Logan Paul and the Logang Cult are Terrifying (RIP Career)

You know, when you watch someone like Logan Paul for as much shit that he gets he has honestly accomplished quite a bit as a 22 year old and… you have to give him credit where credit’s due. “I guess I could start with…” Yeah, yeah… I’m… I may have spoken a bit too soon. Hello everyone, my name is Leon Lush and welcome back to a new video. Thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate… …your time greatly. Now, there’s not a whole lot more that can be said about this Logan Paul situation. It’s been about two days since he casually and jokingly vlogged himself in front of a fresh corpse in the suicide forest of Japan. Someone who had recently hung themself. Some tragic shit, vlogged it all, somehow it made it up the fucking chain-of-command to an editor, probably shown to his manager, greenlight that shit, and they posted it to YouTube. Now naturally the entire internet, the entire world for that matter, collectively paused very briefly, drew in a deep breath and thought to themselves “What the fuck were you thinking, you fucking idiot?” Now of course we’ve seen all kind of reactions, a lot of people made videos about it, everyone’s had a little something to say about it, most reasonable people agreed it was a pretty disgusting thing to do and was very insensitive. So Logan eventually took the video down and now he’s issued this apology on YouTube that’s been number one on Trending for almost 24 hours has like…
12 – 13 million views at this point where it’s the first time I think I’ve seen Logan seem somewhat genuine, but there’s always that part of me that thinks he’s just manipulating the fuck out of this whole situation like, he knew what he was doing when he uploaded this video there’s no chance that nobody in his squad didn’t know that this was gonna cause an outrageous backlash, but backlash equals attention and is there anything in the world that Logan Paul loves more than attention? Oh, my friends… I submit that no, there is not. “I should have never posted the video.” “I should have put the cameras down…” “…and…” “…stopped the recording what we were going through.” Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? God. It’s so easy to know what you should and shouldn’t have done after you’ve royally fuck up and the whole world chews your fucking nutsack off, but maybe you should get better in the moment, using your brain? Maybe you should think a little bit more when you have that camera in your face and you’re waving it around day in and day out, uploading content to hundreds of thousands millions and billions of young children, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard, you’re setting an example for the future of our world, right? You’re setting an example to the youth of the entire fucking world through the power of the Internet, and you are doing a disasterous job. Now I could dig deeper into the apology video, but I’ll spare you. I’m sure you’ve already seen it and I could talk about the fact that YouTube hasn’t even fucking responded to this whole situation ’cause they’re massive pussies. They can’t have their golden poster boy, Logan Paul doing shit like this that’s not, that’s not good for PR man, and I guarantee you when Susan Wojcicki caught wind of this she just went into her office casually, put the blinds down, sat down in her $3,000 chair and just had a good fucking cry because she knows she’s gonna get fucking lamb basted for this one, but yet they haven’t – they, they still haven’t said shit, so… What? I mean, who knows what they’re gonna do, is he gonna get disciplined? Probably not, and that’s the problem, YouTubers they have no one to be accountable to, I mean you have people literally doing nothing, getting their channels strike down fucking getting their videos demonetized over nothing, and then you have the biggest YouTuber on the planet pretty much, sorry PewDiePie, but I mean at this point… yeah, kind of vlog a fucking – around a suicide nothing happens!
Nothing happens, no penalty, it’s whatever. Just go on making 30 million dollars a year on our platform you can do whatever you want you’re not gonna get in trouble ’cause you bring us lots of money. So I could talk about that forever too but I’ll spare you. What I do want to talk about is the kool-aid drinking motherfucking Logang and their blind allegiance to their cult leader Logan Paul. “Even though a normal person would not film it, we’re Mavericks so we film it anyway, so…” “Maverick style!” Over the past several days I’ve seen tweets, screenshots of comments of just… these young kids going to fucking battle for Logan Paul in this whole situation, and I understand wanting to like stick up for the creators you love I like that, allegiance is cool, but blind allegiance is not. There needs to be some accountability and even if you are a fucking stan of your favorite YouTuber, and you think they are the best thing since fucking sheepskin condoms you have to be able to have the self-awareness To know when they fucked up and be like alright put let’s put this in check for a second take a step back And be like alright, maybe this wasn’t the best move I still like you, but you fucked up Let’s figure out a way to rectify this situation But that’s not possible because this is the Internet where crazy as fuck is The new norm so I’m thinking to myself how can I gain some insight into the lives of these children? How can I walk a mile in their shoes to help me understand help me empathize with this blind allegiance that they have For their master, and I thought no better way To do that than to roll down to the comment section of Logan’s apology video Let’s take a walk Right Logan you probably never see this But I’m a maverick since day one I was with you when you were in vine, and I have your merch and I’ll always be with you meeting you in person was the best experience of my life and for whoever hasn’t met you doesn’t understand that a truly amazing person You are I believe in you and I know that you obviously do YouTube for money But that’s what YouTube’s for so you shouldn’t be getting hate for that. I love you logan from the bottom of my heart I know that you just want to share content with us, and I will admit it wasn’t right for what you did But you said sorry And I forgive you we should forgive you we should all forgive you and dab on them haters like Jake says laughing till i’m crying emoji I’m in the Logang though anyway I know you learn from your mistakes, and that’s why I forgive you is I was scrolling through the comments And if I was you I wouldn’t Logan because you’re not worth all the hate you’re getting now stay strong and do what you always tell us to do and don’t give u we are Logang who was doing it us the Mavericks It is us the motherfucking Mavericks. We’re doing this stay strong Logan Stay strong Logan Oh shit sorry I got a little transported there, I felt felt like I was really a 12 year old least he has the balls to say sorry Listen Luke it shouldn’t take balls to say you’re sorry when you’re dead ass motherfucking wrong It should be a natural thing to say you’re sorry for being a fucking moron every single time Why does everyone have to pull down successful people? Yes, I agree. He made a mistake, but he was trying to spread the message. He was not laughing at the body He was laughing to lighten the mood of the audience Everyone makes a mistake Please let him go Logan Paul is doing amazing imagine how he must be feeling millions of people cursing him well I hope he’s feeling pretty fucking bad taha, okay Because yeah everyone makes mistakes But some are a little Some are a little worse than others people who are unsubscribing are ridiculous and need to understand that it was a mistake And they make them too Logan I love you, and you should be forgiven by everyone who watched this video. I love Well, I watched the video so I guess I have to forgive Logan now too. Oh, man I gotta tell you this whole fucking defense of everyone makes mistakes Is such garbage. I mean I get it. Yes. Everyone makes mistakes, but Hitler made a couple mistakes Should we forgive him too, and no I’m not comparing what Logan did to the Holocaust? I’m simply saying that all mistakes should not be treated equally Well you did make his face blurred and called the cops so I forgive you Yeah that Logan Paul class act at least he had the decency to blur the face of the corpse He was vlogging in front of. For once he’s not screaming in a video Alexi I actually I noticed that too It was it was kind of nice. It was to actually watch a Logan Paul video where my eardrums didn’t bleed afterwards I hope he does more apology videos like this Logan what you did was really really bad And I cannot say what you did was good because it was really really bad As you just said as you went right up to the victim and started making jokes which I cannot defend But I forgive you because I am a Logangster, and I know you just did not know how to act Logangster. Well I must say that was awildly unsuccessful experiment I tried to understand where these kids were coming from and I simply cannot But as to be expected the rest of the comment section absolutely crucifies him It’s I mean that makes for some entertainment as well. He apologizes now after he saw the results of posting the video He got a shit ton of hate And so he apologized However that doesn’t negate the fact that he went into a forest known for suicide, saw a dead body, and then recorded it He then proceeded to edit the video and in that time he didn’t think about how it was a fucked up thing to do Listen I’ll go one further. I don’t think he edited the video. I think he had an editor I think he also had a manager that probably saw the video and every single person on his team Definitely knew it was a fucked up thing to do but posted it anyways That’s the fucked up part is they knew how much backlash this shit was gonna get how this was going to affect people But all they see is dollar signs all they see is views statistics Attention motherfucker give me that motherfucking attention. I’m Logan Paul Logan I accept your apology don’t listen to the hate keep your head up You are a great guy that has made a bunch of mistakes, which only makes you smarter You aren’t afraid to push your limits and try new things Have fun in this hectic world this 2018 signed Kiarra Sandberg Shut up finally my dear fellow Anthony Leacock summed it up quite nicely, and he said this He saw a dead dude in a forest and laughed And that’s pretty much all you need to know about Logan Paul. Well that was just riveting Thank you so much for joining me there for a few minutes I just get a little bummed out when big youtubers like this like Logan Paul with millions of subscribers and an influence in this kind of mind control over the youth of the world Just fail to show simple signs of human decency like stuff that like this shouldn’t be a Hard thing to know how to do like when you arrive in this situation Shut the cameras off like have a little bit of respect these are normal human things And it’s just it sucks that he’s so deluded By his vlogs by the potential for views by stirring the pot You know diluted by the amount of attention He’s gonna get that nothing’s off the table for him and Now that the Internet has put him on a cross and nailed his palms into that motherfucker He’s finally coming around and apologizing, but I don’t know so that’s it for this video I hope that the next video has a few more memes in it and we’re talking a little bit less about some huge youtuber That’s making all other youtubers look like fucking assholes But until that time keep it real and do me the favor and waltz slowly up to that like button and take that Saucy bitch to pound town Thank you so much. We’ll see you soon peace