New Aggressive E-Bikes | EMBN Show Ep.44

– On the EMBN Show today we’ve got news from all parts of the globe, from Utah, from South America, from Tahiti, from North Wales. – Loads of cool new bikes coming up. All your e-bike news from around the globe coming up in this week’s show. (electronic music) Welcome Steve back to the studio. You probably haven’t been in this place for a couple of weeks. – I haven’t been here for a
couple of months it feels like. That’s it, just travel around the place. – E-biking everywhere? – Checkin’ out new locations, yeah. – But anyway, I want to
get into the show, Steve, first thing I want to talk to you about is that last week’s video you’d shot how e-bikes are
changing mountain biking and something that rang
true to me quite a lot. Definitely changed what
I do and, you know, obviously for yourself,
what you do as well. – Yeah I guess, I guess it comes
down to, you know, e-bikes, e-bikes take a lot of understanding. A lot of people out there don’t understand about e-bikes and what they’re for and, you know, I talked in the video about wilderness on some occasions but I didn’t really mean wilderness, I meant wilderness is a
great place to go to because, but an adventure, it doesn’t
have to be wilderness, it can be like, you know,
it can be in your backyard, it’s just about sort of exploring
that that hill over there or that you’ve never been to, and I think of it, what
it is, I think with, you know, I lived and breathed
downhill for 20 years, right, that was my sport. But you know, I’m learning about e-bikes and I think what what
happens with mountain bikers, or what’s becoming happening
with mountain bikers is that, like they’ve been corralled and they live in like a couple
of hundred acres, you know. Like five or six trails here and there where as e-bikes you live
in like thousands of acres rather than hundreds of acres. I think that’s the sort of point that I was trying to get across really. – Definitely. For me I think they’ve changed what I do, you know, there’s some horrible
bits about mountain biking I think in general if you– – Hold on a minute, hold on, I still see doing these
60 foot crazy jumps. – Yeah, I know, I still do all that stuff but I mean in general like the
general sort of trail riding, I think we’d all agree
that mountain biking isn’t a 100% enjoyable sport
unless you’re 100% fit, I think, for the general
public, its something that– – It’s a tricky sport,
there’s a lot of barriers, there are barriers for
people to mountain biking. – You’re talking time, physical fitness, loads of different
elements have come into it and if you haven’t got all of those things that go into the recipe yeah
it’s not an enjoyable sport, at least 100%. – But we’re talking adventure.
– Yeah. – We’re talkin’ adventure here so that will require a lot of time. – Yeah, definitely, yeah, for sure. But I think, you know, the
way they change what we do, for instance, I can go out
riding with my dad now, he’s 62, we used to go out
on a big cross-country ride back in the day and I
used have to wait for him hell of a lot of time now and
we’re limited to where we went but now we did his massive
rides together at the same place and, you know, explore on the same trail. – So we got a video coming
up which we did in Italy and this is a true story,
is we climbed to 9,000 feet and, you know, we were pretty out there. I knew there’s some people
shadowing us all day and I was thinking,
what were these people? Anyway, we were doing
like a piece of camera on the top of the mountain and this couple comes up the mountain, all right, and I could not, because
we’d just done a really technical climb, which some
members the crew couldn’t do, and seriously, there’s
this old couple from France and they’re 70 years old
like in the middle of nowhere on two e-bikes having a whale of a time. And I think for me,
that really does fit my, why e-bikes are great. Allowing loads of people
to do these adventures. Yeah, but I get, like I said, I’m talking, oh yeah, I’m not talking
wilderness, I’m talking, it could be could be anywhere, really. Just going places you’ve
never been before. – And I think it’s just
open the doors to me, I’ve ridden mountain bikes,
you know, for 20 odd years and the e-bike, I’ve climbed
stuff that I’ve never thought, you know, I could never imagine climbing. – I mean, that’s an adventure, isn’t it? – That’s an adventure in itself. I’ve gone faster on any bike
than I’ve ever gone on any you know, you know that
100 kilometers an hour, you know, it’s just open up so much doors. I’m just so pleased to be involved in it. – I think, yeah, I think
you nailed it there as well, you know, the fact that we did the slab which was that little mini adventure, it was an urban adventure. Yeah, tackling that and
I think it’s the climbing which does open up yeah the doors for such incredible antics. – You don’t dread those,
yeah, dread those climbs. I think even just on a normal trail ride, there’s my local loop, and there’s some climbs
on there I used to hate but now I enjoy that ride
100% the whole way around. Not dreading any part of it. – This is great, great, honestly. But we’ve got many more e-bike
adventures coming on EMBN over the next few months
so don’t forget to tune in. – The tires are skinny, the
sizing, that’s questionable, and the brakes, well,
they’re cable operated. At 350 pounds, the
question is, will this bike get us up to the top of
Britain’s second highest mountain and back down again in one piece? (upbeat music) Honestly, it’s so
sketchy, it is so sketchy. – [Chris] I’m not
getting my hands on that, look at the wheel flexin’
as you come up there. – Gonna be a long ol’ day I think. (electronic music) Chris, let’s have some tech news this, let’s look at some bikes,
some kit, what’ve you got? – Some nice new bikes,
Mondraker have just launched the new Level RR, it’s
lookin’ really cool. 65-degree head angle, 29 inch wheels, 160 mil travel there on the
rear, 170 mil travel fork. – [Steve] That’s a big
hittin’ bike, right? – [Chris] Yeah, 29 inch wheels as well. – Yeah, the Spaniards,
they know their e-bikes, that’s for sure. And what’s interesting on this bike is if you look at the Level compared to, the Level’s 160 mil travel,
say you look at the Foxy, which is a non-e-bike, in terms of sizing, the non-e-bikes actually
bigger and an e-bike. So, must be a philosophy thing
going on here with Mondraker. Like, for example, you could
look at the reach numbers on the Foxy compared to the Level and reach is a relatively
good indicator of size, it’s not the be-all end-all but, yeah, much smaller on the
e-bikes to the non-e-bikes. Also, chain stay. Change stay on the Foxy, 430 mil, chain stay on the Level, 490.
– Whoa – That is a big, big chain stay. And you know what, I’ve
seen other manufacturers like Lapierre did the Overvote, that had a big chain stay on it previously and what it does is that it really enables the bikes
to climb amazingly well so obviously they’ve thought about this. But yeah, interesting. – [Chris] Nice bike, this
bike’s obviously powered by that Bosch performance line CX motor, big 500 watt internal tube battery. Yeah, hell of a good-looking bike. – [Steve] It is a
good-looking I mean that, yeah that counts for a lot right? – [Chris] Coil-shocked
e-bikes, 29 inch wheels. I think we’re seeing a lot more aggressive e-bikes going out there as well. – [Steve] It’s also one
of the nicest looking e-bikes I’ve ever seen. – [Chris] Yeah check that one out. – Good work Mondraker. This week we have Marshall Mullen, he rides for Specialized,
comes from California, and he’s been out in Rampage. Now Marshall is the guy who’s got that Specialized Kenevo, 180 travel bike, with those Fox 40s up front, taking that bike to the next level, which he has been doing
out in Utah this week. Obviously, Redbull Rampage
has just been on the weekend, but Marshall has taken his Kenevo to some pretty gnarly terrain. Over to you Chris. You’re the freerider. – [Chris] Yeah, it looks really good. Obvously, he’s swapped those single crown out to a double crown fork on his Kenevo. Hitting some big lines out
there, obviously saw Rampage go down a few days ago, so that
was pretty impressive stuff. Good to see Marshall hitting
those big lines as well. – [Steve] I mean, you know
about big jumps and drops and stuff like that. How would he be feeling
on that Kenevo out there, compared to a standard downhill
bike? Talk us through it. – [Chris] I think on that bigger
stuff, obviously you’ve got that weight of the bike,
which is more stable I think on those big hits. It’s a lot more predictable,
I think, in the air as well. It’s a lot bigger platform
to push around in the air, so carving those big hips and stuff you can throw the bike around. – [Steve] Do you think that
maybe some of those guys in Rampage on non e-bikes
would be better off with putting some weight on their bikes? – Depends what you want to do, purely for like distance and
height, and things like that, I think the e-bike works, but
then obviously the downfall is in that maneuverability. These guys are doing backflips off cliffs, spinning around in the
air, all that sort of stuff is going to be hard on the e-bike, and probably isn’t a benefit. – I did see like Tyler McCaul,
he dropped in off the top, and he couldn’t make one of the berms, because he was carrying too much speed. I’m sure that’s going to be
amplified on an e-bike, right? – Yeah, slowing them down,
but then you’ve got obviously that weight arguably gives you more grip. So there’s backwards thinking in that. Personally, I think if I
was going to ride Rampage, I would go on a standard downhill bike. – Here’s the question though, Chris, would you like to ride Rampage? – I would love to ride Rampage. I’ve been invited twice,
– Have ya? – Yeah, I’ve not been able
to make it because I broke my back before one, and then
my ankle like the week before as I was training for it,
so I did have a chance in the early 2000s I got invited. – Huh, cool, well maybe
in the future we’re going to be seeing e-bike at Rampage. – That’d be cool. – It would be mental, wouldn’t it? – I would love to ride it. I’ve ridden there quite a few times, but literally those
pushups are pretty killer. Especially in the mellower
stuff, to be able to loop ’round and ride back up
would be pretty cool. – Fantastic, moving on to
other parts of America. We’ve just been in touch
with some friends down in South America, in Chile,
from Eduardo who runs the Andes Pacifico race. Now, Don from GMBM has done that race. I’ve done that race several times. They’ve just done an e-bike
only race down in Chile, and this is what we’re all about. I also managed to grab
a chat with Eduardo. – [Steve] Hey, so I heard
that you had an e-bike race on the weekend, right? – Yes, a couple of weekends
ago with we did the first e-bike race in Chile. We didn’t have great,
great amount of riders, we only had 30 something riders, but it was really good and it was between another enduro race that
we already put together. – [Steve] Eduardo, obviously
I’ve done the Andes Pacifico race with you previously, and I think for the people watching, to put things in perspective, Eduard, you’re one of the
organizers of the Andes Pacifico, so I guess the question
is, will there be a day when you can see e-bikes taking
part in the Andes Pacifico, which is a four day race across
the mountains there, right? – Yes, well nowadays it’s five days. When you came here it was four, but nowadays we go up to five days. You know, it’s something
that we’ve also been talking between us, between Nacho
my partner, and Matias, and all the people who work with us, is how we’re gonna adapt the
enduro racing to e-bikes. I don’t know at this moment,
we don’t see the chance to put it in Andes Pacifico. It’s kind of hard, also
in terms of traveling. A lot of people that come to this race are from other countries,
so traveling with e-bike is not easy yet, because all
the issues with regulation with the batteries, but in terms of racing it’s something I also
wanted to share with you, how we’re gonna adapt this racing, because it’s kind of difficult. Within this race two weekends
ago, we kind of shrink a normal race that takes
five hours on normal bikes, one hour and a half on e-bikes, with the same amount of descent, and the twenty minutes
descent in special stages. So, I guess it’s something that we still have to think about. – [Steve] Yeah, Andes
are the perfect place for an adventure on e-bikes. – So good, I have some friends, I don’t have one, but we
got one for the office, and we’ve been exploring new trails, new adventures, and it’s amazing how much they can open you the doors, just for us, not talking about all the
other people that can ride too, my father, my girlfriends, etc. – [Steve] You know, I rode
the Andes Pacifico race, and I think to do that on an e-bike would be an amazing adventure,
because there was one particular climb where you
said it was going to take like an hour, and it actually
took two and a half hours. – [Eduardo] Yeah, yeah. Well we’ve dialed that way more nowadays. But for sure. – [Steve] My point was,
you had most of the entry were actually pushing their
expensive bicycles up a hill, they were pushing or carrying them, because it was really
steep and like on an e-bike you could have ridden all that uphill. – Totally. – And, action, time for action. What’s been going on this week? Some mates of yours have
seeming busy in the news, or at least making the news? – Yeah, so Pilgrim and
his brother and a few of the High Bike crew were out
at the Welsh Gravity Enduro over the weekend. – Kim Kahn? – Yeah, Kim Kahn getting
some good results. – I see actually that there’s quite a few high bike races there,
now famous enduro racer David Knight was racing,
as well as Sam Pilgrim– – And his little brother as well. – Right, Lou – Yeah, Louie – And also some of the high
bike designers were out in force down in the South Wales valleys. Sam Pilgrim came second. – Yeah, Pilgrim second,
Louie was ninth as well, so in the top 10, so good work. – But Chris, you see the news
here, and it looks like there was a lot of riders at this
Welsh Gravity Enduro race, the non e-bikers had four stages, while the e-bikers had five stages. Much bigger day out for the
e-bikers than non e-bikers. – Exactly, that’s what it
was about, getting out– – 22 riders. – Davey Roberts, one whole
event to the e-bike man, so good work Davey. – Good ‘ol Davey, yeah, good stuff. Do you know what? I’m still
not sure about e-bike racing. – You’re not heading tonight? – Still not sure about e-bike racing. Ill go to the next one– – I want to do one. – Let’s go and ride it. – Let’s do it, I’m up for it. – Yeah? Done. – So it’s time for feedback of the week. There’s a few videos last
week got some feedback on, so let’s have a look. – Let’s lean into it. – Trails to trails video,
the e-bike campervan. Great vid, reminds me of being
a kid in the early eighties, so very true, I tried to
change lines on a trial with a bunny hop around two
months ago but crashed big time. My mind was willing, and it
was right, but 50 with only eight months back on a bike
my body and skills said no, but never give up, practice is key. – It must be nice to be a kid. – Yeah, getting out on the bike. But yeah, I can’t agree
more, more practice. Practice those skills,
learn all those tips from the videos, it’s going
to make you a better rider out there on the trail. I’ve got from Scott too, I
think doing the bunny hops would be much easier
using cliplesss pedals, just lift up with your
leg and the bike follows. I hate them now though, flats for me. I think using clips, you
ever use clips Steve? – Tried to, can’t do it. I’d love to be able to do it. – Occasionally I use them for
just general trail riding, but I think for learning
those skills flat pedals is essential, you know,
makes it, I think kind of cheats a little bit with the clips. But I’m a flat pedal user,
I think it comes across a lot better. – Some great feedback on
rediscovering adventure piece. I know we spoke about
adventure earlier on the show. This is from Brittle Films,
really kind words Brittle Films, thank you very much on that. Rides with the silvermachines quite a lot, and basically says that
the adventure and fun e-bikes bring to the table is incredible. However, this is the key point. Brittle films thinks that
e-bikes could be rebranded as MTB plus. – Ooh, I like that. – I do like that. – It’s mountain biking but even
better than mountain biking. – It is, MTB plus, that
is genius, love it. – It’s time for Electricks. This week we’re going to be
looking at that essential skill the track stand. – I didn’t know you spelled
Electricks the same way Scaletricks, whose idea was that? – I saw it on on the back
of a van on the way to work. – Did you? – Pinched it. – Well nice, plagiarism. – So it’s Electricks time. This is the first in a
short series of how-tos, essential stuff that you need to learn before you hit the trails. This week, we’ll be taking
a look at the track stand. Track stand is quite and easy
one to practice anywhere, flat ground, uphill,
ideally you want to find an uphill slope like I’ve got here. This way it stalls the bike
and I don’t have to use my brakes so much, I
can just totally let go of those levers and the
bike’s going to stay there. The way I’m doing it is
just applying pressure through the crank. Find out which is your good foot forward, either you’ll be left foot
forward or right foot forward, just the way your feet go on
pedals, easy way to balance. All we’re doing is just
rocking back and forwards. If I’m falling one way,
I’m just catching it with the front wheel, moving
my upper body and shoulders as soon as I feel that balance going, applying a bit more
pressure through the pedals. Once you’ve got it dialed,
you spot your line. It’s really good for
spotting a line up a climb before you commit to
it, or commit to a drop. Once you’ve got that line locked, get on the power and go. It’s a really good way when
you’re learning a track stand is you can focus on your
front wheel, looking down, or some people prefer to
focus in the distance, lock onto that object. Also, it pays to really
relax the upper body. If you’re all stiff, every
movement gets accentuated with the bike, so just
relax, focus, and keep that power on for the perfect stand. – It’s competition time. We’ve got some winners
for our latest F5351 fork from DT Swiss–
– Amazing fork – Who’s won this Steve? – So, the winner this week is
Javed Shaikh from Singapore. Lucky, lucky person, the
fork’s heading to you. – Yeah, look out for an email from us giving you contact details. Right, it’s time for where
in the world, we’ve got– – We’ve got the spinning plastic globe. – North Norway. – North Norway? That’s
dead easy, North Norway. It must be cold there, North Norway. – You’ve got Kim here
sending Trek Powerflow Five, she’s while I was waiting for a new EMTB, getting out there and enjoying
the ride and adventures, she looks like she’s proper
up in the mountains as well, snow, that backdrop as well, amazing. Good work Kim. – Yeah, that weather’s coming our way. Ooh Chris, this looks nice. – Yeah, that’s our new winter jacket. – Where’s my winter jacket? – Keep you nice and warm. – What size is this? – XL. – Yeah, I think I’m a medium. – Extra small, no, I think
we’ve got loads of new winter riding stuff at the EMBN shop. – Look at that– – Beanie hats, these nice new jackets, available for preorder as well,
ideal for Christmas gifts. – I’ll tell you what, the pockets
are nice and soft as well. – Thermal, yeah, just the
job for on the trails. – Nice work, cheers Chris. – No worries. It’s time for my favorite
part of the show, it’s the e-bike vault where
we get to see your e-bikes that you send in to us for
a super nice or a nice. Let’s get into it. Got Rick here, sent in his Giant Falcon E. He said, just started
clearing the garage out, and ever since I bought my e-bike I’ve not ridden my Jeff C. That’s quite a strong comment. I’ve done that, I’ve
got pedal bikes at home that I haven’t touched
since having an e-bike. But what are you thinking on the photo? – I’m thinking about the two
Hoovers and the computer. – It’s an odd setup. – You know, I really like this, I’d like to see more of these. Don’t they have these on
GMBN tech where they see peoples sheds and stuff? – Man caves and stuff,
yeah I quite like it. – Or people caves, it’s
the 21st century Chris. – I’m liking the bird
box in there as well. What are you thinking? – I really don’t know, but I like it and I’d like to see more of
it, so I’m going to give it a Super Nice. Ooh, nice backlight. – So Laurne’s Canyon Spectral
9.0 beside Paris, France. Enjoying an early morning weekend ride, taking advantage of Indian summer. Look at that, I do like that.
– Yeah – It’s nicely styled. – Nice, very nice, let’s move on. – Ooh, Scott Trail Powerfly. – It looks super nice, easy. – Arizona, valley of the sun. – OH, what? – This is what it’s about. So Scott Genius e-bike
20, Slovenia world cup. – Jozy or Josie? Jozy with a zed. – Jozy, Meribel track as well,
chairlift in the background ridden up in the chairlift. – World cup Maribel, Maribel
is a hell of a place. I’ve spent many times on that hill. Yeah, I love it. – Super nice or a nice? – Super nice. – Wow, you’re giving them out today Steve. – Andrew, we need to see a
little bit more side action here, we can’t really see the bike. – Specialized – I haven’t seen that color before. That looks like white,
or is it just my eyes? – Your eyes I think Steve, but he says, the e-bike allows him to have
a blast around the trails In between jobs, something
he couldn’t do on his acoustic bike. – I’d be tempted to go super nice, but yeah, maybe a bit more. Ooh, look at that rock.
– Big rock – The long stone ride away. – Lake Sampson land. – Lake Sampson territory there. – Saying his brother’s non e-bike. He’s much fitter than him, so his EMTB allows him to go on proper
rides with big climbs without dying. – Your turn Chris. – I think that’s super nice. And we’ve got Thomas
here, Comenso metapower. – See, that does it for me, you can see what the bike’s all about. I love the color, I love the geometry. – Pedals are good, everything. – It’s all great, I’m going
to give that a big tick, a super nice tick. – This is Jeremy’s, so this
must be his friend as well. – Hold on a minute,
this is again Virginia. – Yeah, but this is his friend’s e-bike. – You’re trying to get two
super nices from one shoot! – What are you thinking? Is that allowed in the house? – Well, Martin Ashton on
GMBN would not accept that. So we’ve moved on very quickly to– – Andy with his Cube stereo hybrid. – How would you pronounce that? Okay, it is what it is,
I really like that a lot. – New bike, new to EMTB
riding, absolutely loving. Gone harder than ever before. I like that, it’s really nice. – Super nice. – We’ve got Dave here with his
Kenevo, Fox 36, Hope brakes, and he’s running a 29er
front wheel in his Kenevo. – Why not? – I’ve seen a few people doing
that, it’s a good option. – Why not. Go ahead, your turn. – I’m going to give that
a super nice as well. – Zips are really good
quality in these jackets. – You loving that? Unfortunately that’s the
end of the bike vault. – I can see why you love it so much. – I know, keep those bikes
coming, we love to see them. Just send them into our upload service, details in the box below – Worldwide, we’re seeing
ebikes worldwide, can’t beat it. And that’s it for this week’s EMBN show. On the channel this week,
we’ve got some absolute monsters coming up. – Yeah, we’ve got how to master riding in the winder conditions,
as wet slippy things on your e-bike, you know
how to master those. That’s coming out on Friday. – And on Sunday, I have been shopping. I’ve had the wallet out, and
I have bought a 350 pound e-mountain bike, and we’re
taking that versus a superbike, versus a mountain. That’s out on Sunday,
do not miss that video. It is absolutely hilarious,
painful, the lot. – Lots of cursing going on. You ejoyed that one, didn’t you? – Did we make it though? Did the 350 pound bike
make it up the mountain? Did I make it up the mountain? – And if you’ve enjoyed today’s
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see more cool videos. We’ve got the rediscovering
adventure where I kind of ponder about adventure on an e-bike. – Yeah, we’ve got trials
to trails as well, mixing those trial skills up
and taking them to the trails, is a cool video. – That’s it, see you next week. – See you in the next show.