NYPD Ret. Detective talks about YouTube Drama CyberBullying! #Dutyron

good evening YouTube DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective back again with another video but this one is an
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guys the title says it all here the title says it all
this is this is something that’s really getting out of hand it’s going weird on
crazy YouTube drama and cyber bullying I am here tonight to deliver a message and
I hope as many people watches the replay I know that I don’t provide any type of
drama or any type of bullying I listen people have been crossed by certain
individuals on YouTube the Internet is a very dangerous place I’ve done many
videos explaining to all you guys how dangerous it is to be on the Internet
okay you have to really protect yourself you have to really be careful about who
you deal with once you realize that you’re dealing with someone that is not
on the up-and-up you have two choices number one you could block them on all
social and wherever you dealing him or her you
block and you ignore or two you can engage in drama where you’re going live
and speaking about it constantly and rehashing things and it just creates now
I’m not saying that everybody’s participating in this but when you have
multiple people speaking about a group of individuals that’s how it turns out
to be this so-called mob mentality when you have multiple people speaking about
one or two individuals or just one individual now you have a situation
where it’s you when they speak about gangs when they have speaking about a
gang of people that means more than one or two right so it just gets dangerous
we we tread on dangerous water when you have someone that says verbally I’m
thinking of killing myself I’m thinking of committing suicide and then you
continually go and still speak about it I mean whether you say the person’s
bluffing or not or you know you want to discount it and say all that person’s
full of shit we’re not to be the judge of who or what they’re going through and
I feel that when you just listen get out what you have to get out I’m all for
putting out information on somebody who is not good I’m all for that
but I’m not all for continually going over it again and again or multiple
people doing it when you have ten people doing live streams about an individual
that’s the mob mentality you know and and people can beg to differ with me but
as a retired New York City police detective I’ve been to people’s homes
that have taken their own lives because they were bullied whether it was at
school from their jobs from their home from their own family from their own
friends and I’ve been called to the end result
someone hanging in a closet by a belt somebody hanging or slitting their
wrists and bleeding out it’s not a pleasant thing guys so I gotta tell you
you know my message is clear it’s loud and clear the people who are friends of
mine I I would implore you not to engage in this kind of behavior I would engage
you to think about your actions have meaning to people your words have
meaning to people and if you continually go over and bash somebody listen we all
know the people who know what’s going on in the YouTube community with a
particular person I don’t need to mention names I’m not gonna mention
names but my message is loud and clear you cannot jump on the bandwagon listen
take that information put it in your pocket and stay away from the person
that’s the best thing you could do you don’t need to continually pound the
person into the ground and you know then what happens god forbid the person hurts
themselves or takes their life now you all have to live with your your the
comments that you send the the verbage that you use on panels when you’re
speaking about someone on a panel you know all of that stays out there whether
the people delete it or not because as we know everybody screen captures
everybody records so what I’m saying guys is listen if somebody’s doing
something wrong which I you know I am all for law and order and justice if
somebody committed a crime of colon the police and sending the police to
someone’s house and you have knowledge of it then by all means report that
person to the police but it’s not your job to continually pound this person
down into the ground and push them on the edge
and push him over the edge it’s it’s it’s just not good we need to we need to
look at ourselves and say hey there comes a time when you gotta just say I
got the message out this person did this this and this but there’s no need to
continually rehash it and I and I hope that everybody
understands what I’m saying I’m not telling anybody what to do but I feel
it’s important for me because this person that is being attacked I had I’ve
had personal interactions with with him and you know I am I’m taken back by it
but nothing shocks me I’ve seen everything so I’m not like oh my god
this person never took anything from me never hurt me but apparently has hurt a
lot of other people and I get that but there’s no reason there’s no reason why
a group of people should have that mentality where they’re gonna multiple
people going live and multiple people go in live over and over again talking
about this topic you you get it out once you get the message out and then you
leave your replay up and everybody could rewatch it a hundred million times
there’s no reason to continually go over it and listen I am giving this to you
from a law enforcement standpoint if this person or any of the people that
are involved in this type of behavior and this person takes his own life
you could bet your bottom dollar that all of the livestreams and all of the
things that are out there whether you delete them or not because somebody else
is recording them his family is going to say this person
this person this person they’re gonna call the authorities and they’re gonna
say this person this person this person was involved in bullying my son my
husband my nephew my niece whatever the case may be so just look at the big
picture here guys we need to just reel ourselves in hike
good to see you Karen MUA good to see you thanks for making in the livestream
always good to see you we need to real ourselves in guys and
understand that your words and your actions can really have a lasting
impression on somebody’s life you could be the difference between that person
living or dying and you know some people would say well that’s on them if they
want to do that no no if you’re pushing somebody and you won’t know what they’re
going through and you continually push them then you’re ultimately responsible
in part for the actions that happens to that person
piddling bill good to see you I’m gonna look at the chat real quick of Michele
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love and respect your way guys those of you who know me Jackie and guy thank you
so much for coming in for those of you who know me for a long time I’m all
about respect and honor I’m all about trying to do the right thing by people
Joey Brooklyn is a great friend of mine Thank You Joey for being in here I’m
always about trying to do the right thing okay but we are just human beings
so we all do make mistakes but I’m here tonight to try to be a voice of reason
and I’m listen there’s a lot of people who I respect out here in the community
and there’s a lot of people who respect me the bottom line is is I am all for
getting out information and exposing somebody but I’m not all for jumping on
the back wagon of rehashing and getting listen
when you have one or more people it becomes mob mentality and some people
don’t like that statement but that is what it is when you when you have
somebody that’s in school that’s getting pushed by five different or ten
different people that’s considered you know bullying on a mob mentality kind of
level okay so this is not isolated to one person going live and saying hey we
discovered that this person is doing this or this person is a scammer and
this person to that you’re talking about multiple people that are going live with
audiences of a thousand or more people not you know not something that needs to
be done over and over again you make that one live stream you leave it up and
you let the replay sit there and people can go back and your message is there
there’s no reason for you to continually go live and talking about it day in and
day out just leave it the fuck alone so yeah I mean listen I’m not defending
anybody’s wrongs here I am all for justice and you guys who know me I have
20-plus years of law enforcement experience I’ve arrested thousands of
people over my time bad people I’ve put handcuffs on people who have taken other
people’s lives I’ve arrested people who have murdered another human being it’s a
powerful thing when you grab somebody that is wanted
for murder and put handcuffs on them I can’t even describe the feeling of that
but it’s something that most people will never experience but it is it is a great
feeling to take that kind of evil off the streets so you and your family and
the rest of society doesn’t have to deal with them I’m here on YouTube to tell
you guys that bullying in any way shape or form is not acceptable it’s not
acceptable and we all have to realize and reel
ourselves in we have to reel ourselves in and and catch catch ourselves and say
hey this is not right and what I’ve been seeing for the last two two to three
days is not right you know so I don’t want to do a long drawn-out live on this
but I want you guys to understand my message is not hey you have to listen to
me you know I’m I’m saying guys that it’s
important that you guys hear it from somebody I’m the guy who when you call
9-1-1 and there’s a tragedy that goes on I’ve seen it more than once I’ve seen it
many many many times on many different levels so we have to be aware we have to
be aware that our actions have consequences people get arrested for
this stuff so if you know that someone’s committed
a crime against another youtuber or against another person reported to the
police that’s your duty that your duty is to report that to the police
it’s not your duty to beat that person down into the ground if you got valid
information that somebody called the police on somebody when there shouldn’t
have been done or taken somebody’s identity or has committed some type of
crime then call the police and report it and then wipe your hands clean of it
because you don’t want the blood of somebody else’s somebody else’s blood on
your hands it’s not a good feeling guys and someone takes their own life because
of the actions because of your words and the way you came at them it’s a pretty
fucked up thing trust me on that I’ve seen the aftermath of it it’s not pretty
guys so you know I’m not you know I’m not trying to tell people how to live
their lives because we’re all adults you could do whatever you want but the
people who are friends with me if I get wind
you guys are partaken and this kind of stuff I can tell you this right now and
it probably doesn’t mean much to a person who’s going to continually inter
in an act this way but if I get wind of it and I see some people taking you know
participating in this I’m just gonna block you and I’m not gonna be friends
with you because I can’t be friends with somebody who does this kind of shit life
is too short to surround yourself with toxic negative people and if somebody’s
doing negative things even if it’s on a small level of giving people thumbs down
on their videos and right and shitty things in the comments that that to me
earns an immediate block and the block is forever
I don’t unblock people so the way that I stay away from toxic behavior and toxic
people is by if there’s somebody here doing something wrong I go this way if
there’s somebody here doing something wrong I go that way I I go the exact
opposite opposite way because we have so many trials and tribulations in everyday
life why do we need to come on a free application and have bullshit additional
bullshit piled onto the rest of the things that we have going on in our
everyday life thank you so much for the $5 super chat thank you see a he says
respect or our guy and Jackie respect for law enforcement
thank you respect right back to you thank you to anyone who’s giving super
chat yeah I’m not I’m not cool with witnessing people jump on the pile the
dog pile doesn’t work here security checking in good to see you Dylan
alright let me just say hello to everyone in the chat Erin Leahy love and
respect to you Francis urban spirits thank you so much for coming in Jenny
Anderson thank you for being in here Katie
hot pink jalapeno love you right back thank you so much thank you thank you
you’ll never catch me jumping on that bandwagon because you know I this is a
this is something that’s really it affects me in many
different ways but I’ll tell you guys a quick story of some bullying that
happened to one of my sons I have two boys and my youngest son when he was in
in grade school that’s kindergarten to sixth grade
that’s how they do it here when he was in fourth grade he was bullied on recess
time they would let them go out in the schoolyard and run around and he was
bullied at recess and it took him a long time to come home and tell us about it
but my wife noticed bruises on my son known as on on his back when she he
would go to take a bath she would see it so my own kid was a was bullied in in
school when he was little and I I didn’t take well to it I was an active police
officer at the time and I went up to the school and I went fucking berserk you
know I went into the school and I went to the principal and I was told I needed
an appointment to see the principal and I just went right around I went right
around the desk and right in I barged right into the principal’s office and and I made a scene I made a scene but in
a calm way and I got my point across that if she can’t provide safety for my
child while he was at school then I would do it so you know it’s something that nobody should have
to go through but millions of people experience it on many different levels
so I’m not going to go into the details of what I did but the situation got
taken care of it came down to a meeting with between me and my wife and this
kid’s parents who were separate they were divorced but their parent both the
mom and dad came in and they both stuck up for their kid as usual that’s how
this goes and I let him have it but it was ugly
but it’s water under the bridge the family doesn’t live here and they moved
down to Florida they moved away and whatever but my point is is that you
know people are affected by this on so many different levels you know I never
was bullied as a kid because I got lucky I guess I didn’t never got bullied in
high school but there was tons of them all around so not a good thing to do not
a good thing to do on live stream you know if you see people participating in
mass calling somebody out or you know jumping on the pile
be the better person and don’t if you need to listen to it then just listen
silently but but don’t don’t go in the chat and don’t start saying yeah he did
this and he did that Winky thank you so much for the super chat I appreciate
that Winky whispers is one of my great friends and moderators here on my
channel and I love and respect her tremendously guys go and check out her
channel she does content from her beautiful state that she lives in and
she will bring you some videos from time to time she’s not feeling great lately
but Winky whispers I implore every want to go check her channel out Joey
Brooklyn he’s fantastic Joey Brooklyn is my friend he sat right
here at this table with me and my wife and we broke bread right here in my home
Joey Brooklyn thank you HS FL paranormal for subscribing look at
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much for being here thanks for putting up with
Winkies link grant grant McIntosh good to see you man thanks for joining so my
message is loud and clear guys my message is loud and clear I was bullied
relentlessly in middle school says Connie yeah that’s that’s fucked up I
hate to hear that I really do Lisa Gibbens thanks for being in here so
again guys the bottom line is is there’s a lot of things going on on YouTube
right now a lot of things going on on YouTube there’s a lot of information out
there if it doesn’t affect you if this person didn’t do anything to take money
away from you or rip you off or deceit or lie or you know don’t don’t just jump
on the pile let the people who were affected by it
hash it out but there’s no reason for everyone to just jump on that bandwagon
now I’m not saying what this person did was right all wrong cuz I don’t know the
details I don’t care to know the details but there’s there’s people that are
speaking about it that I respect there’s people that are speaking about it that I
do respect and I’m and and I just I just want people to realize that when you
make a video and you leave it up it’s there for the replay so there’s no
reason unless there’s additional information to make video after video
about the same shit you know and and pounding somebody when they’re already
exposed and down just leaving the fuck alone you get your point across in one
video everybody can watch the replay you can direct people in your comments you
can pin it in every video you do after that if you want to you know go back and
revert to a one video and then you go you move on this sign right here you
police was donated by Matt Sully I’m not sure if Mattie boy is here but Matt
Sully’s my good friend he made this sign with his daughter because I had someone
from Germany come into one of my live streams and say to me in all capital
letters do tear on you police you police so that’s why he made that sign for me
it’s pretty funny I agree Aaron so let me let me let me
just say hello again to everybody in the chat if you’re new to the channel please
hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell my channel is not
about any drama or anything like that but tonight I net I need it to speak
about you know staying away from toxic behavior because it’ll also bring you
down as well if you’re suffering from any ailments a survey logs good to see
you thanks for coming in Miss Justice thank you for being here Shakira Smith
always a pleasure to have you Shakira great great friend from the Gordy Bob’s
community thank you for being in here um but you got to stay away from the
negativity sandy it’ll suck you in and it will suck you in bad
raus truck and us here everyone subscribe and follow rouse truckin great
truck and channel go check out my friend Ralph this stuff will suck you in and
it’ll make you sick it’ll eat you from the inside out it’s not good
trust me on it negativity is contagious it’s really bad
Susana thank you so much for coming in TR great to see you TRX is in the
building thank you for joining the royal family
is here so drama does create chaos that is for sure much love and respect right
back to you veggie girl thank you for coming in from Canada
hot pink exactly toxic toxic listen misery loves company and I’m not saying
the people that are involved in what’s going on right now is they’re miserable
I’m not saying that I’m just saying that misery loves company as a general
statement so you see someone that’s always talking about negative stuff and
that’s all they have to offer they it’s gonna just drag you down so stay away
from it it’s my best advice I could give to everybody and anybody hello Gabrielle
eat a much love and respect to you so Thank You Michelle thank you so much
and and you know you guys the guy the people who know me a long time like my
periscope people from two three years ago the people who are here on YouTube
Black Rose thank you so much for the super love Thank You Black Rose for the
people that know me for a long time I don’t talk about this stuff I give this
information on the side black rose thank you there’s the there is the Andy
Griffin I don’t talk about this stuff because I don’t like to I don’t like to
go on the negative route but there’s so much shit going on on YouTube right now
it’s really disgraceful about you know what negativity let me share this on a
public post I want as many people to see this so I’m gonna I’m gonna do a public
post right now I forgot to do it hold on guys give me two seconds talk
amongst yourselves two seconds all right here we go could somebody share this on the YouTube
on the Facebook YouTube video share group would anybody be willing to do
that Katie I know you’re good with that someone copy and paste this link and
share it out onto my facebook group our Facebook group I should say Laura Ruane
thank you for being in here Michelle thank you so much for the 999 super love
you know how I feel about you Michelle you are awesome God just as that super
Chad came in I got like a fuzz in my eye oh all the pain so again guys I’m not
doing I’m not doing this video for attention I’m doing this video for a
public service announcement for our community I really think there’s a lot
of great people a lot of great content creators that could give value to some
of the people that may be looking for something looking for companionship
looking for someone to spend some time with whether they’re disabled or sick or
homebound or just not social type people there’s a lot of good stuff that we can
gain from this you know I wasn’t crying Ralph Ralph aren’t you the short guy but
I feel there’s a lot of value that you can get from YouTube and from like live
type communities live-streaming communities like this just don’t get
yourself sucked into the into the negativity you know if you get if you
get yourself sucked into the negativity then it then it doesn’t become fun then
it just becomes it becomes really bad every it can affect your health you know
Thank You Red Lotus thank you if you enjoy the drama then you’re you’re in
the wrong place don’t hang out with me here Connie but I said go and enjoy the
dry but don’t participate in the chat if you
see the drama and you like to watch that then go watch it but when you start
engaging in it then that makes you just like them it makes it bad it’s not good so-so I’m trying to the chat even though I
slowed it down is going by very fast hi Janet Williams good to see you thanks
for joining bossy good to see you bossy thanks for coming
in I am an alum Alabama good to see you good to see you a new subscriber hi from
California so nice to finally hear a voice of reason thank you so much for
that I appreciate that gale be good to see you thanks for
joining I shared it on Facebook thank you thank you for doing that Linda I
appreciate it this mama needs no drama says Michelle Vogel what happened to my
Giants they sucked they sucked the black cat got them the black cat got him um it’s not blowing it’s a total compliment
he looks amazing I’m missing some of the chat I apologize guys I apologize
dude Iran the haters need more love not more hate very good statement right
there Lisa Gibbens I like that I like that let me go back to that because I
like that a lot she said the duty wrong the haters need
more love not hate let me go back to that do tear on the haters need more love not
more hate I love it Lisa outstanding officer Mack good to see you thanks for
joining hold on a second hold on a second two seconds thank you for subscribing thank you for
subscribing alright so I just wanted to check the chat real quick hold on a
second so my message is loud and clear guys it’s loud and clear we need to be
better we need to do better we need to understand that if you are sucked into
the drama where you really need to get your daily dose of drama go and listen
get you know get your fill of it but please
Lee Lee show run thank you for that compliment I appreciate it
don’t jump on the pile watch the drama if you need to and I say don’t watch it
because it’s it’s just gonna lead you into a wrong you know dark place but no
matter what if you surround yourself or friend you’re if you become friends with
people who are into negativity and drama it’s gonna get you it’s gonna suck you
right in and it’s going to get you so take my word for it it is not a good
thing to be around and not only is it not good it’s really negative in all
aspects of your life you want to be around positive people who are gonna try
to lift you up and not kick you while you’re down and there’s so many
two-faced fake phony people out there you got to pick and choose who you
become friends with it’s just like that in real life it’s it’s the same right
here on social media you got to be very careful about who’s real and who’s not
what are people’s motives are they really wanting to help you or they
wanting to friend you so they can hurt you it’s a really really dangerous place
social media you got to be very careful and you can’t be naive can’t be naive
guys so take what I’m saying process it
understand it it’ll suck the life out of you for sure right but sandy that’s a
part of life’s trials and tribulations but if you go into it with your eyes
closed and your not eyes wide open and looking at everything you’re gonna get
hurt more than somebody who has got their guard up a little bit
Thank You hot-pink I will work on positive building videos that is freakin
awesome I love it Julie kay good to see you
always a great always great to see you in my lives thank you so much
my phone’s acting up I can’t get other links don’t worry about it it’s okay
purgatory paranormal of New York good to see you thank you for joining tracey van
bragged good to see you eyes wide open thank you
for coming in hold on a second Thank You Gail two seconds my phones blowing up
shocker right when I go live my phone blows up okay so um Laura Ruane says I trust you
duty Ron thank you for trusting me and you know what listen
Cummins hang around here and watch what I do watch what I talk about look at the
things that I do and I know it wasn’t you Ralph it wasn’t you
I love to meet people laugh and smile I don’t have room for negative you you’re
a very positive person Sandi a7 I had a great time in your live
stream over the weekend that was fun oh I think it was I don’t remember what
it was I’m getting old but it was just a little while ago hello Katrina cat rest
in the building good to see you Lewis fuller good to see you I’m doing well so
guys I want to also say this I want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck
it out with me I was down and out for 90 days on my livestream and I did uploads
on my premieres Jenny Anderson thanks for coming in I want to just say thank
you to all you guys because I want to I want to just reiterate it’s it’s very
important that you guys know how much I appreciate the time that you spend here
with me the super chat the patreon supporters the people who leave comments
the DMS on Twitter Instagram and Facebook the people who join my facebook
youtube share group the people who join my newly created duty Ron police crime
chat group I really appreciate you guys I respect you because there’s so many
other choices that you guys have and whether you use mine as your go-to or
you use it as a backup I don’t care I don’t care if you unsubscribe to my
channel but still watch me I just like to have you guys here and I like to send
out messages that maybe a small amount of people pick up on some of the
positivity that I sent out there some of the tips that I put out for crime
related stuff if I could just get to a small group of you guys I love that
good to see you Bella thank you so much for coming in great great to have you in
with all the negativity that’s going on or
on YouTube I wanted to just bring up this breath of fresh air the community
that I have created with the help of all of you guys this is our community the
duty Ron family is strong and the people who have come and made this their home
or second home you guys know what I’m talking about you know if you guys have
questions or if you need answers to certain things and you DM me I get back
to you when people leave me comments I pride myself on answering every comment
that is put down in my comment section as long as it’s legit and not some
nonsense I do get some nonsense once so just just by a show of hands you know by
putting a 1 in the chat people that understand what I’m saying right now put
a 1 in the chat we have a community that was developed not just by me but by all
of us together and we know that no one’s gonna attack us nobody’s gonna come at
us nobody’s going to kick a swallower down and that’s the great part about
what we got going on and once somebody tries to infiltrate or come into our
community it is immediately taken care look at all those ones look at those
ones in the chat I love you guys you guys are awesome the positive vibes that
are given between me and all of us together us back and forth that’s
instrumental to success and positivity in our lives in our own lives so that’s
what’s great about this it just doesn’t benefit me it benefits all of us so this
is the great part and I preached all the time
Katrina could tell you Red Lotus duty blue Daphne these guys could all tell
you I preach to stay away from it not because I want you to not you know
subscribe or watch those people I just don’t want you to get caught up and get
hurt that’s my only reason I say it I don’t want to see you guys get caught up
and ultimately get yourself sucked into that bull shit that goes on because even
the nicest people the nicest people and I’m using winky
whisperers not because she’s one of those people but she is a super nice
sweetheart and I would hate to see her get sucked into anything like that I’m
just using you as an example I’m not saying that that that you are in danger
or anything but you know what I’m saying a black rose a winky whispers a Katina I
wouldn’t I would protect you guys with all I had I tell all my friends this if
something happens to you guys like a cab seven when he got swatted Ben I don’t
know if you guys know Ben cab seven he’s on YouTube he’s a great guy he got
swatted on a live stream someone called the police on him and the police came to
his house I reached out to this guy and I got him I got him the help that he
needed and I called my connections at the FBI and we made a report me and cab
seven made I made that report with him and cab seven I mean Ben is a good
friend of mine before this happened but I bent over backwards
Catina thank you who’s super chat thank you for a super love greatly appreciate
that Katina also a patreon supporter thank you so much for all you do in the
duty Ron family so much love and respect to you Katrina thank you so much for the
super chat I appreciate it so I got been in touch with my
connection at the FBI I made the phone call for him I made the introduction
into the FBI I introduced and you know cab seven much credit to him he gave me
all his personal information I called the the New York FBI office my contacts
that’s still there and the guy answered my call and and then took a report from
Ben so that’s the kind of good things that we do for each other you know and
if any of you were ever in any trouble my friends in my circle I’ll give you my
full I have so many law enforcement contacts over my 20-plus years of doing
investigations working with outside agencies I have
friends and you I could go into my wallet and into my drawer and I have
stack of cards like this from all different law enforcement agencies from
the feds to the states to the locals from all almost all 50 states so I could
call over into Tennessee and I can get professional courtesy in Tennessee I can
call over in Mississippi and have someone that in Mississippi answer my
calls so that’s the kind of community that we have here and those are the
advantages of being a friend of one of the good guys
I’m not a bad guy I’m a good guy so again guys stay away from this
negativity if you have to listen to it yeah they do still have cards we all use
business cards Ralph if you have to if you have to listen to it go and listen
but don’t jump on that bandwagon don’t pile on you know when you we were kids
and you’d have the pile on don’t be that don’t pile on the person is exposed the
information is out there there’s no need you police there’s no need to jump on
the bandwagon be a better human being I know you guys are better than that so
the people who I saw in these chats and over the last couple of days I was this
close to blocking them but I’m just I’m hoping that they come and watch this
video and then take a little different stance on it because there are more than
a handful of people that I saw that I I’m friends with jumping on the
bandwagon and I want him to stop I don’t want to have to block them but I want
them to stop because I really like them now this there’s nobody no-nobody that
is dangerous survives in my community because I weed them out I’ve got a guy
here Joey Brooklyn who is the top of the top let me tell you something he’s not
in any law enforcement and never was but he should have been a detective
Joey Brooklyn should have been a detective I got the ladies the ladies
Black Rose Winky whispers and and I can name a dozen more that are on top of
things I get so much Intel from my the duty Ron family it’s crazy I should
start a real time crime Center here you guys are fuckin awesome so kudos to you
guys I see you Katrina I see you thank you yeah I got Trevor JP up north he’s
my northern contact he’s in the Midwest in the northern miss West
he’s my contact over there Joey Brooklyn is he’s he’s on he’s on he knows about
social media Joey Brooklyn can sniff out a troll
account faster than I can I give Joey Brooklyn a lot of credit he is the man so if you’re new into the channel if
you’re new to my live stream let me know you’re watching where you’re watching
from your city state or country and I’ll give you a quick shout-out and then I’m
gonna wrap it up so let me know where you’re watching from Linney good to see
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we got California st. Louis Columbus Ohio New York City nice got a lot of
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watching Betsy W says Washington DC so many new ones I love it I hope you guys
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Ralph’s trucking says like the livestream guys if you don’t mind give
the thumbs up before you leave we’re gonna close in a few minutes if
anybody’s got any questions I’ll take five minutes of question and answers if
you guys want to send the questions but let’s just try and realize I can only
answer you know I can only answer so many so if you guys have any questions
send them to me in the chat if there’s questions about anything law related my
email is duty Ron at aol.com yes I have an AOL address duty Ron at AOL Thank You
Katrina it’s right there in the chat welcome in leash Sharon thank you so
much for coming in new from Ohio everybody follow and subscribe to
Ralph’s trucking follow Joey Brooklyn and subscribe to his channel Winky
whispers Katrina Catrice these are all great people Red Lotus good friend of
mine sky watchers Sandra thank you so much for coming in anybody have any
questions or concerns about YouTube bullying cyberbullying that’s the topic
that we’re speaking about so just just to have a great birthday yes and you
know coincidentally it’s the five year anniversary of my father’s death my
father died five years ago today and I was gonna put a post up but I I wanted
to give my sister two spotlight because you know having our father died on her
birthday was horrific and I’ll never forget that day it was really bad so I
wanted to give my sister that’s complete spotlight so I’m gonna do a post
tomorrow about my dad so I didn’t want to take away from her her joyous day
please research investigation to do two-digit um that went by too quick and
I didn’t see it so let me see if I could scroll back Hey
please research investigation what’s wrong with these notification girls not
ringing thank you I will my brother YouTube has a mind of its own can you do
a broadcast on the NYPD founder till current okay thank you thank you for
those kind words for my dad yeah it’s today was a tough day today was a tough
emotional day for me but you see I don’t I don’t like to I don’t like to put any
of my put any of my you know sadness onto any
of you guys because I know that everyone is dealing with a lot of stuff so let’s
let’s just move on Thank You Laura appreciate that so it
doesn’t look like there’s many questions if anybody has anything definitely send
it to me on my email I will answer it I served 20 plus years in the New York
City Police Department as a police officer I retired as a detective in the
warrant squad and we went out in the fugitive apprehension team and picked up
people and hunted them down who were fugitives of justice so that was the job
that I did I worked in the mayor’s detail for Mayor Michael Bloomberg I was
on the executive protection detail for a short period of time and I was trained
by the US Secret Service and dignitary protection so every year when the United
Nations General Assembly would come into town in August early September I would
have three weeks of my life where I lived in a hotel and guarded foreign
dignitaries from outside of the country I never knew who I was going to get
assigned to I was on president of Pakistan shortly after 9/11 and he his
name was Musharraf and I had the President of Pakistan he on his way to
the UN General Assembly when he left Pakistan he was not very well-liked by
his own people they tried to shoot his airplane down with our RPG when he was
leaving Pakistan to come to New York and we had him for 10 days I believe it was
and he owned the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City on West 47th Street and
Madison Avenue and I spent 10 days with his security he don’t forget these
foreign dignitaries will come in with their own people so he would have you
know the these these presidents would have their own package you know like our
Secret Service travels with our president wherever he goes because
Israel he goes to you know wherever he goes our Secret Service so it’s the same
thing we had these Pakistani mercenaries that
were like crazy and they told us I’ll never forget this they told us because
we when they would get when we get them settled in in a hotel we’d have a
meeting as a whole floor of a whole floor of just security secret service
his people the u.s. marshals the Department of State it was like all
these different agencies and thank you Melanie Jesse Jesse Jane thank you for
subscribing there’s the NYPD car there it is how well does that graphic show up
it really shows up nice online so I remember we had the security meeting and
and thus his staff opened up their suits and they had grenades live grenades
hanging on the inside of their suits and they said if some shit goes down we are
gonna just throw these grenades down the hallway and I was like what well I
didn’t sign up for this what the what the fuck is this and they told it so not
only the NYPD they told it to the Secret Service and I turned to one of the
Secret Service agents it was a female and I was like are these guys kidding me
how did they get here with live grenades on them well he flies in in his own
plane and they don’t go through any customs or anything they don’t go
through any checks so they brought their own grenades for like if it was a
doomsday attack on their protectee you know they’re protecting their POTUS
their president was you know that was their job to lay their lives down just
like our Secret Service puts their lives on the line for for our president they
were like if some shit happens just take cover if you see what’s roll one of
these down you got 15 seconds and then it just blows so I was like wow this is
crazy I didn’t sign up for that but I did it anyways just a just a story of my
dignitary protection days so guys be kind to each other love one another if
you see someone that’s that’s up to bad stuff just go the other way don’t
associate with the person don’t follow him don’t subscribe to him or her stay
away from negativity and that’s my best advice that I could give to you guys so
I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you subscribe to my channel leave me some
comments down below share it out on your social media I am going to bed so much
love and respect from my house to yours I hope each and every one of you have a
great rest of your week tomorrow’s hump day we’re getting over
the middle of the week it’s hump day here in New York and throughout the
United States hump day is we’re almost there so
everybody have a great hump day tomorrow I think of the camel and the Geico
commercial I’ll see you guys all soon on my next one thank you for all the super
chat to my patreon supporters to my moderators to all my great friends love
and respect to you from my house to yours guys good night and God bless