On bullying, Trump and Melania strike a different tone

-I’m asking you all to
join me today and commit to promoting values
such as encouragement. -You critics say,
“Look, you’re a bully,” how do you respond?
-I’m not a bully. No, I’m not a bully at all.
-Kindness. -Do you want to apologize
for anything? -No, I don’t apologize.
-Compassion. -Well, I think I’ve been
toned down, if you want to know the truth. I could really tone it up.
-And respect in our children. With those values,
as a solid foundation — -And that I do have the right
to fight back because I’m treated very
unfairly, so I do fight back. -We can and should
teach children the importance of social
and self awareness. -A very low IQ person,
Maxine Waters. -Positive relationship skills. -You ask a lot
of stupid questions. -And responsible decision
making. -You gotta see this guy,
“I don’t know what I said.” -As adults, we are not merely
responsible, we are accountable. -Oh, no, I want to apologize,
I’ll use tonight. Pocahontas, I apologize to you. -I hope you will join my
in recommitting ourselves to teaching the next generation
to live by and honor
the Golden Rule, do unto others as you
would have done unto you. Which is my paramount
in today’s society and I’ll focus as First Lady.