NEW aggressive inline skates BRAND, you’ll Love them

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict and yesterday I was just here working and anything some stuff and then suddenly the guys from ups just tell me something and by the address I kind of know what this is and I know that you want to know too but there’s someone here with me that doesn’t know what this is so let him be the one opening this so let’s open this I’m quite excited to see what this is guys I’m really not too sure what this is so I don’t think we’ve quite afforded anything or if anybody’s sending him anything so I don’t know what this means here goes nothing guys okay what Wow some skins of the gee boots this is so awesome wow this is really awesome but I’m gonna let someone do some talking about this for some skins and that’s it I kind of knew that there was it a lot of people have been asking about these things what are these when are they coming out and all those things so let me just clean the table and I’m going to try to explain you a little bit more about these some of you guys might have seen this logo on on Instagram and other social media there’s these guys that always post whenever you post something related with skating if it’s cool there’s someone that goes there and posts gas G a s as acid a few asses not that message these guys have a brand called Guerrero’s Guerrero’s means warriors in Spanish the jeep boots it’s owned by the same guys basically there’s the guy called Santiago I am not really sure I know he’s from South America or a knife is from Brazil or from somewhere in South America I know that he speaks Spanish he speaks Portuguese but it lives in Sweden it was trying to do some schemes for one of his favourite skates for a while but he was struggling to find like the right person to do what he wanted with the quality that he wanted up until he met someone from Spain that has the passion for shoe making I got this passion for will someone loves shoe making but the same guy that left shoe making also loves to skate and he’s like really good skater from Valencia his name is Pepe and that’s it that’s what G boots are two guys that love to skate two guys that are active skaters that got together to come out with something called the Chi boot as you can’t imagine it’s not as easy for you to come with a boot from scratch having the money for moles and all these things even a brand like them skates John Julio which is a really well-known scanner which has been working in industry for so long it couldn’t make his own mold from scratch so it’s the same with these guys from G boots they they chose the boot that they really like a lot and that’s the USD seven which happens to be one of my favorite skates if not my favorite boot I love the weight flexes I love the way it looks but it looks even better with this so let me just put days on my skates let me just do the same I don’t know I call this thing the same the same transition and that’s it it wasn’t this easy but that’s why the guys from G boots are going to get you a deal and the deal is something like this they will get a few pairs of the USD seven skates and then they also have their skins right I can tell you that for me to put my skins in my old USD sevens it took me at least 30 to 45 minutes on each skate so it would be a lot better if you could just do this and then this thing was mounted and that’s exactly what you can do with the G boot skate I do not know exactly when they’re gonna have the finished product but they made me wait a while until I was able to do these videos so I would say that the skates are almost out there shred get out of here it’s a cool bag huh that’s a really cool bag but it’s red it’s just in the middle of the frame you don’t need that anyway so what’s special about this let me tell you how I met these guys I met these guys last year at a spa in about it wasn’t last year it was this in January end of January then a few weeks later at the winter clash I met them again and they gave me a first prototype and then at the winter clash they gave me this first Perl time they did last a lot but again it was a prototype so it wasn’t the finished version there was a few things that needed some tweaks and that’s exactly what this is this is the final version of the G boot and it just not look amazingly good yes it does make you skate a little bit heavier but this is pure leather 100% pure leather all and made in Spain why is it that cool well I don’t know if you ever had like a skate with the skin but usually escaping the skin as a different feel when you land it doesn’t go plasticky when you landed good it’s not like like it’s like boof it’s the sound of the skate it’s good and when you look from the top man these just they look classy I love the colors that they use with with the black and a little detail with G here on top on leather this is again this is one of you leather they show me some different versions of these that they will also have available they show me a red one a full red one they also showed me like buffalo leather I think this is cow leather I don’t I don’t know if I’m saying anything wrong but I think this is car leather and they also show me a buffalo leather which is kind of brown check this pictures that they sent me and I’m supposed to get a pair of those later this year now I do love them I hope you like them too I’m going out I’m gonna skate them and I’m gonna have one of these to give it to you how am I gonna give you these here’s the thing you’re gonna subscribe to my channel follow my Instagram account which is Ricardo lino you got to follow gee boots official Instagram account which is right here and you are also going to comment on this video why you should be getting a pair of G boots then the guys from G boots they’re going to read all the comments that you guys leave in this video and they are the ones are going to choose who’s gonna get the skates nothing to do with me the brand G boots will offer you a pair of G boots that make sense well they’re gonna offer you a pair of boots – G boot super-g ye anyway I hope you’ll like this one if you didn’t like this video if you do like these kids and don’t forget to give me some thumbs up there’s the face right here click on that face subscribe to this channel if you’re not already subscribing if you’re ready subscribing make sure you don’t end subscribe okay if you’re already subscribing there’s also a bell on the side press on that bell you will get notifications every time I upload one of these and like I always say more important than anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys and see you soon