pussy and brag about it so you don’t think it’s true that rich people
have an advantage with women it shouldn’t be a president excuse me
shouldn’t be a president I mean that was a leaked tape a recorded conversation
would you like all your conversations put out in public you know how to have
nothing to be ashamed of okay so he said something that has absolutely nothing to
do with policy what do you don’t like about his policy what policy having a
border he cannot read his he’s written multiple books hold on what do you think
about the travel ban what do you thing about the travel ban
I think they oughta ban you why I’m an American citizen hey do you realize that
the countries you do you realize so you’d be gone do you realize that the
the travel ban was actually from countries Barack Obama bombed get your
finger at it I’m just curious if you knew that what’s your finger don’t put
your feet do you know that Barack Obama bomb those countries do not put your
finger I’m asking you a question that’s very sweet of you you’re a nice lady I’m
sure your family’s really proud of everything you’ve accomplished jobs have
been leaving this country for 30 years and they’re now coming back for the
first time in decades they aren’t coming back and first of all really we replaced
by Mexicans or royally okay so so Apple replaced by automation which is an
inevitable trail yeah you can’t reverse so Apple your intelligence
so Apple repatriating 380 billion dollars that didn’t happen you’re just
trying to set me up and I don’t even know you’re talking see that’s what I’m
saying you don’t have any facts you just have no you just have feelings and
issues you just said jobs have been leaving for the past thirty years and
that’s true now they’re coming back and that’s true in what sense are they
coming back I literally just told you this is
amazing I I just explained my argument this guy asked you to make an argument
okay how many times do I have to repeat facts to these people Christy Teegan she
quotes she quotes an alcoholic supermodel great job yeah real
intellectual Christy Teegan is what a joke I’m not sure why because they
borrowed money against the money that was overseas and when they brought this
money back they’re gonna pay their debt off first right who are they in debt to
who are they in debt to you know they borrow I’m asking you a question who is
Apple and debt to two people who hold their dad’s US banks bingo US banks
gotcha I would like a president that puts America first so that means instead
of having funds and manufacturing jobs go to other countries we keep him in
America he’s already done that companies like Apple have repatriated over 300
billion dollars back into the economy you’ve got Ford you’ve got
our company’s you’ve got Foxconn all announcing that they’re gonna have
manufacturing plants in the United States so this has led to record low
unemployment levels in Hispanics in blacks it’s led to wages going up so
that’s why I like Trump there’s a few reasons the economy was doing better
before so yeah okay thank you all he was doing better before the economy was
doing better before even though it just hit all records somehow a record is not
better than before Wow Wow we reach new levels of stupidity every
time with these people it’s unbelievable what what you just give Trump credit for
what he’s done because you disagree with facts that’s what you’re saying you
disagree with fact name it name what what fake news what fake news like more
people voted for him and voted for Hillary he won the electoral college where’s your family from what do what
does that matter where’s your family from where your famine did your family
come to America oh oh oh actually destroyers which my last name originally
came here in 1737 from Germany and they lived in Pennsylvania and they were
farmers for about a hundred years oh great mine came in 1757 to Long Island
awesome yeah cool so both our families came here legally many my Irish family
did not know wow you know what happened to the Irish in America they were made
slaves excuse me oh you didn’t know about that history did you know Irish
you know for a woman you know I don’t know how old you are but you’re older
than me you maybe you should read a history book excuse me you’re excused
let’s go so now I’ve got multiple people follow
me oh are you tell me you’re with the Young Turks are you really really why do
you mind if I ask you how old you are I think that you’re gonna change your mind
about politics see that’s exactly what I’m talking about right there do you
want to end up like that yeah what are you talking about video tape oh the
people running over the lady in Charlottesville she got it on camera
allegedly and alex jones has been saying that she meant she’s part of the deep
state and made it all up and so on yeah that’s all fake news well she’s a
brought suit though right no she’s saying she’s gonna bring suit right all
frivolous lawsuits that have been threatened have been thrown out an
American woman is fatally shot by her partner every 16 hours hey see you guys
can you cite that statistic where did you get that statistic you just put the
sign up so why don’t you cite your statistic okay no surprise all right
well I’m gonna start by asking the council a question given everything
that’s happened in the month of March with the bombings and the police
officers saying if you see anything suspicious say something I think we
would all agree that masked men walking around with firearms is something
suspicious and I’m gonna play this video for the council to review that
illustrates that exact thing happened now I am a firm believer in the First
Amendment right so an individual has the right to walk around with their face
covered I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment right
I believe in constitutional carry so you can carry a rifle or whatever firearm
you want with you however according to US Code title 18
part 1 chapter 13 subsection 2 41 conspiracy against right States if two
or more persons conspire to injure oppress threaten or intimidate any
person in any state territory Commonwealth
or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege
secured by him by the Constitution or laws of the United States or because of
his having so exercised them the same or two more persons go in disguise or on
the premises of another with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or
my enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured they shall be fined under
this title or in prison not more than ten years well on December 10th the
video you’re witnessing right now I went to a memorial March for a deceased
victim of a violent crime and I was met as you can see in these pictures by
masked men with arms on their triggers of rifles battering clubs etc here you
can see this man has his finger on the trigger keeping me from going to a park
a memorial hears them with shields and clubs blocking the entrance from a park
for a dead persons memorial now if that doesn’t violate the code I don’t know
what does and I find it timely that we sit here today with you all discussing
getting more funding for police but I did not hear one person make a
suggestion to keep violent criminals off the streets well maybe if we looked into
sanctuary city laws and keeping masked men with guns off the streets we
wouldn’t have to have a hundred police officers out there every time somebody
wants to have a March which is every weekend now I’ll just say this in
closing and provide an illustration for you if I was outside holding a rifle keeping
people from getting into this City Council to state their claim do you
think I should be arrested I think everybody here would agree yes dude why
are you guys all I’m trying to do is have a conversation and you all are like
I’m cest with me for some reason you’re all staring at me this is really strange
all right I’m gonna try to see if anyone will talk to me no I won’t okay what is
what why are you guys so aggressive like honestly what is the big deal you you
won’t even talk to me like why can’t we talk if we were if we
were like at a bar or something outside or just at a sporting event or something
like we would get along you would throw me out you would beat my ass if we were
at a bar you’d beat my ass huh I’m scared fucking shaking my arm is shaking
what do you think’s wrong with me am I like am I scared of you well I mean you
guys are out here with guns so you know and it’s not like wearing a trump hat is
a safe thing to do is that not true what did he just whisper in here are you guys
planning on trying to assault me here so I’m literally surrounded by a bunch of
guys that have their faces covered and shields and bats and guns and he’s
trying to say oh my gosh look at this guy he’s scared are you not trying to
intimidate me is that not your purpose out here so yeah so that is your purpose
out here what is wrong with you guys seriously seriously are you guys on some
sort of like pills or anything like pharmaceutical drugs like what is the
deal with you this is not normal behavior do you know that you all are
adults you’re behaving like children you know that you’re behaving like children
yeah gay frogs right atrazine why don’t you read a study before you come out
here and cover your face yeah pizza gate why don’t you read a wiki leak email what are you doing dude aren’t you a
journalist now you’re blocking my read to free rights free speech this is
insane man you guys are all following me you guys are anti bullies what is this
now you’re gonna try to ram me you’re gonna try to ram me with your wooden
sticks here by the way I’m all alone out here y’all
I’m all alone out here so you guys are out of control you know that all right
man so do I literally have to go in here and
then you guys have to assault me and get arrested by these guys is that what has
to happen right here because you hate me so much even though you don’t even know
me or anything about me and you cover your faces why do you cover your faces
at least this guy has enough courage to not have his face covered why won’t you
guys uncover your face so are these guys not peaceful then yeah don’t talk to me
so you’re with the peaceful streets project that’s why your face is
uncovered why is theirs faces covered so they can so they can break a law so
that’s it so yeah of course that’s the reason officer as you can tell sir I’m
just trying to go speak to these people I understand that sir but I mean I’m
gonna go talk to these people down here and if these guys are gonna try to fight
me then that’s what’s just gonna have to happen but I’m gonna go down here and
talk to these people I’m sorry officer I don’t feel I’m making your job more
difficult I feel like they are okay and I’m sorry that this is happening but we
both know who the petulant immature people in this situation are and it’s
them right here and in fact I would do something about these people having
their faces covered out here because they just admitted they just admitted
they want to beat me up and get away with it all right here I go here I go
literally they won’t let me in here this is obviously insane oh my god folks I feel like I’m in kindergarten
right now literally they are blocking me every time I try to walk through so I
wonder if they’ll do a whole lap around the park with me dude I could push you
over like a fucking toothpick no I don’t want to assault you that’s why I want
you to leave me alone you’re a fucking SOI boy twig hanging out with your
coward pussy friends huh why don’t you take your mask off and meet me in a
boxing ring your friends wouldn’t recognize you
afterwards good god I’m getting sick of these people man I wish Trump was a
dictator you know why cuz all y’all would be in jail that’s why here we go I
just outran them boy a bunch of cowards so you have such a gift for slapping
commies around I’ve prepared some clips of that coming up shortly here so we’re
really happy to see you doing that work cuz man you are good at it I gotta say
yeah I mean it just comes naturally I don’t know why cuz man you are good at
it I’m alright no you want to warn your friend about me before he does so we saw
I saw you it’s gonna be just very darling
oh and Troyer from infowars.com dominating out here as my friend here
just said why do you have the sign sir um because I’m very much against Trump
and everything he stands for okay so what exactly does your sign mean though
love Trump’s hate well I feel like Donald Trump does a lot of things that
could be construed as evil and I don’t like that and I was like can you name
one how about the video that was just released from 1995 that was not 1995
those are two thousand five thousand five okay well so you don’t talk about
that with your friends you know when you’re out no you’ve never said anything
like that no why would I okay well this man is a perfectly good
honorable gentleman so I I admire that so don’t you think it’s ironic though
that there’s all these people out here that hate Trump holding up a love
Trump’s a sign what do you mean love Trump’s eight but you hate Ron yeah I
don’t like him so but you’re promoting love while you’re hating a guy how can
you support Trump I just because I want to save America personally by how well
you know here’s my thing here’s my thing about this oh my gosh here’s the thing
there are bigger issues than Trump’s rhetoric Bill Clinton is a rapist so if
you hope for Hillary Clinton you’re putting the rapist in the White House
again but here’s a consensual you settled multiple rape cases sir but but
here’s my thing he’s not running for president believe this is hell do you
want a rapist in the White House Hillary is running do you want a rapist in the
white he is running for president so is Bill not gonna go to the White House
then it will be in the White House but Hillary do you want a rapist in the
White House Donald Trump would be in the White House if you do you want a rapist
in the White House is running for president answering the question do you
want a rapist in the White House bill is not a rapist settled multiple rape
is running for president what do you not get about that do you want a rapist in
the White House Hillary is running for president won’t answer the question this
is well you made it an issue about women you made it an issue of women so if
you’re gonna call out Trump’s rhetoric against women why don’t you call out
bills actual rape because bill has nothing to do with this election this is
Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump bill has nothing to do with this election
he’s campaigning for Hillary he’s Hillary’s wife this should be about
Trump’s policies versus Hillary’s pie agrees yet videos are being released
that are showing what type of man Donald Trump is specifically I’m referring to
the video from 2005 what do you think about the email leaks that show who
Hillary really is I don’t care Hillary listen Donald Trump said on this video
that he likes kissing pretty women and that you don’t sir let me can I finish
you like kissing ugly women excuse me can I finish my statement please thank
you I don’t appreciate that either what I’m saying was you Donald Trump said on
the video you can grab a woman by their pussy do you support that cuz you just
said you support my supporters policies but how can you say you support Donald
Lynton has said racist things said she’s called black people super predators why
don’t you talk about that email leaks have shown how Hillary Clinton has
called her own supporters dumbasses Donald Trump like you that Mexicans are
rapists and murderers never said that never said that he said illegal
immigrants sir illegal immigrant rights and murderers yes there are dozens of
cases hundreds even of illegal immigrants raping or murdering citizens
that’s a fact I think there are more Americans raping and murdering piso just
because rape happens we should just let it go on in more abundance no we
shouldn’t well that’s your logic Donald Trump is saying that all Mexicans are
rapists emerges however said that literally never said that how can you
generalize a population like that how Hillary Clinton said half of Trump
voters are deplorable and he’s sitting here quoting a quote that never even
existed never happened so why don’t we talk about banning all Muslims while
they’re from the country while we’re at it well we are in a very do you think
radical Islamic terror exists yes okay so you wouldn’t want a vetting vetting
process at all for people coming in from Muslim countries that hate our way of
life Donald Trump said we should ban Muslims
didn’t answer the question from entering not forever he said until we figure out
what’s going on terrorist attacks have been happening in this country do you
want to stop terrorism I would love to stop terrorists so don’t
you think we should maybe vet people coming from these areas you do that
that’s stopping an entire are you aware are you aware are you aware that Isis
has said they will infiltrate the refugee program with militants have you
are you aware of that No so does that change your mind no so
you want Isis here I really don’t want Isis here I just tricked you and that’s
what you said no I don’t want Isis in our do you want to vet the refugees
Muslim here’s the thing Donald Trump has a here’s a policy here’s a policy Donald
Trump has proposed safe zones in these areas so we don’t just have to bring
them here unvetted what do you think about that I think that stopping an
entire group of people an entire race sounds awfully familiar to even if we’re
at war even if we’re at war I don’t know that
sounds a lot like 1945 you ever have you ever read the Quran what do you think
about how what is that about women what do you think the Bible says about women
I’m sorry are there Christian terrorists killing people yes okay oh this is good
this is good this is good here we go here we go here we go hold on hold on
hey I want I want to tell you I want I want I challenge anyone here there’s
probably 30 people find me one story of someone saying praise Jesus and then
killing someone find me one find me one find me one okay so so as any one so no
one’s gonna find so no one’s gonna find the story if someone yelling praise
Jesus and killing honey because it doesn’t okay man you this is amazing you
guys are tolerant of terrorism it’s it’s really a shocking thing I don’t
understand it you don’t think you don’t think Islam needs a Reformation do you
think Islam needs a Reformation okay I agree that there is problems in the
Middle East and I agree that there’s a problem with radicalization in Islam and
I would even agree that it’s mostly us to blame okay but the point is are you
gonna vote Hillary no are you gonna vote Hillary of course of course you’re proud
of that yes I am so you want a rapist in the
White House he’s not a rapist all right thank you
guys you guys have all been great here’s the thing I don’t understand they don’t
understand that Bill Clinton will move into the White House it’s like I don’t
know but here’s the thing folks everyone out here would agree that government has
serious issues everybody here even though we disagree with certain points
from Trump certain points from Hillary we might disagree on those but we would
all agree that there’s a very corrupt government a very corrupt establishment
that we’re trying to buck doing what why are you wearing a trump hat and why are
you just like come on I’m just walking you came to a majority-black populated
place to do some racist shit like what have I done the traces it’s fucked up
what do you talk about what have I done this racist room that’s crazy
no no no he’s saying I’m a racist Instagram a oh skit you know what why
don’t you stop calling me a racist maybe but no on an intellectual aspect right
the wall is both degrading and humiliating to our country as well as to
Mexico you’re saying that politically you start yeah yeah oh yeah for once you
started off saying that I’m not a wall guy either so exactly well look at
nature like the immigration of animals the wall will hinder the migration of
animals well birds and animals when that is horrible I think birds can get over
the wall now penguins not penguin say there’s a new penguin Mexico so do you
think that Germans are bad people now because in light of the Nazi Germany and
World War two and the six million people the six million Jews and the Jim I’m
sorry where’s the connection here okay so I’m Hispanic I’m Hispanic and so like
my ancestors came from Mexico and so legally I bet legally yeah they came
here legally oh yeah I’m Pro immigration I’m Pro immigration but when they’re talking about people
sending their ancestors and they’re only here and they’re violent and they’re
criminals and they’re rapists and they’re just kind of degrading all of us
hold on why do people all right do you think I like Trump because I’m Wyatt black unemployment is at record lows
right now it’s not because of Obama what did Obama do then what did Obama do the
recession Wow what what did he do that’s rhetoric what did he do what bills did
he sign he could have been president before follow me as soon um underscore
Jones thank ya please don’t get fucked up personally I don’t like the wall I
think it’s we don’t need a wall I think given 21st century technology we
probably don’t need a wall I think it’s very archaic that’s a minority opinion
on the Trump supporting side but but people want the wall it’s a big policy
I’m not a big wall guy I don’t think we need a wall what does this mean take it
off I’m sorry thanks America free again you know free from censorship I just
want a First Amendment right I want a second Amendment right I want a Fourth
Amendment right so sorry you’re white you know what sir I have to tell you no
no no I have to tell you I have to tell you a lot of people will assume a lot of
things about me because I’m white no see this is sad because people assume a lot
of things about me but come on because I’m white but if you knew about me and
my history you wouldn’t assume those names well I don’t have to tell you my
history but I bet you I guarantee you you wouldn’t say you wouldn’t say I have
white privilege you wouldn’t say I have white privilege why would you bring up
my race as a political issue if you’re not judging me based on my race Jersey
based on your race anyway you’re white so you’re a racist
I’m not we don’t have any power I can’t be ready so you’re a racist you just
admitted it do you judge me because I’m Wyatt
yeah judging someone for their skin color describing is the the feelings
that you have about being judged by him based on the color of your skin is the
feeling that he and you know what but you know what he has no no because she
has no no he has every right to hate me because I’m white that’s fine
that’s free he can be raised to these white people I don’t care that’s just
right you want a question see racist no I’m joking supremacy what do you mean by that
that’s kind of a loaded question okay so but wait a second let me ask you this so
do you believe in white supremacy yes and how did Obama become president
because it was selected by who no timeout hey thank you hey sir I gotta
move on gotta move on oh it’s Roy you’re here for info wars.com and I am at the
University of Texas in Austin where they have an anti masculinity campaign going
on we had a series of posters which I actually have in my hamsters here so you
can see it right there I mean what a beautiful work of art here’s another one
this girl she wouldn’t even have that short of hair she says after cutting off
my hair I had male friends tell me they no longer thought I was beautiful
because I didn’t have hair well I doubt that’s how it was phrased but whatever
if you didn’t have such a limited definition of what masculinity and
femininity are then you wouldn’t even care well how this comes into
masculinity I don’t know again they’re trying to create parallels here that
don’t exist but this is what I’m talking about okay I mean I think long hair I
think longer hair is more attractive more attractive than short hair am I not
allowed to think that like is that weird I mean I can’t really help that and I
would reason in fact let’s bring over my other cameraman hey drew come here for a
second let’s let’s that’s true here drew do you find women more attractive with
long hair or short hair I just he says curly hair okay so curly hairs
fair all right well regardless Oh wonderful sure you
can ask us to move aside go ahead take your class picture apologetic so they got a class picture
masculinity is a mental health issue sir I’m sorry this is too good for me wait
wait hold on ma’am can I get it I will not speak to you I do not but you but
you did you you did just yell at me though you did just yell I did okay so
but you won’t speak to me you’ll just yell at me no I don’t want to speak to
you on cameras what I’m saying okay but why is masculinity a made-up concept well look about human history how about
like men that rode on horses with pounds and pounds of armor and fought war what
about the what about the Roman gladiators okay well what do you think
that is if that’s not masculinity were there female gladiators yes really yes
who were the famous female gladiator who were the famous male gladiators there
were dozens of them there’s babies how about Maximus how about Max so but you
haven’t provided one fact ma’am you yet you yelled at me and then you tried to
insult a concept that’s been around for thousands of years oh yeah all right so
how many female soldiers were were there in ancient history that fought wars what
is that so you don’t masculinities a real thing obvious I’d have a
conversation I’m just trying to figure it out how can masculinity not be a real
thing so its femininity a real thing so there’s no such thing as femininity or
masculinity women and men just organically don’t do the different
things like women don’t like makeup and jewelry
that’s all time really really I would guess that pry half of them are wearing
some sort of makeup on yourself no no no makeup on okay good for you I’m just
saying so femininity doesn’t exist in
masculinity doesn’t exist so is are there any differences between
men and women at all are there any differences between men women
fundamentally no like having children your reproductive organs your body
structure your mental makeup your brain chemistry this is all scientific this
all by all on the biological men and women are different they have different
brains they have different oh they do yes yes they do that’s in fact they deal
with pain differently they deal with everything they do with emotion
differently this is science are you a professor understand this is basic
psychology no it is not yes it is why don’t you take a psychology class at
University of Texas and find out psychology so I’m just trying to figure
out so you don’t think there’s differences between men and women but
men and women this is this is amazing and this is a professor I bet here basic
human biology basic human anatomy basic human psychology and they deny all of it
and then I think I’m a bad guy for just reporting on it I’m not even trying to
pick a fight with you I’m just out here saying look they say masculinity is a
mental health issue you say it doesn’t even exist so that means that the
University of Texas is addressing something that you think is made-up
don’t you think that should be an issue you know what I think is a mental health
issue people who deny science in biology I think it’s a mental health issue to
think there’s 77 different genders there’s two as soon as you come out the
womb you can determine it it’s real simple I’m no doctor but I promise you
that please get this on film yeah yeah so so so so I’m the toxic
masculinist being out here all right so that was fun we just scared them off
people want attention don’t they want their message out we can do it pretty
good without info here’s a platform with millions of people why not have our
platform what did we report that’s fake so didn’t name one or two things it
should be easy nothing so you prove so see but here’s the problem man
no you know you’re not you’re young and beautiful no you’re young and beautiful
listen though we don’t report fake news because I want to hear from people like
you to figure out what you’re thinking yeah I mean come on this is I’m sorry to
hear that there we go give them their platform you
like it for sir I don’t like I’m ashamed Alex Jones is from Austin why he’s from
Dallas actually he’s based in Austin right you guys are but yeah yeah what’s
wrong with that you’re disgusting we bring a lot of money to the Commerce
here you should like that we pay taxes based on conspiracy theories and
fear-mongering and hatred it’s pretty fucking disgusting what do we do the
tape mongering you smarmy little prick what did I say this might what do you
talk about I’m just an input worth like you’re fucking out of my city you prick
fuck you this is this spreading love do you think excuse me sir I showed up here
and you’re the one that started hating me so that’s not me and ask me my
opinion and I gave me I was trying to talk to her and you stepped in front of
me what am i what am i you’re really fucking tough aren’t you dude I’m
literally standing here as I’ve never been in a fraternity
I’m cowardly I’m cowardly for stepping into a crowd of people that hate me
sandy her kids were child actors yeah BAM what it’s a screw what damage the
saying that you believe that name the parents name the families what okay
there was a father that megyn kelly interviewed that said now listen I’m
gonna with maps I’m gonna come with facts okay
so now that you’re giving now that look at this now that I’m about to talk they
start yelling over me a father interview this guy’s not going
to be quiet superior race you sure are pretty weak what do you talk about what
race is superior I believe that if you are from Infowars you think that your
race is superior oh wow that’s totally inaccurate well that’s racist sir that’s
assault the impeachment of our president but they can’t tell us why why should
Trump be him do you believe trust me impeach do you
believe Trump’s of the impeach now now they’re assaulting my cameraman this is
unbelievable do you make fart noises with your mouth
I say yes that’s the first answer we’ve gotten out here
do you believe Trump should be impeached yeah why because of a lot of things that
he’s done like name a couple United sentry how is he not United the country
you’re the ones that are out here dividing it
why should Trump be impeached give me the legal reasons it’s a lot easier to
make fart noises with your mouth and answer questions isn’t it it’s a lot
more fun too no man I’m just here asking people I’m asking people why they want
Trump apiece and nobody can answer the question I’m over all of you why do you
want Trump impeached why do you want Trump impeached hey can anyone tell me
why they went what did he do in violation of the Constitution what tell
me how tell me how by running all of his businesses while in office he handed him
over to his son yeah yeah hasn’t done that what about the Clinton Foundation
you have a problem with that there’s no equivalent see there it’s
ridiculous okay can you stop blowing at me where did you go to college
where did you get your education I already tried to talk to you okay wow
that’s very noble of you and I tell you why it bothered me
yes go ahead you may not take this seriously whatever you think about Trump
people see what happens see this is real hate right here I want to talk to you
people here are here fighting for their livelihoods their lives are in danger
and you guys are just smiling and I don’t well I don’t believe that that’s
true how are their lives are in danger even if you don’t believe that you
should understand how important these people are here what they believe and
I’m giving them a platform and I’m giving them a platform for walking
around smiling and trying to start arguments now hold on now hold on sir I
searched sir okay that’s fine so it’s rude even though I get flicked off
people throw things at me I walk in people chant I suck but I’m the one that
Trude somehow why do you want Trump impeached I don’t know I’m trying to
figure out I know not one has answered the question literally where did you go
to college well you insulted me you said I couldn’t read and I definitely can I
read more than you but but here’s the thing all the signs
to impeach Trump and I’m trying to figure out why yeah they say a beach
shop why they all say the same thing so another one still over can you tell me
why we should have beach truck guys actually got some notes here yeah all
right come on hey we found this man will talk to us so why should Trump be
impeached because he’s lying a times on record what does he lie about should we
look it up on his phone no he’s recording right now but you’re
the one saying impeach the president yeah yeah cuz you’re the one who wants
to impeach a impeach him I mean I can’t impeach him myself but you’re out here
with the impeach Trump crowd yeah I would love to advance an impeachment
agenda why because we’ve got a liar I know so it keeps coming back so what did
he lie about let’s look this up okay but you’re out
here protesting you shouldn’t have to look it up you know you should already
know your cause don’t you think you’re probably you know right in some way shit
I mean if you have to look it up it must not be that important to you you know it sounds like a leading question I’ll
tell you I’ll let you do some research and we’ll come back how about that let’s
see if anyone over here has an answer hey why should Trump be impeached you
have kids family hey can you guys tell me why truck should be impeached go
ahead oh you want to pass it to him oh he’s gonna pass back to you who’s
gonna tell me who’s gonna tell me all right who out of you two can tell me why
Trump should be impeached do you think what about what if you actually like got
behind president Trump and United the country would that win why wouldn’t he
be he likes legal immigrants your family primer get here legally followed the law
right maybe I guess maybe not and that’s why you’re out here
so are you guys pro-choice yes is that what you’re out here for yes the main
reason that you came out here from rape culture okay what do you think about my
t-shirt what do you think about that so we
ignore rape when it’s from the Clinton family what about Harvey Weinstein Hillary
Clinton’s friend Oprah Winfrey’s friend yeah don’t talk to us yeah that’s
amazing no please do that every time it makes us
look better what did I say that wrong sir I don’t care what you said that’s
wrong my point is that you’re an idiot so you have no facts to base your
statement that’s absolutely not what I said you’re a distorting an info you
thought you called me you called me an idiot for no reason there he goes there
he goes there he goes there he goes I’m not gonna do anything of course because
you’re a coward weren’t you about to run away no I was about to leave because I
really felt listening to assholes like you put on put that on the air will do
will do thank you for that content don’t worry son you can do better than your
father they see me now they’ve ID’d me they know that it’s almost time to deal
with a microphone and so we’re gonna give him a minute to collect their
thoughts and give them a head start if you will now here’s the thing about this
that’s not fair this crowd of Trump protesters is so small it’s honestly not
even fair for me to walk into that I need to have at least 200 Trump
protesters for it to be even fair for me to go try to talk to these people so I
almost feel bad honestly to try to go to ask these people questions because the
entire thing is gonna be shut down oh man it’s it’s just sad you know it’s
like bullying a young child I mean you just don’t you just don’t do it but
these are grown people these are grown these are grown adults so they act like
children but they’re actually grown at all all right well I guess we got to
give the crowd put at once here we’re going in all right folks
we’re going into commie territory now the Trump protest has officially begun
it’s 110 we’ve got some refuse fascists out here they hate Alex Jones
all right so no members of the media have talked to these guys yet I’m gonna
get the first interview hey who are you guys out here with today no comment okay
will anyone talk to Infowars well you guys are out here doing a protest don’t
you want a big audience we’ve got tens of thousands of people tuned in live
right now do you hate free speech sir is that why
you’re sticking up sign in front of my face all right let’s see if we can read
this sign you don’t consider us what have we reported on this not true sir
everything all right I’m reporting on Trump protesters out here right now is
that fake news no people can see that we’re out here protesting the Trump
pense regime they can see with their own eyes you guys don’t have to skew it
however you’re going to this is live right now I can’t skew anything what’s
the outcome of this hopefully a redo like the election yeah well that’s not
gonna happen whoa hold on a sec I’m fully triggered
I’m fully triggered by this this is out of control sir I represent a group of
people that really want to ask a question Alex Jones and Paula Joseph
Watson in the judge report they all have mentioned bankers groups groups of power
elites but there’s one question that he doesn’t really want to tackle how come every single system of power in
America is ran by one tribe of Israel I knew he was gonna go to the Jews
so the Jews wrote everything just about you anti-israel
then you don’t like Trump no interesting well you’re welcome to your opinion out
here why don’t you join those guys up there though because they’re just fuckin
pawns of the Jews pawns of the Jews wouldn’t we be pawns of the Jews since
we like Trump they hate Trump got a boat on the same side all the Jews what there
is no question your question is a false question what’s okay what’s the just say
that the Jews run everything is just absurd Wow okay Big Foot runs everything
okay that’s a straw man argument how so is the Jews the Jews every single system
of power in America I’m not denying that Jews are in a lot of powerful positions
in a lot of powerful industries but they don’t run everything why do they always
insist on having us they solve all their problems it’s because we help found them
we are in a guilt complex the Jews have been here for 3,000 years America at 300 Israel is a false State why do we keep
defending them if they keep doing transgressions upon Palestine if they
keep doing acts of you back Palestine instead of Israel technically I don’t
really give a shit about any of the Middle East I’m just obviously you do
I’m sick of defended in Israel’s hypocrisy so you’d be okay if Israel was
wiped off the map sure okay hey can I see your sign noon what’s up
with your sign here are you out here to protest Alex Jones of course I fuckin
hate that guy why what does Alex done to you such a piece of shit but why he’s
just a radio host right I mean what is it so what he’s on your government
that’s vitriol Horne no I know Alex personally he’s a he’s a great guy but
he’s just making a buck up conspiracy so fuck that he keeps he keeps being proven
right on everything he says whoa whoa where are you going don’t you want to
protest Alex Jones right on his channel dude we’re giving you a chance to
protest Alex Jones on his own channel and he won’t even take the shot that’s
all right I think this shirt means to say tween on
it all right so here we are it’s already getting weird out here I’ll just leave
it at that look at this guy hold on is that so here’s the here’s the alex jones
protester so he’s out here protesting alex jones now there’s flicking off the
crowd he’s really really mature really sophisticated I gave him a chance to
protest Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Channel and he refused the opportunity
he took it for about 30 seconds then he got a little scared and he whimpered
away but I promise you no he’d have a bigger audience nobody can even read his
sign so he’d have a much bigger audience protesting Alex on this live stream
right now but he doesn’t want to do it so let’s give him one more chance and
then let’s cross the street and see what’s up hey you want another shot at
Alex I’m done wasting my time on people like you well what are you doing out
here if that’s not a waste of time there’s a bigger platform than standing
on the side of the road it’s for people beside you yeah but nobody can read your
sign deed if they stop and look they can read it you notice nobody’s stopping
some people thing called traffic a flow of traffic nobody stopping have you ever
taken a marketing class your font is too small nobody can read that that’s fine
so it’s totally ineffective so I’m giving you a chance to be effective here
you’re gonna pass on the opportunity Wow thank you for that I was incredible the fire is the UT professor that farts
she’s still farting hey do you still make fart noises with your mouth she’s still making fart noises with her
mouth oh my gosh this is unbelievable all right I can’t believe that dude that
woman Wow we had protesters that were protesting Trump being in Austin she was
one of them right there and all she did was make fart noises with her mouth the
whole time she’s out here doing it again you can’t even believe this stuff so she
didn’t get enough of it last time they’re literally out here blowing
kazoos I mean it’s like a competition like what can we do craziest snacks like
what is the craziest thing we can do this woman’s crazy man just film that just film this woman here
just look at this madness this is the anti-trump movement right
here folks clowns making fart noises with their
mouths clowns and birds and feathers and bongos and tambourines to clown show well it turns out that the Joker has
turned up here outside of the well he’s actually in with the Trump protesters
right now he’s just wearing the typical Joker apparel so I’m not sure what what
are you doing here Joker I’m representing a clown for president so
who was that Donald Trump how is Donald Trump a clown open your eyes and listen
that’s all you got to do but what has he done or said can you give me an example
did you see his press conference yesterday it was awesome well that’s an
opinionated misleading in facts because it was not
what was what was bad about it just listen to the man speaks he speaks like
a seven year old a seven year old like now like what really What did he say
it’s like a seven year old no I’m asking you you’re the one that said it once you
tell me what you think so awesome about this he called out CNN for being very
fake news oh but Fox News is not whoa see this hello find when did I even say
Fox News no matter you’re you point one I don’t like Fox News good for you okay
so you just judge me and you ended up being wrong so he called out CNN he
called out the failing New York Times he spoke to the Russia situation he stuck
up for Mike Flynn he at he was on stage for an hour and a half he answered
questions from all media he buried Jim Acosta so yeah I liked it did you
there’s my details what are yours satisfy you yes okay where are your
details I don’t know what details you look well you said that he speaks like a
seven-year-old so what did he say he can’t complete a complete sentence he
spoke for an hour and a half sir you haven’t answered my one question a
six-year-old can speak for an hour and a half let me ask you one question let me
try to get you to answer one question what did he say what did he say that
sounds like a seven-year-old this is amazing I’m telling you I’m telling you
folks I look I’ve been here before I’ve been
in the middle of 1984 before here’s the thing I mean this is unbelievable
I’ll give you one more chance to answer the question one more chance What did he
say what did he say that sounded like a seven-year-old what did Donald Trump say
in the press conference that reminded you of a seven-year-old tell me so you
still can’t answer the question it’s not that a can of refuse no you can’t okay
you tell me what you liked again I just did he addressed the mic thank you for
the Uniting you’re really good typical protestor can’t answer one
question what is he gonna Tracy why are you okay you all be on camera all right
can you at least get away from me like oh it’s not safe for me here oh say that
again why isn’t it safe for me is that a threat No
why isn’t it safe for me tell me that I’m just trying to talk these protestors
and find out why Trump is racist but not one of them has been able to explain a
lot I would like to hear why his race this other than the hearsay
I don’t know I was just told I’m not safe out here so no offense but I’m not
gonna eat your cookies so do you don’t like Donald Trump man well because he
doesn’t he why does he hate you because you’re a woman
how does he hate women what has he done the shows he hates mom and he just put a
woman his comic advisor Kellyanne Conway do you know about his daughter Ivanka yeah turn around I want my message to be
heard from everyone except those that are smarter than me you guys aren’t out
here protesting wouldn’t don’t you want people to hear your message hey don’t
talk to me I’m media you want people to hear your message but then you cower
away when they Trump it yes I am media yes okay I’m working for Infowars this is the First Amendment First
Amendment yeah I like Steve banning yeah yeah
what do you reporters you don’t feed the white racist dog hi how are you you guys
Infowars fans oh man hey I hope hey I’ll do the dirty work for you I’ll talk to
these people will try to find out why Trump is racist I haven’t figured it out
yet he’s not racist that’s the irony you still haven’t given one reason why
you don’t like talk you haven’t said any policy hold on you’re out here
protesting Donald Trump you have a message you want people to hear it and
then when I’m having a conversation with you trying to understand your message
you don’t want to hear say the lawsuit tell me the lawsuit of Donald Trump
where he sexually assaulted a woman named the lawsuit you know so you have
no lawsuits can you name one instance where he’s associated with the KKK it
was at this moment that Emily knew she fucked up nobody’s perfect nobody’s perfect school
and I went to school with black people and never had a problem with them they
never pussy grass back does he not hey man we know women rule the world let’s
be noted the protesters they’re not grabbing anything all right I’m waiting for you to explain one thing
one thing I just want one explanation of how a chump is bad no lawsuits no
affiliation with the KKK just a bunch of hearsay that’s all you have have you
ever shot one so let’s say a guy is coming at you and he’s got an ar-15 I
mean the law is not gonna stop him a march isn’t gonna stop him an ar-15 is
gonna stop him so what do you want in that situation the whole the whole idea
is to prevent super deadly guns from getting and that’s what cops are here
for and that’s why they have firearms so wouldn’t we all want to have that
ability as independent cyber citizens cops react after the event bingo that’s
why we need to be proactive and have a gun on us thank you for proving my point
no see that’s the exact conversation that happens every time and then they
run away because logically they realize their argument doesn’t have any founding a million dollars and his world-renowned
is one of the most smartest men in the world
Steve damage men lose money okay this guy’s made billions of dollars what a
most successful business man you wouldn’t take a million dollar loan from
your dad you got 1 million dollars and if you got if you got a hundred million
dollars and billion would know why make billions when we can make this is what
we’re doing out here you know Donald Trump is kicking ass
have you seen a Hillary Clinton rally exactly cuz nobody goes is that what are we doing about Isis as what we
all do in America yes all the fucking joven you do support the Iraqi war black
people being killed by police it’s not a fucking issue compared to the black
people that are gunned down every single day by police that’s not a fucking issue
compared to the black people all right sweetheart you want some facts here some
based on the 2012 numbers it would take 40 years worth of blacks killed by
police to equal the total number of blacks murdered by murdered by police in
a single year 900 people have been killed by cops in 2016 47 percent were
white males only 24 percent were black males black men are not killed out of
proportion especially considering that they’re much more likely to interact
with cops people are killed by police about as
often as they’re killed by lightning there are no protests about storms black
males of black males are 58 percent of those killed legally by private citizens
in self-defense you might think that’s an aha moment
about racist whites but 75% of those were killed by other blacks FBI
statistics on murder lay bare the real threats to black lives in America black
men are about 6.5 percent of the UK of the u.s. population but they commit 52
percent of all murders over a 30-year period which is dipped to about 40% in
recent years but still horribly and vastly disproportionate black men
overwhelmingly murder other black people whites overwhelmingly murder other
whites that’s not the narrative from black lives matter looking at overall
violent crime blacks are 27 times more likely to attack white
first and eight times more likely to attack Hispanics that’s a shocking
number I hope you take away from my visit 90% of black the die from murder
died at the hands of other black people is that enough facts for you who would
even rather had though Trump or Clinton I would say oh my gosh what about all of
her crimes what crimes and he said verbatim he would grab a girl by the
pussy that’s not a crime I’m saying like actually it is it’s the salt no no no no
no he was saying no no hold on hold on let’s provide context let’s provide
context he said when you’re a celebrity girls let you do anything with them you
can grab him by the pussy he wasn’t saying he grabs girls by the pussy he
was it was it was okay but what crimes that’s not a crime so what crime okay
well that seemed like I I’m saying I’m not even sure about Hillary Clinton’s
crime as well as you hold me admitted she had the illegal server classified
emails no did she get convicted for that shit no but do you trust the FBI do you
trust him hell no Trump’s not racist powerstroke
racist I’m serious no no I’m serious tell me on Trump’s race it’s lousy
building the wall like well he hasn’t built the wall I don’t want a wall
because he wanted to get elected and people want a wall yeah they do yeah yeah in fact Trump wasn’t the first one
to propose a while others every proposal all right but but seriously what why did
why is Trump racist what has he done what is the water than the wall how can
a wall be racist is the wall like no you’re not allowed your skin colors the
wrong color was about border control border control he’s trying to figure out
how Trump is racist the wall is not racist
what is Trump Trump’s not racist well not the Muslim there that’s so wrong
first of all it was I’ll explain this it was a band from seven countries which
Obama signed that act truck just resigned it so it was Obama’s policy
that Trump just reenacted but strum popularized the plum wrong the media
popularized it by spinning it saying he’s anti Muslim Obama wrote that Bill
Kaulitz all right bananas for info wars.com I
initially they don’t want to come out here today but Owen dragged me out y’all
and I’m glad he did because we’ve gotten a lot of great responses and it’s really
interesting to see like I said that America isn’t as anti-trump as I thought
so going back to when y’all I mean I think it’s interesting
everything that he’s doing for our country and I like you know I I think
it’s cool that okay why are we bringing race into this because that’s what it’s
really about no it’s not this is why because Trump is
racist exactly well help how is he not we’re gonna see racist don’t give me an
example just pardon Alex Johnson he just party Jack Johnson sexual equality not
racist I like this guy let me ask you a question do you believe in the
Illuminati no do you think there’s secret societies I do think the secret
societies do you think that they run the world no okay so then what do they do
then they’re a secret society they do whatever the fuck they do well I will
tell you they have run this country and the office of president for decades and
the reason why they hate Trump is because he’s not in the secret society ok are we going on facts or no no no no
no you don’t want to talk facts you think Trump is a racist in that there’s
no factual basis for that so I figured let’s go conspiratorial and let’s go
with that there’s no fact how is he a racist man give me a fact he’s a racist
you remember when there was a black girl that got beat up at her foot and his
what was it his election promotion thing whatever the fuck it was no I don’t know
what do you know I’m out I got punched like by a bunch of old white men because
he told him to do it now Gizelle’s by in my day we woulda knocked that mother
fuck out do you not remember that close that never have it that never happened
and never having don’t look killer get your back straight bro what fact you
didn’t give me any facts give you a fact what fact no a black woman got hit and
kicked out of a trump rally what not what’s her name
no what are you talking about people get kicked out of Trump rallies because they
start commotion not because of their skin color
brutality all right fine whatever what do you think about unemployment what do
you think about black people hold on I’m at here’s the deal I’m asking people if
they think Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize I tell you what you have a good
night we’re gonna move on god bless you we’re taught we’re asking people if they
think Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
no it is the first person consent so as soon as you walk in front of the camera
in public all right well sue us then good luck good luck good luck good luck
you’re gonna need a good lawyer dude I think i schooled this guy in a video
before this is great I’m gonna bring this back because I’m so bored with
these people hey excuse me do I recognize you sir hey were you in a
video of mine before it went viral dude it went viral man it was a pretty good
video yeah admit so you’re saying me putting a microphone in people’s face to
talk is smearing them no you don’t follow our channel come here sir come
here sir come here I’m offering you a chance to talk see you’re smearing
yourself here we go in some way you get a forum or something to promise to not
cut any of what I say you can go to Alex no chill on YouTube and see your videos
in entirety what does he lie about fucking makes up
shit name one people saying all this stuff about Trump they have nothing to
say no depth this guy says Alex Jones is a liar just got stumped himself what
about Jay no he said it was a federal government takeover of Texas
they enacted mini drills federal government took over Texas is that what
you said are you saying that Jade helm exercises didn’t happen
no they happen so what’s your point the entire point was that it was the federal
government trying to take over Texas are you nervous are you familiar with
geolocation and geo tracking and geo-mapping that sounds like conspiracy
theory garbage that’s a government document sir okay so you’re the one that
comes to this debate in uneducated and ignorant I can pull out any bogus random
term from no I’m citing government documents it doesn’t matter you’re using
it you could use it out of context you can use it however no sir no sir
you said alex jones was a conspiracy theorist on jade helm i cited the
government document that existed and exercised and then you fell blank no you
use this out of context I have no idea well you brought up Jade helm and now
how am I using it out of context the word geo locations you whatever – yo
spatial mapping yeah okay so so everyone here everyone here has a cell phone
correct at any given time because of the applications on your cell phone you have
signed away your rights they can turn on your camera they can turn on your
microphone they can turn on everything they have snapchat snapchat snapchat has
facial recognition folks what do you think they’re doing with that technology absolutely correct so I was responding
to just man so what do you say about that I just told you a geospatial
mapping us I got nothing else to say so I beat you in a debate okay we’re gonna have a moment of
silence not just to be sad but to ground ourselves in our resistance we are the
people we’ve been waiting for make America great again do you guys think Trump is a misogynist
you know that he’s he’s appointed more women to his administration than any
president US history well that’s just a fact so so so he is your president and
he’s appointed more women than any other president and you just want to live in
denial of that and put on a pussy hat yeah Jesus Christ I hope he helps you
you need it all right so but then there’s the people
like that and then there’s the people like that and you just have to I don’t
know pray for him I suppose hello guys it’s simple way Jesus Christ
praise beep today I had some cocaine here we go you willing to talk sir
what’s up with the what’s the what do you call that hat where’s that hat you
got on no talk about the Hat it’s embarrassing if I had a snatch on my
head – I think I’d be a little bit embarrassed you know I get for horse
what’s wrong hey what’s wrong with Infowars hey where’d you get that hat I
actually like it can you tell me I’m serious about the Hat I like it
come on just tell me where you got the Hat are you mad cuz it’ll look better on
me and then you can’t wear it anymore cuz it’ll look better on me that pink
shirt – a pie look better on me – don’t you think are you are you a mute infowars.com well it’s not as fun because they’re
smart you guys are dumb so it’s more fun to talk to you by bite by bite here this
guy wants me to go back to my cave let’s see if he has any comments let’s go I think my cave is over here just
approaching my cave approaching my cave oh hey how are you sir I’m not talking
to you why not cuz you’re a fascist I’m a fascist how am i a fascist what have I
said that’s bullshit just know you we know you what’s my name I don’t give
a shit so you don’t know me so you don’t know me and you don’t know what I stand
for you’re a typical trader that knows nothing about Trump cuz you have nothing
to say you’re just out of your virtue signaling you and you don’t even know me
I’m not the president you’re just trying to ambush interview people yeah you’re
the weirdo my mic is recording you just stuck at an unreclaimed phone in my face
I know you sticking some in my face because I’m reporter face okay there you
go I made it oh my god this is YouTube gold
yeah please give us the gold you’re amazing you are amazing
bullshit what if I said bullshit name one thing I’ve that would have been a
felony if you broke it that woulda been a felony so you’re lucky so you’re lucky
so you’re lucky you didn’t get a felony now you’re lucky you didn’t get a felony
that’s what you’re lucky and you’re right I am lucky I’m an American we’re
all lucky that we’re Americans and we have the right to free speech now you’re
unlucky because well you’re kind of an idiot but that’s your own personal
problem oh there we go there’s a powerful resistance right there that
guy’s taking a nap that guy’s going to change the world in his nap hey do you
think Obama was a stable genius are you coming forward no I just have
the mic flag yeah so you just like to be sarcastic and really mean and annoying
all the time okay well if Obama was such a stable genius how come he didn’t have
one quarter of three percent GDP growth over 32 are you free oh yeah he was over
32 Trump is four for four don’t talk to Infowars
I just gave you a fact though you guys are missing the point what’s the point
it’s all about Norwegians Norwegians Norwegians
president Trump has appointed more women to his administration than any president
in US history and you tell them that and they’re like no it’s not true
see like that they just laugh it that’s a fact man that’s a fact why would you
laugh at that so they deny the facts that go against
their feelings and then they accept facts like dreamers were born here that
aren’t even facts and what am I supposed to do wait what how am I supposed to
deal with it what don’t you like about the travel ban
you know no the travel ban you I don’t like you about it I gotta be honest with
you this actually kind of feels like a fascist rally
you’ve got radicals up on the stage screaming getting people fired up and
it’s just it’s just really strange yeah come here man would you like to talk
yeah and then she runs away well yeah I mean if I’m just saying like they’re up
on the top on the thing talking about how they don’t want to divide people yet
dividing people on politics they’re up here trying to disrupt our democracy
yeah this kind of feels faster to me yet they’re out here protesting fashions but
it’s not even beyond that I mean these are all semantics I’m just talking about
the feeling that I have in my bones I’m just talking about my instinct and my
spirit that’s just what it feels like I mean I
feel like I’m being lectured up here by these radicals who really just don’t
like the results of the election so they’re trying to do anything yeah eff
me here we go – go fuck yourself
hey why why what’s wrong with me I didn’t who did I assaulted you catch
that I like this policies I like cutting taxes I like looking into 911 am i a
billionaire no taxes because you cut taxes I get more money yeah that does
happen if I pay less in taxes I have more money
19:20 say otherwise okay tell me about the 1920s tell me about your historical
reference is the Great Depression stock stock insiders in the stock industry it
crashed the market so they could bring in the Federal Reserve due to a few
regulation all right you just might want to check your history hey how are you today man well that’s a
long story actually but what brought you out here I’m down with that and I think
that the best part about America is that America is the most liberating place in
the world for women what do you think about President Trump though don’t like
what if you learned the fact that Trump has appointed more women to his
administration than any other US president well you can fact check out
and you’ll find out it’s real but then what would you think well would you be
for an impeachment of Trump yes what if that led to civil war well it will
happen it will yes for real yeah I love no no you have to understand
that the police and the military are behind Donald Trump and so if Congress
removed him the military would step in and put him back in office and it would
be a civil war yes do you own a time-traveling machine Trump will Trump might but I don’t know yeah that sounds oh but if it happened
though if it was where’s all in the Civil War would you want him impeached
why would I want a civil war but I don’t I’m smart that’s smart I don’t it is you
can’t you can’t make assumptions like that you know it’s an extreme scenario
I’m gonna tell you what an extreme scenario is an extreme scenario is a
million people marching in the streets over fake news that’s an extreme
scenario we have the right angry I’m just saying these people don’t know
anything about reality you didn’t even know that Trump has put more women in
his administration than any in US history what you thought he was
misogynist that’s fine what about Juanita Broderick and Kathleen Willey they settled rape cases Bill Clinton had
to pay out settlements for rape well why why not isn’t this the perfect venue
Bill Clinton’s here tonight I would suggest you go home and not pay hundreds
of dollars to a criminal like Bill Clinton do you know what Bill Clinton
did in Mena Arkansas are you familiar with that did he do for the economy what
did he do though what did he do well Trump has removed a lot of EPA
regulations Trump has cut the taxes you know I’m just telling you what Trump has
done so what is Bill done don’t talk to you about Trump who’s had record low
unemployment record jobs growth record GDP but you credit Bill Clinton with the
economy without Trump again he’s removed EPA regulations he’s brought
manufacturing back to America he’s putting tariffs on other countries as the economy had a strong rebound
since he was elected you brought the economy up first so I’m just going down
your path so let’s go to something else what was Bill Clinton so great at she is
done let me ask you a question why did you why did you come here today to
support Bill Clinton listening to him and supporting one okay so why did you
come here today because I like to listen to people
it’s perspectives as long as they’re not that way okay so what is it you expect
to hear from Bill Clinton tonight to make you more intellectual to make me
more intellectual what kind of question is that
well you said you wanted to hear people’s perspective so I’m assuming you
want some intellect tonight from Bill pretty sure I close to me okay to make my more intellectual let me ask
you a question do you think it’s a problem that Bill Clinton flute on a
convicted sex offenders jet 26 times without Secret Service I have no idea
what does that matter to me because that’s Bill Clinton but why does it
matter to me well if he’s associated with pedophiles I think that’s a problem
don’t you okay it’s on record 26 times Bill Clinton flew on the lolita Express
now look at this why are you doing this why are you doing this look at this no
no look at me she’s putting his butt on me look at this this guy’s putting his
ass on me you are Jesus my god look at him he’s are you what is your
deal do you have anything to say sir what are you doing out here today hi I’m
a zombie that wears a volunteer vest that’s neon I’m gonna tell people to
stay focused while I have nothing intelligent to say this is just pathetic
I feel bad that I’ve to even address you but you keep shoving yourself into me
like some sort of freak so here’s the deal this is the this is the
quote-unquote women’s March and all they’re doing is protesting Trump so a
women’s March that’s really just a Trump protest they’re so upset that they lost
the election they can’t get over it yeah the louder you cheer the more
you’ll accomplish we are in downtown Austin Texas I believe we’re at the
corner of 9th and lavaca Street or ninth in Guadalupe here but we are about to go
to the park where it’s been reported that the Liberals are going to literally
scream helplessly at the sky you cannot make this up they’re still resenting the
Trump victory from last year’s election they still don’t know what to do they
can’t seem to find any big victories politically or culturally so they are
relenting back to their typical technique which is just you scream in
bloody anger at reality here we go yes we’re screaming helplessly at the sky is
that what y’all are here to do when is it gonna kick off oh you won’t talk to
Infowars wait you were just excited that someone was here to cover it I’ll scream
with y’all all right are we about to do it
oh we’re gonna wait for some more people to come here well I’ll get it kicked off
here felt pretty good actually looks like we’ve got a nice sea turtle
out here that’s gonna be joining us and excuse me ma’am what are you doing
excuse me excuse me why are you blocking our free speech yeah exactly exactly
we’re just here cover in your event no need to be censoring free speech
well I broke I broke ground here today I screamed first here we go this is actually happening
this is actually happening all right that’s the end of the
screaming event I’m gonna close it off with my own scream hey why are you
anti-free speech I’m not anti free speech in fact I’m very much for free
speech why are you blocking my camera because you have free speech no I’m not
anti free speech when I’m against is you all and you’re spreading of
misinformation me calm down how have I not been calm you were just screaming at
the top of your lungs dude maybe you should calm down we’re out here with
some Trump protesters what’s your name ma’am and what are you out of your
protesting and what is it about Donald Trump that motivated you to come out
here and protest do you think we could maybe have a reason that’s beside and ad
hominem attack so you don’t like following the immigration law you think
we should get rid of laws on immigration what about what about lawful immigration
what about lawful immigration but that’s what Donald Trump wants he wanted to
illegal illegal immigrants okay you want to talk man okay well
she’s not protesting you’re protesting so you must understand the issue as well
I would assume you painted your face out here I painted my face because I think
that trumps a joke okay but you really kind of had no real
substantial reasons why yet it’s your name sir names Riley
alright Riley why are you protesting Trump I’m protesting because I think
Donald Trump is a racist okay as I just said to her let’s look for something
beyond an ad hominem attack let’s talk about policy okay he doesn’t really have
any well that’s completely false actually now hold on see this is an
amazing argument I see people saying that Donald Trump has no policy Donald
Trump has given more detailed policy plans than any other candidate tax
reform health care school he’s done it all immigration no other candidate has
had a detailed a detailed plan like this but a joke they continue to go to ad
hominem attacks so what else is wrong with Trump I think GG Allin should be
the President of the United States I think we should all die hey guys you
guys know that you’re not helping your cause here how about you you want to
talk she was willing to talk I’m not picking on her hey thank you for your
time I’m not picking on you I’m just asking everybody you were willing to
talk would you like to talk okay well don’t sit here and say talk someone else
and I offer you to talk and you don’t talk I’ll talk to this guy who claims he
knows Alex Jones all right thank you thank you you since you’re my boss thank
you okay sure I support Donald Trump because he is bringing up real issues in
this country he’s bringing real issues to the forefront that Americans have
been trying to bring into the picture for a long time illegal immigration
secret pages of 9/11 investigations TPP these are three things that were never
covered exactly the trans-pacific partnership is a trade deal that it’s
very much like NAFTA it will reduce basically American jobs values and
American manufacturing values and ship that overseas just like we’ve been
seeing in the last decade I’m the crazy one here what about fun I
have reported everything I’ve seen what if I spun what what did I spin I think
you spin you’re gonna take this and probably spin it right I asking you how
did I spin everything I’ve seen you seem to not know anything you don’t know much
about Trump you don’t know much about policies you don’t know much about spin
you’re just out here with the red nose and face paint on trying to draw some
attention here’s what I don’t understand people who come out here to protest and
then you ask them what their protest is why they’re protesting and then they
won’t talk to you you would think if you’re out here protesting there is
something driving you to do that there’s a motivational factor and then when I
give them a platform to talk about their issues they completely ignore me I get
balloons this is a clown this guy yeah I do actually
or do you have a clown agreed you go to clown school I do it is official so are
you clowns against Trump all right we’re here with clowns against Trump in
downtown Austin we got balloons we got funny faces we got red noses going
around just look at this madness this is the anti-trump movement right here folks
clowns making fart noises with their mouths clowns and birds and feathers and
bongos and tambourines it’s a clown show oh look at this one hey sir that’s a
nice shirt what don’t you like about Trump where do I start anywhere you’d
like asked about your shirt what don’t look at my shirts oh you can’t tell me
why you don’t like Trump right just like all the others have the brain capacity I
have the brain capacity to tell you I like to have thicker brain capacity to
connect more than two dots let me tell you I like Trump he wants a strong
border he’s fixing the economy why don’t you like trogir beaten when you’re
so you understand I actually was beaten when I acted up that’s why I’m smarter
than you no that’s not smart that’s obedience you’re the one Oh beating the
prot you’re obeying the propaganda right now you weren’t allowed see establish
that says F Trump take the guns and then here you are out here like moron doing
it apparently there’s some protesters up here here’s one of them what’s wrong
with Donald Trump he’s a dick oh come let’s have a real conversation what’s
wrong with Donald Trump what’s good what’s right well he’s bringing jobs
back to America well he’s already had multiple international companies about
GM what about carrier what about four they made statements saying how they’re
investing money in the United States cars are already 70 okay and you could
find a car for 70 grand what’s Donald Trump to you about my student at Donald
Trump sign the dotted line public servant I have to you have to watch go
to school yep you have to you nobody made you do that
you chose that so but I’m saying but did you or did you not choose to take on a
student loan serve my country okay but who made that choice they chose the
greatest honor to give their life for freedom absolutely okay good for you and
just like going overseas could mean you might die you take me on student debt
means you’re gonna be in debt that’s called a sacrifice right you don’t even
know anything about me you literally just write you claim I’m white and that
you assume all these things about me that’s racist do you realize you’re a
racist it’s not possible how is it not possible I can’t be racist against white
people or another might nor are you judging me because I’m white racist this
is hilarious thank you so much for this your what has he done that’s racist hiring
people of every race color and Creed is racist
well not hiring but some of the comments that he makes regarding like different
gender isn’t different like races and just like anyone who doesn’t consider a
true American when she defines the white male when did he do that I’m not
surprised this is what happens when you try to talk to liberals who have no
knowledge or information I’m here with the 12 year old diesel Depew who just
got out of the Trump rally he is looking mighty dapper I got to be honest I’ve
won awards for being the best dress but you got me beat here tonight so tell me
though you got your Trump bobblehead your Trump sign you just came out of the
Trump rally what was it like in there it was amazing in there he puts on a good
show what was your favorite part of the rally when he first got there just
looked like straight off of a movie that was my favorite part what was the energy
like the atmosphere oh it was amazing it was all cheerful and all happy so you’re
12 years old I would imagine you’re probably the most politically involved
person in your class it’s just an assumption but tell me what is it like
being a 12 year old not just you know supporting Trump but just being
politically involved you you have conversation to school and how do they
go they all hate me for like a trunk everybody hates me and I they all said
oh she’s gonna win you’re gonna come to school crying next and I said yeah okay
so I went home and he won and they all came to school crying and I said look
who’s laughing now did you did you come to school with your Pepe meme the next
day oh yes I came with my Trump hat my trunk shirts everything else what did
the what did the faculty think of that wearing the Trump gear it worked too
happy because we have a uniform school so tell me how many events have you been
– I’ve been to – I’ve been to the one in Sanford and the one in Melbourne and the
one in Sanford was that before after he was elected that was before he was
elected what would you say was there a difference between that and this one oh
yes the last one was a lot more energy like vote for me vote for me and this
one was kind of calm and more he felt he felt like he was kind of more loose up
there just kind of talking with the people he had that guy come on stage he
was hitting on the fake news what do you think about fake news I think they’re
terrible should we just take him down they’re trying to ruin your future for
real though they are trying to divide this country all right so so I got to
ask you one question now I was out I was talking to protesters over there for a
couple hours tonight I’m sure you’re aware of them now you’re a 12 year old
most of those protesters were probably in their 20s how does it feel as a 12
year old to be smarter than almost every 20 year old over there protesting Trump right there came from a 12 year old hey
good stuff funny how about this young man right here hey maybe there’s a
future in politics for this guy how about that hey thank you for your time
this is Owen Troyer for infowars.com ladies and gentlemen I’m on Washington
University’s campus I’m roaming around looking for people to talk to people to
interview scoping the scene scoping sites and we have just run into the most
shocking abhorrent disgusting scene I think I’ve ever seen in my life I don’t
know what to do no no wave of it rule I don’t know if we can show these people
this I don’t know if we can all right folks
we’re about to go in to the belly of the beast we are gonna walk right into the
brainwashing machine right into the brainwashed zombies I hope I make it out
alive I’m sorry to do this to my cameraman
but we got to show you this here we go say hello to my friends say hi friends
hi hi friends I’ve literally driven them into a total hysteria I’ve driven this
entire crowd into a total hysteria now where they come up to me and ask me to
calm down but now they’ve been chanting for 10 minutes at the top of their lungs
at me as if I’ve done anything nobody can tell me what they’re marching for
what are they marching for not one of them can tell me what they’re marching
for I just asked everyone remember how they just said I’m out of control
remember how they just said don’t escalate things then that’s exactly what
they did after they gave me all the attention and then they couldn’t even
answer the simple question why are you protesting why are you marching of
course they’re really marching because they can’t accept the results of the
election fight keep talking I bet they’ll keep chanting so I’m just going
to keep talking here because this is what I do for a living and they’ll all
scream themselves they’ll all scream themselves crazy so enough is enough
they’re all screaming it at me as if I’ve done anything I’m literally just
standing here with a camera and they’re all screaming enough is enough of me
this is insane I’m in the middle of a Nazi March right
now hey what do you think about Hillary
rigging the election from Bernie great he’s actually taking his kids out
for a nice weekend oh really really he’s not busy you know screaming on TV about
nonsense um no no he’s taking his kids out this
weekend but like pretty much everything he’s reported on end up coming coming
true though yeah here to atrazine there’s multiple scientific studies
including one out of california-berkeley actually maybe maybe it did what about Auckland what’s wrong with
over what does that mean is that a threat what what’s your point guys like you yeah you’re real tough bro
drinking a soy latte drinking a soy latte I bet you couldn’t even lift up
your own weight what’s your favorite what’s your favorite liquor
I like Jameson my name to be motherfuckers why are you getting so
close too much out of my face you are the one that moves close to me that’s a
weirdo right there like I said they got my back now yours bitch the cops the
five thousand cops surrounding you yes she smells like Rome I think is that rum
very fruity but why are you using here don’t worry
ma’am all of a sudden wrinkle and then alright sir okay sir okay sir do you
want me to call you sir okay sir wow that’s racist you’re racist
can you believe she just said that yeah I guess yeah Mirchi signaling to its minor niggas and
spics you got a problem with it all the numbers say the Republicans are gonna
win Congress in the midterms braveness oh my god the giant blue waves they’re
all red waves the historic Trump’s dominating the Obama administration is
being exposed for all the illegal activity and the abuse of power it must
be raised torture little girls in central casting from Planet of the Apes
raises Jody she’s me said all my racist white supremacist all my white
supremacist because you support the rights of white people over other people
what are you talking about explain that you’re a white supremacist you’re a
white supremacist you’re a racist okay well I’m not either then
yeah you have white guilt sir google your coconut guilt yeah why do you think
I’m do you feel like I’m a white supremacist racist man no why do you
think this gentleman just called me a white supremacist because he thinks he’s
all bad do you think he’s brainwashed it is sad that he’s brainwashed isn’t it
here let’s show my white supremacy right now look at all this love look at this
white supremacy right here we love each other this guy’s just a bad hurt
somebody condemning George Soros earlier that was the anti-semitic attacks rich
source is a good man semantics Oh George Soros another minute I did George Soros
round up the Jews no he did not no he admitted it on 60 minutes it’s a
good man people that don’t like there are people that hate Jews all right so
so you supported the Jews getting rounded up by the Nazis no I did not I
wasn’t wrong I wasn’t born at the time that’s what Soros did he was a 12 year
old boy yeah yeah he didn’t have any he said it was the best time of his life
I’m sure all right so so you’re a communist – what so are you a capitalist
no what are you I mean we have a job oh my god Wow dude you dish oh my god oh my
god I’m paid by employs oh my god he caught me
he caught me I’m paid by him floors dude you solved the mystery
ah grunts dude you just solve the greatest wish
Wow you’re an idiot you’re a brainwashed and you know it and you know it that’s
why you’re so miserable that’s why you’re miserable I’m an American
I have a beard I’m not even shaving okay you’re the one
that says you’re against you say you’re against Antigua and then you go to admit
that you’re an SI fascist because you’re a fascist you idiot you’re not into
fascist you don’t even know what fascism is exactly you don’t even know what it
is never heard of the brown shirt similar
to the Nazi brown shirts wearing brown of a fascist cuz I’m wearing brown no
cuz you’re out here against free speech and prosperity you’re out here against
free speech and prosperity more than anything you’re a low IQ dumbass yeah
because alright tell me why you hate Trump IQ has to do with everything but
you don’t realize that because you don’t have like you know I brought up your IQ
I brought up your lack of IQ what kind of method you offer yeah we’re kind of
meta my all you all know fucking mouth you think I’m on meth I got you want
that Nazi mess oh oh yeah I’m on Nazi mad bro guys I’m on Nazi meth out here
Nancy method it’s the new thing Nazi meth I am on cloud nine right now you’re
awesome dude you have no idea how awesome you are
thanks to you I’m employed thanks to your right you’re awesome you’re awesome good for you oh wait oh do I actually
this isn’t a tripod you know to tripod is what you ought to talk about
communism and the millions of people that died from communism from human
greed communist okay so why would we want human greed in charge of everyone
that’s communist no not in America that’s why this is the richest best
country in the world as a capitalist overseas people who sweat oh really
tell me how is Libya doing people who paint nothing how’s Libya doing you’re
closed at your brows Libya do it make your pants and you’re wearing possibly
be doing those people are suffering for your kapu what people who you’re wearing
though the countries that have communism are some so the countries that have
communism paid by capitalism the countries that have communism by cap
this guy’s talking trash on communism you don’t even realize their thing you
have is because of whatever the fuck you’re saying bro yeah good point yeah
good point okay so what’s the problem
communism is where every member of the country or community or whatever has to
pay in to whatever is really nice could be it could be a state it could be the
whole planet that’s not government douchebag that’s why they run hard you
so stupid it’s really a state of Utah he’s so stupid it hurts it hurts man and
hurts I have no problem calling it like it is there’s no separation between church and
state huh no separation turntable is that where
they’re trying to take God out of the national anthem it’s a conspiracy use
you work the articles I read on the internet man you’re an embarrassment
it’s all good cuz you admit it you’re an answer fast that’s all I am an
anti-fascist thank you great thank you so you’re a genius you
found out I’m an anti-fascist and that I’m paid by Infowars you must be the
smartest man alive now go build us a rocket ship so we can go off we’re on it
ship made by Lockheed Martin actually Lockheed Martin is more into missiles
and weaponry not rockets and propulsion but that’s cool oh really oh really nice
how much money industry liberal elites own Donald Trump who named him you don’t
know him you’re making it up I know the companies you’re making it up name the
company’s name the company’s Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin was richer than
ever when George Bush was president so so that’s not a liberal who builds the
missiles not the person who makes the holes I’m talking Lockheed Martin do you
anything to say much more Nazis you must appreciate slave labor
no no I’m against labor labor that’s why I want to I don’t understand where eros is
capitalism right here don’t you know that
so you’d be naked if it wasn’t for capitalist basically I have to go get my
own clothes I’d have to go make my fucking clothes out of cotton like in
the old days you’re gonna virtue signal for the Aztec education of human
sacrifices tribes were using cotton along before it was even useful also
engaged in human sacrifice do you support that I just I think before you
come out here and act like a smart guy you should maybe know something about
what you’re talking about over your video believe me this is gonna go viral
and everyone’s gonna make fun of you people my own people huh who are my
people who get a better a better interviewer dude I couldn’t interview
you you don’t know anything I’m asking your real quest what would I interview
asking me off-topic what would I interview you want even yeah this guy
alright we’ve roasted this guy enough do you guys want to comment on anything
here’s the antifa unmasked out here the staring contest guy he might be asleep
under than I can see his eyes this is unbelievable a vlei burr and goods made
under slave labor all the goods he’s talked about are made in communist
countries you idiot you’re coming back for that’s why you’re coming back for
more that’s right there’s no minimum you’re an idiot dude walk away go to a
library go study something there’s a library right there dude there’s a
library right there right there where slave labor in America in the fields
where in the fields what are you talking about whose work in the field who who are you
talking about told you who’s working in the fields well people dude you are
unbelievably stupid man you know it’s actually more shocking than your
ignorance is your confidence howdy how are you so confident out here when you
absolutely are the most ignorant person all right well hey to make yourself look
like an idiot just go home go to the library read a book go do some more
drugs yeah why wouldn’t you don’t know what you’re talking about I read books wow you really got me now
you caught me dude you caught me yeah I know what you are I know this is the
face of ignorance that means I’ll be seeing San Antonio Houston and Dallas
yeehaw do you think that slaves had the right
to free speech do you think slaves had the right to fire arm no no they didn’t
and then here all these people are out here going down that line Patrick Henry
once said give me liberty or give me death
we chose liberty in 1776 these people are now choosing death in 2018 folks
really sad really sad what happened in the Maryland school shooting a good guy
with a gun stopped it from happening how many people died in the Maryland
shooting zero because a good guy with the gun was on the scene how many people
died in Florida seventeen because the good guy with the gun on the scene
refused to enter the building and the FBI failed the background check dozens
of times but you all fall for the leftist Democrat propaganda and you come
out here and mount march against your own right that keeps you free and then
you laugh and you think it’s a joke and this guy tells you not to communicate
with me because my ideas are powerful that’s the real power ideas that change
the world you guys can March for two years you
guys can March for ten years against Trump March for ten years against guns
you’ll never get anything accomplished because you can’t control inanimate
objects you’re nothing but the loud minority
that’s all you are is the loud minority god bless you all quit trying to give up
your rights you have no idea what made this country great if you’re out here
protesting to give up your rights and then stopping free speech pathetic man
you just said everyone in your school is going to get deported because of Trump people who are immigrants here should
not be answering the phone because Trump’s policies to try to ban
immigrants was so scary I need to stop you your rhetoric is so wrong immigrants
what do you talk about what has he done to immigrants why does he done
immigrants a bunch of people couldn’t even cover this up my best friend
immigrants I’m asking you about immigrants immigrants what has he done
immigration yes he has completely turned that into like criminal teach oh no no
no no you’re not you’re right here I’m talking about immigrants not
non-citizens until about immigrants who are here legally then there’s no then
they’re fine because guess why he came in and he tried to take away all the
green cards why would they sent out an email to my school
I’m sorry I’m sorry I hold on you’re saying it you’re telling me that the
Trump administration is taking green cards from immigrants why are they
sending who’s they my administration for my school probably your liberal
administration hates Trump right they’re lying to you then they’re spreading
propaganda I can tell you right now Donald Trump is doing absolutely nothing
to legal immigrants I see what you’re doing you’re repeating everything you
hear on the mainstream news that’s fake news what fake news did I say one immigrants not illegal
I said immigrants he’s done nothing to immigrants legal illegal then they have
no issues name one time that happened what mask what mask
I’m from Texas what mosque by the way to go back when one of the suspects was a
Muslim one of the suspects was white one of them was Muslim I’m just pointing out
facts you tried to blame it on the white man when there was also a suspect that
was Muslim so why don’t you blame in radical Islamic terrorism because I
think that’s completely what happened at the pulse nightclub
happy to post nightclub a God who claim to be of the religion to that I went and
I did a 20-page research report for months and months in mines as a school
project so a self-proclaimed Muslim went into a
gay nightclub and murdered a bunch of people yes and it’s not radical Islamic
terror no what is it you didn’t answer the question what happened at the pulse
nightclub shooting what was it then why are only okay that’s fine so why are all
these people claiming to be Muslim and murdering people in mass why is that
happening yeah they’re being killed by Muslims
actually Obama bombed those countries the seven countries on the travel ban
list Obama bombed five of them for eight years what are you doing out here today was it a Martin Luther King that said I
hope people don’t get judged by the color of their skin but by the content
their character was that Martin Luther King it was okay what countries are the
Nazis occupying if I go out and I put a Roman gladiator
suit on I’m not a Roman gladiator okay no no no no they were Nazis they’re
supporting Nazi values and they’re there to make what our Nazi values we I’m
asking I know I’m do you yeah the Nazis was a Socialist Party do you know that because they have none excuse me excuse
me I excuse me you I have made I have made multiple points and you haven’t
responded to any of them okay what are Nazi values people that are in your
party are LARPing what party well I’m not in any parties what are you talk
about says make America freegan what’s wrong with that actually wouldn’t that
be supporting of what you’re saying not with what you’re responding to you
I just had nothing but facts so what are these Nazis values they’re against
Mexicans they’re against Jews they’re against black people they’re against
minority where are all these Nazis everywhere let’s do a quick pan and now
let’s see them oh no there’s one no no okay so there’s none here so where are
they in America because hate has no place here anyone is welcome in America
and what you’re standing for right now is hate and not what am i standing for
America what is that hateful of hey you guys are really you guys are really
sweet I’m sorry I had to do that to you but maybe rethink your political beliefs
I literally I could teach you guys a lot honestly yeah I could if you’d like to
learn let’s have a debate that’s why I’m telling you they’re lying everything
that you’re saying out here is just lies it’s mainstream media lives
I listen to every news literally I absorb everything it’s my job yeah I
work for Infowars yes that’s why I have this mic I’m telling you seriously did I
not make a good point to everything you said though what are you talking about
here come on let’s let’s have a conversation no no I’m serious what
country are Nazi values actually getting political things accomplished where is
this happening but wait they did they did they did they got beat up there is a
huge fight no no killed for protesting who do you not get
that white supremacist can protest and they don’t get hurt and then bloody what
about black lives matter they killed five cops in Dallas how many people to
Costco they kill a lot of people too okay yeah I recognize that you’re right
you’re a hundred percent right it’s not the same you don’t have to cry I know
it’s hard no look come here come here honestly look honestly no no look I want
to tell you something honestly I know right you got to take care of it friend
I’m sorry honestly I didn’t want to get look folks this is terrible man I just
made that girl cry what brings you out here I disagree with President Trump on
what on his policies I mean let’s talk let’s have a real conversation see this
time talk about this is what they always do they hate me man
see you don’t experience this why won’t she let you talk I’m trying to talk to
this man let’s have a conversation you’re a nice
man let’s have a conversation can I talk to someone please thank you see this sir
I’m proving my point right now sir now you’re getting hated on see now he’s
getting hated on he just wanted to talk to me this guy’s on your side and he
won’t even let him talk I just got my point proven in triplicate here folks
look at this now they’re shoving their blocking his right to free speech he’s
on their side he’s literally on their side and they’re stopping his right to
free speech now this is hilarious see this is what I
deal with so bull look there’s some people there
not everybody people are ridiculous no you’re an actual yeah I know I know so
I’m just telling you there’s too many that are hey you know what no cheese me
ma’am I have a right to the First Amendment and so does he so if you would
please just leave us alone how how it’s a caricature for you to say
that everybody out here is like this hold on a sec hold on first of all I
know I did not say that I did not say that sir give me one now let me out you
had your chance now let me just say something you had your chance okay
I told you that that’s exactly what happened and you just saw it happen they
stopped your rights free speech okay now understand not everyone’s like that I
never said that but let’s get back to the point now you just mentioned the
wall and how you think it’s gonna cost upwards of twenty billion dollars are
you aware of the holdup are you aware of now Trump has mentioned certain tariffs
are you aware that right now the United States is giving tens of billions of
dollars to Mexico in foreign aid every year in fact in fact he has a directive
right now within the White House to get the exact number of how much money goes
to Mexico and foreign aid every year so that he can say guess what we’re cutting
that funding off so there you go you’re getting at least 10 billion if
you cut off foreign aid to Mexico and you can build the wall with that money
what do you think about that but that’s not that’s not what the proposal is the
proposal is that they’re gonna put they’re gonna put a tariff on but it’s
another proposal it’s a there’s another proposal there’s more than one proposal
but the proposal that you said has not been really advanced it has I have the
document it hit look Paul Ryan I shared the document on Twitter the Republicans
in Congress aren’t all Ryan’s a piece of he’s a piece of garbage oh okay
absolutely it’s funded by George Soros Oh oh come on it’s a fact now that what
do you what are you shot at because that’s a really absurd thing to say it’s
a fact where do you get your facts on that dude this is open this is open
information FOIA the FEC you have to file when you donate to politicians okay
well who who funds Infowars our listeners
who else does our listeners you’re totally funded by all of your list well
no that’s not true actually we do have radio stations that syndicate
us is funding you the radio stations that syndicate the Alex Jones Show and
our millions of fans that buy our products that’s a fact
all right yeah and who else I mean there are other people who support you as well
you know what are you insinuating what are you insinuating I mean I’m trying to
figure out what I’m insinuating Infowars is a true grassroots movement that just
changed the world well not not true the better in my opinion
well the were yet to find out yeah well we’ll see Trump goes sour he goes sour
and we’ll call him out but that’s not been the case yet yeah yeah well I you
know what well why did you freak out about the George Soros funding Paul Ryan
fact he’s also funded Marco Rubio John McCain and Lindsey Graham get him away
from me get him away from me we working here is where all the interests in
another store so well here’s the thing I see them coming out and I can see
they’re going to see now you’re now you’re obstructing my work and I
understand them we’re at your place here but I’m not I’m not obstructing anything
yeah yeah and I’m not obstructing anything I could scoot over how about
that you’re obstructing okay but then I cannot see them coming out is what I’m
saying all right so standing right here is better right here that’s good all
right this is gonna be fun and I’m not congesting I’m not causing any traffic
all right there’s no congestion right here I can see it right here you just
pointed what do you mean smartest you just point it right there so the the
little nitwit that just tried to come out here and power trip on me and boss
me around this we got to do to bully she just stand up for the stand up to them
and they just cow her he tried to bring his manager out here to strong-arm me
and the manner just like no he’s given us free publicity it’s fine and that
we’ll continue to do our interviews thank you Randall’s seriously Trump
becomes president all the stock markets hit record highs the economy’s booming
jobs growth is hitting record highs unemployment is hitting record lows and
they want to reverse all of that this sad just-just-just film these people I
mean this is is all you have to do this is the animal farm this is the 1984
March today this is this is the zombie March the five minutes of hate today
it’s brutal out here I mean my goodness I hate the fact the economy’s booming I
hate the fact stock markets up I hate the fact that the 401ks are busting with
cash I hate the fact unemployment is hitting record lows I hate the fact that
less Americans are on welfare now it’s all bad I mean it’s all terrible and
Russia is clearly running things I mean oh my goodness what is going oh oh oh every TV every
news outlet Russian influence I’m a Russian agent I thought I was American I
thought I worked for Infowars what is going on
Putin get out of my head Russia get out of my elections but wait though I work
for Infowars I’m American I want to make America great again Trump’s an American
citizen but they keep saying his appointments are Russian affiliated
everyone he works with is a Russian agent Donald Trump works for Russia I
can’t handle this anymore Who am I who am i working for I want to make America
great again I don’t want Russia to be my boss I don’t need Russia influencing my
elections I just I just want to be a reporter in America why is Russia what
am i Russian you have me something about Kazakh Nazim stir some in his are bites
target students yes Putin and that’s how Donald Trump became the
greatest presidential election in American history without any Russian
influence at all now here’s a word from our sponsors with
the Kremlin I mean infowars.com as if Russia had any influence on this
election unbelievable it was the own democrat party emails
that influenced the election if you want to see look look see I told did I not
tell you I’ve been doing this way too many times so here’s the thing though it
was the actual emails from the Democrats even if you want to say that Russia
hapten even if you want to say that that is the case with zero proof by the way
there’s no proof but let’s just say that Russia is the one that has two emails
guess what those emails were real John Podesta admitted it so it’s the content
of the emails that cost Hillary the election so you can thank the Democrats
for that not Russia in fact if anything you should be thanking Russia for
exposing how corrupt the Democrats are let’s move down the line hi everybody I
was reporting you guys said we should be thanking Russia I’m saying if you
believe Russia hacked the DNC and exposed the corruption from within then
yeah I think you should be thanking Russia yeah
and Russia is clearly running things I mean oh my goodness it’s unbelievable
out here I gotta tell you folks but here they are marching against American
prosperity that’s what they’re marching against they don’t even realize it but
you’re marching you get a man you’re marching against American prosperity do
you understand that hope you I hope you guys understand that
I mean seriously like this is just straight-up brainwash zombies man that’s
all you have to say I mean I don’t know what else to say that’s it hey you seem
like you seem like a fair-minded individual
what do you think about this what what brought you out here today that’s a
smart man I give you good I’ll give you credit for that they don’t well they’re
out here they say this is the me to March and a woman’s March but it’s
really an anti-trump March and President Trump has appointed more women to his
administration than any president in US history and that’s a fact
so that’s just a fact but they don’t want to admit it so I’m just trying to
raise awareness of facts really and then also I mean let’s be honest zombie
hordes make for good youtube comment a commentary so that’s what I’m out here
zombie hordes Owen shroyer from infowars.com
that’s right sh r o ye er that’s where you can find it you know what he’s not
out here but I would imagine he shares pretty much the same thoughts as I but
I’m not gonna speak for Alex but he’ll be live tomorrow so I’m sure he’ll have
something to say hey keep up the good work out here alright fellow journalists
probably disagrees with me but he’s a fair-minded individual he has a
conversation they really don’t understand how enjoyable it is for me
when they call me fake news see I am one that I love irony so much oh I’m such a
snowflake Infowars sucks so badly we’re just kicking ass we just got Trump
elected the economy is booming oh my god it’s terrible hey can I ask you a
question sir what do you think about the fact that President Trump has appointed
more women to his administration than any president US history we don’t want
women in charge because we’re going to be straight as men interesting point
okay do you do they know that that’s how you feel okay oh that’s funny what we
support the women Joe because I’m all ears right on hey what do you think
about Trump sir fuck him all right then all right
we’re just on the move out here again live from the streets
South by Southwest now a lot of people are warning that I need to be careful
out here they’re afraid people could commit acts of violence I hope that’s
not the case because I do my own stunts I am my own stunt man so I am out here
as my own stunt man doing my own stunts and Harrison my stunt cameraman is the
real deal as well so we’re gonna head to the to the middle of the the deal out
here at the convention center where there’s some gaming conferences and
stuff going on so we’ll see what kind of response we get from people on the way
but that’s kind of the real social experiment right now is you just realize
the hatred that people have and it’s just so based on nothing and here we go
look what’s up man good oh my god he’s wearing a trump hat
oh my god oh my god the economy is booming oh my god the stock market the
Dow has been hovering around 25,000 up from 18,000 when he was elected oh my
god how is it possible it can’t be here this guy wants to talk what’s up man
what what’s up what y’all doing over here man
we’re just saying hi to people seeing what’s up out here what do you what are
you doing out here man my boys out here to gee-gees the gang we’re trying to
trying to get it in who represent Trump oh oh you guys like Trump what do you
like about Trump man I like that he treats trying to make America great
again man and niggas gonna hate but it’s all right now why do you think people
hate Trump so much because he speak his mind you know I mean he won’t care about
nobody I see the president gonna speak his mind but why would in a policy like
he says make America first and put America first why do people not like
that if they’re Americans you think they would like that right they probably felt
like they he and I asking Americans opinions before he do starting shit
though you know I mean what do you think it is
he basically making his own decisions basically would he just go about without
actually like looking into it he’s just doing things all for his power do you
think that’s better than previous politicians that were like puppets that
were being told what to do you out here out a good point there though you gotta
go point I mean I wouldn’t even got too much to say oh yeah you got to think
about that though right yeah yeah you got anything anybody else like Trump out
here you guys like Trump none of the like huh no no nobody bout
his business so you don’t think he’s the worst guy ever but maybe you don’t like
him that much but he’s not the bad guy that’d make him I’ve been here and he
ain’t a bad guy he’s just about bitches ain’t gonna put over no bull suits not a
ruined image do you think the media yeah you think the media did that television
show did it why do they what about like the lying media like CNN and MSNBC
making up stuff saying Russian collusion what do you think about that we’re at
Infowars the alex jones channel right now yeah oh
I don’t know what our Instagram is I think it’s Infowars or Alex Jones but
we’re live on the Alex Jones Facebook channel right now that’s where we’re at
that’s her out give us a shout if our wars male y’all go look at all day video
subscribe to and whatever y’all gonna look me up on Instagram know the people
they tell the people that they’re the resistance what we’re doing about it
we’re resisting the globalist we’re resisting the Illuminati that wants to
enslave us all what’s up all right good luck out here good luck out here best to
y’all Bessy y’all let’s go to Hornby Jones GTV Harvey Jones what is that is
that vodka is that Russian vodka burn me burn as long as it’s not Russian I don’t
wanna be called a Russian agent burn me this ball is thrown the minute we got
some papers you got some rolling papers Angela’s got the meat TV no I’m saying
that done the same shot bottles we are you know this represent kögel in a style
all the way hey you’re from Houston – there you go
fellow use tonight’s out here alright hey bachelor look out here fellas god
bless alright so there you go so that’s kind of some of the scenery that you’re
gonna get out here that was pleasant I enjoyed that
we got to talk to people and they shared their opinions we shared our opinions it
was all good what’s up man what is this I’m not taking anything right now I have
hands full by the time I’m done out here all right so we’re making our way
towards the Convention Center right here why don’t you like Trump because he’s
stupid man he’s not turning on the billionaire how is he stupid if he’s a
billionaire money don’t make the motherfucking world man to start with so
fucking hard and oh your lordship your loyalty is to your country man so if
you’re not backing us but you’re not doing shit playing drunk ran on the
policy make America great again see finish talking man if you’re gonna let
me talk okay I’m just providing a counterpoint and I understand what
you’re saying but you interrupted me to make your point to make your point at
the end but anyway what I’m saying is this man represents us he’s in he’s in
the office like it’s all about him you know I’m saying like you said he’s a
billion that he don’t have to worry about money the rest of us do you know
I’m saying so you need to look out for the people who put you where you
supposed to be very Point Blank you know that he’s working for free he donates
his presidential paychecks to different departments of government first
president to ever do that and that’s great but what is he doing for the rest
of the society what about record stock markets
what about record record unemployment more people are working now than ever
before in America what about that no that’s Trump no that’s a fact sir so so
you guys are denying facts I’m just saying it’s true so Trump wants to make
America first trope ezza policies that put American first and then the sad
thing is people think it’s the exact opposite and I don’t understand why but
again you know hey people are sharing their opinions that’s what it’s all
about it’s all about having an opinion it’s all about free speech and we’re not
censoring people’s free speech out here we won’t if you don’t like our political
opinions you got a different idea and then we give you a platform and we give
you the microphone so that’s the another big difference between what we do at
Infowars and what you see on Twitter and YouTube and Google where they want to
censor people like us just for having an opinion just for existing and then
you’ll have another wing of people that say oh you’re just provoked you’re just
provoking people by wearing a trump hat oh so I’m not allowed to wear a hat now
in America so yeah that makes sense in the land of
free speech that you can’t even wear a hat but that’s what you get and then
there’s the viral video where I go to a rally in Austin and these two girls
start crying because they say your hats racist it says make America free again
and I say it well how is that racist and then they start crying because it’s not
and then they hit this weird level this threshold where they realize that their
thought process is non-existent it’s one layer of thinking they cannot have
critical thinking they break down emotionally so we are now moving closer
to the Convention Center what’s up how you doing man what’s going on man yeah
man what do you what do you think about Infowars I love it for words they look
ya’ll don’t even know y’all missing out if you’re not watching this show hey say
hi to Alex he’s watching hey Alex how are you doing this bum edy bummy de otra
here I’m with my man’s man get a God is a blessing to see this man walking on
the street y’all don’t even know how cool this show is if you guys not
watching you guys need to tune in then anything else you want to say to the
audience I love you guys mom hey dad I love you spread the love and it’s all
about love peace and positivity hey man hey man have a good time out here man
brother glad to meet you glad to meet you thanks for the support
it’s good stuff right there so so far it’s been a good time people want to
talk about whether they like us or dislike us I like it either way you can
tell me you hate me I’m perfectly fine that tell me you love me I’m fine with
that too it’s all about free speech out here so we’re getting you guys like in
fours yeah you like Trump sir fuck know what don’t you what don’t you
like about Trump fucking oh you ignorant how is he ignorant fuck No
stay down for dark cents I I was uh I was I wish I wish Baraka
come back stay down maybe I want to shout out to my cousin rock free all the
good brothers killed we have a good president since Kenan are you gonna
share that column well I’m the fucking president I’m the president uh hey
wouldn’t we all agree that the government is corrupt can we all agree
the government’s corrupt he’s a good businessman he’s a great businessman
he’s just not no fucking president who knows nothing about nothing he don’t
care to learn he’s just a dumb shit cuz he got the money to back it up but hey
what do I know I’m just a college daughter tied up with nurses what but
what about this though if we all I think we all agree the government’s corrupt
right Trump didn’t come from the government though he came from the
private sector though I says no go I made him anyway he made Adam and Eve and
not Adam and Steve is that what you’re saying see Steve was out of cousin I’m
deaf playing I don’t play with the law I don’t play with the law later on
productions all right guys you guys have a good day out here live we’re live on
the Alex Jones Channel right now we’re live no no no we’re live on the Alex
Jones Channel right now we’re all right with ya I Trumpton studies thanks good
to see good don’t know no better major guys that goddamn money he’d still but
you know we him we make mistakes so I’m get that shit right man we need
to you know but I like that we can’t change the world unless we change
ourselves I’ll give you that good good note to end on you guys have a
good day all right so there you go so you know not like what’s up yes so um
all right so here’s the deal folks we apologize again we’re just live on the
streets right now so you’re gonna hear some some flagrant language out here so
we just apologize in advance for that I don’t know if the war room is tuned in
right now we are back from break here in the final segment of the second hour
live on the streets of South by Southwest we’ve been live for about 20
minutes and it’s it’s been pretty entertaining
maybe not the type of exact type of entertainment you might have expected
from what we do here so let’s go ahead and listen to MTV’s 2017 New Year’s
resolution four white guys first off try to recognize that America was never
great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy try to recognize that America was never
great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy well you know what I actually decided to
take a second here at the desk and I made a little list of the names that
came to my head of all the non-white guys that America was great for here’s
just a short list for you LeBron James Tiger Woods Lil Wayne Yao Ming Denzel
Washington Beyonce Oprah Aziz Ansari Mindy Kaling Norah Jones most likely you
and how about Barack Obama and his family so there’s just a short list of
the non-white guys that America has been great for so tell me about how America
has only been great for white guys again mmm that’s what I’ll just agree the
black lives matter isn’t the opposite of all eyes matter black lives just matter
there’s no need to overcomplicate it it actually seems like you are the one that
is over complicating this because all lives matter actually includes black
lives matter you are the one that wants to exclude black lives matter from the
all lives matter protest or saying stop bragging about being woke stop saying
whoa I am woke I mean let me tell you
something I am the most woke individual that any of these people have ever met
maybe if you could get a little more woke you might have an idea what’s going
on but I mean I am just woke I am sitting in this chair I am so woke I am
woke as you know what I am woke woke woke woke woke let’s roll the next one
learn what mansplaining is and then stop doing it let me explain something to you
you have been brainwashed by the liberal media and the liberal universities and
now you think that white men are the worst thing in society and you know what
you might want to point to a few corrupt white men that’s perfectly fine it has
nothing to do with skin color you are the people who want to end racism while
you’re probably the biggest public racists in the world brutality so
does that man explain it for you let’s roll the next one feel free to take
Kanye West though you guys can happen you know what you did Kanye
oh yeah Kanye you know what you did you were trumping while black yeah oh you
can’t do that Kanye didn’t you see the liberal media told you that Trump is
racist all these people are telling you how the white man is bad Trump is a
white man he’s the bad man how dare you Kanye how dare you let’s roll the next
one please because 2016 is bad 2017 can’t be worse
than this all right because this is bad and this is the ultimate coup de Gras
for me President Barack Obama has been in office for eight years the first
black president and you’re sitting here complaining about the final year of his
presidency so what’s going on what’s the problem here black lives matter but wait
a second a black life is in the White House and you’re up here complaining
about how it’s the worst it’s ever been so then what’s the problem are white men
the problem is a black president the problem no the problem is the lying
corrupt media that has put us into this divisive polarized society where these
people have no idea how they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the white
man is the the biggest problem in society in America today so here’s the
thing I’m white I’m a male and in 2017 I’m gonna have plenty of New Year’s
resolutions to better myself and to better my fellow humans but I’m gonna
tell you something right now I’m not going to be intimidated by some nitwits
on MTV telling me I need to be better because I’m a white man here’s an idea
for you why don’t you quit looking at people based on the color of their skin
that’s how Martin Luther King wanted it so maybe it’s time for you to read a
history book do a little research into Martin Luther King and then rethink your
2017 white male resolution New Year’s video
this is Owen Sawyer for infowars.com I’ll see you the same person in the new