Hi there, I’m Marley and welcome back to BBC the Social Gaming Let’s Play of Bully. Eh, we’re startin’ off with some Dodgeball. Gettin’ straight into things. I actually find this pretty tough a lot of the time for some reason.
I don’t know why. I just cannae really seem to… L2. Aw naw they caught… am I out? I think I’m out. Gies the…yeah. How do you catch things again? Wait, catch is X. Circle to dodge. Right, so we just want to catch. Cool, no problem. Aye right there. Naw! Right gies the ball mate, gies the ball. Aw, my god. See I find this…I find this quite difficult. Right, eh…jump, circle to jump. Right, cool. Naw, I didnae there we go right off his dome! Right off his dome. Naw. Oh dear. Right, it’s only one nil it’s only one nil right. I told ye I find this difficult for
some reason, I always have done. Right, so it’s… naw it’s…there we
go. It’s that, it’s that jump shot I can’t seem to… get the hang of. Bang! Gies the
ball, geez the ball. Wait, who’s got it? We had a wee bit of an upset at the start,
but we’re back in the game now. We are back in the game Geez that…you see he’s on our side. Go on
Algie, go on Algie big man. And Jimmy’s cli…aye. Is this first to three or is that
us won? Aw , that’s us done it. Nice one. Just wanted
to get that out the way cause, like I say, education is important. Now we’ve got higher
accuracy wae our…slingshot. What more do ye want? Ok back…back to missions though. Let’s
get out of there. Don’t imagine these missions will be near the school so we’ll have to
do a wee bit of a commute. What have we got? Weed killer and boxing challenge. That guy’s
wanting to rip our heart out and feed it to us. Which is a tad unnecessary. Right, let’s go get this boxing challenge
done then. Might as well pick up this bike while we’re
here. If it’s there. It is. thank god for that. Ah, a nice wee cycle we’re going for down Bullworth Way Seen quite a lot of the place by now actually. Not all of it though, getting there. “Ne ne ne ne”. After we record these these tunes are always stuck in my mind fir the best part of the day. I’m just like walkin’
along the street goin’, “De ne ne.” “De ne ne.” Right, off the bike. Let’s get this show
on the road. Boxing Challenge. I think we might be meetin’ Pete here on the pier. Yes we are. Aye a few things, a few hings. See Pete’s got the smarts. See Pete’s almost like…I think he’s almost
like an evil genius…but nice at the same time, if that makes sense – it doesn’t but,
yeah. I’ll fill ya in Pete, I’ll fill ya in. You’ll no miss much I swear. It’s really startin’ to snow now, look. Right so; if you remember a couple a episodes
ago, we had that big boxing fight. I hope there was nothing important in that. Eh, we had a big boxing match against three people, and now we’re fightin’ the best. This is what it takes to get to the top. Look at the size a that guy. Well he’s confident. Mate, I’m gonna knock ya out a your shoes. This is just like some David and Goliath, some – I don’t know, something outta Rocky here. Look at the size a this guy. Go on, go on Jimmy. Yeah, this guy’s good.
This guy is good by the way. Although he’s lettin’ me get a few hits in early. Dodge that, ah Jimmy c’mon. Where’s your guard. Yeah I’m doin’ no bad. Mon then, mon then,
mon then. Let’s tire him out. Nah ye can’t that’s not good enough for me. That’s not good enough. One there. Here Bif is taking a beating here. Look at his eye swelling up Good round Jimmy, good round. Stay relaxed, stay loose.
Bif’s corner must be raging at him Ooh, ooh, that was a bit hit there, I felt
that. Oh he’s…and the body shots are…I’m tryin’
to dodge it here because I’m sittin’ here. Those body shots though. Oh, he can’t handle
the upper cuts. His jaw’s gonna come clear off. He’s actually, he’s done quite a bit
of damage to me actually. Yes. Big hit Jimmy. Oh. Good dodge Jimmy, go on. End of the round. Right, nearly there my Jimmy, nearly there – c’mon big deep breaths. Get some fluids in. Mon then. Oh. He’s found their weakness. Yes Oh, good work. C’mon – let’s end him in this round. Let’s end him in this round. Bang.
Bang. He’s not puttin’ his guard up. C’mon, that’s it, yes. Big one. There we go.
Oh, that was a bit easier than I was expectin’. That was, it was a bit a slightly
tougher fight, but…happy. Look at, ah man, he’s…somebody might actually wanna check
on him. I think Jimmy’s…look that guy’s massive
as well. I think Jimmy’s feelin’ a bit a bit full of himself at the moment. Eh, nah, it disnae I think you just need to win like the highest, you know like…we are the championmate, that’s, you can’t dispute that. Oh My God. That’s so bad. So I think
they are rather uh upset about what we just did to uh Biff. The gloves are off. The gloves are off. Ooh.
C’mon. That guy just head-butted us. C’mon, I’m tryin’ to humiliate ya mate. Go on, go on Jimmy. Camera angle’s not exactly helpin’ me out here. You don’t have to shove him. Tell him he’s
crap, that’ll do him. You’re ugly. Ah, you want some a this as well? Go on, throw him
out. Get past the guard. I’m pretendin’ I know what I’m talkin’ about, but I don’t.
Aw, dead arm. Next room. That’s pretty deep. Oh, that’s a rubber band there. Sorry guy, sorry about that. You know, stampin’ the feet. Oh. He just ran away. Ah! Bang.
d’ya like that? I’ll deal with you in a second Derby. I’m dealin’ with the window at the
moment. Just trying to deal with him, right here we go Ah. Hold on, can I just get the slingshot
to hit you? Naw Bang Does this, that doesn’t take any damage off him does it? The developers probably thought about that actually. I think the developers are a wee bit smarter than me. Thinking I can just hit him with the slingshot a few times. Get aff me. I thought I just battered you.
Oh, check his boxing stance and everything man. I’ve not actually got much moves in my
locker thinkin’ about it. Are they gonna bring in more people. Nah, yeah. Oh, bit of lag there. Is that him back out already? Naw, don’t know how to dae it. my god. I canny get any hits in on this guys. There
we go. Yes. Oh, I’ve got him cornered. I’ve got him cornered. He’s goin’ nowhere. He’s goin’ nowhere but on the floor. Hold on mate, let me just batter yer pal here. Yes. Oh.
No don’t run away again God’s sake. I need some health. No, not eggs. Man, that’s just actually so tough. Aye mate, you just hold on a second. Right here we go. This ends
now. For me maybe. Ow, god’s sake. He absolutely floored me there. How many times is this going to happen? I swear these, some of these guys are duplicatin’. Oh. Reverse that, reverse that. Right, c’mon let’s just…you no knackered mate, I’m knackered. Don’t go away again. Right. Next time, next time he
comes out forget his wee cronies. I’m going straight for him. Right, where is he? Right. Yes. Oh. I get behind him, there. No. I don’t
know want to hit you. I’ll hit ye’s both at the same time. C’mon. No, oh oh. Oh my god. Oh we got him. We got him. Do I just need to deal with this guy? Oh my god, imagine this guy
ended me right here. Oh my God, I can’t get a hit in on him C’mon, just finish this please,
for the love of god. Ow. Is that is that us done?
My god. And we got a trophy for it Do you know what? We earned that trophy,
we did indeed. You’re damn right. I think we taught them a lesson. Talk about another trophy That was some effort but that was
an actual shift to get that over the line there But what is next for Jimmy Hopkins?
That is the question. Oh, controversial Awrighty Chapter 3 You might have noticed I’ve been avoidin’ some of the side quests. Just an efficient play Let’s Play is what we’re goin’ for. But it’s Christmas time. Now here we go. Listen mate, Johnny just goes goes to this
school. He’s not actually like he’s just another kid Also yes they are throwin’ darts at the the
head teacher’s face How many darts have they got actually? Right. So now it’s the greasers turn to get wide. And then uh, be dealt with. Cook’s
Crush, Jealous Johnny, that’s the one. And I think we’ll be goin’ into new areas of Bullworth.
It’s snowin’. How do ye. There’s a way can pick up a snowball, there is somehow…there
is a way. But we’ll figure it out maybe there
wasn’t enough snow in that area. Oh things are…there’s not much grip on this skateboard. Whit class is that? Is it anything important? Shop 2. Aw, it kinda is as well. Do you know
wit? Let’s see if we can get to this mission quick enough and finish it before
class ends. We can maybe actually do it, because that would give us
the chance to get a better bike, a faster bike Whoa, skateboard was goin’ pretty fast
there. Jealous Johnny. Let’s do this. Um. Bit dodgy Jimmy, walkin’ alone here. Mate, I’ve got a lot a girlfriends if you
haven’t realised already. The size of his earring. That, that’s gotta
hurt. Oh my God that was pretty intense wasn’t it
and we’ll settle this big zoom into his face I don’t even want to be involved
to be honest. This is your problem. But I guess…I guess it’s our problem now too. How many pictures are you wantin’ mate, because
I do actually have class to get to. Aw get the camera, I went one too many.
Oh. Bad photo. Wit. Oh God. Avoiding class I
kind of forgot about that. God sake why does this always happen to us? Hold on away from the Police here. And naw, jump. Ye never seen that comin’ Right. We lost him. Where are they? This does look a bit creepy doesn’t it? Naw, naw Where are ye’s. Oh there ye’s are there. Naw Aw yeah,
we need to get a picture of him kissin’ don’t we? Right C’mon. Hurry up. In the middle of the road
if you have tae There ye’s go, there you go. C’mon, hurry up. Mate, get out a the shot,
ya blockin’ the shot. Here we go Bad photo – what do ye mean? There
we are, a nice one. So just one holdin’ hands Hurry up and hold hands Wit do ye mean that’s a bad photo? Mate I’m usin’ up all my memory here takin’ all these photos Gettin’ gifts from Gord. Ah
here comes the police again. He’s blocking the road. No. Hold on a second. Right. Oh there’s a wee rubber band there Oh, I missed it. Hurry up, give him a gift,
give him a gift. Naw that’s some. god’s sake This is, what a tough mission this
is tryin’ to avoid the Police and follow these people around at all times. Where did they go? Awright, I’m going to follow C’mon hurry up. Hurry up. Forget being truant for
class. I genuinely should have been arrested for this a long time ago. Creeping up on these two with a camera. Right Aw no don’t, don’t naw mate. Mate I swear,
I swear to God. See if I miss this again. Where are they? Where’d they go. No, that’s
the Police again. Naw I’m right next to them. Naw. Right. C’mon. Turn around. Uh, no, that’s it. No. Yes – we got it!
Thank god for that, Jesus. I feel like I made that a lot tougher than
it should’ve been, but the Police weren’t exactly helpin’. Yeah, I’ll go to class if
you’ll let me just complete this mission. Honestly, I will go straight there. You can
take me there if you want. Aye, here’s yer photos mate. I hope it was worth
it. We got some respect from the greasers anyway. Alright. Do you know wit? There’s a chance we could actually miss class here. But instead, I think it’s
probably best for us to wrap things up So I can’t get over how
hard that mission was. I hope you enjoyed my struggles. If you did, please leave a “Like”
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video. Bye.