Muslims Saying: Merry Christmas! Why??

Has this ever happened to you? you’re out
shopping and then the cashier says Merry Christmas and then you say, okay thank
you, have a great day. and then the cashier gets really angry and starts
attacking you, starts punching you and hitting you and telling you, why aren’t
you accepting Christmas you dirty Moslem?! has this ever happened to you? it hasn’t
happened to me. in fact I’ve never heard of such a thing. yet we’re getting all of
this pressure from some Muslims that we have to return greetings and say
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, happy Diwali all of these kinds of greetings for non-muslim
religious festivals and holidays. where is this pressure coming from? why
suddenly is there all of this need that Muslims have to return these greetings?
don’t people know that this is completely impermissible and that
there’s consensus on the issue? no scholar historically has ever said it
was permissible for Muslims to congratulate non-muslims on their
holidays and their festivities. you know what’s really ironic? when you have
Muslims who say that, “why are you saying salawat after mentioning the Prophet? every time you mention the Prophet, you are sending salawat. this is just mindless, rote repetition. we don’t need to engage in
these empty rituals.” you have those kinds of Muslims who will say that and then
will turn around and say “well what’s the problem with saying Merry Christmas? what’s the problem with saying Happy Hanukkah? we’re just sharing festive
holiday greetings.” don’t you see the inconsistency there? you’re the ones who
are mindless, brainwashed. you’re just following the cultural convention. you’re
just following what is culturally considered appropriate. you want to fit
in. this is assimilation at its ugliest. you are violating clear principles of
Islam for the purpose of fitting into the wider monoculture. this is exactly
the project of prioritizing cultural Muslim identity over an
actual Islamic commitment to obey the commands of Allah. why do we see some of these Muslim leaders also engaging in what is Haram and greeting and congratulating non-muslims on their religious holidays?
recently there is Linda Sarsour who said happy Hannukah and she called non-Muslims the light, you are the light. what’s the status of this kind of statement? it’s
completely Haram and depending on your interpretation of her post, it might even be
considered kufr. if you’re saying blessed Hanukkah, blessed Hanukkah,
there is no blessing in kufr. it doesn’t matter what is the religion other than
Islam this is a kufr statement. so that’s easy.
everyone who has studied basic Islam knows this. what’s interesting is
that this person is being propped up as a leader for the Muslim community. every
other conference has her as the keynote. why? because she is promoting cultural
Muslim identity over a commitment to Orthodox Islam. she’s the perfect role
model for that, so you can see why she would be put in this kind of position of
prominence despite her frequent violation of
Islamic principles. the other flimsy excuse that people have is that “oh well
I need to congratulate my neighbors and say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
because that’s what being a good neighbor means and in Islam we have to
be good neighbors.” okay fine I agree it’s important to be neighborly, but when was
the last time you shared some food with your neighbors? when was the last time
you went to your neighbors to see if they needed help carrying something or
doing something? when was the last time you made a neighborly gesture like that?
no you weren’t doing those kinds of things. why? because that’s not common in the culture in the West. many neighbors don’t even know each other. you could be
living next to a person for 50 years and you won’t even know the guy’s name. but
this is what is contrary to Islam yet it is dominant within the
modern culture. so first of all tell me when you’ve done those kinds of things
that are encouraged and are a part of the Sunna. instead you want to
jump to what is Haram and what is impermissible. yes be kind to your
neighbor, yes be neighborly as a Muslim, but do it in a
halal way. look just admit this is not about wanting to be a good neighbor. you
just want to fit in. you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in what could
potentially be an awkward situation. but it’s very easy. look someone says Merry
Christmas, all you have to say is thank you, have a great day. thank you, have a
great weekend. it’s not that hard. I’ve done it hundreds of times and every
single time, no one has a problem with it. this fantasy world where non-muslims get
belligerent because you don’t return their holiday greeting… newsflash: it
doesn’t exist. bottom line: stop putting culture above
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