Locker Combo

Did you smell that? Wasn’t me.I can’t smell
anything.No. One of those girls is wearing Justin Bieber perfume. How do you know what
Justin Bieber perfume smells like?My sister’s friend wears it. She’s 18 and she’s way hot.
Who do you think is wearing it? Probably Sara. You think? She has the brightest clothes.
So what? Brighter clothes means she wants to be noticed. Perfume same thing. That does
make sense. That’s it. I’m upgrading Sara from a 6 to an 8. Did you see that? She just
winked at me. Oh man, come on what is up? Sorry guys. Learn to walk. Do you ever wonder
why nerds are so unpopular? Because they’re nerds. I mean, yeah, but if you think about
it it doesn’t make sense. Nerds are smart. Being smart is a good thing, right? Not as
good as being hot. O come on. Don’t you want to be smart? If I was smart I would figure
out a way to get those girls. If being smart is good then smart people should be popular.
Maybe they’re not as smart as you think they are. They get straight A’s. If they were so
smart then they would figure out a way to be popular. Did you see that – she just winked
at me again. I think she has something in her eye. That’s her twitch. She does that
in class. That’s it – back to a 6. If you ask me it’s only a matter of time before nerds
become popular. They’ll never be popular. Why not? Because everyone hates them for being
smart. Hey. You’re in my way. Oh this is your locker? Yeah, move your stuff. I’ve been assigned
to share this locker with you. What? I’m new and there’s not enough lockers. My name is
Lizzie. I’m your new locker mate. Not happening. No, seriously. I have this thing that shows
I have to share it. See – 179. I don’t care what your thing says – I’m not sharing my
locker with a little girl. I’m not as young as I look. Okay? And besides I won’t take
up much room. Get lost. The office said because of the locker shortage… I don’t care what
the office said. I don’t even know you and now you’re making me late for math. Get lost.
Your math book’s under your gym shorts. Not happening. But I need a place to keep my stuff.
Not my problem. I don’t share. And she’s like “I’m your new locker mate.” That’s hilarious.
Is she hot? No, she’s like a total geek. What would you give her? Like a 5? More like a
3. She’s annoying. You should not have to share your locker with anyone. And I’m not.
And with a girl… that’s weird. They got girl stuff. I’d share with a girl. But I want
to pick which girl. Well, you wouldn’t pick this one. What the? Do you like it? I cleaned
it. How’d you get into my locker? I got the combo from the office. What? They made me
do it. They said I have to be here. They said this is our locker. There is no “our” locker
okay? This is my locker. What the? Where is everything? I organized. I liked it the way
it was. How am I supposed to find anything? Now I’m going to be late for socials. Socials!
Okay I have your textbooks in alphabetical order up here. Here’s your socials binder.
And extra pencils. I sharpened them. And you’re ready. Did you steal anything? No. Cause I
had 5 bucks in there. I didn’t find 5 bucks. You stole my 5 bucks. I’m not sharing my locker
with a thief. Actually I found 17 bucks and 50 cents. The extra was in an old field trip
envelope on the bottom. I put it right here. This is temporary. You keep your junk on the
bottom. Thank you! What the? No, don’t you do that. Okay. Sorry. Promise. Thank you.
Lock it up when you’re done. I got money in there. You let her stay? I didn’t let her.
She’s just staying. But for how long? I don’t know. She’s kind of cute. For a grade 6. Not
bad. Definitely not a 3. Okay maybe a 5. I wonder what she’s listening to. Probably some
little girl music. Pretty good dancer. Not bad. Yes, but dogs are hard workers. They
actually do things. They’re rude. Cats are polite. If someone comes to your house they
don’t go ruff ruff ruff. That’s cause they don’t care. And they don’t care about anything.
And they don’t care about you. They do so. What? How? Mine brings me gifts. Like what?
Mine brought me a gift one time. What was it? It was a dead bird. Exactly my point.
It was a gift to her. And she was very proud of it. Well, that just proves how dumb they
are. Lizzie. Hey Elliot. I’m having my birthday party next weekend. Okay. Here. Thanks. You’re
inviting her to your birthday party? Yeah. What kind of party is it? What are you doing?
We’re going to go see a movie. I’d love to go. Are there other girls going? Yeah. What
movie is it? Zombie Diaries. Oh yeah? I heard that was pretty lame. It got 4 stars. I just
love anything on the big screen. What’s it rated? Should you even be seeing that? I think
it’s PG. So will there be parental guidance? Yeah, of course, my mom is coming. So what
do you want for your birthday? I don’t care. Just show up. Who are the other girls going?
My sister. That’s it? Yeah, so will you come? Yeah, sure. Kay, see you next Saturday. See
ya. Bye. Do you even know him? Yeah, he’s in my home room. So are you going to go? Sure,
why not? I don’t know. Sounds boring. At the very least she’s a 6. Okay. But does she qualify
as hot? I mean hot is 8 and up. She’s not hot. She’s cute. So you like her? I don’t
“like” her. I’m just talking factually here. She’s small. She has big eyes. And she smiles
a lot. If you look that up in the dictionary, technically that’s cute. I’d give her a 7.
Like a girl next door. She reminds me of this girl who used to babysit me. What was she
like? She was pretty hot. Can you guys NOT talk about her like that? Why? Cause I said
so. Okay, dad. So how was the party? Um, it So how was the party? It was okay. There were a lot of boys. So did you have fun? It was okay. So it was okay? Yeah. A lot of boys are really stupid.
Yeah. Sometimes they grow out of it. Have you seen my gym strip? Oh, I put it up here.
Oh. It was getting wrinkled down there. Thanks. Hey. Oh hey. Good news. What? A girl in my
class moved. Okay. And… They gave me her locker. Oh. Yeah, so now we don’t have to
share anymore. So you’re taking it? Yeah. I just gotta bring my stuff over. I got my
combination and everything. Where is it? It’s by wood shop. Oh. That’s far. Yeah, but look
at all this extra room you’re getting. That’s great. So you’re like ready to go? Yeah, pretty
much. I just gotta bring my stuff over. Do you need help carrying it all over there?
No, I got it all in here. I’m good. Okay, well… um bye. Free at last. Finally
got rid of that little ball and chain. Must feel good. I don’t know how you put up with
her for so long. What a pest. Truthfully, you have to admit she was more like a little
sister than a girl next door. That’s for sure. At least it’s all over. Now you can get back
to life the way it’s supposed to be. With the bros. Who wants a slurpee? I’m buying.
I’m in. Oh, the owner’s daughter at the 7-11 – have you seen her? I swear, she’s like a
9. I got an extra large just to see her pour my slurpee. Oh hey are you Tommy? Huh? Yeah.
Cool. I’m Kevin. Okay. Oh, they didn’t tell you? I’m your new locker mate. What? Yeah,
I was suspended. But now I’m back. There’s been a shortage of lockers. What grade are
you in? I had to redo a couple grades. But I’m cool. So this is our new pad huh? Awesome.
Oops, that’s my lunch. I’ll deal with it later. So just do me a favour and don’t look in my
backpack. Okay. What are you doing here? Oh, is this your locker? Yeah. I’ve been assigned to
share this locker with you. What? Yeah, you see someone had to take mine. And there’s
a shortage of lockers. So I’m your new locker mate. If that’s okay. Is that okay? Yeah,
that’s okay. Okay, I’ll keep my stuff on the bottom and really neat and organized. And
I’ll make sure my gym strip doesn’t stink. We’ve got this really cool combination. It’s
1 – 11 – 1. Can you believe that? Oh, I brought you your Justin Bieber poster. Ew. I’m so
over him. It’s One Direction now. All right then. I made an awesome shelf in woodwork.
See. You can put your stuff up here. I’ll put mine down here. We can both put our textbooks
here. This hook’s for you. And this one’s for me.