Life Lessons From an Incarcerated Father

we’re getting close to man our correctional facility that’s it all right stop here to sign here no girls now sometimes they’ve sent the dogs out for it’s just sniff so I’d like to be facing this way take my stuff huh yeah anything not to pop is Neville [Music] getting good at it yeah I worked with him another key is you should have not talked about don’t what I just made their bass combo yeah yeah yeah you should have a lot to talk about what you’ve been doing for the last eight years and while getting chopped off thing I’m fighting every day sometime you gotta stay out of trouble you’re not police walking to him this is Jail there’s a max penitentiary you know you got people who raped murders all this man everything you can name Dan is joint and you know it’s crazy it’s not a good place to be because anything liable to happen somebody might come out of the cell and feel some type of wage there anything anything that would happen a girl yesterday me Stephanie now informs the stuff y’all get metal forks to eat with how you’re gonna pay for it got a plastic forks but anything loud would happen how did you get in here I got a murder in account murder right you killed somebody he’s chatting another time I got right yeah how much you could say that though but I got like 60 years you can say like I’m still in court though I’m still trying to get out though it’s possible I’m just still working on my case trying to get out it is possible yeah as possible so people say about me I’m James like you you can’t you know you gotta change me I’m locked up I I’m calm now because I take medicine are you reading up money for got kicked out of Webster fine two teachers as though that’s assault he touched me first they don’t matter that’s a grown up you lucky you’re in go to jail for that I don’t want that to happen to you do you see what happened on TV every day look he is getting cause he can kill it’s so crazy in Chicago it is so you gotta stay in school go to church and play basketball I don’t want time to do that to my children got shot it’s not because you want to hang on a corner got listen to your mama I do this to one of a kind of what she got listen to it seen you gonna tell you know wrong yeah because you want to end up in a situation like this she tell you something even when I did got yourself in trouble trying to buy some Jordans or something anyway but I was hopefully anything go right I’ll be back out there then we gonna start all over again we get a chance to start over I’ll get a job that’s the right way music rate folks I think I won’t tell one cuz I’m money on my phone for you called us I ain’t got no whole genome oh you’re gonna write it down yeah I was thinking that I was gonna choke cause I see you a lot I wanted to be a man in my life do better do you think about us a lot I think about you all the time it gonna be a day go by don’t think about my family knows every day think about you a lot when I get like when I get a trouble but I cry I talk about you I left you is what all six that’s crazy [Music] so let’s take a deep breath let’s talk about what we need to talk about yesterday was a big day for you yes or no yes when he walked in he came over to me it gave me a hook he set out and start crying then we started talking about I’ll do as close though how’d that make you feel when he was crying kinda see did you think it was a sign of weakness no okay what did you think till he wanted to be out there with us did your day I get to say that he loved you yeah he said thinking about me your mother sister all the time telling he want me to be like him he won’t be better than hell okay hit only run the street like what caused it okay he don’t want me being exposed to my mom when the mall okay who matching up with school tell me stay in school dude I got to finish playing basketball where do you go from here are you all gonna keep in touch yeah I’m writing I get home tonight let me write it off so is there anything else that maybe I haven’t asked that you might want to share with how you felt about the whole experience I feel good we got them gotta change the left with each other okay each other hood take pictures okay I hope you take the experience and it will help you become a better you now the challenge becomes will the words really make him change his actions or where the streets be more powerful and so that’s gonna be the constant battle for Cortes when you’re doing the performance you have to have some order you have to work as a group come up with some kind of plan as to how we’re gonna present you cuz we don’t just go around star doing that’s not we not at the clue we’re doing a presentation yeah like it’s ugly like it’s gonna they gonna be doing color guards say clean versus clean version you should have did that folks you’re not gonna got it buddy okay where’s the clean version even fun if you I can’t find another version you gonna have to come up with something [Music] today is the comments I’ve seen him in a while any very cooperative mild-tempered Thursday was the first time he’s seen his father in over eight years and he’s began his medication that’s they within the last three weeks cuz normally me probably would cuss me out and walk down turn some stuff over and it’s been a tremendous change within the last three weeks now that you’ve said it outstanding performances raise professional dance standards for blacks and whites alike the definition of dance has brought to include urban black dance forms of breakdancing and hip-hop we now introduce to you the mana theory dance [Applause] people with a knife on him he told he don’t kill him he said he was gonna kill me so he’s playing fear and his problem take Avenger this is my whole situation like I tell him do something why not throughout that you know your mother she really care about you and you out here on these streets you letting her down [Music]