My Twin Sister Stole My Dress…| Roblox Royale High Roleplay

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guess , that’s never gonna happen now Fairy godmother:Don’t be upset Where did you come from? You don’t have a dress for the dance? You know, I don’t and every girl in this school literally has a dress already except for me Oh, no. No, that won’t do Wait… who are you? I’m your fairy godmother.(Gasps) Oh, I I have a fairy godmother :O=) Yes, silly and I’m going to make sure you’re the most beautiful girl out here. You would do that for me So what’s bothering you sweetie fairy godmother? My twin sister used up all of my money so she could buy herself a dress. I worked really hard on that 🙁 I never really liked your sister. Oh Really? Yeah, she’s not that nice, huh? Yeah, she can be really really mean. Sometimes you mean all the time Yeah, I guess I guess you’re right(giggles a little bit) Listen, sweetie. I’m going to help you. Oh you are Yes count with me 1 2 3 on my command of my wand I’m making you the most beautiful of all don’t lose this dress or otherwise it’ll turn into a mess What? Fairy godmother. You just gave me a dress. I look so beautiful Like it. I love it. Thank you so much fairy godmother. No problem, please Keep it safe inside your closet. I’ll make sure that nobody ever touches it. I’ll keep it super safe I promis fa I promise fairy godmother. I’m glad you’re happy You’re the best See ya little angel bye fairy godmother Wow guys Look at this dress It’s everything that I’ve ever dream’t of this is amazing. I can’t wait to show my sister Can’t wait to show my sister Hey, Alyssa, Alyssa Hey Alyssa. Are you in your room Alicia’s in your room? Alyssa hey, Alyssa, uh-uh. What is it? Look look at my new dress Whose dress did you steal? Excuse me. I did not steal the dress No way you can afford that Well, you know what my fairy godmother got me this dress. She made it with magic pfff ha ha ha. Oh No there’s no such thing Yes, there is my fairy godmother just made it for me. Prove it’s uh, well I can’t because she just left See your lying ha ha ha. No, I’m not Alyssa. Ah Look, I’m gonna prove it to you Whenever my fairy godmother shows up. I’ll tell her and you know what? She said. She said that she didn’t even like you You stole that sure Ha ha ha Yeah, right if there’s such a thing they wouldn’t talk to someone like you. Ah Whatever Alyssa You know what? I just I thought you would be happy for me because I was happy for you when you got that dress But now you’re acting all jealous just admit it. You’re jealous Alyssa What no jealous of you No, I’m better. Ah Than you. What’s Alyssa and Richer you are not rich You used my money to buy yourself that dress. So, how are you? Rich, huh? Ha, I don’t remember that. Ah You literally admitted it, you know, what whatever I don’t even care. That was my money Whoa, ok I I am gonna lose it with Alyssa Ah, she’s laughing. You know what Alyssa? I’m just gonna leave You know what? I’m gonna put this dress in my closet and then lock it up. So it’s safe. So see you whatever go Yeah, I will. I guess I’ll see you at the dance Alyssa Being so rude, huh? Okay. So now I just gotta go into my bedroom and then I gotta put it in my closets. Oh Oh, no, wait a minute. Oh, I don’t have a closet in my room. Do I oh No, where am I supposed to put it the fairy godmother telling me that I had to keep it safe. Oh, I know I Can probably put it in my locker? All right, I’m gonna go downstairs Whoo and head on over to my locker. Okay, so my locker should be up here somewhere, huh? There we go There’s Alyssa’s Locker. I’m so mad that she got that. She was able to turn it pink Huh? There we go. Open up my locker. Okay, so let’s just change my outfits. Perfect Okay So I just put it in my locker just close it up Hit and I kept the crown out because I just file it so cute but anyways, huh now I should go to school because school starts in an hour and I really should attend classes because I’ve been really really late lately I’m in the library right now and I’m supposed to be finding a book about spells but no idea where it is Oh, it’s right here Oh What hey, are you in a rush Oh Oh my gosh, it’s prints, a’s every girl in the school likes prints ace. Oh No, I’m like a rush. Can you help with something? Haha. Yeah, I really need help finding this book. Huh mind helping me out. Oh, I don’t mind at all. Um, What are you looking for a book of spells? Oh, that’s that’s exactly what I’m looking for And I found it right here. Wait, are you in the same class as me? yeah, I see you here all the time just never really said hi, I guess oh Um, that’s that’s really cool. You noticed. Oh, hey, excuse me. Oh, hey, um, Alyssa he was talking to me. Oh Hey No, he wasn’t um, yes he was I was talking to Ariel if you don’t mind He’s talking to me now. So back off Ariel. I Do mind But he was talking to me. Uh So Ariel Want to hang out Hey, hey Alyssa Prince is trying to talk to me don’t ignore me Look at her Ariel um, yes Prince ace Want to go to the dance with me? Oh, yeah, I’d love to um Excuse me, Alyssa. He was talking to me know me. Ah Alyssa is trying to steal prince He’s from me like he was talking to me And now she’s trying to get all up in his face. Like he doesn’t want you girl I was talking to Ariel see I told you he was talking to me. Ah Whatever whatever like my sister gets mad. I’m really really sorry Prince I can’t believe the Prince asked me to go to the dance with him So do you want to go to the dance, it’ll be fun? Yeah, I’d love to Prince Eddie’s great. I’ll see you tonight Bye for now. Oh my prince ace I Can’t believe it the Prince asked me to go to the dance. I Oh my gosh. I I thought that I was I didn’t think that this would ever happen to me So excited I can’t believe it. Finally I get something good happening to me this past few days alyssa has been getting her way all the time and it’s not fair because she gets all That because she gets all the cool things happening to her. Finally. I have something happening for me, and I’m so excited I can’t go to the dance with I’m so excited Guys prom starts in an hour and I am so excited I am going to go up to my locker right now and pick up my dress I’m so excited the ones that my fairy godmother got for me All right, one two, three four come on come on come on, I’m really excited to just get it. Okay. Um, um, let’s see Wait a minute My dress is missing Guys I Don’t I don’t I don’t see my dress in here Okay. Now I’m worried. Oh, did someone steal my dress? Oh My gosh. Oh, no, I promised a fairy godmother that I wouldn’t lose it. Oh You know, what? Am I gonna do? Maybe it’s out here. Maybe maybe someone Looked at it and left it. Oh Nice someone stole my dress Oh Guys, what am I gonna do? What I Haven’t I have a date tonight with the prince and I don’t have a dress can’t believe someone stole it What what are you gonna do now? I can’t just show up to the dance like this. Oh I Can’t believe someone just stole my dance dress What am I gonna do? I promised my fairy godmother Oh Guys I’ve been looking all over the place for it and I just can’t find my dress Well, you know what I It’s okay. It’s okay. Oh, I’m just gonna show up to the prom in this outfit and Hopefully nobody will mind So, um, yeah. Yeah, maybe I have something else that I can wearing my locker lon. Come on Well, there’s an outfit here that I could wear Huh, okay, so this is the only outfit that I have that it’s Formal, so I think this is the only thing that I’m gonna be able to wear to the dance I know it’s not that great. But This is something oh I hope I can find who stole my dress Okay, guys the dance just started. Okay, so oh I can’t believe it all the girls look so beautiful And I’m over here in this little dress that has nothing to do with the dance But I’m just gonna try my best to have some fun. There’s Prince ace Prince Hey Arielle, Hey Bruce ace You look great. You look great also want to dance sure I Can’t believe I’m dancing with the prince. This is amazing. I wonder what my sister Alissa is Hmm, huh can’t believe I’ve been having so much Wait a minute Alissa That’s my dress alright guys Well, I guess that’s all for today stay didn’t exactly go as well as I planned it to but oh well hopefully it gets better but Anyway, so you guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit that like button Also, don’t forget to subscribe to join the dark side with me. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next time until then God bless you and Alyssa so much