MONTLICK & ASSOCIATES’ Provides School Video for National Anti-Bullying Organization.

(writing on chalkboard) (erasing) (writing on chalkboard) – Hi, I’m Jolie. – And I’m Nikki. We’re here today to introduce
you to the A4K Club. – The A4K Club is for
kids like you and me. Our mission is to stop the bullying in our schools and communities. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable. – But we can’t do it
alone, we need your help. By standing up and speaking
out against bullying, you could help more than you think. – Being the target of
bullying is never easy. Having someone call you
names or threaten you is embarrassing and hard. It hurts to be excluded, or to feel like people don’t like you. – Take a good look around you right now. Some of us have been
the target of bullying, some of us have been the bully, and so many more of us
just stood by and watched. – It’s crazy. Something like 85% of kids
just stand by and do nothing. In the face of bullying
there’s no such thing as an innocent bystander. When we watch and do nothing, it gives the bullies
the attention they want, and empowers them to continue. – That’s why we need to take action, even when it’s not the
popular thing to do. We all have the power to play a key role in preventing or stopping bullying. Did you know that over half of us will be the victims of
bullying at some point? So just because you’re
not the victim today, doesn’t mean you won’t be tomorrow. – The A4K Club is here to provide you with information you need to help prevent, stop, and
report child abuse and bullying. We invite you to take the pledge
and become a member today. – [Nikki] And don’t forget, check out our awesome
website at, it has tons of information
available to you 24/7, including phone numbers where you can report bullying and
child abuse anonymously. – Find your voice at – And remember, there’s
strength in numbers. So while one voice is good, – Two voices are even better. (writing on chalkboard) (electronic music) (symbol crash)