Megan is missing (2011) Multi Subs (18)

Tada! And here we are,
the stars of the hour on Amy’s new video camera. My expensive new video camera.
Daddy loves me. Yeah, well, mine love me too, slut. Bitch. MEGAN IS MISSING I’d like to know who came up
with the stupid rule that you have to go back to school
the very next day after New Year’s. It’s so fucking stupid. – When would you want to go back?
– Like Easter. At least then I wouldn’t feel so wasted. Let me use it too. – You don’t even use makeup.
– I do too. Like what? Like some baby powder? Shut up. Virgins don’t know how to wear makeup. Oh, come on.
I didn’t mean anything by it. – You’re so fucking sensitive.
– Whatever. I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. Just fuck some guy and get it over with. Good advice. Thanks. You’re a ho– H-O, ho. Jealousy talking. Blah blah blah. That guy over there would do you. – (computer chimes)
– Hey. Hey, Meg. Did you get some of that shit
Tercel had today? – No. Was it good?
– Fuckin’ awesome, girl. Fuck! He didn’t even tell me
he had some. – Last time I blow him.
– You blew Tercel? Like you haven’t.
I’ve seen the stash you carry. I didn’t have to blow him for anything. Yeah yeah, I’m sure. – Can you save me some?
– Um, no. – Me and Gideon are partying tonight.
– You party every night. What’s so special about one night?
Come on, save me some. (boy laughs)
Ask her what she’ll do for it. Gideon wants to know
what you’re willing to do for it. – Is he there?
– (Gideon laughing) – Yeah.
– Fuck, Angie! Can’t a person have
a private conversation? Come on, Meggie, there’s no secrets
between me and you. – I know you inside and out.
– Go fuck yourself. Why don’t you come on over here
and play with me and Angie? Yeah, in your dreams, you dork. Aw, come on. You know you want to. Woman: God damn it, Megan!
Why didn’t my program record? I unplugged the VCR to use the game box
and I forgot to plug it back in. You forgot?! You forgot?! I worked 12 hours a fucking day
to buy you that box and all I ask is that you let me watch
my fucking program! (both shouting) – Lay off me.
– You selfish bitch. Why don’t you go live with your father
and get the fuck out of my life? I bought this game box.
It’s out of here! Wow, your mom is crazy.
What a twisted bitch. – She’s crazier than my mom.
– (object clatters, breaks) What are you doing? Miss Stewart:
You’re going to learn to respect me! – Megan: That’s mine!
– No. I paid for it – and I get to smash it!
– Oh no. Oh no. – (clears throat)
– (computer chimes) – Oh, hold on.
– Mm-hmm. Hey, Meg. What’s happening? Hey, Amy. Nothing. Just hanging. I know it’s a little late,
but I was wondering if you want to hit the mall before they close
and see the new Choo shoes. You want to go to the mall? Yeah, or we can just hang out. I can’t. I have to do stuff with my mom. Are you all right? Yeah. Fuckin’ cat fur makes me vomit. I told you, you have to keep him
out of your bedroom at night. Yeah, you told me. Okay well, if you need anything
call me, okay? – I’ll see you in school tomorrow.
– Yeah. Thanks, Amy. – Ciao.
– Bye. So what’s it going to be, Meggie? You know only Gideon’s slaves
get the fairy dust. – I’ll be right over.
– (Gideon laughs) – (knocking at door)
– Come in. – Morning, princess.
– Morning, Daddy. You know, Party Restaurant’s
getting all booked up. Are you sure you don’t want to have
your birthday party there? Daddy, it’s for kids. I don’t want people
who dress up like bears singing “Happy Birthday” to me. – Well, you used to like that.
– Yeah, when I was like 10. Well, try not to grow up so fast, okay? It makes your dad
feel really really old. (kisses) You’ll never be old, Daddy. Well, I’ll figure something special
to get you for your birthday. Like maybe a video camera? Hmm, mortgage payment, video camera. – What should I do?
– It doesn’t cost that much, jerk. Louise, your daughter
just called me a jerk. She’s right, you know? Women, always ganging up
on defenseless men. (chuckles)
All right, get ready for school. We’ll talk about
your present later, princess. Okay. Hurry up, Amy. You’re going to be late. Okay. (sighs) Princess. Princess Pudgy. – (beeps)
– Ben? – What’s up, ma?
– Oh hey, Ben. – Hey, Ben.
– Damn, all the hot girls in one place? – Yeah, where you’re not.
– Bogus ass. Why you gotta do me like that? Because she doesn’t do losers, duh. – Ah, I see.
– Yeah, she’s not Kathy. – Oh, shut up.
– All you girls are crazy as hell. So what’s going on with this weekend? Party’s on this weekend. You can come by the crib
around midnight. – Shit’ll be off the hook.
– Cool. Can I bring Aaron? – Nope. No dudes.
– Why not? Because it’s my party
and it’s my rules, that’s why. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, Kathy, you’d better
obey the rules. Oh, shut up. I have footage of you
“obeying the rules” on your hands and knees
at the last party. Hey, Ben, can I bring Amy? Man, this is a party, not church. You’re not really going
to drag her along, are you? Whoa, y’all need to chill.
What’s wrong with Amy? Oh well, let’s think. She’s a drag. She ain’t fun for shit.
She don’t know how to dress. Amy is hot. Man, if Amy was hot, Lexie would have fucked her by now. Shut up! No, we all know you go with the flow. Look, Ben, I’m serious.
Her birthday’s coming up. Oh. Well, she’s going
to get an ass-whupping if she comes to my party. Well, either Amy comes or I don’t. (mutters) – We gotta go, Meg.
– Okay, bye. See you later. What is it with you and this girl? You fuckin’ her?
She got blackmail on you? What? She’s my friend. She’s not a fucking loser
like the rest of you. Yeah well, I got a reputation
to think about. I run the best parties
and you are my premier party girl. You bringing Amy along
could take away that crown. Well, maybe I don’t need to have it. Yeah, you do. What the fuck else do you got? Does Amy come or do I spend quality time with my mom Saturday night? – You owe me for this.
– Yeah, take a number. I’m not kidding. You’re going to be jumping hoops
if you want to bring Miss Party Killer. You just make sure
you take a fucking bath. (rock music playing, chatter) Oh, here they are. Come on, sweetheart. Give me $10. That’s right. You enjoy your time in there.
Honey, I like that outfit. – Oh shit!
– What’s up, dawg? My man Gideon.
Come on in, y’all, free of charge. – Get in there, bitch.
– $10, honey. $10. I like that outfit. Mm mm! $10. Hey, um, I didn’t get
my allowance this week. Yeah well, no one rides for free. Get in there. You’re sucking my dick. Oh shit, the hot squad
has arrived, plus one. – (laughing)
– Ben, shut up. Aw, relax, Meg. I’m just playing. It’s what players do. $10, girls. Come on. $10, girls. $10. Oh, you sure you want
to enter the harem? It ain’t for lightweights, sweetheart. – Yes.
– Ben: I don’t know. Jesus Christ! Let’s go. Eh, remember, Meg, you want a deal, you gotta pay the man. All right. Come on in. Let’s go, let’s go. Move it, chunky. $10, please. Mm mm! Go on in. $10, baby. (loud rock music playing) (people cheering) (no audible dialogue) Boy: Hey, Lexie, can I see
your ass a little more, please? Get the fuck out of my face! – How about you show me your tits?
– Fuck you. – Get the fuck away from me.
– Boy: Fuck you guys. Get– (sobs) Leave me alone. No, fuck you! (boy laughing) Okay okay, Kathy, tell me, what is your goal in life? – To get fucked up.
– Okay. So, uh, what are you right now? – Pretty fucked up.
– (laughs) So… – (coughing)
– …you’ve pretty much fucking achieved
your life goal like already. – Mm mm!
– Oh! Fuck yeah. – Yeah, fuck– fuck yeah.
– Holy shit. – Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah.
– Holy… How are you feeling tonight?
What’s up, everybody? Oh shit, there’s my man right here. Come on, man.
Let’s check this shit out, man. This party is off the hook. Come here. What’s up, baby girl? What’s going on?
How do you like the party so far? Hmm? You like that?
I’ll be up in the guest room. – That’s what I’m talking about.
– All night long, man. Right there, man. No doubt, no doubt. Come on, man. Come on, check this out. Check this shit out right here, man. This is hot. This is hot.
What’s going on, man? This is hotness right here. Come on, come on, come on, baby. Oh, that’s good, baby doll. That’s good. That’s good shit right there.
That’s good shit right there. (giggling) What’s up, girls? How are you doing? You having a good time? These are my main party girls
right here, man. What’s up, girl? What’s up, pimple? Move over. I gotta– – Ah!
– Sorry, baby doll. I’ll be right back. Ow. Boy: Oh shit, man! (chuckling) Jesus Christ. Aw, are you okay? Does your head hurt? Did you get a headache or something? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Aw, poor baby. Gideon, get over here.
Check this shit out, man. – Check this shit out.
– This is clean. Boy: Oh, man, you need to teach her– – You okay, girl?
– I’m– I’m okay. Boy: You need to teach her
a couple of things, man. Gideon: Seeing if you’re okay.
You’re a fine-ass bitch. I’m just– I’m fine. – Stop.
– You want some? – Stop!
– Fuck you, bitch! Boy: Oh, man! (crying) – Fuckin’ bitch!
– Boy: Yeah. Oh, fuck, you just
got punched by a girl. How does that feel, man?
How does that shit feel? – (girls laughing)
– Boy: Oh, where are you going? What is she wearing? Aren’t you going to be late
to your piano recital? (chatter) Boy: What you looking for? Maybe I can help you, baby. Ben: Get over here. Boy: Oh shit, dude! (laughing) You want some of this, honor student? Boy: Oh, baby. You’re all jacked up. Oh, man. (chuckles) (mumbles) Boy: Okay okay. Motherfucker. Close the door, man. Close the door. (boy laughing) (loud music continues) Ahh! (no audible dialogue) Boy: Hey, Lexie, why don’t you do
something sexy or something? Like what? Boy: Make out or something. Oh yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? We don’t make out for hired help. Well, fuckin’ do something. Jesus. All right, watch this. Boy: Oh, man. Aw shit. (gasps) – Holy shit!
– What the fuck? – Lexie: Oh my God!
– (laughter) – Boy: Oh God.
– Lexie: Fuck you! – Boy: She’s wasted.
– Boy #2 : She is wasted. (beeps) – Hey, Meg.
– Hey. Are you okay? – I’m so stupid.
– No, you’re not. It was my fault.
I shouldn’t have brought you there. – Now all your friends hate me.
– So what? Fuck them. They’re just shit. – I’m such a loser.
– No, you’re not. I’m like nothing. No, I want you to shut up about that. I don’t know why
you’re friends with me. Well, because I am, that’s why.
Look, I’m the big fucking loser. I was the one blowing
some dickhead for a hit. That did look kind of gross. – Yeah, it tasted gross.
– Ew. I don’t think I could ever do that. – I’d be way too embarrassed.
– Why? It’s like a power thing.
You’re in charge. Oh, you really looked like
you were in charge. No, I’m serious. Like, the guy can’t come
unless you let him. I don’t know. Well, you know, someday
you’re going to do it. I’ll probably screw that up too. – Well, just practice before.
– Practice? – Yeah.
– Like how? Like on anything.
Like a banana. Try not to leave teeth marks.
(clicks tongue) Was that how you learned? – No.
– Tell me. I was at summer camp
when I was 10. You were 10 when you did it? Do you want to listen to this or not? So I was at summer camp
and there was this counselor. He was older, like 17. He was always telling me
that I was pretty and shit. So one day he tells me
to come to the pantry to like help him get paper plates. And it’s really small in there, so we’re like pressed up
against each other. – Was he really hot?
– He was okay. He looked kind of like that guy
in the movie “Se7en.” – Brad Pitt?
– No, the weird killer guy. Oh. Ew. Okay, anyways,
so he’s pressed up against me and I can feel it and it’s like huge. And then he just looks at me
and pushes– he puts his hand on top of my head
and pushes me down to my knees – in front of him.
– Did you scream? No, he was really gentle. And then he unzips his jeans
and just takes it out. – And I was like, “Whoa.”
– What was it like? It was like this big fat snake
like staring me in the face. – Oh my God.
– And he’s like waving it around and tapping it on my nose and shit. And he puts it against my lips. I’m like, I don’t know what to do, but there’s like
nowhere to go, you know? And he just keeps pushing,
and I think at some point I opened my mouth to say something like, “Get that smelly thing out of my face,” and he just shoved it in. – Did you choke?
– Yeah, because it was huge. My mouth was wide open like this. Like– Oh wow. And I was starting to turn blue
because I couldn’t breathe. And he tells me to breathe
through my nose and I do. And snot starts coming out of my nose. – Oh my God.
– But it wasn’t funny. I was like blowing my nose
all over his dick. And he’s like pumping it in and out, back and forth in my mouth
and grabbing my hair. Did you– oh my God. – Did you scream?
– No. He told me a couple of times actually
to get my teeth out of the way, but like where the fuck
were they supposed to go? – You know?
– Yeah. I mean like there wasn’t any room
in there for his dick and my teeth. (laughs) Oh. So he just keeps pumping
and grabbing my hair. And at some point I look up
and I can see that he’s going to come, because, you know, guys look
really stupid before they come. Mm-hmm. Like how? Like, their faces get all scrunchy and they look like they’re taking
a shit or something. Oh my God. So he’s doing all this weird shit
with his face. Mm-hmm. And all of a sudden there’s like
this explosion in my mouth and all this hot gooey stuff
starts coming out. – Did you swallow any of it?
– Yeah. I swallowed a lot of it
because I didn’t have a choice. I mean there was like a gallon of it
and it just kept coming. And he’s like grabbing my head
so I couldn’t move or anything, right? And like I started coughing
and it just started coming out of my nose
and the sides of my mouth, like probably my ears. – Oh. Did it taste totally gross?
– It was like– – Mom, what the fuck?
– Who are you talking to? It’s Amy. I was talking to Amy.
Jesus Christ. It’s me, Miss Stewart. Sorry. It’s late. Go to sleep, Megan. Sorry, Meg. Sorry. I– I hate it here. I hate it so much.
I have to get out of here. Where would you go? I don’t care. Well, if you go anywhere,
I’m going with you. – Really?
– Yeah. You’re my best friend. Really? I don’t know what I’d do without you. Well, you’re my best friend too, Amy. – Really?
– You’re my only real friend. Miss Stewart: Megan, go to sleep now! Maybe we’ll run away together, go far away somewhere
like Texas or something. Why Texas? I don’t know. Sounds far away. Okay. Texas. Texas. – Good night, Amy.
– Good night, Meg. Tada! And here we are,
the stars of the hour on Amy’s new video camera. My expensive new video camera.
Daddy loves me. Yeah, well, mine love me too, slut. Bitch. – Okay okay, what should we do?
– I don’t know. We can make a documentary about my cat, like “A Day in the Life of Charlie”
or something. – Are you for real?
– Mm-hmm. Okay, let’s do something,
you know, like not boring. Ooh, I know.
Why don’t you strip? I’m not doing that. Oh yeah, that’s right.
We said not boring. Shut up. You strip then. – Fine, I will.
– No no no no no. What if my parents see this by accident? Well, your dad’s pretty hot. I so did not hear that. Okay, why don’t we do an interview,
like your life’s story? – Okay.
– Okay, you go first. Okay. Okay, start with your name and birthday. Hello. My name is Megan Stewart and I was born on August 12th, 1992. I go to Alton High School
where I am an honor student. (Amy laughing) I am a Leo which means
I’m generous and warm-hearted– do you want to not laugh, bitch? I am also faithful and loving and creative and broad-minded. Well, then I say that last part’s true. Okay, so what else? Um, I live with my mom
who loves me very much. I am her pride and joy. My dad– my real dad– is somewhere–
I don’t know, I don’t know– doing something. My stepfather’s name is Paul. He’s in prison. He fucked me for the first time
when I was nine. And he kept on fucking me for two years. My mom was so afraid of losing him
that she wouldn’t– she wouldn’t even listen to me
when I told her about it. She even blamed me
when he got sent to prison. Guys like me. They’ve always liked me.
I’m… a likable girl, I guess. I’ll pretty much do what you want, but you have to tell me
that you love me. They’re all so fucking pathetic. – (computer chimes)
– Hey. – What the hell is that?
– It’s my stuffed animal. – It’s cute.
– Oh, it’s adorable. Yeah, I know. – So are you going to go tonight?
– I don’t know. There’s never anything but losers there. Yeah well, I’ve met some
pretty cool guys there like Jorge. Okay, I hate to break it to you,
but Jorge’s not cool. Whatever. He’s fun to hang out with. – No.
– And so are you. I mean, maybe sometime
you want to hang out again? Um, Lex, I’m just not like comfortable
with what happened before. – Yeah, no. It’s okay.
– It’s just not me, you know? No, I understand. That’s fine. Um, actually I’ve been talking
to this new guy named Josh. – He’s really cool.
– Oh yeah? What makes him cool? He skateboards
and he goes to Tolland – and he competes for real stuff.
– Oh really? And he saw that I like skateboarding
and so he added me. – You don’t skateboard.
– Whatever. Guys dig it when chicks
are skateboarders. Lex! Oh my God. Oh, you should check it out.
It’s Skaterdude. – Okay.
– (keyboard clicking) Doesn’t he look like Brad Pitt? A little in the eyes, I guess.
Does Josh have a cam? He does, but his little brother
like busted it or something crazy, so… I don’t know.
But– ooh, one time he met
George Clooney in person. – Nuh-uh.
– Yeah. Oh my God. And he like talked to him
for like an hour at this mall and– – What mall?
– I don’t know. We should like go
and stalk him or something. Yeah. That’s funny. – But you should talk to him.
– Okay, maybe. Maybe if I’m bored I’ll go.
I don’t know. Okay. Well then, I’ll talk to you later. – Okay.
– Bye. Bye. Hello, my name’s Amy Herman
and today’s January 13th, 2007, and this is my video diary. This is my room. As you can see,
it’s very neat and clean, because I believe cleanliness
is next to godliness. This is Mr. Rupert. He’s in charge of all the rest
of the animals and he makes sure that
they all behave when I’m gone. I love him, but he’s not
my favorite bear. My favorite bear is Billy Bear.
He’s not here anymore. This is my best friend Megan. We go on all kinds of crazy adventures. We’re pretty wild together. We’re like sisters. I just love her. As you can see,
I live in a pretty nice house. We live in an area called Sherman Oaks. If you’re not from Los Angeles, you have no idea what I’m talking about. But there it is. – This is my mom Louise.
– Amy, what are you doing? It’s my video diary. You want to tape me rushing around,
trying to get dinner ready? Sure. It’s real life. So is doing your homework
while I’m doing this. Mom’s a real estate agent
as well as being a mom. She’s probably crabby because
she didn’t sell a house today. – Amy.
– (laughs) This is my cat Charlie. He’s really old. He’s actually older than me,
which makes him like 100 in cat years. That’s really old. This is my backyard. This is our barbecue. When the weather’s nice, we’ll barbecue and my parents will invite
some friends over for a party. My dad’s not here. He works long hours,
but he always makes sure to be here on my birthday
and other important holidays. Well, that’s my house. Thanks for joining me on the tour. Bye. (laughs) (computer chimes) – Josh: Hello, hot chick.
– Hi, Skaterdude. – (laughs) My name’s Josh.
– I know. How did you know that? My friend Lexie gave me your address. Well, that was nice of her. – So what’s your name?
– Megan. Nice name. I’m just checking your profile. So you go to Tolland? Yeah, when I go to school at all.
The teachers suck there. They do at Alton too. Oh, Alton. So we live near each other. – Yeah.
– Hmm. You should come skateboarding sometime. I don’t board. I’ll watch.
Where do you board? Usually down by the ravine
in the back of the diner. – You know where that is?
– Yeah. Yeah, I’m around there all the time. Cool. Hey, can you tilt your webcam
down a little? Why? I don’t know. Just because. Oh my God, all guys are the same. What? I’m not putting on a show
for you, freak. – No! I didn’t mean it like that.
– Then what? I don’t know. I’m– nothing. I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it. – How’s that?
– Mm, much better. – Nice outfit.
– Thanks. So your cam is broken, huh? Yeah, my fucking dog chomped on it. I thought your little brother broke it. Yeah, he did, and then my dog
took a swipe at it too. Wow, sucks to be you. (Josh laughs)
Damn, you’re a firecracker. That’s right. Gotta watch myself around you, huh? Uh-huh. Ah… I like that. Too many girls just roll over–
like no challenge. You know a lot of girls, huh? No. I’m into quality, not quantity. Yeah, I’m sure.
I’ve heard that one before. I’m serious. No bullshit. Yeah well, maybe. – Maybe what?
– Just maybe. (Josh sighs) So you going to the party tonight? – I don’t know.
– Hmm. At least you get to see
what I look like. I already know what you look like. How? I have an imagination. (laughs) Oh no. Lexie gave you my picture, didn’t she? – Maybe.
– Oh my God, busted! (laughs) You’re such a stalker. I am not! I just– never mind. Ah. No, that’s cool. I like knowing some chick
thinks I’m dope. I didn’t say I thought you were dope. Maybe a dope. (laughs) Oh my God. You’ve got a mouth on you,
a nice one too. – You think so?
– Mm, hell yeah. Aw. (laughs) Now you’re torturing Skaterdude. – (laughs)
– Aw, poor baby. You’re a cool chick. You should come tonight.
We should hook up. Maybe. Come on, I’ll be hanging
with my buds by the kitchen. – You gonna come?
– Maybe. Mm, okay, Maybe Megan. – Well, I hope to see you tonight.
– Okay. – All right. Bye, hot chick.
– Bye. – (beeps)
– Hey. Where are you going? Um, I decided at the last minute
to go to Tracy’s party. Oh, I thought you weren’t going to go. Yeah, it’s just I was talking
to this kind of cool guy and he’s going to be there,
so I thought I’d check him out. Oh, okay. So, yeah. I’ll call you tomorrow? Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. – Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Hey, video diary. It’s me, Amy, again. Yeah, like who else would it be? I was going through
some magazines the other day because I want to find
a nice dress for my prom. My prom’s not for four years away,
but I figured if– if someone asked me to his,
then I should be prepared. Hell, like who’s going to ask me, right? Fuck you. – (beeps)
– Yeah? Hey. Amy? What time is it? – 8:00.
– In the morning? – Jesus Christ, Amy.
– Sorry. I was just wondering
how it went with that guy. – Was he cool?
– He wasn’t there, fucking dork. – I looked for him for four hours.
– That’s too bad. – What was his name?
– Josh, Josh the jerk. Okay, well, what are you doing later? – Sleeping.
– After that? That’s it. Well, let’s go to a movie or something. – Okay, call me later.
– Okay. Good night. Bye. – (computer chimes)
– Josh: Hey, hot chick. How would you know? Uh-oh, you sound pissed. Oh no, why would I be pissed? Just because some jerk
tells me to meet him at a party and then never shows up? Why would I be pissed? – I was there.
– No, you weren’t. I was at that party
for four hours, buddy. If you were there,
then you’re the invisible man. I looked like an idiot. Well, I thought you looked great. – And how would you know?
– Because I was there. Okay. If you were there,
then what was I wearing? Uh, well, you had on a really sexy little jean skirt and a black top with gold trim and, um, black high-heeled
kind of sandals. And I think you had
a butterfly clip in your hair. – You were there.
– Yeah, I told you. Well, then why didn’t you come up to me? I saw you looking around. I figured you were probably
looking for me. Yeah, I was. And you looked so great.
I mean you looked incredible. I totally felt my heart skip a beat
when I saw you. I guess I just wimped out. So you watched me? (laughs) Yeah. Kind of creepy, huh? No. It’s kind of nice. Yeah, I saw you talking
with your friends. You’re really popular. I didn’t want to barge in
and mess things up. – You’re shy.
– Mm, sometimes. It’s okay.
I get shy too sometimes. Hmm. You seem like
you’re always in control. No. Sometimes I just don’t
know what to do, so I usually do something stupid. (Josh chuckles) (lisping)
Hey well, Stupid is my middle name. (laughs) Anyway, I am sorry
I didn’t talk to you last night. It’s okay. I understand. – You do?
– Yeah. But I do wish I could have met you. Yeah. Well, there were just
so many people and stuff and it was like I didn’t know
that many people – and I felt weird and–
– Yeah. Yeah, I understand. So anyway, what are you doing today? Oh, nothing much. Me and my friend Amy are going to go
see the new Matt Damon movie. Matt Damon. You like Matt Damon, huh? Yeah. What’s not to like? I don’t know.
He looks kind of gay to me. – I don’t think so.
– Hmm. – Well, I bet he can’t skateboard.
– You’re jealous. (chuckles) Of him? Nah. Yes, you are! Admit it! Why would I be jealous of Matt Damon? I don’t know. You tell me. Well, maybe because he gets
to spend time with you today and I don’t. Well, you could if you ask me. Okay, then I’m asking you. – Asking me what?
– (laughing) Wow, you don’t make this easy, do you? – Hey, I’m worth fighting for.
– (chuckles) Yeah, you are. Thank you. So, Megan, after your date
with Matt Damon, would you like to meet up and maybe get some ice cream
or something? Yes, I would. Cool. Well, that was easy. The movie will be over around like 7:00. So do you want to meet us
at the theater? Uh, you know, I’d love to meet
your friend and everything– Yeah yeah, it’s okay. Um, why don’t you web me later
around like 7:30? Okay, that sounds good. – Okay. Bye, Josh.
– Bye. – (beeps)
– Hey. Hey. Guess who I was just talking to. – Lexie?
– No. Josh. Josh, as in Josh the big fat jerk
who stood you up Josh? No no, he’s not a jerk. He was just shy. – For four hours?
– Okay, so he’s very shy. But listen, I was just talking to him
and he’s really sensitive. What did he say? Well, we were talking about
lots of stuff and, get this, he remembered everything
I was wearing last night. Wow. So what are you going to do? I’m going to see him tonight
after the movie. He’s going to web me later. Hey, you want to come over
and say hello? Um, if you don’t think
that’s going to be weird. Um, no. He’s really cool about stuff. Yeah. Oh, there you are. Hey. Okay, there he is. Okay, be cool. – (computer chimes)
– Hello? Josh: Hey, Megan. How was the movie? – Oh, it was okay.
– Hey, who’s that? – Hey, I’m Megan’s best friend Amy.
– Hi, Amy. I think I might have seen you
around school before. – I thought you go to Tolland.
– Yeah, I do, when I go to school. But sometimes I just like
to hang out at Alton because the girls are prettier. – And don’t you forget it.
– (Josh chuckles) So what do you look like? Oh, Megan didn’t show you my pic? – I don’t remember if she did.
– Yes, you do, bitch! – Don’t listen to her, Josh.
– That’s okay. I– I have another one here
I was going to send you anyway since my web’s broken. Here it comes. Hold on. – Oh, you didn’t tell me you surf.
– Yeah, totally. The waves are awesome this time of year because of the currents
coming up from Mexico. – Does it get cold?
– Nah, I wear a wetsuit. And also the adrenaline
keeps you warm. – That sounds really cool.
– Yeah. So are you two doing something tonight? Oh, no. Actually Amy was just leaving. Bye, Amy. See you in school tomorrow. Bye. (mouths word) I saw that, Amy. (laughs) So, alone at last. So you still want to meet up
and do something? – Sure. Where?
– I don’t know. Why don’t we meet behind the diner
in like 20 minutes? – Behind the diner– how romantic.
– (laughs) Well, if you want to meet
somewhere else– No, I’m kidding. I’m sorry. I can be kind of a smart-ass sometimes. Ah, no problemo. I know how to deal with smart-asses. – Oh? And how is that?
– You’ll see. See? It’s always the quiet ones
you have to worry about. (Josh chuckles) – I would never hurt you, Megan.
– I know. – Do you?
– Yes. – Do you trust me?
– Yes. I trust you too. So see you in like 20 minutes. – Okay. Bye, Josh.
– Cool. Bye. – (beeps)
– Hello? – Hey, Kathy, it’s Amy.
– I know. What I don’t know
is why you’re calling me. I was just wondering
if you talked to Megan today. No, I haven’t. Um, I’m kind of busy,
so I’m going to go, okay? – Bye.
– (beeps) (keypad beeping) – (beeps)
– Hello? – Hey, Lexie.
– Hi. Are you sure you didn’t dial
the wrong number? I know you don’t like me,
but I was just wondering if you saw Megan in history class today. Huh-uh. Well, I– I gotta go. – But–
– Bye. (kids laughing) – (computer chimes)
– Hey, Josh. – Hey. Who’s this?
– It’s Amy. I met you yesterday.
I’m Megan’s best friend. Oh, yeah yeah yeah. How’s it going? Not so good.
Have you heard from Megan at all? No, I was going to ask you
the same thing. We were supposed
to get together last night and she never showed up. She hasn’t been at school all day.
She hasn’t called me at all. Mm, well, I haven’t seen her. I mean do you guys talk all the time? Yeah, like every hour. This is so weird. You know, maybe she went
somewhere with her mom. No, Megan and her mom don’t get along. I don’t know, Amy. I mean we talked and I thought
we got along great. – And then she never showed up.
– Okay. Well, if you hear from her,
will you web me? – Yeah, sure.
– Thanks, Josh. – Bye.
– Bye. – (newscast music playing)
– News anchor: In America a child disappears every 40 seconds. The police need your help
to solve these crimes. Over 2,000 times a day
somewhere a mother cries out: Tonight on “Missing”:
a beautiful teenage girl, a desperate mother… She’s a good girl. Just don’t hurt her. News anchor:
…and a mysterious disappearance. I don’t know. One day she just
didn’t show up for school. Is she a runaway
or is she the victim of foul play? No matter which way you look
at the facts, one fact remains: Good evening. I’m Callie Daniels. Megan Stewart, a beautiful
popular 14-year-old girl vanished without a trace after going out
with friends two days ago. Police have no leads
in the baffling disappearance of one of Alton High School’s
most popular students. Megan Stewart is by all accounts one of the shining stars
of Alton High School– a straight-A student
who devotes her spare time to helping her community
and her friends. She’s popular with students
and faculty alike. Megan Stewart is a role model
for many of our students here. She’s active in her community
and a very good student. Megan’s mother, Joyce Stewart,
gave this statement. I– I just want her to be
brought back safe to the people who love her and miss her. We asked her friends
if they thought Megan ran away. – Megan would never run away.
– No. She’s like my best friend. And if something was wrong
in her life, she would tell us. She would totally. Whether a runaway, abduction
or other form of foul play, the one fact remains
that this beautiful young girl disappeared without a trace. Police are asking for your help. Megan Stewart is 5’1″, 105 lbs with dark hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans
and a maroon blouse. If you know anything regarding
the whereabouts of this young girl, please contact North Hollywood Police or you can send anonymous tips
to Police are also looking for clues
in the disappearance of 13-year-old Tercel Jackson
who was abducted from his home in Crenshaw
yesterday afternoon. Anyone with information
is encouraged to call the Crenshaw Police Department. We will be right back with more
on the disappearance and search for Megan Stewart
after these messages. It’s been four days
since I’ve heard from Megan. I don’t think she ran away. That’s what all the news people
are saying. I don’t know what happened,
but I’m worried. This is so weird. I keep expecting her
to call me any second. I sleep with my cell phone
next to my pillow. I know she’s alive. I can feel it. A stunning break in the case
of missing teenager Megan Stewart. Police today released
security camera footage from the back of a diner
just one mile from where she lived. The footage clearly shows
that she encounters a man who appears to lead her away. Sergeant Jon Simonelli
of District 33 Police Department had this statement. Well, we got a lucky break in the case. We obtained some surveillance footage. And on the videotape it appears
as if she’s waiting for someone. Whether the man she walked away with
was the individual she was waiting for – is still under investigation.
– So you think she may be a runaway. Well, we’re looking at
all possibilities at the moment. Anyone with information
is encouraged to contact the North Hollywood Police Department. And when we return,
a pure-bred cocker spaniel accidentally drives his owner’s car
through a store window. (computer chimes) – Hey, Josh.
– Hey, cute girl. Don’t say that. I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. You don’t think you’re cute? – I do.
– I’m all right. Mm, I think you’re sexy. I think you’re one sexy girl. Was that you in the video? What, that security video? That was some old dude. – So you didn’t see her there?
– No. I think maybe she skipped out
with that guy before I got there. You know, she seems kind of flaky. She wouldn’t do that.
She would have told me. So you two are really close, huh? Yeah, we are. It’s funny, you don’t seem
like the kind of girl she would hang with. – What do you mean?
– You know what I mean. Just look at yourself.
You know exactly what I mean. No, I don’t.
You just said I was sexy. Then you’re stupid too. You’ll believe anything, won’t you? I think you know where she is. Trying to change the conversation
won’t change the facts, Amy. What facts? That you’re fat,
that you have no friends, that no one finds you attractive. – I have friends.
– (laughs) You have one friend who left
and didn’t tell you where she was going because she didn’t
want you tagging along. No, that’s not true. Would you like to have friends, Amy? Would you like to sleep with something
besides your teddy bear? – Shut up.
– Mm-hmm. Do you hug your teddy bear, Amy,
and pretend he’s some guy you like – who’s never going to talk to you?
– Shut up. Because you’re some loser
who won’t spread her legs? You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know who I am. I know exactly who you are, Amy. Megan told me all about you–
how pathetic you are, how you follow her around
like a little puppy. You’re like a big joke to her. – What did you do to Megan?
– Nothing. Nothing she didn’t do
with 100 guys before. Today on “Missing,” new revelations
in the case of Megan Stewart, the North Hollywood teenager
who disappeared over two weeks ago. Police were given a statement
by 14-year-old Amy Herman, a close friend of the missing girl. Reporter: What did you tell the police? I just told them about someone
Megan was chatting with online. – What’s this person’s name?
– Had she met with this man before? I’m sorry, but that information is vital
to the ongoing investigation. Well, now that you’ve come forward,
do you fear for your own life? All right, that’s it.
No more questions for now. We have confirmed that Amy Herman
mentioned a man named Josh who apparently met Megan Stewart
in a chat room using the nickname Skaterdude. A complete chronology
of the investigation can be found at our website: We’ll be back after these messages. Let me take you on a tour
of some of the places Megan and I would go to. I keep thinking I’ll see her somewhere. I keep hoping I do, at least.
This is a diner. We always used to come here
after school. – What are you doing?
– Get that camera out of my face. I’m not recording you guys.
I’m making a video diary for myself. About how you messed up
Megan’s life, huh? No– You know it’s because of you
that she’s not here, right? That’s not true. What are you going to do, sell this? Are you going to sell this to the news? No, I’m– I’m not going
to sell this to anyone. You know what?
Stay the fuck out of my face, bitch. – As you can see I’m very well liked.
– Hey! You know that
this is all your fault, right? You think you’re hot shit
because she spent every waking moment with you? – No, I–
– Is that what you think? I don’t think that. Fuck. She loved me! And I– I loved her back.
I loved her so much! And now she’s gone because of you! This is all your fault and I can’t fix it. There’s nothing I can fucking do. Get the fuck out of my face. (crying) This is all your fault. Amy: Megan and I used to come
under this bridge and just talk about stuff. I remember one time
when it just started to rain and then it started to pour. All of a sudden the entire river
was flooded. We didn’t want to tell anyone about it. We thought people might think
we were stupid. I guess we kind of were. Megan’s so adventurous. She’s not afraid to try things
and she doesn’t care what other people think about her. I wish I was more like her. I’m going to show you something. This is Billy Bear. I’ve had him since I was like five. Three years ago my mom
wanted me to get rid of him because he was all ragged,
but I just couldn’t. So I keep him here and I can
visit him whenever I want. People keep saying how this experience is supposed to help me grow up, but… I don’t understand that. If anything, it’s making me
not want to grow up. There’s so much weirdness out there. I’d just– I’d just rather
stay here with Billy. (keyboard clicking) (computer chimes) Who is this? – Josh: I think you know.
– Josh? You have a big mouth. I didn’t say you kidnapped Megan. No. You just said you think I did. Well, if you didn’t,
you have nothing to worry about. I don’t have anything to worry about. They can’t find me. You can set up
free screen names anywhere. What do you want from me? I want you to shut
your big fucking mouth. And if you still feel like
yakking to the police, I may have to pay you a visit
or your mom. I’m watching you, Amy. Tonight a special
“Megan is Missing” reenactment based on analysis of the original
security camera footage. We must warn you that some material may be too intense for younger viewers. Well, we’re filming the reenactment
of an abduction and we’re doing it actually
on the exact location where the girl was abducted. You want to find the truth
and we believe an accurate reenactment in the same location
might bring about some clues that the police really haven’t
been able to touch on themselves. I– I just– I think
this is so important. And I want to do anything
I could do to help out. I mean I can’t even imagine
that this happened. It is difficult playing
someone as awful as this, but you look past your personal feelings and just try to make it real
for the audience. When I was a lot younger I spent
a lot of time on the internet. It’s not a safe space. As much as you feel safe
in your own home, you’re not safe. And now a “Megan is Missing”
exclusive reenactment. Hey, Mom, it’s me.
I’m going to go to the store and get some groceries for breakfast. So I’ll see you soon. Bye. (echoing) You’re trespassing. Come with me. Stop! No, please! Please! Stop! Stop! (screaming) The brutal abduction
of a beautiful young girl. We’ll be right back. It’s been three weeks now. I can feel the people searching
for Megan are starting to give up. They’re not trying anymore and it’s really hard to get volunteers. I think that they might
think she’s dead. Maybe I do too. Tonight a shocking twist
in the case of Megan Stewart. The missing girl’s best friend,
Amy Herman, has now vanished. Are the girls the victims
of the same kidnapper or have they simply run away together? Detective Jon Simonelli had this to say. Obviously the coincidence of both girls, who were friends,
disappearing is enormous. We’re working all possible
scenarios at this time. A baffling case that grows
more bizarre by the hour. We’ll be right back. It has been two days
since the disappearance of 15-year-old Amy Herman and 23 days since her best friend Megan Stewart
was abducted behind a local diner. Their friends have started a campaign
to persuade everyone to tie pink ribbons on trees
as a symbol of hope. We’re doing this pink ribbon campaign to let Megan know that we love her
and we miss her. And hopefully it’ll make
whoever took her, you know, feel bad and let her go. Yvette: Search parties
continue to examine the wooded area surrounding
the two girls’ homes for any leads as to their whereabouts. Earlier today I spoke
with Amy’s parents. We’d like to thank all the volunteers that have spent so many hours
searching for Amy. We believe in our hearts that she’s well and that she will be
returned to us. Princess, if you can–
if you can hear me, we love you and we’re praying for you. Chief, we’ve got something here. Frank, get the camera.
Get the camera, Frank. Man: Tell those guys to stop.
Hold up. Hold up right there. (no audible dialogue) – (Amy screams)
– (banging) Help! Somebody help! Somebody please! Please! Please help! (crying) Please, help me! Help me! Why are you doing this to me? Please. Where is Megan? – Is she here?
– Josh: Yes, she’s here. I want to see her.
I want to talk to her. You’ll see her when I say
you can see her. You’re crazy. Let me go! I’m going to let you go… but only if you behave yourself. No. No, I want to go home. Please let me go home. Please. (crying) Please! Josh, where are you going? You’re crazy! Please! Josh! Please! I want to go home! (crying) Help! Help! Somebody! No! (whimpers) You’re crazy! My name’s not Josh, bitch. (pail clatters) You’re crazy! Amy: No! No! No! Help me! Help me! Please! Help! Somebody, please! Can you hear me? Some– (crying) Josh: Dinner time. You have to eat your dinner
if you want to stay healthy. Mm-hmm. – Billy!
– Mm, you want teddy? Please please. Please let me– Eat your food and you can have teddy. Eat your food and you can have teddy. No, not with your hands. Eat from the bowl. That’s it. You want your teddy bear? – Please.
– Eat your food. (crying) Why are you doing this? Josh: Eat. Good girl. (crying) (Amy coughing) (door opens) (Amy whimpers) Am I going home? Please. Please let me go home, please. (chains rattling) Where am I going? Where am I going? Am I going home? No no no. No. Ow, no. No no. Ahh! (crying, screaming) No! No! Stop! Ahh ahh! Ow ow. (Josh grunting) (crying subsides) (grunting continues) (Josh panting) (door creaks) (chains rattling) (door closes, latch clanks) Wake up, princess. Time to get up. What are you doing? It’s all right. Don’t be afraid. – Am I going home?
– You want to go home? – Yes. Yes, please.
– Would you like that, Amy? You want to see your mommy and daddy? Yes. You want to see Mommy and Daddy again? Okay, come here. That’s a girl. Come here. Yeah. Come over here. Come over here. I just need you to get in this barrel because I don’t want you to see
where I live, okay? – Mm.
– Okay? Okay. Now hold on. (Amy screams) No! No, Megan! Megan! No! No! Megan! No! – Josh: God damn it!
– Help! – Come on. Get in there.
– No! No! – Get in.
– No! (Amy banging) Please! Don’t do this. Please don’t do this. (banging, screaming) Josh: Shut up! Amy: Help! Help! – (Josh grunts)
– Help! – (banging)
– Help! Amy: Please please, I promise
I won’t tell anyone about you. I won’t tell anyone! Please, just let me go. (sobbing)
Please, I just want to go home. Please! (banging) Let me out! Let me out! (banging) Please! (crying) Someone, please help. Amy: Help– (Amy crying) (muffled)
Josh, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I love you, Josh. I love you. Please don’t do this to me. I love you. (crying) We could love each other. We could run away together. (sniffles) Can’t you see it? I’ll be with you forever. Please, you have to let me
out of here… or we’ll never have that chance. (coughing) Why? Why are you doing this? I said I was sorry and I mean it. I– I’m– I’m really sorry. Please, I don’t want to die. I’ve got my whole life
and you have your whole life. Let me out. Please. – (crying)
– (scratching) Please open the top, please. Please, just open it and I’ll kiss you whenever you want. What do you want me to do? (coughs, sniffles) Josh, what do you want me to do? (crying) I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I did. I don’t know what to tell you. (crying) (coughing, gagging) Can you hear me? I know you can hear me. I know you can. I’ll be better. (crying) I’ll be the best girlfriend
you’ll ever have, or the best wife or– or anything
that you want me to be. I’ll be the best. Please, just give me a chance. I promise you. – (coughs)
– (water sloshing) Just give me a chance. Josh. What do you want me to do? (crying) What do you want me to do? I’ll prove it. I’ll do anything–
anything in the whole world. I’ll do anything. I’ll never call my family again. I don’t need Billy.
I won’t ever want him again. I won’t ever ask for him. I’ll eat anything you give me. I don’t care. (water sloshing) Just open it once. Please, just– just open it once? (Josh grunts) Amy: So I can show you
how much I love you. I love you. I love you, Josh. I don’t know if anyone else
has ever told you that, but I mean it. I really do. I know we can love each other. (coughing, gagging) Josh. I can hear you, so I know you can hear me. It’s getting hard to breathe. Please. Please help. What do you want me to say? You’re my master? You’re the king? Well, you are. It’s true. Everything I’m saying is true. You’ve gotta believe me. Please. I trust you. You can trust me too. Just open it. (crying) – Please…
– (thuds) …just open it. Josh. You don’t want this to happen. You don’t want me–
you don’t want me to die. You’ll be left all alone. Josh, if you let me live, I’ll love you forever. Forever. (coughing) Josh. Answer me. I’m so sorry. I am so sorry. Please. You can’t let me die. I love you. I love you, Josh. Your eyes and your hair– I just want you. (water sloshing) Who else is going to love you like I do? No one. No one will love me as– as you do. No one will love you as much as me. No one will care for you as much as me. (shovel clanks) Amy: I– I am so sorry. – Jo– Josh, I love you.
– (water sloshing) No. I– I love you, Josh. – No! No!
– (Josh grunts) – (banging)
– Amy: No! Josh! Please! I’m so sorry! I love you. I love you. Please! No no no! No, don’t leave me in here. Please! Josh, Josh, anything– I’ll do anything. Anything anything! Please, I just– (sobs) – (banging)
– Help! Help! Please! Help! Can anyone hear me?! (crying, coughing) – Help!
– (banging) Somebody! Please! Please! I’m gonna die! Help me! – Help!
– (banging) (sobbing) – (banging)
– Help! Somebody! Please, someone! Is anyone out there? (crying, banging) Please, someone! Is anyone out there? Please! – (banging)
– Help. Help. Help me. No! Josh, no! (crying, screaming) Help me! (screams fading) (crying) Help me. (crying) No! Help! Please. (faint screaming) Somebody, please! (Josh grunting) (grunts) (panting) Goes mommy– daddy shark, right? So daddy shark?
I only know grandpa shark. But I don’t know how it goes.
How does it go? Okay, it goes ♪ Dad– mommy shark,
do do do, do do do ♪ -♪ Grandpa shark, do do do, do do do. ♪
– (laughing) – I don’t know any other ones.
– And then the sharks eat you. – No, the sharks don’t eat you.
– Yeah, they do. I don’t know who taught you,
but you don’t learn right. – I don’t learn right?
– Yeah. – I learn just fine.
– Sure, you do. I learn differently than you do. – Smelling your hair?
– Mm-hmm. – (laughing)
– My hair smells good. What does it smell like?
What does it smell like in French? – It smells so good I can’t even–
– What does it smell like in French? – Like flowers.
– Ha! Mm. – You’re crazy.
– You’re crazy. – Yeah, I guess we’re both crazy.
– Mm. So what do you want to be
when you grow up? I am grown up, you dork. You know what I mean– in the future. Uh, I say fuck the future. (laughs) What was that movie? Where the guy said that
to the other guy and– Oh, yeah, and then the guy said… Both: “The future fucks you.” – That was funny.
– Yeah. So what do you want to be? – I want to be you.
– You don’t want to be me. Yeah, I do. That’d be so cool. – Oh, you think so?
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, then I would be you.
– No, you don’t want to be me. – That’d be boring beyond belief.
– Shut up. I’m serious. Boring. Well, at least your mom and dad
are around and they love you. I’m sure your mom loves you too. I think we’re going to have
amazing lives. – Really?
– Yeah. We’re going to go to different countries and eat strange foods just like all those dorky
TV channels you watch. – Documentary channels aren’t dorky.
– Okay, if you say so. – Shut up.
– (laughs) And we’re going to meet guys
with strange foreign accents, handsome dangerous guys who are like
international spies or something. – Amy: In Venice, Italy.
– Why Venice? Well, it’s more romantic than Texas. – Fuck you!
– (laughs) It was all I could think of
at the time, okay? – (laughs)
– Meg? Do you really think I’ll meet someone… – Yeah, you will.
– …someday? – Yeah.
– When? It’ll happen. Don’t rush it. Well, you meet guys all the time. Not the right ones. How do you know what the right one is? – He’ll be honest.
– Mm-hmm. He’ll treat me like I’m special. He’ll be a little shy,
but he’ll be cool, so… I don’t know. I’ll just know. We’ll know when the right guy
comes along. – Okay.
– (both chuckle)