Melania Trump Furious With Donald For Attacking LeBron James — Is He Derailing Her Be Best Agenda? –

Melania Trump is extremely bothered by Donald Trump’s bullying tweet about LeBron James on Aug 3 and fears it’s reflecting badly on her Be Best campaign for children.    Melania Trump, 48, may have spoken out in favor of LeBron James, 33, after Donald Trump, 72, indicated that he wasn’t smart on Twitter but she’s still angry at the president for his actions, especially since she started her own anti-bullying campaign, Be Best  “Melania was disgusted by Donald’s attack on LeBron James, and she felt that she couldn’t just let it go without issuing a statement of some kind,” a source close to Melania EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife “Melania‘s response was perfect, as she didn’t publicly challenge Donald, but she got her message across loud and clear, and it was absolutely on point  Melania’s frustration is palpable at this stage, and she is becoming more and more vocal—sometimes she can’t help feeling like Donald purposely tries to derail her Be Best campaign Although Melania doesn’t actually believe that’s the case because, she’s pretty sure, he actually doesn’t give a second thought about any of her work in reality ”    Melania’s feelings about Donald’s actions are understandable considering he seems to speak from his own mind about various people and situations even if what he has to say may upset others His opinion on LeBron was highly controversial since the NBA star just opened up a school in Ohio for underprivileged children and many though he was not giving the basketball player any credit for the good deed A new school definitely reflects the meaning of Melania’s campaign and the irony is that Donald’s online bullying attack seems to go against everything Melania is standing up for “It’s highly unlikely that Donald would realize the irony of ‘cyberbullying’ somebody who has just invested a great amount of their personal time and money to build an amazing school for the purpose of helping American children to be the very best that they can,” the source continued “It’s the heart of Melania’s campaign, in a nutshell.”  Shortly after Donald’s headline-making tweet about LeBron, Melania’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, praised LeBron’s efforts on Melania’s behalf and even admitted that the first lady would be open to visiting the new school There’s no word yet on whether or not LeBron would encourage her visit.