Moment raging mum confronts son’s ‘bully’ and threatens to rip his face off

 Shocking footage captured the moment a furious mum threatened to rip the face off a person she believes is bullying her son  A video of the fiery encounter begins with the boy, who is out of sight behind the camera, telling the woman that she can’t touch him  After flipping her hair back and tying it into a high-pony, the woman responds: “Let me tell you something you little c***, I ain’t from around here Do you know who I am?  “No? No, I’m (child’s) mum, yeah, yeah p**s yo, I’m (child’s) mum ”  As she weaves back and forth in front of the person, she launches a second verbal barrage at him    “No, I ain’t going to stop getting close,” the mum tells him.   “Touch my son again and I’ll rip your f *** ing  face off ”  At this point the unexpected verbal assaults seems to have taken the wind out of the young man’s sails  He says in a quiet voice: “Yeah.”  By now the woman is inches from the boy’s face, his phone capturing the action from below as she rages on  “Touch him, I dare you to,” she rages on.  Despite his assurances that he “won’t” do so, the battle ready mum continues: “F***ing  touch him, I dare you to ”   She finishes by saying: “I’m warning you, I’m warning you, one more f *** ing  time ”   Regardless of the intense fury of the woman and the apparent youth of the boy, most viewers of the video on the London Streets Twitter page supported her actions    One social media user wrote: “Good on her. Schools and teachers are weak. We have a bullying problem, in its many forms, as they are not on it  “The parents of bullies need to be held to account. Parents’ instincts are to protect their kids no matter by whom ”  Another person added: “If her child is being bullied by this person she has full right to be angry simple. anyone who has a child would understand.”  One Twitter user went so far as to insinuate that the woman was a ‘hero’ while recounting a similar confrontation from their youth  “My mum chased my horrific primary school bully all over Hampstead when I was 10 years old,” they said  “Caught him, dragged him back to school by his hair and battered him.  “(He) never laid his eyes on me or anyone else ever again She was a hero to all the kids at my primary school. Result!”  Relatively few people felt it was inappropriate for the woman to act the way she did  One woman posted: “I understand how she is angry about her son being bullied, but this is not the way to resolve the issue  “Yes, it’s definitely aggressive, and making those kind of threats in public could land herself in trouble ”  It is not clear where the footage was filmed.