Monica Lewinsky Developing HBO Documentary ’15 Minutes of Shame’ | THR News

– There is no shame in being excited about this upcoming Monica
Lewinsky HBO project. Monica Lewinsky, the former Clinton impeachment
figure turned activist, is set to executive produce
the HBO Max documentary 15 Minutes of Shame about the
culture of public shaming. Max Joseph of MTV’s Catfish
the TV show is set to direct. Lewinsky and Joseph will
also appear on camera as they take an in-depth
look at what a description of the doc calls the public
shaming epidemic in our culture. Sarah Aubrey, head of
original content at HBO Max, released a statement
saying, “Monica Lewinsky “is an anti-bullying activist
with unparalleled authority, “making her the perfect partner “for this project, and
Max’s strong advocacy “for social justice and
distinctive storytelling “make him particularly well suited “to explore this complex
modern phenomenon.” The doc will reportedly
feature well-known names and include subjects from around the world who have been publicly shamed, as well as explore the bullies,
bystanders, media members, psychologists, and experts in between. This isn’t the first time Lewinsky has held court behind the scenes. She’s also producer of Impeachment, the third installment of the
FX series American Crime Story, which will focus on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton
through the eyes of Lewinsky, played by Booksmart’s Beanie Feldstein, Linda Tripp played by Sarah Paulson, and Paula Jones played
by Annaleigh Ashford. HBO Max is sent to
launch in spring of 2020. For more on this story,
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