My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crusaders Chocolate Surprise Eggs Opening! by Bin’s Toy Bin

>>Jon: Hi everyone it’s Jon
>>Bin: And Bin>>Jon: Look who just flew in! It’s Derpy.
We haven’t seen her in like six months.>>Bin: I know! She’s been missing>>Jon: We sent her on a mission to bring back
some more chocolate surprise eggs. It looks like she brought home a whole case.>>Bin: Of the My Little Pony chocolate eggs.>>Jon: Derpy that looks awesome. The last
one’s you brought looked like they came from Russia. These one’s came from Mexico maybe.
We’re not sure. Are you going to go off and bring back some
more? [Race Car Zooming sound]>>Bin: And she’s gone again. She doesn’t like
to stick around us anymore.>>Jon: I wonder how much of her time is actually
spent looking for eggs for us or traveling with Doctor Hooves.>>Bin: You know that’s a very good question.>>Jon: Here is a closer look at all the figures
that you can get out of these eggs. It’s awesome that they’re little mini figures with the
Cutie Mark Crusaders.>>Bin: I know. That’s an awesome touch.>>Jon: But don’t the others look like the
blind bag figures? Especially Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity and
Rainbow Dash.>>Bin: They do kind of. Same pose and everything Yummy yummy we like chocolate. A lot.>>Jon: Here is a closer look at the eggs.
Pinkie Pie is on one side and Rainbow Dash is on the other.>>Bin: Oh, they’re a little mushy.>>Jon: Yea, they are. I’m going to have to
get the paper towels. (Laughs)>>Bin: (Laughs) It’s really hot here. Like
ninety degrees hot, which is really hot for us. So our chocolate is not staying in egg
form very well. So we obviously have to eat this chocolate
right away.>>Jon: Some of them don’t feel that bad but
some of them are really mushy because it’s been so hot outside. It’s mushy, but it’s still in egg form.>>Bin: Well that’s good.>>Jon: It’s like fudge. Okay, moment of truth, I got Scootaloo!>>Bin: Scootaloo. Isn’t she adorable? I like how they got her
hair right. The right sculpting of the hair. Jon’s busy eating the chocolate off his egg.>>Jon: Your turn Bin. You really have to peel that chocolate off. Oh that one broke apart pretty good! And you got,>>Bin: (Gasps) I got Rainbow Dash! Yay! I’ll try not to get chocolate on her. We will
show you them all a little bit better afterwards Oh, her tail! Her tail came separate!>>Jon: Next up. That broke apart easier. We
are making a mess over here. Look at this mess of chocolate. Okay, I got Pinkie Pie. I think this is our messiest egg opening ever.>>Bin: I think so.>>Jon: From now on egg openings are only for
wintertime.>>Bin: (Laughs)>>Jon: Next up we have.>>Bin: Fluttershy>>Jon: Oh this is a messy one. The chocolate is not as good as Kinder’s.>>Bin: Nope. Aw, come on egg!>>Jon: I got Applebloom. The little one’s
are all one piece so far.>>Bin: Yea. Oh this one is all mushy.>>Jon: Is it Twilight?>>Bin: I don’t know yet. (Laughs) I’m still
trying to peel my chocolate off.>>Jon: Is it Twilight? Oh it’s another Fluttershy>>Bin: We are going to clean up our chocolate
mess and we will be right back.>>Jon: We are going to wash our hands too. All sticky!>>Bin: (Laughs)>>Jon: We are back with clean hands. We wanted
to show you real quick what the inserts look like. There are little instructions on the
back. It gives you the name of the characters and if there are any instructions on how to
assemble it. The bigger ponies you have to put their tails in but the Cutie Mark Crusaders
are all one piece.>>Jon: I just realized there’s no Twilight!>>Bin: There’s no Twilight! (Laughs)>>Jon: I just realized that! What?>>Bin: Well they didn’t need her.>>Jon: What?>>Bin: So here is Fluttershy and she is missing
her tail so you just put that right it in there. And there is Fluttershy! We got chocolate on Pinkie Pie’s tail. There’s
some on Applebloom’s tail too. (Laughs) It looks like Applebloom pooped. (Laughs) There is little Applebloom.>>Jon: I really like the Cutie Mark Crusaders
figures. It’s too bad we didn’t get Sweetie Belle.>>Bin: I know. Here is Scootaloo. I showed you her a little
bit but there was chocolate all over my hands, I was afraid to get her messy.>>Jon: Rainbow Dash’s tail was a separate
piece.>>Bin: Yes. I put that on. Do you have the Rainbow Dash blind bag figure
Jon?>>Jon: Yes. I do. I have the blind bags to
compare. You can see how much bigger the blind bag
is compared to the surprise egg figure but they’re in the same pose.>>Bin: They are. Just different painting.>>Jon: Here’s blind bag Pinkie Pie compared
to surprise egg Pinkie Pie. Again, same pose and painted a little different. Fluttershy is not quite the same pose. Her
eyes are a little wonky on that one.>>Bin: (Laughs) Yea. Oh well.>>Jon: The only other one to have a sculpted
blind bag figure was Apple Bloom. Here is how they compare. Don’t you think that’s the perfect size?>>Bin: Yea, it is. It works out well actually.>>Jon: If anyone was curious here is a size
comparison between a blind bag figure on the end, the surprise eggs we just opened and
then in the front there is a Fluttershy that we got out of the Russian chocolate eggs that
we opened earlier this year. So you can see that the ones we just opened are kind of a
mid sized between the blind bag and the little Russian figures.>>Jon: There are six we got out of our six
surprise MLP eggs. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the set didn’t
have Twilight in it.>>Bin: I can’t believe you didn’t notice either.
(Laughs) That’s usually the first thing he looks for
during these things.>>Jon: But five out of six characters>>Bin: Not bad. We are missing Sweetiebelle, Rarity and Applejack.>>Jon: So we are missing three out of the
full set. From this angle it looks like Scootaloo has
a really pointy nose. It looks like a beak.>>Bin: It does.
Same with Fluttershy. (Laughs)>>Jon: So down in the comments let us know
which one of these was your favorite These were so much fun to open even though
they were so melted and messy.>>Bin: Yea.>>Jon: If you like this video be sure to subscribe
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