Non Physical Injuries in the Irish Workplace-the Test for Liability

hello there in this video I just want to
take a look at non physical injuries in the workplace these would be injuries
like psychological or psychiatric injuries arising from things like stress
bullying and harassment they are obviously injuries which are described
as soft injuries they’re not soft injuries but they are described with
software please because it’s not like breaking a leg or breaking an arm
operating a hand or something in order to decide whether that ploy or your
employer would be held liable or not then you need to ask these four
questions number one have you suffered that injury as opposed to ordinary
occupational stress ordinary occupational stress is recognized as
being present in most jobs so you need to have suffered an injury if you have
was the injury attributable to the workplace if so was the harm that you
saw for that reasonably foreseeable and finally if you can answer yes to all of
those three questions did the employer fall below the standards of a reasonably
prudent employer in addressing your deeds these are the four questions you
need to ask to assess whether you have suffered pressure injury and non
physical injury which the employer will be held liable for these questions arise
from a test which was in the firstly motor in the high court in mahabharat
jabber global services limited and secondly he was adopted and by the
supreme court four years later in 2009 in burma reversed on the storage limit
my name is Terra Gloria vacillation and Felix how do you need they hope you find
this video use