MC GUI Disney Bullying Update

Hello everybody and welcome back to my
channel I just wanted to give a really short update of something that I saw
this morning about the MCG controversy it looks like he still didn’t really
issue a formal apology for his behavior people are still trying to contact the
girl and her family to find out who they are and reach out apparently his his
mother and his people are trying to find out who the girl is so that he can do
some big publicity stunts and maybe offered to take her to Disney or make
her a princess for a day or basically try and make himself look like a good
guy despite what his own video showed so there’s been no formal apology on that
front but they are trying to make things right I don’t know if making things
right means making things right with his public image or making things right for
the girl but in any event it is what it is as far as I know they haven’t found
the girl or her family to know who exactly she is I I wonder if they’ve
seen the articles and viral video going around they might not even be aware of
the controversy but there is an organization called just Disney it’s a
website and it kind of seems like a fan site for Disney where they talk about
latest Disney news and Disney development and Disney rumors rumors
mainly being like are they going to be making new rides are they going to be
opening up a new location that sort of rumor and this is just an example of
some of their latest articles they talk about upcoming films and where they’re
at Disney’s officially hired the writer for hocus pocus – I guess they give
general kind of kid-friendly articles Halloween friendly snacks and as you can
see there’s an article called demand action against celebrity who bullied a
child at Walt Disney World if we go into the article it’s from
October 23rd 2019 and it’s attributed to somebody named Colleen and they started
a petition on in my first video I had linked to a petition that it
was a petition for Disney to reach out to the little girl and make her princess
for the day but this is more of a punitive petition wanting Disney to ban
MCE for life from its parks so they created a petition that actually got a
lot more traction than that first one update we have 70,000 signatures on our
petition to ban MC gree from Disney parks so thank you as of now MC gree has
not issued a formal apology to the girl there are numerous sources stating the
young girl in question has cancer but we cannot officially confirm this as fact
this is what he had to say for himself in light of the social media backlash so
I read this statement in my last video basically he was denying that he was
making fun of the girl rather he was taken with her costume which was boo for
a monster’s Inc and he was just remarking on how much she looked like
the character and the movie and it was all innocent but on that last video of
mine several people who speak Portuguese and who are from Brazil one person
particular was nice enough to translate the entire conversation happening
between him and his friends on that tram and it was not oh look how cute that
little girl is in her costume it was pretty revolting so anyway he’s
basically denying that he did anything wrong
we disagree MC Glee as you absolutely do need to defend herself and this is not
an apology just because it’s the Internet does not give you I guess the
right to just make a joke at a child’s emotional expense backpedaling and
saying this was not your intentions a lie and you know it from what we’ve
learned her mother spent the day trying to undo what you did to her so I
don’t know what information they had because my understanding is people don’t
know who this little girl or her family are unless people on the tram or when
they got off who saw the family saw the little girl looking upset and the her
mother comforting her but I can only imagine how this must have ruined her
time at the park starting out that way you are a bully with no remorse and we
will not back down from teaching you a lesson
editor’s note here at just Disney we love sharing fun magical and exciting
Disney news with our followers due to the age of the child in question we will
not be sharing any information regarding their identity and we refused to show
the viral video despite its mention in the article we ask that you use the same
discretion for this child on social media and instead choose to take action
with us so that’s their stance on the situation which I respect but that
little blurb indicates that perhaps they actually do know the identity of the
child I don’t know but if they know the identity of the child then it couldn’t
be very difficult for mcae to reach out or his people to reach out and find out
the identity of the child if he actually did want to apologize to her bullying in
2019 is absolutely not acceptable in our society least of all the most magical
place on earth it was recently brought to our attention by one of our faithful
Brazilian followers that there was a horrific nauseating video being shared
across social media platforms this story has gained international publicity with
over 30,000 articles reported by news outlets and has started
the social media hashtag July princess and Disney World and support of the
young child and has made us here at just Disney choose to start a petition to get
him banned from Disney parks the video posted by a very famous Brazilian singer
and internet celebrity who goes by the name of MC Glee whose real name is and I
cannot pronounce his name I can try Guil her make how cast an era elva’s and
i know i probably completely butchered that and got it wrong
records himself with his cell phone on a monorail
w DW or Walt Disneyworld openly mocking a very young child because of their
physical attributes standing and wearing a goofy souvenir ball cap he whistles
and insults the child from a distance where the child’s parents sat next to
her completely unaware of what was happening he zooms in on her face and
says it looks like a horror movie we have also learned that Alice husband
maintained his fame by putting himself in the center of constant controversy
including an array of recorded disgusting theme park behavior all in a
pathetically desperate attempt to stay in the public eye and get hits on social
media so I guess this is not his first time doing something like this as
parents of young children ourselves we’re absolutely sickened by this 21
year old adults behavior deciding to bring Elvis Elvises video to light in
the first place was a hard discussion because the last thing we want is to
give him any more notoriety for his deplorable behavior at first who are
completely against using any of this information presented to us because it
goes against upholding Disney values ultimately we agree if this was our
child we would only hope someone with a big enough voice would do the right
thing and we think we figured out a way to do it with your help no family should
ever have to live in fear of being openly bullied mocked recorded and
shared to millions of people online for any reason as a victim of bullying
personally I can’t imagine the pain of being openly mocked in public on
vacation in a place we go to experience joy hope and magic this celebrity needs
to be taught a lesson so let’s ensure he stays out of our parks there are two
ways you can help one do not click share his video or buy his music it only fuels
him and his behavior gets him more followers and publicity that he
desperately thrives on please keep in mind there was an innocent miner who’s
the victim in the video and prompted which prompted us to take action instead
of allowing him to show the evil in his heart choose to rise up and take action
with us sign and share the petition at Dan Brazilian singer MC qui from Disney
parks for filming himself bullying a child at Walt Disney World if we rally
together and take a stand against this bully we can show all bullies that
they’re not welcome here the only way to stop a bullies to put them
in their place and ensure he stays out of ours without punishment or
consequences to his repeat and problematic behavior it will continue
because others see him get away with it and they follow in his footsteps
if you have any insight as to who this family or child may be please have them
reach out to us directly at just Disney so I guess maybe they don’t know who
this child is earlier on it seemed like they were indicating or hinting that
they did know but I guess they still don’t as fun as it is to share viral
videos and cute Disney memes we have taken this situation very personally and
hope our incredible just Disney followers will help us take a stand in
silence bullies including celebrities like Al does at our beloved parks thank
you and have a magical day sign here and share the petition and they also have
that same message in Portuguese and this is the petition and I think
that this is the exact same text but this is a place where you can sign the
petition and that’s as of right now seventy-six thousand seven hundred and
eleven people have signed so yes I agree exactly with what they’re saying I don’t
think that someone like this should be allowed to go back to the parks
especially since it seems and I I don’t follow him or his Instagram I don’t know
what his history is but they say that he is lately known for trying to pull
pranks or behave very badly at theme parks or in public spaces but they
mentioned theme parks in particular and so if that is the case and he’s just
looking for content and views and is happy to humiliate and bully people so
that he can get some attention for himself then definitely someone like
that should be banned from the Disney parks and all other theme parks because
people who pay they pay a whole lot of money to go into these parks sometimes
saving for years to be able to go on special trips and take their children
and then to come and be bully and humiliated and have their time
ruined and you know ongoing emotional repercussions because of somebody like
this nobody deserves that and he poses a danger to the people in the park and
children in the park by his behavior so emotional distress is certainly nothing
to take lightly so yeah I’m for this petition and I
totally get what they’re saying about the minor girl not being further
exploited by sharing the video I did make the decision to share the clip just
so that the full impact of what this guy did could be seen I felt like people
needed to see exactly how his laughter and words even if you you couldn’t
understand what he was saying because you don’t speak Portuguese I think
everyone watching that video felt the full impact of what he was saying and
doing and his friends were doing and honing in on that poor little girl
but as I said in the video I you know I I posted it when I was really upset
about any but I am going to take the video down or or make it unlisted so
that I’m not further giving this guy publicity or exploiting the little girl
but I will post the link to the change org petition and to the just Disney
website where they go into more detail about why they decided to bring the
petition about in the first place I don’t know if Disney will listen but
just wanted to give you a little update on the MCG story anyway I’m hoping that
all of you are going to have an amazing day today and that it’s a good day for
everybody physically emotionally nobody gets bullied and I am thinking of
everybody and wishing you forever health happiness and contentment and I will see
you in the next video bye