My Salty Teacher Told Kids Lies About Me

One day when I was in third grade, I
decided to sign up to play the viola. Yeah. big mistake. I ended up hating
playing that thing. It was uncomfortable and I hated reading the notes. But at
that time my teacher was nice enough, except for when she would yell at me for
not cutting my naturally long nails, which I get was annoying for her because
in order to sound good I needed to have short nails. But I really couldn’t give a
flying heckadoodle pickle about all this viola stuff. So I really want to quit but
my mom wouldn’t let me for two years because she thought I’d be the next
Beethoven or something. But in fifth grade she finally let me. Fast forward to
about 8th grade in my tech class I had to sit next to some girl who really
didn’t like me for some reason. Like she made a poem about me saying, “if a brick
smacked Jess in the face the world would be a better place.” So some crazy little
Shakespeare chick who either wants me dead or wants my face be as flat as a
pancake I sitting next to me. Great so I was just minding my own business when
this snobby McSnobster turns to me and goes, “hey Jess, why don’t you tell
everyone why you quit viola..?” “Uh, because it made me so stressed I want to break it
into any bitty pieces and then strike on myself with its strings until I was
unconscious and blue..Why?” “Yeah right you sure it’s not because you didn’t want to
cut your nails?” Then that’s when my eyes widened. “Where did you get that false
information?” “Oh I asked some girl about you and she told me that.” “Well I hate to
break it to you honey but your friend is a liar.” “Well actually the teacher told her class… how pathetic and bla bla bla bla bla bla
bla.” I just kind of zoned this chick out at this point. I was stunned that some
30-something old teacher would pollute some kids’ his mind with some stupid lie
about another student. I needed to know exactly what this teacher said about me.
So I asked some my old fellow viola buddies and going by what they said this
is what happened. Some girls said, “hey why isn’t Jess here? Did she quit or
something?” And instead of saying something along the lines of, “oh well
that’s her private business,” this salty teacher told her whole class
“oh the reason just quit it because she couldn’t cut her nails!!!”
So some kids went “ooh exposed!” Others laughed like “quitter!” Yeah I was
mortified that 10 year old me and my long fingernails made a negative
appearance with my name in her class. Like “lady you are THIRTY!
your school gossiping days are over.” At first I was offended but then I realized
I’m not the 30 year old waz bag in this situation gusts me about 10 year olds.
But now I just wish I could go back to my elementary school and suck up enough
courage and confront her and say, “hey I don’t appreciate you’re grown butt
spreading a lie about my ten year old self in my fingernail length.” And then
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