My Childhood Friend VS My School Bully – Episode 1

I was bullied for most of my primary
school life and I didn’t even know about it
let me explain firstly just to clarify to those who aren’t aware school life in
Australia is divided into primary school which is for kids between the age of 5
and 12 roughly and then there’s secondary school or high school which is for kids
who aged 13 to 18 so this all took place during primary school the year before I
started primary school we had just moved into the new neighbourhood and mum had
enrolled me into a kindergarten when we got there my mum recognised one of the
other mums because she was our new neighbour and she brought me over so I
could meet her son let’s call him Deku now obviously my memory from when I
was 4 years old is a little vague but I don’t really recall ever playing or
talking to Deku that much we were at best four year old acquaintances
apparently Deku and his mum used to come over all the time when we were
younger but I don’t really have much memories of that I do remember one day
when I was like 7 my mum told me that Deku was Asian but I heard it as ancient
so for a while I thought Deku came from the ruins anyway
rewind back to when primary school began as a kid I couldn’t really say whether I
was introverted or not but I had my priorities I loved playing Pokemon with
my brother I read a lot of books especially anything about fantasy and I
loved making my parents proud they were the only things I really ever cared
about so the first few years of primary school I kept to myself I didn’t even
try to make friends I didn’t think I needed them because what was the point
they wouldn’t help me with my priorities I can’t believe this was my mindset at
the age of 6 during class I did all my classwork and whenever I finished I just
asked for extra work so I was always doing something and during recess and
lunch I would either sit by myself playing on my gameboy or I’d go found my
brother and play with him this worked for the first few years but because my
brother was four years older than I was well I guess he technically still is
this meant that as soon as I was in the third grade he moved on to high school
and so I was left alone for the entire primary school experience Deku was in
most of my classes a friendly nod when we made eye contact a hey can I borrow a
pencil or even walking home together when we bumped into each other those
were what our interactions were limited to Deku was a very popular kid and he
had a lot of friends and I wasn’t really interested in having friends so this
exchange was perfect for both of us now I can’t recall how exactly it came
to be but in the third grade I found myself becoming friends with two boys
let’s call them Alpha and Beta you’ll see why soon I think we might have
become friends over our mutual love for Pokemon but that’s not what’s important
here as you can probably guess alpha was a **** straight-up he was the type of bully
who was nice and quiet to everyone else but when it came to his own friend
Circle it was an entirely different story Alpha and Beta’s favorite thing to
do in school was to see how much they could push me and get away with it which
was always they would try to exclude me from games of conversations as much as
possible while still maintaining a friendship with me so i would suffer
even more they were rude arrogant and always used me for things they would
come up with stupid rules like you can’t play with us today if you have tips in
your head I used to tip dye my hair shut up moving on or you’re it in the game of
tag but you aren’t allowed to run at all very very stupid and petty things but
this was a daily occurrence I was also a huge nerd in primary school who always
did his work and always answered questions in class and every time I did
Alpha and Beta would either loudly snicker
or say straight to my face that I was a nerd
by the way being called a nerd back then wasn’t exactly cool and hip like it is
today it was a legitimate insult one One I never quite understood if I’m being
honest like yes I am a nerd who wants a job and a stable future now what? I
remember specifically there was this group of girls a year below us who we
used to play tag with and Alpha had a massive crush on one of the girls and
during playing tag she would always try and tag me this didn’t go well with
Alpha he accused me of being a bad friend and told me I wasn’t allowed to
play with them when they were with those girls and just like that I was once
again excluded pretty much anything I did or said they would use it against me
to make me feel excluded worthless and beneath them I was that friend who was
the staple for all the jokes and insults to be thrown out fun fact is whenever
Alpha wasn’t at school me and Beta got along great or if Beta wasn’t at school
Alpha was just that little bit nicer to me these guys were totally stereotypical
bullies and this lasted from the third grade all the way to the six six six six
sixth grade sixth th now I know what you’re thinking Sultan if it lasted for
so long why did you stay being friends with them well I didn’t know any better
remember that before these guys I never really had friends before I didn’t know
how friends were supposed to act and this all felt normal to me the constant
beat downs and insults my poor child brain thought all of these things were
normal and I think it was around the third grade where I started to fantasize
about being a social person and actually having friends so if the insults and
abuse meant I could be in a friend circle
then it was worth it fast forward to the sixth grade and our school had a sports
excursion or something along those lines and so most of the school was at this
event while those who didn’t participate had to stay in school
this included me Alpha and Beta because of this the school was pretty much empty
lunch time rolls around and as we were all walking outside to begin lunchtime
Deku comes up to me his regular friend group were all at the school event and
he was left behind so he asked me if he could play with me obviously my timid
self turned to get approval from Alpha I couldn’t just say yes without asking the
boss man but Alpha said yes straight away remember that Deku was part of the
popular kids and this seemed to excite Alpha and Beta anyway as we started to
play the shenanigans started once again only this time they were extra worse
name-calling the creating of fake rules to disadvantage only me
they were extra mean to me that day and I think was because they wanted to
impress Deku the popular kid like ooh look how mean and cool we are Deku for
the most part I remember remained pretty quiet and frowned a lot as we continued
to play I don’t recall what exactly went down the things escalated pretty quickly
I think Alpha had just pushed me or called me
something extremely offensive or something along those lines because I
remember feeling extremely sad I think above all I was embarrassed whenever I
walked home with Deku I used to speak so highly of Alpha and Beta and tell him
how close we were as friends, I was proud to be their friend
and once Alpha began to bully me in front of Deku I was ashamed and thought
now Deku can see I’m a fraud and I’m not as close to these guys as I said I was
but then something happened something that would have an everlasting effect on
me Deku snapped he started to yell at Alpha with so much
anger in his voice he began yelling things like you’re a disgusting person
and why the hell are you treating Sultan like crap for and the next thing he said
I remember so vividly he turned to me and he asked me why do you just sit
there and take it you know you don’t have to be their friend right then and
there something changed inside me Deku grabbed my arm and yelled backwards
at the boys that we aren’t playing with you anymore I remember turning around
and seeing Alpha and Beta just staring at us looking shocked at what just
happened I turned around and I never looked back now you’re probably thinking
this is the part where I tell you that me and Deku went on to become great
friends and I never heard from Alpha and Beta again but this story goes a bit
deeper than that but I think I’ll save it for another time Subscribe to Sultan Sketches to become 0.3% cooler.(Not Guaranteed)