Melania Trump Gives Anti-Bullying Speech, Never Mentions Her Husband’s Horrible Behavior

First Lady Melania Trump has made anti-bullying,
her anti-bullying campaign, really the hallmark of her time as First Lady. In fact, this week on Wednesday, she gave
a speech at the United Nations to other first ladies from around the world about her anti-bullying
initiative. Take a look. We must teach child the values of empathy
and communication that are at the core of the kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and
leadership which can only be taught by example. We must remember that they are watching and
listening, so we must never miss an opportunity to teach life’s many ethical lessons along
the way. That’s great. This is an absolutely noble cause. It’s one that we need to be addressing as
a country, and it is a very severe problem in the United States. The issue of bullying, cyber-bullying, all
of that, is something that needs to be fixed. I congratulate Melania Trump for making this
his centerpiece. However, you can’t go out there and talk about
the need to stop bullying without addressing the fact that your husband, the President
of the United States, is one of the biggest bullies in this country, certainly the biggest
bully with the loudest microphone in this country. In all of the times that Melania Trump has
talked about her anti-bullying campaign, not one single time has she ever addressed the
fact that her husband loves to get on Twitter and insult people, insult their appearance,
insult their choice of clothing, insult their intelligence, insult their news outlets and
organizations that they work for. He insults everything and everyone with impunity. He doesn’t care. Clearly, neither do you, which means your
entire anti-bullying crusade is a complete sham. Nobody should be taking you seriously when
you say that you want to put an end to this, when all you have to do to really make a difference
is walk into the Oval Office and tell your husband to cut the crap. You won’t do that. Donald Trump has insulted 367 people, places,
and things on Twitter alone this year, since he became president. 367. Again, that’s just on Twitter. That doesn’t include the people that he makes
fun of when he goes out and does a rally, or gives a speech, or holds a press conference,
like the disabled reporter that he mocked, and then blatantly said during one of the
2016 debates that it never happened. It did, and you, Melania, due to the fact
that you refuse to speak out against it, are complacent. You are an accomplice in it if you say nothing. Isn’t that what your whole campaign is about? If you say something, say something? Like those little warnings they give us over
the airport PA system? You could be really making a change in this
particular area, but you won’t. You won’t stand up to that bully that you
married, because you’re not serious about this campaign. Furthermore, if you were serious about it,
not only would you talk to the president, you would apologize on his behalf. You would go out there and try to make things
right. Instead, just like the president, you spend
most of your time on vacation, not worrying about everybody else in this country. Michelle Obama, when she was First Lady working
on her healthy foods initiative, she gave tons of interviews. She went on Food Network a couple of times
to talk about clean eating. She went on other shows. She went out there into the country and worked
on this. You’re not doing that. You’re following your husband blindly as he
continues to bully and basically denigrate large portions of not just the United States
but people around the world. You don’t care about bullying, because if
you did, you would have divorced Donald Trump a long time ago.