Hi there I’m Marley, and welcome to BBC The Social
Gaming’s Let’s Play of Bully. And this could be the final episode, the finale. It is complete and utter mayhem in
Bullworth because of our arch nemesis, Gary, But we’ve dealt with everything,
everybody except from him. But he’s got one more trick up his sleeve, a couple in fact. Ooft. Yeah, I thought we dealt with everything? [ LAUGHS ] Man, life is intense for this 15 year old. I think we should go see if
Russell’s alright though [ LAUGHS ] I like big Russell. Sure he did try to basically
kill us in the first chapter, but then again that was Gary’s doing. Can I get a wee ride off this car? “Where are you going mate?” “I’m going to the meat factory to break out my pal. ” This is like taxi driver patter. “Oh you’re hitching a ride on the back?
You busy tonight, my man?” Right… I’m the hostage negotiator. I’ve arrived. I’ll deal with this situation. I know this young man. Is this where I’m meant to go? I think it is. Russell… no! Eh… Get this guy off me and then we’ll go! He’s absolutely rapid as well isn’t he? He’s got good feet for a big man. These police don’t really stand a chance. Russell, you could’ve been out there a lot earlier! I mean it takes me to
skateboard to cruise along side of… Aww, cheers. POLICE: What are you hiding from?
I’m here for your safety. MARLEY: No, he’s here for my safety! I’m sure it’s nothing Russell can’t handle. [ LAUGHS ] Yeah I would back off as well if I was them. You do not want to mess with Russell. [ LAUGHS ] Right, let’s do it! “Search the school building
for the faction leaders” Oh my god! They’re right when they said it’s chaos. Right, let’s deal with this one first. Out the road! It’s an actual full scale riot! Why are you going so fast into the girl’s dorm? GREASER: This. Is. Awesome. MARLEY: Aww, that’ll be why.
Because his pals are in here. That’s the spirit! Let’s batter these chumps, Russell! Oh god, he’s good at fighting! Man, I’m swinging digs left, right and centre
and it’s only got his health to halfway now. Can I… Oh my god! My health’s really low actually!
I need to be careful. Give me a cola! Just… No! [ LAUGHS ] Right… Okay. Maybe, don’t pause for a wee drink
break in the middle of a fist fight. My health was just extremely low
extremely quickly there. Again, the game at this point is
kind enough to let us not– just start from Chapter 1 every time we fail. Right. Alright, we need to watch Russell
smash his head into this again. That’s a small price to pay. Do you know what? Maybe we’ll go to another… In fact, no, the Greasers are getting
taken down first, I’m not backing down! Right. I’m just good at fighting, alright? I wonder if I can take one of
these apples in with me… Aww, they’re not there? That’s… this riot’s gotten out of control. There’s no apples anywhere. Right… come on guys, let’s do this. Let’s not fail the mission this
time at the first hurdle. He’s already got a black eye, look, just focus on that eye, Jimmy. That’s like his boxing corner here. Focus on that eye, he’s hurt, he’s damaged good. He’s not got much… Please give me a chib, please give me a chib. What the…? Why is there no weapons? Come on! Maybe we should just stall for time for
Russell to deal with the other guys, and then get involved. Why is there…? I want a weapon! I don’t even want a weapon, I NEED a weapon to deal with this guy. Yes! And a couple of more… And a couple of more should deal with him. Yes… And a couple of slaps will do,
and there’s cola there! How you doing Russell? You alright big man? I think this is the last guy, I’ll let him just… RUSSELL: DESTROYYYYY! DESTROYYYY! MARLEY: I’ll take all the glory for that,
it was your work to be fair. Russell, right, let’s get out of here. Who’s next? Let’s get the skateboard out to not
get caught in any crossfire there. Might literally be caught in it there! My goodness! Even Algie’s involved! Right, what’s happening at the library? Studying? Reading? No, arson. Right… Woah, this is gonna be a tough one! These guys are already equipped with weapons! Well saying I’ve took out the
one guy without the weapon, and Russell’s taken the two guys
without the weapons on his own! Right… Right… gimme that! Aww, Russell’s managed to take it off him! Give me that! Oh ho ho ho! What a strike! Watch yourself Russell, I don’t want
to accidentally hit you. Right, let’s batter this guy! Right, you finish him, you finish him Russell! He’s all yours! Okay… I guess I’ll deal with him. Right…
Aw, now he tries to hit him as soon as I’m about to… Russell, we need to organize ourselves a bit here. Is there any…? Aww there is cola, nice. Russell, you’re a handy guy, you’re, you know. You can handle yourself, but we need to just work on our
coordination here a wee bit I think. Once we get that sorted, we’ll be
a force to be reckoned with. Oh, don’t need the skateboard for that. Or this bit probably, but I’m gonna use it anyway. If the Preppies place is destroyed, I’m no really that bothered about it. They had it coming, to be fair. Aw no, it’s all fine. They’ve just retreated. You’ll deal with nothing. Oh my god! Aww, here we go, in fact. These guys are a tough fight. These are the boxers again. Oh my god! I’m swinging mindless… hold on… I need a weapon. Let’s uhh… there’s cricket bats here! You might be good at boxing,
but you can’t deal with a cricket bat, mate. Don’t care how good a southpaw you are. Yes! Is that him down? No, it’s not… My god, how tough is this guy? Yes, hit them both! Hit all three of
them with the cricket bat at once! Ah, no, oww, oww, oww. Hold on! I’ve only got… right, hold on. No! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! I had to get fireworks out to
beat these guys, but it worked. And Russell’s… taking care of him. I think we could’ve used one of these
plates as well if we wanted to, but there you go. Might as well just vandalize the place [ LAUGHS ] Because these are the only guys that’ve
kinda got away with and avoided the carnage– until me and Russell showed up. Right, last faction. What’s happening at the gym? Have the nerds went off their nut? Yes, they have! Yes, they have. Apart from us two… Exactly! They’re armed with rulers actually, they could be a wee bit dangerous! They’re quite weak though, so… that’s alright, you’re done already. You’ll be done as well in a second. Bang, bang, bang, bang… Trophy earned as well for dealing with you! Mate… Ooh, that must’ve hurt! Let’s do this guy! Right… That’s the nerds dealt with, now we’ve to meet Edgar. It’s… oh! Check the speed of that guy! Algie’s still hanging in there! Right… That was… There was a lot to take in, there was a lot to deal with and
it’s not even over yet. Jimmy’s had his work cut out for him. Aw, I forgot about the bullies.
It was Edgar dealing with them! Thank you! I thought he was gonna assault me there. What? No gonna lie, I think you’ve got more important things
to deal at the moment with than a slingshot. You’ve got buildings being
burnt down, vandalized. It’s him! It’s Gary! There he’s there! And his stupid wee shaved eyebrow! We’ve not seen him in a long time. But now it’s time for revenge. Let’s deal with this monster. You ready? I don’t know if I’m ready. You’ve not won yet, mate. We’ve still got 10 mins left to play! You can feel the tension. It’s… it’s go time! I’m ready for the biggest fight for my life. Against my namesake. Oh don’t… [ LAUGHS ] Imagine I fell off! Fell off, broken spine,
game over, Gary runs the school. I mean if Gary wanted to, he probably could just
shake this thing and get us to fall off instead of throwing bricks at us, that seems… You know what? I’m actually going
to agree with Gary there. It is a bit naive Jimmy to try and tightrope
across this thing while having bricks thrown at you. No, don’t pick up the brick! Alright… Man, man… this boy is genuinely trying to kill us. Man, I dealt with Russell
when you tried to set us up! You’re talking rubbish! You’re talking rubbish mate. No! Wait, what the hell happens now? [ LAUGHS ] NO! What the…?! I’ve never seen this before!
I didn’t know you could come down here! How the hell do we get back up? Have I just broke the game? Is that the finale? Is this a secret level? I didn’t know this existed! Oh wait, there’s a ladder there. I’m talking about it being intense, and that I’m ready for this, and that I’m gonna do this and that,
and that I’m ready for this, and that I’m gonna do this and that, and yet, I’ve managed to fall
off the map a couple of times! I genuinely did not know you could get down there! Oh well, do we call that an Easter Egg? I guess? Well, let’s get back to business here. Gary and his stupid ramblings
were putting me off. He was going on and on all day. I’m up to here with it! So uhh, aye Gary, let me just… just take my time… there! Aye, aye, aye, okay. If it was so easy, why am I still here? God… Oh my! Shut up! I’m sick of it! Oh! Ooft! Ooft… OOH! Ah! Right… now it’s go time! No more falling off the map
unless it’s a scripted event… [ LAUGHS ] You weren’t nice to the hobo guy, how have you got fighting moves? You shouldn’t have any. And I’ve been taking gym class as well, I should have all the moves to take you down. Ahh, you’re nothing mate! Look at this! If this was a UFC fight, this would be over already. Agh! If this was a boxing match,
the towel’s been thrown in Gary, give it up! Look how angry he is! He’s raging, he’s raging just
because we’re just heavy solid. Aww, this is satisfying, I’m liking this! Awww mate, sit down! [ LAUGHS] Mate, you are so done, that’s you. You’re done, you’re cornered! Mate, I’m actually pretty low on health. I think we both might be dead! Oh, we’ve graduated! [ LAUGHS ] Nice! It was easy! I mean, I did stumble a couple of times. But… but… it was alright. Well done! Aww, he is. He’s some lad! Awww! Cute. Bring a tear to your eye. Beautiful! Poetic! Just… amazing. So happy for Pete, forget Jimmy,
forget beating up Gary, forget everything else… It’s all about… Pete’s the main character, alright! And with that… That’s the Bully Let’s Play done
on BBC The Social Gaming. Yes, it took us a few months, yes we failed a few missions, a few classes here and there… Specifically English 2 if you remember that. That was particularly a low
point in my Bully career. But we’ve had some laughs too, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this Let’s Play, and thanks to BBC The Social for
giving me the opportunity to make it for you, and thanks so much for
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