Malawi Crusade 2016 with Rabbi Schneider

RABBI SCHNEIDER>>(Music) Shalom, beloved ones. The country of Malawi in Africa is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the entire world. I’m gonna bring you into Malawi today as I went there preaching the Gospel. You’re gonna see the Gospel of King Jesus works everywhere. (Music) (Shofar Blowing) ANNOUNCER>>Rabbi Schneider is a voice crying out in our lost world, pointing mankind to Jesus today. CYNTHIA SCHNEIDER>>(Music) Shalom, I’m Cynthia, Rabbi’s wife. Beloved, we are so thankful for what God is doing in people’s lives through this ministry all around the world. And right now I pray that Lord will touch you as Rabbi teaches and preaches God’s Word. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>God bless you and Shalom, beloved. We have a very exciting and special edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus today. You’re gonna witness people being set free from the powers of darkness as the kingdom of God hits planet earth and you see King Jesus literally setting people free from demons. Additionally, you’re gonna witness a supernatural healing by the power of God. Beloved, go with me now into the country of Malawi. (Music) Malawi is actually the poorest nation in the world. If you do an internet search on the poorest nations in the world, you’re gonna find with most of the studies that have been done, that Malawi is the poorest nation, beloved ones, on the entire earth. The average Malawian makes about a dollar a day in US dollars. In the villages they’re farming and they’re planting crops. And then they’re just living on their crops and what they’re doing with their ground. But there is virtually no money being transferred. Jesus said, Blessed are the poor in spirit. And I’m not just talking about material poverty, but sometimes material poverty brings a desperation of the spirit. So the people are very open, and they were extremely open to my ministry. The response was just so massive, just so open. And you know, when people are hungry and they’re receptive, it releases the anointing. And that’s what happened. I really felt the river of the anointing flowing though me, being released into God’s people here. Father, I ask you, in Jesus’s name, (Translator) pour out your Spirit. (Translator) (Crowd noise) (Music) ESAU BANDA>>Every time God wants to deliver a nation, he will send a prophet. When you see Ezekiel going down to the valley of dry bones you need to know that a mighty army is about to emerge. And this is what I see the visit of Rabbi to Malawi achieving for us. CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>Because wherever a man of God can step who has been sent by God, it can never remain the same. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>I want you to see Jesus on the cross for you. IAN LONGWE>>Look at the crowds that are here. They came just by hearing the Rabbi’s in the city. They left all their work just to come and listen to such an anointed man of God, who speaks the Word of God with such clarity, accurate and impact. LUCY KALIU>>It was like a miracle to see that man coming, stepping on the land of Malawi and ministering life to Malawi. MAN>>He has brought a word that is going to, to change the lives of the people, not only in the now, but also in the days and the years to come. CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>I believe it is already starting because this man of God is calling the presence of God. And when the presence of God comes in a place, things are bound to change. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>I take authority over every demon. I take authority over every spirit of witchcraft. I take authority over every foul and lying spirit. Satan, I take authority over you right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Music) Everywhere I go in Africa, when I begin to preach the Gospel people start manifesting demons. There’s huge deliverances that take place. (People screaming) It was interesting here, though, in Malawi that when I preached the first night, there weren’t any demons manifesting. IAN LONGWE>>Now you need to understand the background of that place. The background of that place, there’s a cult called Nyau. Nyau is a people who believe in spirit [INAUDIBLE]. You know, they believe in the incarnation of the spirits of the day that comes back upon them, the spirits of their ancestors. So that was, that place where we were doing the crusade, it was well known, especially the [INAUDIBLE] ground was well known for that cult movement, the Nyaus. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>How many of your parents or grandparents were involved in witchcraft? Raise your hand. (Translator) Okay, wow. Now I just found out today that the first night I was here, when I wasn’t seeing many people set free from demons, there was a woman that was on the grounds. She had specifically come to the grounds to curse the grounds. She was practicing witchcraft. IAN LONGWE>>There was a witch that came to bewitch him. You remember on the first night the man of God says, I’m confused. I don’t understand what is happening. He picked up a wrong spirit but being a man of God, he could not describe what it was. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>I’m really confused, (Translator) because demons aren’t manifesting (Translator) and people aren’t getting set free. (Translator) IAN LONGWE>>So this woman, I believe she’s one of those from the Nyau people that had come to disturb the meeting. But she got arrested by the power of God. MAN>>She said she came to, to attend the meeting, but she had some other intention of the meeting. At the meeting her intention was to bring confusion. And later on it happens that whatever she planned has gone back to her. We found that she has been paralyzed one side. IAN LONGWE>>She became paralyzed. God arrested her and she began to cry, crying out for help. And then she told the story that she came to bewitch the Rabbi. Now these are the signs of a true prophet of God who moves in the power of God that even when the devil raises his hand against him, he can’t touch him. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>It’s exciting and powerful to see things that we read about in the Bible happening, beloved ones, in our own lives. And you know what? All God’s children have this history because our God is the God of the now. The story that you just saw, it reminded me of the Book of Numbers, chapter 22, where Balak hired Balaam to curse the children of Israel. But Balaam couldn’t do it. This woman tried to curse me. But you know what? The power of God would not allow her. In fact, the reverse is true. The Lord said concerning the Jewish people and his people, he’s gonna bless those that bless us and curse those that curse us. The other thing that’s remarkable about this story is once that incident happened and that woman was taken out, miracles began to break forth. And so on the nights that followed we saw all types of manifestations of the supernatural power of God setting his people free. I was reading this morning in my devotional in Acts, chapter 12, how they took Peter into prison. But it says that the church constantly prayed for him while he was in prison. Right after we read about the church constantly praying for Peter, the Scripture goes on to say that night an angel of the Lord appeared and set Peter free from the prison. It teaches us how important the role is of believers praying. So I want to thank all of you that are praying for me as I travel around the world preaching the Gospel, and praying for this ministry. I want you to know, beloved ones, God works through the prayers of his people. In fact, it’s been said that everything starts with the intercessors. So know that when I go to Malawi or Zambia, all the other places on earth that I travel to, people are getting saved, people are being delivered. Those of you that are praying, I want you to know, you are going with me. And it’s through your prayers that the power of God is being released through my life. So let’s continue on as we see what God did in the great country of Malawi. In Jesus’s name I command blind eyes to open. I command the lame to walk straight. And in Jesus’s name I say, be healed. Be healed. (Translator) Be healed. Be healed. (Crowd noise) Be healed. (Music) As I released healing and deliverance over the people each night, several situations really stood out. One was a woman and for years she had been tormented by demons. She said that when she would sleep at night it was like demons were forcing some type of demonic food down her throat. MAN>>Rabbi, RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Yes MAN>>Jesus is in this place. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Ok, what happened? MAN>>There is this lady (Translator) she has been suffering from demoniac connected to a cult that is in this place. When you called upon the power of God, (Translator) the power of God came and touched her. (Translator) She fell down, (Translator) and started vomiting. (Translator) She was vomiting seriously. (Translator) RABBI SCHNEIDER>>When I released deliverance over the people, beloved ones, this woman started shaking, and convulsing, and vomiting, and vomiting, and vomiting. She came up and testified how all those sick defiled spirits that were in her came up out of her, and she testified that she was set free. MAN>>But when she rose up, the heaviness had gone. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Praise God. MAN>>The demons had left. Jesus has set her free. [INAUDIBLE] Rabbi. WOMAN>>(Music) (Translator) I’ve seen the Lord delivering me. (Translator) Right now I don’t feel any pain. (Translator) My body is feeling very light. (Translator) I praise the Lord for that. (Translator) I know that the Lord loves me, (Translator) and he has a purpose for me. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>(Music) And tonight Jesus has set you free. (Translator) And we want to get you plugged in to a good church, (Translator) so that you can keep following Jesus, (Translator) and walk in greater freedom. (Translator) It’s very important that you learn how to stand by faith (Translator) in the Word of God. (Translator) So we want to combat our fear of the devil and our fear of evil with the Word of God. (Translator) Listen to what Jesus said, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Translator) Stand up to the devil. Greater is he that’s in you than he that’s in the world. (Translator) Bring, hey bring this woman up here. Does everybody see this woman? She’s manifesting demons up here. (Music) Jesus went around to preach the Gospel. (Translator) He healed the sick, (Translator) and he cast out the spirits with the Word. (Translator) Look at me. I command you to leave Satan right now. (Singing) If you want to be… Yes, that’s it, look at me again. That’s it, yes, look at me. That’s it. That’s it. In Jesus’s name, in Jesus’s name, in Jesus’s name. (Singing) WOMAN>>(Translator) (Music) You remember the [INAUDIBLE] you prayed for yesterday she was rolling down RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Yeah, yes TRANSLATOR>>She said she a problem with her heart. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Yes TRANSLATOR>>But now she feels better. She is healed. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>So yesterday she was healed, and today she’s up here testifying. TRANSLATOR>>And now she’s standing here testifying RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Let’s give her a hand tonight. (Crowd noise) I know that footage was really raw, but beloved, it was real, and that’s the reason I show it. Jesus said in the Book of Mark, chapter 16, verse 17, he said: These signs shall follow those that believe; in my name they shall cast out demons. And when we travel the world and go into countries, especially, beloved ones, countries that have been immersed in witchcraft, these things just naturally happen. And you know what? They should. And it’s evidence that the Gospel that we carry has power on it, and that the message is authentic and true. When you support Discovering the Jewish Jesus, I really believe, beloved, you’re investing in a true, authentic end times ministry. Those of you that have been following know that I teach sound doctrine. But we’re not just teaching God’s Word, beloved, by the grace and favor of God, we’re carrying the power of the message with us. And Jesus manifests his glory as his Word is preached. I want to thank you for sending me. I truly believe that Discovering the Jewish Jesus is being used of the Lord to prepare the world for his return, and to prepare the atmosphere for Jesus’s return. I believe we’re living in an age where end time Jewish believers like myself are being strategically used of the Lord to usher in Jesus’s second coming. I want to thank you, beloved, from the bottom of my heart for partnering with me, the Lord, and Discovering the Jewish Jesus. (Music) CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>Three years ago, God showed me a man of God. By that time I did not know him, a man of God, him and his wife. What I saw is that Jesus appeared and the nation of Malawi was never the same after he appeared. And we started worshipping God in a new way. And I said God, thank you for connecting me to him that I’ve been looking for. And I said, God, you showed me something. Who is this couple that you showed me? And then from nowhere, suddenly [INAUDIBLE] calls me and says there’s a man of God from America and he wants to come. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>It’s just amazing to me how Father, you know, put something in my heart all these years ago, and to have no path to get there. And yet here we are today, him, just miraculously, opening up all these doors for us to be all over the world now; in Haiti now, I don’t know how many nations in Africa, now here in Malawi for the first time. And I’m really so encouraged with being right here in the capital city. And I’m kind of being ushered in to meet one of the greatest political leaders in the country. And you know, then to meet the mayor here in this capital city, and to be received. And just to see how God’s impacting the political landscape here through men of God and through the Gospel of King Jesus. CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>So I believe this is divine. For Rabbi to come to Malawi is divine. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>(Music) Father, I ask that you would use this meeting, (Translator) to light a fire; (Translator) Father, that the pastors and leaders here (Translator) will lead this place (Translator) with a new boldness, (Translator) with more love. (Translator) Father God, I release right now (Translator) a prophetic mantle over this house, (Translator) (Clapping) in Jesus’s name. (Translator) So what I’m doing is I’m ministering to the pastors, hundreds of pastors in the morning, and then in the evening we have the large crusade where we’re just inviting the entire city out. And I always love ministering to the pastors because to me, I’m just gonna be here a few days. What’s important is that the pastors are affected and changed while I’m here. Because if they’re changed, their people will be changed and the church is gonna grow. CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>The Lord has brought all the church together and he’s ministered not only to the ordinary people, but even to the, to the church leaders who will take that fire that is happening at the crusade to their own churches. MAN>>So I see, I see that it is important for we as pastors to give up our lives not to be compromising with the Gospel, not to be hypocrisy, and acting as if we know everything, but we need to reach the point whereby we say, Lord, I need more. I need to be filled. I need to be filled by you each and every morning. ESAU BANDA>>I see myself preaching with more boldness, understanding God better, and fellowshipping with God more. And one particular thing that has happened at the end of the service was the release and the impartation of the joy of the Lord upon my life as a minister. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Well today when I laid my hands on the pastors and the leaders, I laid my hands specifically on them to receive an increased anointing to evangelize. The Lord told Moses to call in front of him 70 elders. (Translator) And he said, I’m gonna put on them, Moses, (Translator) the same spirit that I put on you. (Translator) In Jesus’s name now (Translator) I place on you the anointing (Translator) of an evangelist. So today I felt faith and I had a sense of expectancy that when I laid my hands upon the pastors and the leaders here, that the anointing of an evangelist, the anointing to evangelize that’s on me, would be imparted to them. So that’s what I was believing for today and that’s what I believe happened. (Music) One of the really touching testimonies came from a young girl. She looked like she was like seven or eight years old. She was partially deaf. MAN>>This young girl (Translator) was born (Translator) partially deaf. (Translator) RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Partially deaf (Translator) MAN>>Yes, both ears (Translator) But when the love of God (Translator) felt the desire of this young girl (Translator) a miracle was birthed in her life. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>She saw that the crusade was happening. She believed that Jesus was gonna heal her. Get this now, beloved one, she snuck out of her house without telling her parents, ran over to the crusade, believed she was gonna get healed, and she got healed that night. And she stood up and testified before everybody that Jesus had healed her. GIRL>>(Translator) I could only hear partially but now I can hear clearly. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Wow. Praise God. Give her a little hand tonight. (Applause and crowd noise) Amen. She knew in her heart that when she came, Jesus was gonna heal her and that’s exactly what happened. Just like the Bible says, it was done to her according to her faith. LUCY KALIU>>I’ve seen God healing people. I’ve been, I’ve seen God restoring lives. But the greatest miracle that I’ve seen is the saving of people coming to know the Lord God as their Savior. that’s the greatest miracle I’ve seen, by you, I’m cherished. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>So if you’ve never asked Jesus to come and live inside you, (Translator) and tonight you want to say Lord Jesus, (Translator) forgive me for my sins. (Translator) I believe that you died on the cross for me. (Translator) If you’d like to do that and you’ve never done that before, would you raise your hand? (Music) ESAU BANDA>>There is a blessing when you connect yourself to a Jew, not just a Jew but also we’re talking of a Jew who believes in Jesus Christ. He operates by the Spirit of God. He has the anointing of the Holy Spirit. CHIMWEMWE NYIRENDA>>God is with Rabbi, and he’s an amazing anointed man of God, full of the Word of God, for every nation. And I saw purity, honesty in his life. But I’ve seen the love of God that he’s preaching that is ever to mix with people at any level, you know. He’s such a humble man. IAN LONGWE>>Rabbi is a genuine man of God. The simplicity of the Word that is being proclaimed by Rabbi touched my heart. Personally I’ve been revived and I feel he brought order and structure back into the house. ESAU BANDA>>There is a fire that has been started in the house of the people, a fire that has been started in the house of the ministers, and a fire that has been started in the church that I’m pastoring by the visit of the Rabbi. And this will go a long way to transform the nation. MAN>>Malawi will be changed. Rabbi has planted a seed in Malawi that will grow and he has left a mark that can never be erased. ESAU BANDA>>I believe that this is the beginning of revival in my life, in my congregation, but also in the entire nation of Malawi. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>In the last chapter of the Book of Mark, Jesus says: Preach the Gospel to all creation, and then these signs will follow those that believe. You saw both those things happening on today’s broadcast; the Gospel being preached and supernatural signs following. At the end of the Book of Matthew, Jesus said: Go into all the world, teaching them to obey all that I’ve commanded you. Discovering the Jewish Jesus, beloved, is fulfilling King Yeshua’s end times mandate. And I want to ask you today for your financial support so that we can continue to fulfill God’s assignment. It’s not just an assignment for me, it’s an assignment for all believers. Both you and I are to be building the kingdom. Beloved, as you support me and this ministry, you’re actually taking part in bringing God’s kingdom to earth and taking a part in preparing the world for his second coming. I’m asking you, please support us today. MICHAEL HARDY>>Here’s how you can partner with us. 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Thanks Rabbi.” Bill from Missouri We’re glad you joined us today and we want to pray for YOU! Send us your prayer requests by mail or by visiting us at We also want to thank you for your prayers and financial support to us. In supporting Discovering the Jewish Jesus, you become a partner with GOD in building his kingdom. Thank you, and may our Father pour abundantly back into your life as you partner together with us. (Music) ♪ I’m gonna live my life, ♪ ♪ I’m gonna live my life ♪ ♪ for Yeshua ♪ ♪ I’m gonna live my life, ♪ ♪ I’m gonna live my life ♪ ♪ for Yeshua ♪ ♪ As the deer ♪ ♪ longs for the water, ♪ ♪ so my soul ♪ ♪ longs for you. ♪ ♪ As the deer ♪ RABBI SCHNEIDER>>In the Book of Numbers, chapter 6, Father God spoke to Moses and said, have Aaron speak this blessing over my people and I will place my name upon them and bless them. Beloved child of God, I want you to receive your Father’s blessing for you right now. (Singing in Hebrew) (Singing in Hebrew) (Singing in Hebrew) (Singing in Hebrew) (Singing in Hebrew) Your Father will bless you and keep you. Father will make his face shine on you, and he will continue to be gracious to you. Your Father will lift you up with his countenance continually, and he will ever be strengthening you in his peace, beloved child of God. RABBI SCHNEIDER>>Many of you are feeling something mysterious right now. Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. He loves you and he wants to come in and live inside you. All you have to do is say, Jesus, please forgive me for my sins. I believe that you died on the cross for me and I’m asking you now to come and live inside me. Beloved one, if you’ve said that prayer, and in your heart you’ve turned your life over to Jesus, and you’re ready to follow him, I want you to know he is gonna change your life. Now if you’ve just made that decision, there’s information on the screen. Would you let us know? God bless you. I love you and Shalom. (Music) ANNOUNCER>>Rabbi Schneider has great faith-building resources available for you 24-7. Visit our website to send us your prayer requests. Watch full episodes; download Rabbi’s teaching notes and so much more, all at