Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace – This is Rebekkah

I was diagnosed with severe anxiety
about a year ago and I think that I probably had it for a little while
before I sort help and it kind of got to the point where I remember you know I
got up and got ready for work I remember slamming my skirt in the
front door and ripping it and I was so frustrated but yes it’s fine and then I
I got changed again and then I got in the car ready to drive myself to the train
station and I froze I remember just feeling so overwhelmed but but not
knowing why it was it was almost like I was I was there below I wasn’t feeling
like I was myself and then I kind of just made the call and said you know you
can’t have another day like this you need to do something and I drove myself
to the doctor I messaged my boss and I told him when I wasn’t feeling well then
I wasn’t going to be in and I went to the doctor and I waited and I walked in
i sat down and he said how can I help you today
and I said I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I
I don’t feel okay and we went through this process filled
out a few question is about how I was feeling about how I had been feeling and
at that point he said I think that you have on the severe end picks up you’re
on the severe end of anxiety you know once I was told
that there’s an explanation for how I was feeling I thought a lot better
initially you know it’s one thing to wonder you know what’s going on what’s
wrong with me and then just having the clarification that yes you know
something is actually wrong with you and it may be in your head but the idea of
it is not just inside your head this is a real thing the scariest part is you
don’t know how other people are going to respond to something that they can’t see
and I really struggled to get get through that and get through how I would
explain to them how I was feeling but at the end of the day and just saying that
I don’t feel like myself is that okay has kind of really just
opened up floodgates for me with my family and my friends and and even at
work that you know the response is you know it’s okay to not feel like yourself
every day and you know we can work through that together and you don’t have
to you don’t have to feel this way alone