#MPGIS 360 | Episode 3 | You’re The New Kid

Well then, don’t advertise “all-you-can-eat”
tater tots if you are not prepared to deliveron that promise, Lunch Lady Belinda! Oh hey! You must be the new kid, huh? Hi, I’m Deandra. I’m supposed to show you around. So tell me how you like it here so far. Not much of a talker, huh? Well, that’s probably for the best. Everyone here won’t shut the fuck up. Oh Shay Van Buren! I was just talking about you! What the fuck do you want, Deandra? Have you met the new kid? Who? Oh, hey! I’m Shay Van Buren. Anyway, I don’t know if you know heard, but Homecoming voting is coming up and I’d love for you to vote for me. Oh and if you decide to vote for Mackenzie
Zales, I will fucking ruin your life, and you’ll regret ever stepping foot on this fucking
campus and you’ll forever fear the name Shay Van Buren. Anyways, nice to meet you! Byeeeeeeee! Yeah, so uh, that’s Shay Van Buren. She can be kind of an asshole. Oh, bonjour Deandra. Hey Saison. Uh, Saison, this is the new kid. Oh bonjour, new kid. Nice to, how you say, meet you. This is my baby Brittnay. [Poop sound] Uh-oh, I know that sound. That’s a poop. [Giggles] Au revoir! Speaking of pooping, let’s go check out the
bathroom. The world famous Overland Park High School
girls’ bathroom. I’m gonna go drop a load, but uh, feel free
to look around. If anyone else comes in, just uh, just don’t
move. And ever since then, I’ve used a night light
in my locker. Whoa! What the fuck are you doing in here? This is for cheer squad only! Article 3, Section 6: Entry into the girls
bathroom must be granted in writing by the head cheerleader prior to attempted entry into said bathroom. Alright, well, I’m just gonna beat the shit
out of this kid. Oh, they’re with me! Oh goddamit Deandra! You can’t just fucking bring anybody you want
into our bathroom! Sorry, I was giving the new kid a tour and
something came up. Or out, I guess. Well, let me tell you how things work around
here in Overland Park. This bathroom, it’s not for you. Cheer Squad only, bitch! I’m Mackenzie Zales. I run this school…with an iron fist! I’m Brittnay Matthews. And I am that iron fist! And I’m Trisha Cappelletti. The dumb one! If you want to survive in this school, stay
the fuck away from us. And if I catch you in this bathroom again,
rest assured, I will put my foot so far up your ass that you’ll be able to tie my shoe
with your teeth! Ooooh boy! That was a doozy! Oh Jesus Christ Deandra! That smells like a hot bag of old cabbage
in here! Hey, at least you can’t smell through that
thing, am I right?