Marga causes trouble in Cassie’s workplace | Kadenang Ginto Recap

Where’s Cassie? Why do you ask? No reason. I’m just curious as to
why she’s not here. Well, she said that
since school’s over, she’ll look for
something to do. She’s looking for a summer job
so she’ll be able to save money. So that’s your plan, huh? You’re pretending
to look for a summer job, but the truth is, you just want
to get closer to Kristoff. If that’s what you believe,
then there’s nothing I can do. All I know is, I’m just doing
what makes me happy. Also, I won’t interfere
with your feelings for him. But remember this: I know Tope. And he won’t fall for someone
with a rotten attitude, Marga. What are you two doing here? Working, obviously. We don’t talk about you
all the time, you know. Working, huh? But you don’t seen
very busy, do you? – It’s not yet break time.
– You know what? You just got here,
yet you’re already so angry. Who are you to talk to us
that way, anyway? Your boss. From now on, I’ll be the
plant manager of this factory. I need people
who have experience and can focus on their job. Kids from your generation
have low attention spans. I don’t think you’ll be able
to focus on the job. And you might even quit shortly
after it gets a little tough. I’ll hold that for you. Sorry, dear. I accidentally
pushed it off the table. It’s okay.
Just be careful next time. Oh, dear,
you didn’t have to do that. It’s okay, really. We’ll be going now. Ma, are you okay? What happened
to your food? What… How did this happen? I accidentally pushed
it off the table. Don’t worry. Those two children
already helped me out. Such wonderful kids. They helped me even
before the servers could. Cassie. Kristoff. What is it, sir? I’m going to give you a chance. You’re both hired. Thank you so much, sir! Sir, may we know why
you changed your mind? A customer told me she was
assisted by two wonderful kids. And they took care of the mess
before the servers could. Is she… My mom. I’m talking about my mom. She’s the elderly lady
inside the diner. Sir, thank you so much. Don’t worry. We’ll
give it our best Finally!
Someone finally hired us. Yeah? I told you, didn’t I? Come here. Congratulations. To both of us. what are you doing here? Are you visiting someone? Or are you here to check
on your workers? Or maybe you just want
to ruin your employees’ day? Who else would I be
visiting here but you? I want to see you, Romina. I want to see
how low you’ve fallen. There’s no such thing as
an insignificant job, Daniela. if you work hard
and earn an honest living. I”d rather have that than get a high-ranking position
I didn’t deserve No matter what you say,
I’m still on top. And whenever you want to see me,
you still have to bow down. I can also do this. Romina! It looks like the fish
have decided who the slimier one is
between us. Now they want to be with you. Marga? The one and only. What are you doing here? Excuse me, is that how
you talk to a customer? Do you want me to report you
to your manager? What’s your order, miss? There, that’s better.
Be my servant. One truffle pasta, and waffles, I’m not done yet. I’ll just have pancakes
instead of waffles and one strawberry shake. Hold on. I want less sugar
in my shake And use a low-fat milk. Truffle pasta… Strawberry milkshake,
less sugar and low-fat milk… …and pancakes. If you need anything else,
just call me, miss. Enjoy your meal. Wait. You got my order wrong. I said, waffles. You changed your order
to pancakes. No! This isn’t
my order! Where’s your manager? Are you sure you can
do your job well? Marga, stop making
a big deal out of this. You know very well that you got exactly
what you ordered! You’re a server here, right? Then why are you lecturing me? I’m the customer here. So I can complain
whenever I want. Where is your manager?! Marga, stop it! You really won’t tell me? Okay. Fine! You can have my pancakes, then! Cassie! You okay? I’m fine! Why don’t you ask her
if she’s okay? If she feels happy whenever
she hurts other people. Marga… Did you come here to eat or to pick on Cassie Of course, I came here to eat. That’s not what I’m seeing. You better leave now! Or else, I’ll call security. I just wanted to
visit my daughter. Does Romina know
about this? You should ask her
permission first. But she’s my daughter, too. Even so. She isn’t home,
so you can leave. If I were as rich
as Sir Robert, you would treat
me a lot better. Don’t compare
yourself to him. You two are very different. Is there a problem? Those things on Sir
Robert’s shirt, where’d he get them? The cufflinks?
What about them? Nothing. They look cool. They were a gift from
Ma’am Camila and Daniela. Where’d they buy them? You can’t just
buy those anywhere. They were custom-made
for Sir Robert. Uh… Why do you seem
so interested? I’ve never seen you
wear a dress shirt. What the hell?! This is all your fault! Marga, stop accusing me! If you want to blame someone,
blame yourself! If you think I’ll let you
answer back to me like this, you’ve got
another thing coming! – Eat this!
– Let go of me! Stop it! This is nothing compared to
everything you’ve done to me! Oh my god! Wake up and smell
the coffee, Marga! So you’ll realize you’re not
the victim between us! Oh my gosh!
We’re out of here, Maureen! – You ruined everything!
– Don’t touch me! You ruined everything
in my life! I hate you! What’s going on here?! Who broke the vase?! Cassie, what happened?
Why are you covered in cake?! Marga, I told you not to
come here again! Cassie, are you okay? That’s enough!
Do you want to get suspended?! Is nobody going to speak up
about what happened?! Ma’am Romina, he started it. Is that true? Why are you blaming me?! You hit me! That’s the
second time you did that! How many times do I have
to tell you that it wasn’t me?! – Hey, stop!
– That’s enough! Stop! What’s wrong with you?! We’re all working together
in the same factory! And our production
will only get worse if we’re fighting
amongst ourselves. If we don’t have cooperation
and consideration! Ma’am Romina, I saw the
new maintenance head. He instigated all this. But I couldn’t stop them
because it all happened so fast. Where’s Hector? He left after the fight
broke out, Ma’am. I don’t care about your
issues with each other. Sir Joaquin, I’m so sorry. You started a commotion
and broke some items. Well, how much is the shelf? I’ll pay for it,
and I’m willing to pay double, as long as you make sure
that Cassie is fired from work. And who said anything about
paying for the damaged items? Call your parents and
tell them to come here so I can talk to them. What’s your problem? I already said that
I’m willing to pay. You decide. Either you’re going to tell
your parents to come here, or I’m going to call the police. Why are you pestering me
in my work too? You ruined my life, so I promised that I will
ruin yours as well. I know you’re only here to
work for your tuition fee, and I will never allow you
to steal another school year in Maxwell from me again. You’re so selfish, Marga! My future is at stake here, and you’re willing to
sacrifice one school year just so no one will
compete with you?! You shouldn’t have
competed against me, Cassie. You should’ve backed off
when you had the chance. You’ve already taken
everything from us, Marga. I’m doing this because
I don’t want to depend on the inheritance
Daddy left us, so you and Ate Daniela
will stop criticizing us. But that still isn’t
enough for you is it?! Do I hear you
begging right now? You think I’m going to pity you
after everything I went through – because of you?
– I know– That was a rhetorical
question, Cassie. Are you going to cry? Go ahead. Cry me a river. Just make sure that
you will drown in it. You’re the one who
should be crying here. You just gave me
another reason to return to Maxwell
next school year. Kuya, I have good news. I know who Cassie’s
real father is. What are you
talking about? The cufflinks, Kuya. I saw Robert wearing them
in one of his portraits. What are you saying?
Cut it out. What if it was Robert
who raped Romina? What if he’s Cassie’s
real father? What is this
nonsense about? That’s impossible. But Kuya, it’s all
clear to me now. Daniela wanted those
cufflinks back, because it was her father
who raped Romina. I need to get them back. And then what?
You’ll get caught? Do you really want to
go back to prison? – But, Kuya —
– Shut up! Romina and Daniela are
watching us closely. Don’t do anything that
will get us in trouble. Understand? Let them go after each other! How can I help you, sir? I just want to know if my
daughter Cassie’s home. I was hoping to visit her. They’re all out, sir. It might take a while
before they come back. Is that so?
Uh… Can I just wait inside? I’m sorry, sir. We were instructed
not to let anyone in, while the
owners are out. Doesn’t Marga have a parent
who can be here?! I have! I’ll call my dad. Marga, will you please
stop coming back here? Leave Cassie in peace. make sure you collect
the trash from all the rooms. The garbage man will
be here tomorrow. Okay, Miss Esther. Is there someone
in Daniela’s room? As far as I know,
there’s no one there. Hey! Hey! What’s going on? An electrical outlet
exploded, Miss Esther! Primarosa, good evening. Hi, this is Daniela Bartolome. I’d like to speak to
my husband please. Are you referring to
Mister Carlos Bartolome? Who else would I refer to?
Just give him the phone now. Mrs. Bartolome, your husband
doesn’t work here anymore. He was fired from the company. Didn’t he tell you? What?! Why is the power out? What happened? There was a problem
with the circuit breaker. It’s already being fixed. And Ma’am Cassie’s father
went here earlier, Ma’am. He wanted to go inside,
but I didn’t let him. Is it true, Carlos? That you don’t have a job anymore? Answer me! Were you fired from your job?! Yes. Tay, did you know that
Carlos was fired from his job? Is that why you’re mad? Come on, it’s not a big deal. That’s the reason he
bought this car shop. You bought the car shop
without telling me? Daniela, you’re embarrassing me. You’re more concerned about
what other people would think? That’s not true. I didn’t tell you
I lost my job because I feel so
ashamed of myself. I feel so worthless whenever
I’m compared to you. You inherited a fortune, You have a high position
in your company, and I’m just your
worthless husband. Do you think that’s
easy for me to accept? Tell me! Who?! It was Daniela! Daniela killed Robert! Daniela couldn’t have
done that alone! But there’s a lot
you can do with money, I’m sure that Daniela paid someone
to kill Robert. Daniela’s the culprit! Daniela! That woman is insane! I’m telling you,
I’m on your side. I’m not the enemy here– But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t try to
kill my husband! And in case you forgot, you still raped me! And now, you will pay! Stop! I told you
everything, didn’t I?! Please stop!
I’m begging you!