New Abraham Hicks 2019 – Try This For 30 Days (Law of Attraction)

we want to name just a few of the most
important aspects of your life and we want to call your attention to something
that really is important these may or may not be an order of importance
they’re all going to seem important to you but your earth spins in its orbit in
perfect proximity with other planets not your job your Sun comes up every morning
not your job the water of your planet moves around in a pattern that serves
your planet in terms of balance and energy and food supply not your job your
blood pumps through your body while you sleep not your job we want you to begin
putting for a little while everything that is important to you in the category
of not your job meaning not your action-oriented job we
want you to understand that there is a broader perspective that is moving
things and keeping things in balance and that the population of your planet is
something that has tended to from non-physical consciousness perspective
that so much about what you are living here was set into motion even before you
got here and that there is a vibrational reality that you will call future
experience that is underway that you are contributing to on a daily basis by the
sifting and sorting of the contrast that you live so just for a little while
we’re not asking you to withdraw from life we’re not asking you to not have
fun measuring yourself with others we’re not asking you to not enjoy the
competitions that you find with each other we’re just asking you to put it in
perspective we’re just asking you to acknowledge that there is an energy that
creates worlds a consciousness flowing energy that creates worlds that comes
from what some want to call God we call it Source Energy or your inner being or
the non-physical part of you that is working for you because you are blessed
and deserving not against you f we would like you to accept that as you
are here in these leading-edge bodies and that as you explore the details of
your life and you find something that is unpleasant to you like people who are
hungry or people who are angry and mean and belligerent or or or or that when
you experience the exposure of that and you feel the awesomeness of it that you
give birth to a rocket of desire that is then understood by this energy that
creates worlds it becomes part of the consciousness it becomes part of the
becoming so you keep giving birth to a better world that you don’t line up with
you give birth to a better world all day long you give birth to more peace you
give birth to more prosperity you give birth to more abundance of all manner
you give birth to all kinds of things by your exposure to it through your
personal exposure with one another and through the media or your televisions or
whatever you are exposed to so much that makes you do what you were born to do
decide and define what would be better but then you don’t go to what’s better
because you keep focusing upon the problem that you’ve been exposed to we
want you to step back just for a little while try it for a month I’m no longer
gonna hold myself in practical defiance of my true power so we’re just saying
that when you get the hang of this the power of an on resisted thought is a
comparison of like an atomic bomb to a firecracker the relationship of the
energy and the movement of the energy within it the power of an on resisted
thought try it try it just a little not even all the time just a little more
daydream a little bit and see what happens
let your mind wander or think about when your mind did wander and what it
produced the universe knows who you are the universe knows who others are the
universe knows where you are in relationship to everything that you want
when you are in alignment with who you are and you get an impulse now there’s
not one of those things that we said to you that Esther was thinking about that
feels very important to you in other words how earth-shattering really is it
for Esther just get up and go someplace else
not very but isn’t meeting someone a good thing and isn’t timing of that a
good thing and isn’t co-creating a good thing and isn’t that how the world goes
around isn’t everything about co-creating isn’t everything about that
you see what we’re getting that we’ve been working with Esther a long time
we’re trying to convince her every day to do what feels best to her not to do
the most practical thing or the thing that some in other words what’s more
practical to stay here or go there what difference does it make follow your
impulse accept that there is someone upstream from you with a broader point
of view that knows everything that you intend that knows everything that’s in
your vortex and knows here it is what the path of least resistance is to get
you to where you want to be but it’s not path of least resistance just to get you
from someplace to another place it’s past at least resistance to give
you the most fun along the way you’re always wanting the big payoff
we’re wanting you to understand that your big payoff life is a series a good
feeling events over which you have control because you are daydreaming
because you’re maintaining your feeling of alignment and you’re following your
impulses so that everywhere you go the best that the universe has to deliver to
you is delivered to you moment by moment by moment by moment by moment and that
is what living happily ever after really is there is nothing that you cannot be
or do or have but you cannot hold yourself in vibrational resistance as
your practical mind keeps taking score of where you are instead of where you
want to be and because you’ve not really understood this and you’ve not allowed
yourself to purposely daydream because you’ve oriented yourself just too much
practicality because you’ve been measuring your success in life to how
others have approached you or others have approved of you those you work for
expect things of you and you want to perform in a way that pleases them and
those who you were born to expect things of
you’ve given offer your power to almost everyone else seeking approval from
their factoring you into them and that’s alright because if you don’t do what
Esther wants you to do she’ll find someone who will are you afraid no of
course you want to do the things that you’re supposed to be doing we’re just
asking you today dream – are you following we’re just asking you to begin
leveraging this energy that creates worlds now right now you’re sort of limp
about it we just delivered to you as solutely that could take you happily
ever after in – outrageous success on any endeavor that you’re about and you
are limp about it because it doesn’t seem big enough it doesn’t seem
important enough we ask for zero sacrifice no sacrifice no struggle no
attention no effort we didn’t ask for any of the things that you equate with
success you’ve been barking up the wrong tree for quite a long time the time for
you to start being nicer to yourself and daydreaming more and being happier about
things and giving yourself more leeway and going to more places where you feel
good and looking for more vistas that you can sit and look at and more
daydreaming more just giving yourself the opportunity to let your mind be
still while your vibration rises so that then you can receive the impulse to put
you in the right place at the right time for the things that you are looking for you