Melania Trump Insists She’s The ‘Most Bullied Person In The World’ In New Clip From Tell-All Intervi

Yes, she really said that. Melania Trump — the wife of Donald Trump, one of the most notorious bullies ever – said that out of all people in the entire world, she is the one who gets teased the most    “I could say I’m the most bullied person in the world,” Melania Trump, 48, told ABC News’ Tom Llamas with a straight face in a preview of her upcoming sit-down interview When pressed on the matter, she responded, “One of them – if you really see what people are saying about me …That’s why my ‘Be Best’ initiative is focusing on social media and online behavior We need to educate the children of social, emotional behavior so when they grow up, and they know how to deal with those issues ”    While on one hand, being married to President Donald Trump, 72, has put Melania under a microscope, one where every one of her movements would be analyzed and criticized (just asked former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, who caught flack over her first official portrait as First Lady in 2009 because she wore a sleeveless gown ) No matter how she dresses, Melania is going to be teased or meme’d by the Internet, as she’s going to be caught in the crossfire between the growing number of upset voters and her President husband  On the other hand, Melania has done herself absolutely no favors with certain tone-deaf, almost intentionally cruel choices during her tenure as First Lady: wearing heels on her way to visit parts of the country ravaged by hurricanes; allegedly plagiarizing Michelle Obama; wearing the “I Don’t Really Care Do U’ jacket while visiting migrant children separated from their families at the border; and pushing a “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign while staying silent on Donald’s endless supply of online vitriol, lies and hate So, pardon us if we don’t cry for Melania when she has the audacity to say that she’s the “most bullied person” in the world To quote Latrice Royale, “Good God, get a grip, girl.”  As for who really is the “most bullied” person in the world, it’s likely a transgender/gender non-conforming youth 75% of transgender kids feel unsafe at school, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality 92% of transgender adults report having attempted suicide by age 25, according to The Trevor Project It gets even worse for trans people of color. The attempted suicide rate for multiracial transgender people is 33-times higher than the general population, according to the National LGBTQ Task Force Maybe someone at Be Best can tell that to Melania?