Marga, tinawag na inggitera si Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

It’s a pleasure
having you today. You’re really that
jealous, huh? You can’t accept the fact
that they came for me. I don’t have anything
to be jealous of. And why is it my fault
they noticed me? This was your plan
all along, right? Steal everything from me? Excuse me, Marga? Cassie isn’t stealing
anything from you. Really? Who was it that made a
spectacle of themselves earlier? You. Did you ask for permission
to bring guests in my house? Do they know you’re
living off me? Then tell them, Romina. So they would know that you
only used my dad for money. Is that want you want? I don’t care what they
think, Daniela. But I know you wouldn’t
want them to know about your situation. Is that want you want? Let’s go, Marga. Cassie, call your Tito Neil. Dinner is ready. I hate you! I already know that, Marga. And I’m not expecting you
to like me. Do you know what
that woman did?! She almost revealed our
situation to the guests! She’s getting on my nerves! It’s true, though.
She owns this house. To be honest… …I’m no longer interested
with your rants. Carlos, the press came here
for your daughter! And she almost ruined
everything for Marga! She acts like she’s
the queen of this house! What did you do this time? What do you mean? Romina won’t fight back
unless you did something. I’m sure you started it. Carlos! Is that how bad
you think I am? I’m your wife! I need you the most now! For what? For bullying Romina? Daniela, I’m tired of you
starting all these fights. I was only on your side before because I thought
you were the victim. So now, you’re on her side?! I’m not taking sides. I’m fed up with this. If you want to fight Romina,
go ahead. But don’t ever involve
our daughter. Because once you do, you can forget that
I’m your husband.