Asalaamu Alaikum guys. Tommy Robinson, released
from prison yet again All right guys. Rebel media released a video saying that Tommy Robinson has been going through madness in the prisons. Now, prisons are not designed for the faint-hearted. Obviously to make you feel bad about
what you’ve done. Let me just tell you the facts about what Tommy has lived through. What they’ve attempted to do, is mentally destroy me, that was not a prison
sentence, that was mental torture. …put him in this abusive position …his treatment
in prison was inappropriate Now that sounds positively ghastly mate Let’s see what atrocities, madness and absolute excruciating pain that you went through “everything was orchestrated and organized to cause me maximum disruptance” Yeah that’s a difficult word mate I’m not gonna lie. I don’t feel.. I feel nervous, I feel I got butterlies constantly (I know I’ve just come home) Disruptance? Butterflies? It sounds like you just come off a ride at Thorpe Park Gotta give us more than that mate yeah. Do you know when I’m sitting reading… I’m sitting reading emails in my cell Huh? You got Wi-Fi? What prison is this? Knowing Tommy I’m expecting the worst. Obviously he’s got some enemies, so I’m
intrigued, I’m interested you’ve hyped it up for me. Let’s see. So Tommy was transferred from Her Majesty’s Prison Hull to HMP Onley a much more Islam-ised prison Moving prisons? Sounds unfair and unsafe not gonna lie mate All right let’s look for some facts and let’s verify this claim mate first source Yeah that don’t look like a high
percentage of Muslims mate Let’s check out another source,
maybe it’s a one off yeah Maybe they’re Anti-Tommy Yeah not gonna lie they’re saying that the first prison had actually more Muslims than the second one So I dunno what’s going on there mate? Maybe that’s a one off yeah. Prisoners would regularly be given access to the front of Tommy’s cell, and they would
open up the flap… oh my god …go on… yeah??? and then shout at him Shouting?? In prison?? Those monsters! The prisoners were permitted
to go up to the window and spit into Tommy’s cell Permitted? Yeah I don’t
think they were going to the guard and saying Can I? Can I? yeah why not mate, go ahead He’s there 31B yeah knock yourself out I hope that’s disruptive Tommy It’s still bad though not gonna lie obviously, it’s not good and it’s gross but I don’t think it was even at him, like it’s not gonna reach him. I don’t think Tommy’s
gonna stand near the flap but let’s see what lengths Tommy went to to prevent himself from this trauma that would scar him for life, let’s see what this genius
did so Tommy had to shut his window in this particularly hot British summer yes His cell door was accidentally
not locked. Accidentally eh? What? They left it open?
Na that’s mad, if there’s Muslims around, we know what these guys are up to, they don’t like him So let’s see what these guys did It would be a shame if an accident happened to Tommy in prison Well, if the door was open… they could have spat in again it’s gross Yeah I can imagine, giving him some butterflies and disrupting his Wi-Fi experience Tommy is, was only allowed to phone home during the lunch hour No way?! if Tommy wants to call home in the
evening then I suggest you make it happen and don’t disrupt this guy just to cause me maximum disruptance otherwise he’s gonna get some mega butterlies I got butterlies constantly The jailers slow-walked, took their time to bring Tommy to the lawyers The jailers were what? This just gets mad and mad Walking slow??? You know what Ezra? I’ve heard enough mate You have made your point. British prison system …you should be ashamed of
yourself it’s disgusting You better turn up to Tommys and apologize to him. you