Nelly Accused of 3rd Party Sexual Harassment | Prevent Harassment | Encouraging Equity at Work

What I hate about this whole thing is these guys are saying all these rude Comments, and you know like making fun of me and Then on the other hand talking about all these things they want to do with me And I turn around and I say something like you couldn’t handle this and Then I get sent in here to do sexual harassment training Because apparently if I’m gonna have the comebacks Then I’m inviting the behavior and it’s complicit Whatever that that doesn’t even make any sense. It’s just so ridiculous and You know I always think of these great comebacks. I mean things. I know I can’t say here I’m sure your imagination is now going a little wild With all the things you’re thinking I’m about to say I’m not gonna say it. Don’t worry Okay, but the most ridiculous thing about all of this is that I came back with that comeback that I told you about a few minutes ago and Alice in accounting is now accusing me of third party sexual harassment You just can’t win. It’s so not fair Whatever I’m over it I’m so over this