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>>Hey there. Welcome back to PACERTalks About Bullying. I’m Bailey. We’re glad you’re here. [ Music ] We just wrapped up the month of October,
which is National Bullying Prevention Month. This is an awesome time of year when schools,
communities, and individuals get involved to raise awareness about bullying prevention. In this week’s episode, you’ll
meet two cousins in Minnesota who hold an event called
Spook City in the Woods. Now, let’s meet these amazing cousins.>>Hi, I’m Gabe.>>I’m Jade.>>And this is Spook City in the Woods in
Racine, Minnesota, near Rochester, Minnesota.>>So, come on in. Enter at your own risk. [ Door Creaks ]>>Spook City in the Woods is a
family-friendly event first coordinated by Gabe and Jade when they were 10 and 12. Years later, Jade is now in college
and Gabe a high school senior, but their mission to make a
difference remains the same. Every year since 2012, each October during
National Bullying Prevention Month, they, along with their family and volunteers from
the community, have created a spooky trail in which hundreds go through
over a single weekend. Guests give a free will donation to
participate and all funds are donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. In addition to the spooky
trail, there are refreshments and bullying prevention resources available. Now listen to Gabe and Jade share why they
wanted to bring their entire community together, raise awareness for bullying prevention, and
also raise funds for this important cause.>>We were both impacted by bullying. I was bullied myself when I was younger
and she lost a classmate to bullying and it was just something that we wanted
to raise awareness for and so we decided to create an event– what better than the
month of October being anti-bullying month– to where we could have just kind of a spooky
walk in the woods and then, of course, our saying is being bullied
is scarier than this. And we really wanted to get the awareness
out that, like, if you think walking through like a haunted, spooky, scary woods, like that’s what people go
through on a daily basis. And it’s just something that we really wanted
to raise awareness for and make sure that people who are impacted have a way to express that. And then that’s where the idea of giving 100%
of our proceeds to PACER came so that way, like the National Bullying Prevention Center
is able to utilize the resources to help those that are impacted and we just wanted
to do our part to get that through.>>As you just heard, the inspiration for
this event comes from their own experience. In this next segment, Jade and Gabe will
share their insightful advice about bullying.>>So, I’d say for advice
is that– is to reach out. And I feel like a lot of people might feel
alone in the situation and I know every, like, bullying situation is different, but
there are people here to help you out and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that particular
thing that you’re going through and just know that people really do care about you.>>My advice would be don’t be
afraid to stand up for yourself. Definitely, if you’re in that situation, try
to find someone that you can trust to talk to, whether that be someone at like
your school, a friend, family. Stand up for yourself and it’s something
about you that they don’t like, you know, just like accept that that’s part of you. Don’t be afraid to, like, accept yourself and
just let people know that, like, you are you and you shouldn’t have to go
through a situation and be bullied because you’re expressing yourself
and just being who you are.>>In this next segment, these cousins share
their closing thoughts about bullying prevention and about why it’s so important to get
involved in causes that you care about.>>When I was younger, I was bullied
about so many different things and one thing I can remember in
particular was my ears were too big. But, you know, that’s nothing I can
control, so I just, like, moved on with it. I talked to people about it. I just came to, like, a self-acceptance of it. Because of that, I wanted to be kind of
inclusive of all the different people at the school because everyone
has their own story and, like, even the bullies have their own story, so
it’s good to accept everyone for who they are, be inclusive, it’s always good to know that
things do change and it gets better and, you know, you can do so many amazing things
at your school and for your community.>>One thing that I’d like to say is– we’re
just kind of two kids from a small town. We started in seventh grade as
like 13 and, my gosh, you were–>>I was in sixth grade.>>Yeah, you were in sixth grade at that time. And this became, I think, just so much
bigger than we had kind of intended or even thought it, like, could be. And you can do it too. Like it was so– we obviously had a
lot of help from my grandma and grandpa and that was super awesome that everyone
in our family was really willing to, like, help us out and, like, raise
money for this cause. But it’s doable and it’s a lot of fun and
it’s– I think it’s super important to, like, give back and so that’s really– it’s
a really awesome thing to experience.>>It just– if you find a way that you
can make an impact, definitely take it. We were just two young little kids with
a small idea and it became something big. So, anyone can do it.>>Gabe and Jade’s desire to make a difference
really shows through in this amazing event and it’s reached throughout
their entire community. Special thanks to these awesome cousins,
their family, and their entire community that gets involved in this event. It really shows that when we all come
together we can make a huge difference and really impact our communities in a big way. That’s all that we have for this week’s
episode of PACERTalks About Bullying. We’ll see you right back here next week and remember together we can help
create a world without bullying. Bye! [ Music ]