My Best Friends Betrayed and Insulted Me – Anti Semitism

Growing up I was always kind of the
different kid. See, what made me so unique was I was a Jew living in a Christian
dominated town. There was only like two to three of us Jews living in a six
hundred man middle school which is about 0.3 percent. Everyone knew it and they
were all cool to me. Unfortunately I’ve also been the butt of many
jokes. However one joke incident stood apart from all the rest.
It was sixth grade and I was prepping for social studies. At the time I wore a
very big jacket to school. The hoodie always stuck out kind of like an open
mailbox. Behind me sat two kids, one was one of my close friends and the other
was a strange kid that I never talked to. In the middle of class I felt a rustle
on my hoodie and so I paused to check. There was a flashcard there and it
depicted an anti-semitic symbol with the words “hail” around it. On the other side
was a degrading racial term I’d rather not say. Reading a note like that is like
having a mental slap in the face as I was in shock as well as pain and worse I
didn’t even know which of the two kids actually committed the crime. I reported
it to the teacher. Luckily we were able to go to the library as a class and so
she had plenty of time to pull them over. I didn’t overhear everything but I saw
them yelling pointing at me then pointing at each other over and over
again. They were both called to the office and I never saw them until lunch.
By now everyone had heard about it. Many kids sent their condolences, some just
left it alone. Later on I went out onto the blacktop that very lunch and I saw
my friend looking really gloomy near the gym. I told him my
disappointment in him and I let him know that this can’t happen again. “I think I’m
gonna get expelled” he sobbe. “really what?” I cried. “The office is also going to take
care of the other kid as well” he said. That night I told my parents who too also
felt like they got a mental slap in the face. My mom and dad, after texting the school board about a billion times, received a
call from my friend’s mom. Over the phone the mom told how sorry embarrassed she
was. But it didn’t make me feel any better. Eventually the vice-principal told my parents that nobody would be expelled
much to my great thanks. However, as I said to
my friend, they said that this can’t happen again. And that’s how it ended. I
think one thing that people can learn from my story is that the deliberate
harassing of people who are different from you is unacceptable as we are all
created equal. However I still get anti-semitic slurs thrown at me from
time to time. And some of these people are even my best friends. So overall if
you are the bullied or the bystander then be sure to stand up towards the common
threat. After all I don’t want anybody who’s watching this to go through what I
went through.