My Neighbor, Charles | 이웃집 찰스 Ep178/ Sinseong from California is bullied at school [ENG/2019.03.05]

(The 178th story) This is My Neighbor, Charles where we meet foreigners living in Korea. – Hello. / – Hello. Good to be here. We haven’t seen you in around a month, Kris. Why do you keep showing up here? This next guest is very special. I’m here for our guest. – Who is it? / – Do you know each other, Kris? – Is it a girl? / – Someone from the same hometown? Is that what it is? Or maybe an ex-girlfriend. Let’s bring the guests in. Let’s hurry and bring today’s guests in. – Come on in. / – Come in. (A mother and son?) Hello. (What is their relationship with Kris?) Wow, so handsome. Hello, I’m from the U.S. My name is Daniel or Jo Sinseong. Your American name is Daniel and your Korean name is Jo Sinseong. How old are you? I’m 17 years old. A freshman in high school. We were in California before coming here. – Really? / – Just like Kris. Kris, you’re from California too? Yes. I asked him in the green room. They lived right near me. It’s like meeting a hometown friend. – And you must be his mother? / – The mom. I’m Sinseong’s mother, Jo Yeongju. You look very young. I can’t believe you have… – Such a big kid for a son. / – Right. It’s thanks to the makeup and the lighting. It’s just the mother and son with us, but the rest of the family is right over there. – Hello. / – They’re watching. – Hello. / – Hello. So who are they? Obviously, that man is your father. (David) My dad, my two younger siblings and my friend. Jo Oseong and Jo Eunbit. How cute. So pretty. Let’s hear about their concerns and try to help. Alright. – Let’s do it. / – Let’s go! Let’s go! (My Neighbor, Charles) (Our happy home) Who’s that? Blonde hair… (Who is the one with blonde hair?) – Goodness… / – What’s going on? Is it Halloween? (This family makes quite the entrance) That’s mine. Why’d you take mine? Is that how it is with your family? They’re so cheerful. They seem to have a lot of fun. (We won’t bite) (How about the father?) – Even the father? / – The father… It looks good on him. That’s so funny. (He put on a hat over a bald wig) – Oh, yeah! / – “Oh, yeah.” He’s good at acting too. Is your father a comedian? Take that off. You look better without it. He doesn’t really need that bald wig. (What’s going on here?) We got these wigs from our church. To do a family talent show today. This is today’s host, Sinseong. Yes, and this is Gloria. How cute. – She’s cheerful. / – 1, 2, 3. – Don’t do that. / – Take it. (Meet the Baker family) This should be a fun episode. (Yeongju studied abroad in Chicago) (And David lived in San Francisco) Oh, San Francisco… They met and got married in the U.S. (It was destiny!) My father… He met my mother almost the same way. When I met Yeongju, I knew within a few minutes. “This is the woman I’m going to marry.” My parents told me to come back to Korea and that they’d stop sending me money. Later on, my parents told me that I should treat my husband better. (They started their married life in San Francisco) Who’s that? – Me. / – Sinseong? That’s me, right, mom? (The happy family fell into some trouble!) (Yeongju had a stroke after giving birth to Eunbit) – A postpartum stroke? / – Yes. So you got sick… I was taking care of my wife when she was sick for a long time after our daughter was born… Like over a year. I was really exhausted from that. And we also hoped that maybe being back in Korean culture and Korean climate might be good for her health as well. (They moved to Korea when Sinseong was 11) Oh, it looks like she got better. After moving to Korea… It took a few years for me to recover. – That’s surprising. / – Yes. – Amazing. / – I couldn’t even go outside. (Their lives are always happy and cheerful!) Hello! We’ll be hosting the family talent show. – I’m Eunbit… / – And I’m Sinseong. For the first show… Oseong will work on a Rubik’s cube. (Such a great reaction from the audience) Yeongju is so excited. (The Baker family talent show) (Oseong will try to solve the Rubik’s cube) Mix up those pieces. – He can do that? / – It’s hard. – It’s really hard. / – I could never do that. Me neither. You have to memorize around 100 formulas. – Really? / – Really? Wow, look at his hands move. (His fingers don’t stop moving) (Their jaws drop watching Oseong) Gosh, he’s almost done. How do you do that? Is he a genius? (He’s been playing with Rubik’s cubes for a year!) (Oseong dreams of being a Rubik’s cube champion!) I made this song myself. – Wow. / – Wow. It’s called “My Story.” (Let’s listen to her play) She’s good at the piano. She wrote that song. – She did? / – Herself? She’s a genius. Like Beethoven. (A song written by a 9-year-old girl) She wrote that herself… – Wow, amazing. / – So talented. All the kids are. It’s only been 6 months. How are you so good? I think I practice a lot. I love the piano. I play a lot at home. It isn’t difficult at all. It’s a lot of fun. (Mom and dad sing a song at the end) (The two hosts join in) Do you have talent shows like this often at home? From time to time. This is so nice. I should do this with my family. You should. (The Baker family becomes one) Thing were really tough when I was misbehaving. But my family helped me out a lot. How to fix my personality, how I should live my life and how I should study… Even trivial stuff like that… My parents helped me a lot. (The 17-year-old model student) (David and Sinseong go to the same school) Your father goes to high school too? That can’t be it, right? He’s a high school teacher. Oh, a teacher. He looks so young I thought he was a student. Good morning. (They use English at this school?) (Something seems a bit unique here) Have a nice class, Mr. Baker. You too. See you later. (His father is a teacher?) So your father is a teacher there. I’ve always wanted to go to a school like that. Right? Classes are taught the American way. We don’t have a homeroom. We go from classroom to classroom when the periods change. (An international alternative school) (The entire class is taught in English) (Sinseong is in 10th grade now) (What’s PE like at this school?) It’s PE. (So fast) – That’s Sinseong? / – That’s Sinseong? Yes, that’s him. He’s good! Wow! He’s a one-man-team. (Impressive, Sinseong) He’s good at soccer. (Proud) He wanted to become a soccer player. – He played for 3 years. / – He wanted to be a player. Wow, he’s really good… (But!) But what? (He’s suddenly out of steam?) Oh, he’s tired already. Yes… – He doesn’t have much stamina. / – Shoot! I have no energy… (But he still scored) (Sinseong’s team won the game!) I stopped playing soccer after playing for a while. I can’t run as much anymore. (He was a really good player in elementary school) Coach Choi Sunho? The best player… So he quit soccer. (Now Sinseong dreams of a different future!) You’re not going to start playing soccer again? Nope. I want to go to college. A university in the U.S. In the U.S.? (Sinseong is an ordinary high school student) Biological bases of behavior… Gosh, my head hurts. That’s such a difficult subject. My head hurts! What subject are you studying now? Oh, I’m studying psychology. – I’m going to teach this. / – Psychology? – Wow. / – You’re studying psychology? – Yes. / – But you’re in high school. Daniel’s an outstanding student. His academic skills were not quite up to the standards we expected. Since then, he’s worked very hard to transform himself. We’re really proud of him. (Sinseong is giving a lecture himself) (AP classes) (These classes can count as college credits) – That’s impressive. / – He’s so cool. – So charismatic. / – He’s teaching his friends. I’m going to college soon. He’s a really helpful mentor and teacher. He’s really good at explaining things. I’m thankful that he’s so passionate. If you don’t have time to do it, don’t do it. I’m worried right now for the new people because it’s their first time doing psychology. Just memorize stuff to understand stuff. I learned that psychology is not memorizing. It’s not memorizing. He sounds so cool. He’s definitely from California. My lecture was only 30 minutes long. That’s not enough to cover all of psychology. I need 4 hours to really teach them the stuff I talked about earlier. He’s like an assistant professor. He’s like a professor… – He wants to play soccer. / – The field is right there. Do you want to go back to playing soccer? Soccer… I don’t really want to play soccer now. Even if I’m good… It’ll still be tough. Really tough. Sometimes it’s not that fun. But it looks like he still likes soccer. He used to love it. (He was good at soccer, but it was really tough) I dreamed of becoming a soccer player when I came to Korea. I was the new kid on the soccer team. And I was bullied a lot in 5th grade… By other kids. He was bullied in school… I didn’t even know why they beat me up. It felt weird. If I knew why they were beating me up… It wouldn’t have been as bad… If they don’t tell me what they dislike, I can’t fix it. I wanted to get along with my classmates. Then I joined the soccer team in middle school. I was bullied by the same 4 kids from elementary school. That was really unlucky. (He was beat up so badly that he was hospitalized) You were even hospitalized? I feel terrible about it. I should’ve looked after Sinseong more. I should’ve told him that he should fight back and that I’d cover for him. Also, that he should never let others pick on him. But he just took those beatings. That’s what he told me… I just told him to pray for them and try to embrace them with love. (She blames herself for not protecting her son) (This was a traumatic event for the entire family) I have a lot of concerns besides soccer. I tend to be too easily swayed. Sometimes I take it seriously when my friends are joking around. It’s tough. I had trouble talking with my peers when I first came to Korea. I still have a lot of trouble with that. From what we watched so far… This is a hard topic to talk about. – Right. / – Yes. Yeongju, I guess you didn’t know what was happening to Sinseong at first. Right… He did mention it briefly. But I didn’t know how severe it was. Did you feel like going back to the U.S. when you were being bullied like that? I wanted to go back to the U.S. and I was resentful of Korea. When he said, “Mom, why did you make me come here when I was doing fine in the U.S.?” That really broke my heart. There’s discrimination and violence in the U.S. too. I was beaten up in school too. So going back won’t solve all your problems. When I was younger I went to live in Australia with my parents. I also had similar problems. The language barrier was stressful and I had to adjust. I’m sure that was all hard on you. How are your other kids doing in school? Oseong had problems with bullying too. – Him too? / – He was also bullied? It was a different group of kids. He was beaten up first. They scratched and bruised him up. We even took photos of the injuries and reported it. (Multi-cultural kids tend to get bullied) According to the Ministry of Education Korea has 120,000 multi-cultural students. That many? The parents of these 120,000 kids probably have similar concerns. Or this might become a concern later. Kris, how about for you? I’m already worried. My oldest is only 6 years old. And she can already tell that she looks different form everyone else. It doesn’t make her feel bad, but she can sense the difference. So this is what we tell her. Everyone is different and that’s what makes everyone special. And being special is a good thing. Being different is not a bad thing. We’re always telling her this hoping that it’ll give her more confidence. Don’t they teach students about multi-cultural families at school? They do mention it in classes. Like in ethics class… But the students don’t really pay attention. Right… If it isn’t math or science… They don’t feel it’s necessary to pay attention. They’re like, “Why do we have to listen to this?” It should be more entertaining… Something more practical… And the parents really need to play a role to raise awareness on multi-cultural families. What should we do so that this won’t be an issue anymore? That’s an important question. For society… For the people of Korea. I think this show is wonderful for that. – My Neighbor, Charles. / – Thank you. – Exactly. / – Thank you. Because people don’t know unless they see it for themselves. I hope the viewers can see this and think, “So that’s how their lives are like. They live just like I do. They feel the same emotions as I do.” I think raising more awareness could lead to some changes. I was right about to say that, but you said it first. We’re on the same page. It’s all about this show. It’s really helpful. I was going to say that if you two didn’t. (Starting again) (Sinseong’s weekend soccer league) What can’t he do? – He’s so talented. / – He’s good at everything. (Sinseong started up soccer again as a hobby) Now he plays as a hobby. Yes, that’s right. (Now that was amazing teamwork!) – Hello. / – Hello. What’s going on with these two? They’re friends? It’s been a while since we played. That was fun. It’s been too long. Is that your friend that’s sitting over there? (Sinseong’s friend, Kim Seongjin) – He looks different. / – Without his glasses… – How’s everything? / – Huh? – How’s school? / – Not bad. Not bad? I made a lot of friends. (Who is this friend?) I didn’t have many friends when I played soccer. I got into a lot of fights. But he always stuck by my side. He’s special to me. Loyalty. (Seongjin was Sinseong’s only friend) What a good friend. A righteous guy. (But!) (They lost contact over 2 years) They lost contact? When I was getting beat up… – You quit the soccer team. / – Yeah, I quit. – You quit before I did. / – I quit and you stayed. I think I quit around a month after you did. Why didn’t you two stay in touch? There were a few reasons… First of all, I wanted to cut all my ties with soccer players. Since it was hurtful. Second, I didn’t have a cell phone. You didn’t have a cell phone? – So he can focus on his studies… / – Yes. I took his cell phone… You’re very strict. “Is he finally going to call me?” That’s what came to mind. Whenever I tried calling him, his phone was always off. So we didn’t keep in touch. Then he friended me on Facebook. I was really thankful for that. (Sinseong wants to hang out with his old friend) (And play soccer again) – He’s still got it! / – How did that not go in? Come on, Sinseong. Score a goal. (Despair) Should I cheer for you? – I’ll cheer for you. / – Cheer for me. He really looks and acts like his age when he’s with his friend. I feel so relaxed when I’m with Seongjin. (Will the doll’s cheer work?) (He scored!) Sinseong, should I try to stop the ball? (Hahaha) – He’ll stop the ball? / – Go ahead, Seongjin. Wow, it’s been forever. Seongjin was a goalkeeper. In elementary school and middle school. – He was a goalkeeper? / – Yes. No wonder. He can really move. Yes. But I always score on him. Just kidding. Who was the better soccer player? I was. I was… Wow! Wow. (Sinseong shows regret) We have to keep meeting up. Now that we’re in touch, we’ll keep in touch. 1, 2, 3. What a great friend. (Getting ready again) (Cheongnyangsan, Yeonsu, Incheon) Where is this? Cheongnyangsan. There are stairs all the way to the top. Gloria is the fastest. Yeah, she’s faster than I am. (Why are they hiking early in the morning?) We’re here to make a New Year’s resolutions. And my husband loves hiking. Really? It’s his favorite hobby. And this little one. Why go hiking when it’s so dark out? (But!) Who’s tired? (Sinseong and Eunbit are already tired) – Are you cold? / – Yeah. Geez… I bet it’s really cold. – Are you tired? / – Yes. – Are you tired? / – A bit. – We’re almost there? / – Almost. (Then…) It’s not even like a hike anymore. It’s like a walk. He’s bragging. – Too easy for you now? / – Yeah! What is this? Like a… This is like taking a walk. It doesn’t feel like hiking. This is connected to another mountain. Let’s go. Up there? – I bet it’s really far… / – You said it was too short. I’m sorry. “I’m sorry.” (They’re almost at the peak) – Wow, so pretty. / – You saw the sunrise? – I guess it was worth it. / – Here it comes! – I see it. / – That’s meaningful. I see it! It’s right there! It’s really rising! (The family’s first sunrise in 2019!) Only good things will happen for you in 2019. What is he thinking of? Sinseong… (What are they thinking of right now?) (What are their wishes for 2019?) I’d like to work a part-time job. What? Why? – What kind of job? / – To buy Rubik’s cubes. – To buy Rubik’s cubes! / – That’s funny. (I love Rubik’s cubes) To buy Rubik’s cubes? That’s so like you. I want to buy Rubik’s cubes. Okay, mom. My wish… Is to become 10 years younger. I want younger skin. I thought… She’d make a wish for her kids. – But she wants younger skin. / – She’s a woman. Her skin looks nice now. Why are you laughing? It’s nothing. That’s a good idea. First resolution… Is to exercise every day. Mom, dad… I really want to find my dream in 2019. My dream… I’m sure you want to try all sorts of stuff and you don’t know what exactly to do, but once you set a goal for yourself you always follow through. So I really hope you find your dream this year too. Alright. Baker family, let’s find our dreams! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (The family roots for Sinseong to find his dream) (That night) (The Bakers were invited to Oseong’s friend’s house) (Oseong’s best friend Pyeon Jeonghan’s family) – Where is this? / – A friend’s house. Oseong’s friend’s family invited us over. (Even the parents have been friends for 5 years) – Wow, that looks great! / – They teach us a lot. We have a lot in common. I really like them. – You guys must be really close. / – Yes. (Pyeon Sinbeom will be today’s special chef) My husband made this for David’s family. – Wow, that looks good. / – It’s chili shrimp. It took him like 2 hours to make this. He has a lot of pride in his cooking. He cooks? Wow, that’s just like me! Have you been honing these skills to show off today? I’ve made this dish 4 or 5 times. Now I can make it without a recipe. This is the only dish he’s good at making. Is he just anxious to eat? Why do you look so excited? It’s finally here. After 2 hours… Is this fried? It’s fried… It took a while to prep the shrimp. It’s been fried and… (Sinseong is into cooking these days) Wow! (He even tried cooking himself) That’s enough. I can eyeball this. Oh, he can eyeball it now? That’s it! You did it. – It’s hot. / – Nice one. How was that? – The other side. / – It’s scary. Let me try one more time. Is that fun? You must like cooking. Yes, I started learning how to cook. What can’t you do? He’s really good at singing too. – He’s good at singing? / – Yes. – He’s good at cheers. / – Oh, no. He’s really good at soccer, but he’s good at other stuff too. (Tries to flip the pancake again) (The kimchi pancake ended up folded) It’s okay, it’s okay. You can eat this one. You messed it up, so you eat this. I’m sorry. It’s okay, it’s okay. (The experienced housewife fixes the mistake) Of course… You’re an expert. You can’t beat a housewife. (A big spread of food) Wow, it’s a feast. (The New Year’s party starts!) (Both families enjoy the food) How cute. – She’s wearing hanbok. / – Yes. She looks nice in hanbok. (Sinseong focuses on the chili shrimp) (He eats) (And eats some more) (Is he eating or studying the food?) You fried this and stir-fried it? The shrimp is fried separately. Then you put it in the sauce. All at once. – Now he knows the recipe. / – Right. He keeps asking how it was made. (After dinner) It’s Halli Galli. (The kids have fun playing a game) I thought there would be at least one 5. Sinseong has really changed. (The housewives chat!) He’s gotten a lot better. Since that time… After being hospitalized… He really did change a lot. He used to hate it when you nagged him. Right… How did Sinseong use to be? Why are you saying he changed a lot? He seemed to get annoyed easily. And he was sensitive. He got sensitive over what people said. But now, he’s more laidback. He knew what all the words meant, but it seemed like he had trouble understanding Korean back then. After being hurt like that, he got a lot more sensitive. Even if it wasn’t a mocking tone, he’d take things the wrong way and lose his temper. “Is that guy trying to mock me?” That’s how he thought. – That was… / – He was sensitive back then. (The violence and hurtful words left him scarred) (Sinseong and his mother try every day) (To put this painful memory behind them) (Reading books is one way he tries to forget) (Sigh) The book is boring? What’s wrong? This book is hard. Can you read it to me? – Should we read it together? / – Yes. – Bring it here. / – Oh, it’s a hard book. He still has some trouble with Korean. “When you make a treasure map, amazingly, nature starts reacting.” “Passion and determination…” What’s determination? That’s when you really feel like doing something. Am I reading too fast? Are you getting all of this? Can you slow down a little bit? – Slow down? / – She’s a good teacher. (Now Sinseong tries reading) “Is when you devote yourself to something.” So what do you think this means? To work really hard? It means the time you really focus. It’s a lot of fun when I finally understand something. It’s a lot of fun when my mom explains stuff to me thoroughly. Learning can be fun. When you connect all the dots in your head. You feel great. (Yeongju prepares something) What’s that? We’re going to play a game. Everyone is here. Kids! What game are we playing today? (What game will they play?) They always have games and events. They opened up a gaming center. I want to live with them. – They have fun. / – What fun. (We love living like this) Get into teams. You guys write a word and we guess the Korean word. How many words should we do? – 7. / – 7? Okay. We need a team cheer. Eagles, let’s go! B-bros for Baker bros. 1, 2, 3. – B-bros! / – B-bros! (Time for the Korean quiz contest!) (The brothers are excited about the game) They’re so cheerful. I like that. I bet they’ll really be embarrassed to see this 10 years later… This is going to embarrass them later. – But it’ll be a nice memory. / – Yes. Do you know what a door handle is? Nope. What do you think it is? A door handle. Door handle? What’s a door handle? A door’s tail? Oh, it hangs on a door? Nope. No? I’m in trouble… – I have to study Korean again… / – This is bad. We’re in trouble. You don’t know what a door handle is? I don’t. – Now I have no hope in life. / – Why not? Just kidding. (The Baker family Korean quiz contest) Start. Gosh, look at her. (Sinseong explains in English) – Use Korean! / – Use Korean! Well… It’s a white animal. And… What else? They live in rivers. So they live in rivers… You can see a lot of them at Hangang. You saw this at Hangang? It must be that… The pedal boats. The duck boats. I’m in trouble. – Oseong, use your brain. / – Next one. Is it an animal? (The answer was duckling) (The B-bros aren’t looking too good) (How about the next one?) Okay. Umm… This one’s hard. Did you write that, Yeongju? You misspelled it. You spelled toe wrong. That’s not how it’s spelled. Oh, I’m sorry… You just sounded it out. It’s from being in the U.S. for too long. That’s a good point. I didn’t see that. They’re not going to get a single one right if they keep skipping them. An onion is this and so is a carrot. Vegetable. No! (Do you all know the answer?) There’s a tree. Underneath… Something holds it up. What is that? Holds it up? Roots? Good job, good job. That was too hard. Nice job. – So we’re at 4? I think we got 4. / – You got 4. (4 right for the B-bros!) – Okay, this is… / – Pass. – No. / – No! A long, long time ago… – This house… / – Mom! What? (No using gestures) What do you have to open to enter a house? – A door! / – Yeah. And something is hanging from it. A handle! Yeah, so what’s that called? A door? A door? Alright… After a door… – A door handle? / – She never saw that… – What? / – Wow! How did Eunbit know that word? Gosh! She’s the smartest one. (The Eagles won as expected!) Eunbit has to be the best at Korean. Let me join you. No, you’re not on our team! (Despair) Good job though. We love you, Daniel. That’s so funny. You’re still a winner to us. No! “No!” How cute. I got really into the quiz. I tried to answer the questions. That was fun. Despite Sinseong’s fluency in Korean, he has trouble expressing himself. When he tried to explain roots… “An onion is this and so is a carrot.” What are you supposed to say to that? You could never guess. Oseong couldn’t tell from your bad explanations. I’m amazed at Yeongju. You really helped him a lot with his painful experience and you’re trying to teach him Korean. I think you’re a great mother. I’d like to become like you. I’m trying my best. You seem like you’re into cooking. I got into cooking from watching YouTube videos. He asked for an apron for Christmas. He wanted me to buy him one. Really? (Sinseong has his own apron and cookware) So anyway… I prepared a special event because Sinseong is into cooking. Wow, really? What is it? If you’re curious… Take a look! What is it? (Itaewon Station) Oh, it’s Itaewon. (Trying to achieve his dream) Welcome to my neighborhood. (Sinseong heads somewhere special) It’s your restaurant. – So you invited him. / – Yes. I have my photo up in my restaurant. That photo is way too big. (Teach me about restaurants!) Hello. Hello. We heard a lot about you, Sinseong. – Nice to meet you. / – My name is Jo Sinseong. Hello. (Sinseong will work at a restaurant for the first time) I heard about your situation. I heard you never worked at a restaurant before. You’re going to work here with us today. I’ll show you how a restaurant is run and how to interact with customers. That’s what I’ll be teaching you. – That’ll be a great experience. / – Right. You’ll only need the bottom half of this apron. (He even explains how to put on an apron) That’s my restaurant… I bet Sinseong’s face brightened up the mood. The customers are here. So come with me to the front of the house. (Already?) – May I take your order? / – Yes. (Sinseong is super nervous) – One order of beef noodles. / – Okay. One order of poo pad pong curry. One tom yum goong… He has no clue. (Unfamiliar dishes to him) (Did Sinseong memorize the entire order?) We serve Thai food. You come in this way and for this table… Press the button. And what did they order? – This, this and this. / – Right. – And two lemon sodas. / – So you press this. He’s a smart kid. And then… Tom yum goong. (Trying his best) Go and say, “Excuse me. Here are the two lemon sodas you ordered.” Tell them that. (He’s finally going to serve something!) Excuse me. Here are the two lemon soda you ordered. (Sinseong is nervous about waiting tables) Enjoy. (His mouth goes dry from being nervous) – I bet you were nervous. / – I was. – Really nervous. / – Worried you’d spill… Everyone gets nervous on their first day. (Meanwhile, in the kitchen…) – Wow, that looks delicious. / – Wow. Thai food. The food here is good. I go often. (The dishes are being completed) (Sinseong observes the kitchen) (Impressed) The flames are so big. Such big flames… Things are different in a restaurant kitchen. It’s scary to stand in front of the flame. – That’s so cool. / – That stuff is good. That looks great. It’s really cool to watch them cook to make other people happy. (The food comes out) Tom yum goong. Take it to the customers… (Will he do a good job this time?) “Here is the tom yum goong you ordered. Enjoy.” Here is the tom yum goong you ordered. – Enjoy. / – He’s good. – He’s good at this. / – He spoke so clearly. Wow! – Nice job. / – Let’s go! You should work for me. – He can do it all. / – Please hire him. – He should work there. / – I should hire him. He’s ready. This is kind of tough. When they try to order something and I try to say something… I can’t pronounce the words. It’s okay. You can speak slowly. (But still) Those words are hard to say. A lot of foreign customers come. Poo pad pong curry. Thai words are hard to say. – Pad kee mao… / – Pad thai noodles. Pad thai. I can say that. (Will he be able to overcome this obstacle?) (More customers come in!) (Will Sinseong do a good job?) May I take your order? We’ll have this, this and this. So… This, this and this? And we’ll have the beef version of this. Would you like to order some beverages? Can you open this? Oh, let me help you with that. (He even helps open the bottle) Let me take the menus… (Does he remember the order?) (He enters in the order!) What else did they get? This, this… This, this… Does he remember? Oh, no! (He forgot) Just go back and ask them. You can do it! – And we’ll have the beef version of this. / – Sure. (What happened?) I got confused. – The beef version of this. / – Beef? Sure. (The manager bailed Sinseong out) This one’s sold out. So they want something else. So press the button. The manager is very kind. Don’t they usually yell when that happens? They’d yell a lot. They never yell in the restaurant. They’ll ask to speak to you privately. (Feeling bad) I was just kidding. (Friday night) (More and more customers show up) – We’d like to order. / – Sure. Let me take your order. Oh, sorry about that. (Not a good start) Is the tom yum goong really spicy? How spicy is the tom yum goong? It’s moderately spicy. – “It’s moderately spicy.” / – Clever. – How about this curry? / – The curry… How does it compare to the curry? He has to know all the dishes, so that’s tough. It’s similar to other curries. It’s not that spicy. This is a rice dish, right? It probably comes with rice. “Probably?” “I think so.” You’re going to make me lose customers! You have much to learn! (But!) – It doesn’t come with rice. / – It doesn’t? It’s a side order. (Another troubling situation for Sinseong) – Go tell them. / – Okay. (He goes back feeling nervous) I’m so sorry, but the curry doesn’t come with rice. You have to order rice separately? It doesn’t come with rice? You have to order it on the side? Then we’d like some rice too. Sure. That’s pretty impressive for his first time. I’m over there watching. (How are you doing, Sinseong?) – I’m watching him. / – Your head looks so shiny. (This is really tough) (But after 2 hours!) Wow… He’s showing them to their table. (He’s good at taking orders now) (He has no problem with entering the orders in) (Sinseong is on top of his game now!) (Now it’s past 8 p.m.) (A bunch of male foreign customers show up!) – Foreign customers. / – Foreigners. – Time to show us. / – It’s the real deal now. Show us. Go away, manager. Yeah, let Sinseong handle them. (The manager has trouble taking the order) (But Sinseong is good at English) We’re out of the ingredients for this. Because of the late time right now we’re out of a lot of the ingredients. Nice job. He explained the reason. “It’s a bite late, so we were out of ingredients.” My manager usually just says, “Sold out.” Oh! He did a great job. I can’t speak English like that. I only know simple phrases. He was really helpful. He handled that issue just fine. (Sinseong even serves the customers) Your first dish came out. Where should I put it? I have to ask you. Where are you guys from? (He even tries to start a conversation!) Vancouver. Vancouver? So you’re Canadians. Okay, I should’ve known that. (He even jokes with the customers) He’s such a good speaker. (This looks like a success) It’s important to be able to start a conversation with someone. Talking to someone on the street… I could never do that at first. I think I got better at initiating conversations through working here. I feel like doing this kind of work every day. – He did a great job. / – It was a good experience. (He escaped from the darkness) (And he dreams of a different future) (He finds his lost dreams again) (And tries to find new happiness!) (You’ll definitely find your dream, Sinseong) – Let’s go, Sinseong! / – Let’s go! (Let’s go, Sinseong!) Mom, dad, Gloria, Oseong… I love you guys so much. If you have any bad memories about me, I hope you can forget them. I’m trying to forget too. I want to grow up even more and I hope we can be happy together. Mom, dad, Gloria, Oseong… I love you! Love you so much! So much… How nice. – So lovely. / – Yes. Seokcheon, you really helped out. It was nothing. You provided him with a great opportunity. I had a lot of fun. It was a great experience. Don’t go to college. Just start working under me. You need to stop him! I don’t think that’s right. He had to give up on one of his dreams, but I feel like he found an even better one. You can pick and choose now. Just get a lot of experience in a bunch of stuff and it’ll all work out. You have a great family, so hang in there. – He has his family. / – You have your family. – Family is the best. / – Yes. We’d like to thank Sinseong and the Baker family for being with us today. Shall we end the show for today? We’ll see you all next time. – Good-bye. / – Good-bye. Going to play table tennis. I want to become an expert at something. Good-bye. Good-bye!