Hi there, I’m Marley, this is BBC the social
gaming and this is also a let’s play of “Bully”. We have now completed chapter one and we have
unlocked, uh, Bullworth town, not just, we’re not just limited to the school now, uh, and
we have a few missions available. Uh, is that a class? What class have, have we got, cos
we’ve also unlocked some new classes. Shop one, do you know
what, I’m gonna do shop one, because that also helps us unlock bikes which we will need
to travel around the town quickly. So, do you know what, I’m actually quite happy to
do that. So, in this episode, I think we’ll get, we’ll get shop done, we’ve also got another
class unlocked which is, uh, is it, oh, I nearly glitched again there, is it photography,
I think. Uh, that doesn’t matter too much though, shop is important and it’s
tough, so I want to try and get this out of the way and then we can, we can do some stuff
outside of the school. Now this, this is tough on me, I actually might not pass this first
time. Aye. Match the controller inputs to fix the
bike. [LAUGHS] See how quickly that, you need to do it so quickly, you’ve got three lives
at this, right. There they go. “X”. What do you mean I got that wrong, I thought
I got that right, no way, right, I’ve got one more. I’ve got one more shot at this or
I’m failing. You see e.., this is tough cos you ac…,
you can actually do the right thing and it’ll tell you that you’ve failed, so I know exactly
what I need to do this next time, but it might, it passed me that time, thank God. Have
I got one more thing to do? No, I’ve passed, huh, teacher’s pet, nice one. Do you know
what, I’m, I’m surprised we’ve done that, cos that’s, that’s a tricky one at times
and we’ve got a new bike, look at that. It’s a beast. So, that’ll help us travel around town quicker
later. Right, get out of my way mate. Unfortunately I think the mission we’re about to do we’ll,
we will be forced to use a different bike, uh, spoiler alert, oh, I’m trying to put my
slingshot away and I’m hitting people with it [LAUGHS] No. I thought we just became
friends. I thought I became friends with the bullies I want to do this
mission for the, the dinner lady. That prefect’s still gonna be chasing me I think. Oh look, everyone’s lining up for lunch. Do
you know you can start a food fight in here? I won’t do that, cos I actually want to start
this mission, but you can if you want, start a food fight Last minute shopping. Hmm. It seems very hy…, hygienic. That’s
nice. [LAUGHS] Oh. Oh, God. [LAUGHS] Ah, that’s brutal, that is brutal. See I… [LAUGHS], why is the, why has the
headmaster got me, me dealing with the stuff? I, I can understand collecting the meat, but
collecting her knickers, I’m not sure about that I’m not sure that, uh, lands in my curriculum.
Bah…that was a good one, to be fair. Right, let’s go get this stuff. Yeah, unfortunately
we can’t use the new bike we’ve just unlocked, we need
to use Edna’s bike, which is a shanner It’s got a wee nice basket on it though,
for all our, uh, items, which a BMX doesn’t have, so, let’s got and get her bike, what’s
up mate. And we are venturing outside of the school for the first time. Whoa, nearly got myself run over, I’ve barely
been out the school for two seconds, give us the bike, here we go, ow. You can go over
the bridge, but you can also take this wee, it’s like a short cut I suppose. There’s three
bridges, uh, left, right and this we centre one here, I think it’s the quickest. Press “x”
repeatedly to pedal faster, this is as fast as this thing goes, honestly. It’s
rubbish, right, that’s brake, how do I brake? Don’t want to throw any eggs at pedestrians, cos they
will put you in a headlock and phone the polis and we don’t want that, we’re just here to
collect some things. Right. The important things first, we’ve got our knickers, the
school can, uh, go hungry, can wait for the meat. Uh, what did she ask to get us next,
it’s a razor isn’t it? Where’s the bike, where’s the bike. Get on the bike,
there we go. Oh, a wee skid there, that was nice. “The
Happy Mullet”, [LAUGHS]. No one’s happy with a mullet, not these days, come on. Seize the
razor. I mean, when you think about it, would you be buying a razor from a barbers? Not
really, but I’ll not argue with this classic game. Uh, we have to jump in here and well,
“Yum Yum Market”. To finally get the, probably the most important
thing, which is the meat. I’m quite busy to go on a date just now, sorry, I, I really
am. Work life is, I’m married to my job. Yeah, you can also use the bus to get back to school
or get arrested or, uh, get knocked out. [LAUGHS] To, to fast travel back to the school. [LAUGHS]
So, we’re nearly there, we’ve, we’ve made great time actually, we not even half way
through our time limit here. We’ll just take her bike right up the
door, why not. I did a wee jump as well, not, I keep on accidentally getting the exit, let
me off the bike, back up, back up. Dismount, here we go. Ah, we did that really, really
efficiently. No, no accidentally hitting people, no getting in trouble, just very efficient
errand running. Hmm. Fifteen dollars for that, not bad, we’re
making some good money now. Good work if you can find it, honestly. Good stuff. Yeah, even
Jimmy’s surprised, that’s it, that’s all I did for fifteen, fifteen quid. Should we,
should we wack out another mission here. I think we should. I’m trying to think where
that is. It looks like it’s to do with the nerds. Character sheets it is
indeed to do with the nerds. For some reason, I think this is a mission we have to collect
some character sheets for the nerds. Uh, off, off the top of my head memory of this. Greetings! God that’s shocking mate. [LAUGHS] I like [LAUGHS] Jimmy’s look there
[LAUGHS] Jimmy’s look there could not be more fearsome or confused. [LAUGHS] look at him What’s the exchange rate for groats mate? [LAUGHS] Oh my God, right, let’s get these
characters sheets. Luckily, there’s one nearby. I think the, oh, yeah, I forgot about this,
right. [LAUGHS] Oh my God. Oh. [LAUGHS] That’s, oh,
I didn’t mean that actually, in fact, I might as well just batter him for that. Kick him
in the nuts. I’m just trying to get away look. Yes, do you like it, right, sorry, I should
probably carry on with this mission. [LAUGHS] We’ve passed the game first time. I have to
get, oh, there’s the marbles I was talking about. Mate, give us my. Oh he’s got caught I’m trying to get my slingshot, what happens now actually haven’t,
I don’t know, wait, can I just [LAUGHS], thanks for that. God, I thought, I’ve never seen
that happen before. That made that really easy. Prefects doing my job for me. That’s
just a surprise attack. No messing about accidentally hitting people. Right, one more sheet to go.
Somewhere in here. She, she’s really desperate for a
date, isn’t she, man. She is clingy. I’m just trying to go about my business. Where about’s is this thing. Have I went the wrong way. Oh, it’s around here. I’ll help you, don’t worry. Oh, this
is a right war, isn’t it, look, this is, how many people here. The character sheet’s there, I just wanna batter
this guy though. He’s annoyed me. Right, return these to Melvin. I think I can make this jump.
Oh, I did as well, no, oh, there we are. Tony Hawks pro-skater Bullworth, that’s what that
is. And mission complete. Nobel man indeed. No, Jimmy’s not messing
around at all. You see I’m making some really serious money.
I can’t think of much to spend it on, mind you, but, you know, ten dollars, not bad at
all. Not bad at all and there’s actually no missions to really, to really do at the moment.
There must be a time. There must be certain ones timed. Do you know what, uh, since it’s
timed, I’ll show you that thing I’ve been saying I’m gonna show you
since the first, since the first episode, if it’s there. We’ll go and play that wee
football mini game. Hopefully it’s there. We can make some even more money. We can gamble
all that money. Oh no, don’t. It’s here, it’s here, get me out of this, get me out of this,
right, penalty shots, here we go. Try to hit the kid with the ball until he is knocked
out. Place your bet, well we go, we’ve put it all on the line. Ten quid, fifteen
Euro’s gambling, ten quid, that’s what we’re going for. Right, oh, I missed, oh, that’s
actually not a good start. Right, oh, no, that’s not good, right. Come on, oh, that’s
a good one, yes. [LAUGHS] Right, you’re, you’re, you’re looking to knock them out in all these
shots, basically. I missed again, right, I think I’m gonna lose my tenner here.
Head shot, yes, we got it. Have we just doubled our money? What were the odds? It was. We
just doubled our money, nice one. It was simple. Oh, there’s another, there’s another, mission
available. I need to get out of here, right. Like I say, one more mission we’ve got in
this, in this episode, let’s do it. That “H” is for, what is that “H” for again? Oh, it’s
for the hobo thing yeah, it’s for the hobo thing. Now we’ll, we’ll get that,
we’ll get that in the next, uh, episode and we’ll learn, we’ll learn more moves. We’ll
get this mission out of the way first. Let’s see what, what do they want us to do
now. Edna’s bike is still parked there. Right, let’s get this done. I can’t actually think
what this mission could be. Oh, no, I remember, I remember. Hattrick versus Galloway. Oof. Steaming mate. I’ve been on it since this
morning big man, honestly. The words of a drunk man. Mmm, that’s a bit, a bit suspicious. Ohh grass. Like I say, grass. Having a jolly old time. You’re telling me. I’ve failed it once. I don’t know why Jimmy’s so sympathetic and
might want to help this teacher, cos he could have least passed me. 52 percent I think I
got or 53, something like that, it was close. [LAUGHS] He’s got another bottle anyway. He’s
got the cargo. So, basically, we’re, we’re trying to stop this guy getting sacked. I,
I don’t know why, but, we are. Find Galloway’s hidden bottles. I think there’s
a bottle in the cafeteria, where is it, it’s back, it must be back here somewhere. Back here, there it is. Oh, wait, no, no,
the bottle is there as well. I was gonna say, he’s, he’s hardly gonna be hiding it on the,
the cafeteria table is he? That would be a bit bold. Out of my way. And we’ve got another
two up the stairs. In the principal’s office, no, it’s in the trophy cabinet. That is. You
can hearing him grass him in, in the background there, that is bold. Now he’s
gonna, he’s gonna grass me in now. Oh, get in the bin, get in the…, did I get in in
time? Look at the state of him, he can’t even run. Never, he never caught me, come on,
calm down a bit and the last one is in, in the girl’s toilets, this, this guy does have
a problem, why am I helping him? What is he up to. Oh, I’m gonna get caught by a first
teacher. Big jump downstairs, come on Jimmy you’ve got it in you, yes, no,
no, he doesn’t want to do it, yes, oh, what an escape. She’s hardly gonna jump that is
she? No chance and we’re out of there. I’ve nearly got this guy in the clear. Skateboard
it. And there’s Miss Phillips, well done, I’ll teach him. Oh, yeah, now we can attend photography class. I don’t know where she’s off to, I don’t,
I didn’t realise that bus isn’t taking you anywhere, but we now have a camera and can
attend photography classes and that was a really efficient episode. Maybe the most efficient
so far. In the next episode, we will learn a hobo, uh, fighting, uh, tricks and get some
more, oh, maybe the wee prep challenge is done here outside. But anyways,
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