MARLEY: Hi there I’m Marley, and welcome back to BBC The
Social Gaming’s Let’s Play of Bully, and I know it’s been a few weeks
since we did the last episode, we dabbled in a bit of Destroy All… I can’t even speak… Destroy All Humans… that game has destroyed my speech pattern, never mind my gaming career at this point, we had some difficult times. And we’re back home in Bullworth
with Jimmy and class is just about to begin, What is it? It’s Chemistry 4, not interested. We’re gonna get stuck in to Chapter 4 of Bully now. We’re gonna deal with some nerds, some jocks, and eh… What’s he got to say? That’s very rude to the
Scottish people I have to say Jimmy! That’s a bit rich! I mean, your fly is unzipped man!
Come on, you’re not helping yourself! See, ‘Wee’ Pete’s always got the ideas. And you couldn’t do Trigonometry. No, bring Pete along! I like Petey, and his wee pink shirt, he was ahead of the game with the pink shirt! Absolute stunner. Right. So, ask whereabouts is Earnest. Where’s Earnest? A wee bit rude. Oh my god! What? I didn’t expect that! I’ve got new fighting moves as
well that I unlocked off screen! So I’ll… crapped it just before I put him in the bin, “Go to the side alley beside the library”, okay. I was gonna go well further away there!
It was right here. Mate, shut up honestly! Spare it. Cheers! Just fire that in there… Make our way to the observatory, this is the first time we’ve been
there in the Let’s Play I believe. Oh god! Now I need to run a gauntlet here! No! [ LAUGHS ] Oh they’ve got some form of gun as well, like spud guns, fireworks guns… The nerds have got some firepower, honestly! Oh just… I’m no interested in fighting! I just want to make my way there. I should probably just get the
skateboard out at this point. Right, see yous later, I don’t want any aggro! This is yous that have started this! My skateboarding is a lot slower
than I was hoping it would be. We’re going up against an actual army here, look at the firepower! You know I wasn’t going to damage
the transformer until you mentioned it! [ LAUGHS ] Let’s get the slingshot out! How do we aim at it again? Oh my god! Wait, wait wait wait wait wait,
hold on, hold on, hold on. Right, I’m literally gonna die here… Figure out some tactics! I’m dead. Should em… Should have probably came up with
a better tactic there than just run in… I can’t even say run in with guns blazing,
because there was no guns at all, I was trying to form a peace treaty there. Let me attempt that again and get the fists out, and try to steal one of their weapons as well, that would probably be quite handy. Right. Right, let’s loosen up a bit here, it’s been a while since we’ve played Bully, I thought it couldn’t get worse
than Destroy All Humans, but here we are. First mission of this new episode,
and you’re going in that… No! I’m gonna fail this actually! I’m meant to speak to him, aren’t I? Just let go of him! EARNEST (INGAME): You really squashed
my cupcake, dingus! Wait… hold on. Right [ LAUGHS ] I thought we were
gonna fail that again there… [ LAUGHS ] Because I went to the total
opposite end of the scale– and tried to put him in the bin straight away! Right, we’re a wee bit rusty! You’re going down as well. Bang, bang, bang. Okay. Right, here we go now. So I reckon we can probably
skip most of these guys, It’s when we get to the… Yeah, these guys are launching fireworks at me, we’ll skip these guys, right? It’s when we get to the
stronghold is when we need to– actually start dishing out
some damage ourselves. I do remember this mission,
it can be quite difficult. Especially when they GANG UP ON YOU,
here, they’re gonna… Right, [ LAUGHS ] that was a bit of a… an interesting tactic there from that nerd, But it’s okay, we made it through. Right, nearly there now, nearly there. Right. Game face on now Marley, come on. So… plan is… Stay behind cover, take out the
nerds that are on the ground, and pick a moment to hit the transformer. Right, so yous want to come to me? No they do not. Where’s my weapons? There we go. Stay behind cover, stay behind cover! Agghh! Yes! Get his gun, get his gun, And his health! There we go! Now we’re talking! Where’s the spud gun? Oh it’s the rocket gun we’ve got actually! Mate… I nearly took myself out with it! Right, careful, careful, careful. How can we aim it? There we go. Agh! Stay behind cover! Stay behind cover!
Stay behind cover! And take out Algie… Did I get him? I think I might’ve got him… No I never got him. This is very intense. Right, come on Algie, you need to go down son. How are you not down yet? I guess that’ll do… come on! And once he’s done shooting these,
I’m gonna try steal that soda. Agh! He nearly took me out but took himself out! And I got a drink… nice one! Right… Hold on, get behind that cover! Right… change… change… thing… How do we shoot? How do we aim again? Is there a way we can aim this thing? There we are. Come on! I’m no quite hitting it, I’m hitting it now. There we are! We did it! Wait, what? I thought that was us done! “Get on the spud cannon” Get on the spud cannon Jimmy,
I could really be doing with a drink, but, that’s all we have to do for now, come on. Give me a shot of the cannon! “Destroy the observatory doors”, right… Somehow I think more nerds are gonna show up. They are indeed. They’re inside? Oh my god! They’re on top of the thing as well! Mate! This mission is insane! I thought I just battered you a second ago! Come on! Let’s go fully automatic! Let’s just [ LAUGHS ] I’m no caring for
the two nerds at the side! Come on! That door’s coming down! That’s a wee bit of a relief, I’m not gonna lie. That was a beefy mission, that was. But we made it, and we got -100 respect
from the nerds which is fair enough. What are you playing at, mate? Not true. This guy thinks he’s some
sort of super-villain, doesn’t he? Some sort of mad evil scientist! I mean he could be a scientist, but… Right, so we’ve to take them
out again by the looks of it. So let’s try do that. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom… no… There we go! Earnest mate, give it up! You could’ve literally died there! What the hell are you even throwing at me? Oh my god! Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s actually messing about now. Agh! Right come on, nearly… Come on, quick enough! Quick enough! Agh! Oh ho ho ho! That was just in time! I don’t know what he’s gonna chuck at me now. I’m trying to get along with you Earnest,
it’s you who’s shooting at me! Come on! Yes! The nerds are literally bullying me right now, you can not claim the moral
high ground on this one. And ehh… that should… Gives a shot of your gun mate!
I’m having a bit of that! See? We can be pals! Hopefully that gives me a plus, +100 nerd respect. Wonder if it does actually?
I can’t remember. [ LAUGHS ] You think it would. Oh, only 50? Oh okay. You know, baby steps on getting that peace back . But now I have a belter of a weapon! And we have some new missions to check… We’ve got a spud gun though, and we’ve also… Don’t want to use my ammo! We’ve also got a rocket gun as well. So we’re doing not bad,
what other missions have we got? Diary… Panty Raid… Funhouse Fun! That’s what we want! Those of you who played Bully,
you will remember Funhouse Fun. And if I’m thinking… whoops!
Pressed the wrong button! Trying to find the map and make sure… Where is Funhouse Fun? Funhouse Fun is… See I think it’s at the Funhouse, isn’t it? [ LAUGHS ] But we might need to go
somewhere else before that. We’ll see! We’ll see! Not interested wee man! Bigger fish to fry. That’s back at the libary… no problem! Here we go! Here goes Funhouse Fun! Right, let’s do this! Right, I know we said we could be friends, but… Yeah, no, sit down mate. Can I hand back that 50 respect? [ LAUGHS ] That’s what they wanted to hear! Okay, fair enough. Nah that’s like minus 200
respect as well right there. There’s not enough memory in the game– for how much minus respect
should have happened there, but… “Travel to the Carnival Funhouse” We’re gonna have some fun! Just realized it’s getting a bit late actually, we’re gonna need to do this quite efficiently, which is not really my style if you’ve
been following the Let’s Play closely. But we do have a wee orange bike here– which is a wee bit faster than the last
one we had when we were playing, so… Hopefully we can get there quickstyle! Now I remember some comments in the
last batch of episodes we did, telling me to get the… the moped. And there’s other kinds of side quest things, But most of the side quests we probably
won’t be doing in this Let’s Play– just due to time constraints. The moped I may indulge in though. As you can say, we’ve upped… We’ve upped the setup here, so maybe we can find some extra
time to get a moped sorted as well! We’ll see, we’ll see. Mate, I’m just trying to buy a ticket, I nearly speared a police officer there, that would not have been good! Yeah, I like how I started this Let’s Play– without even mentioning this
grand setup we’ve got going now. Not that it wasn’t before, but
this has taken it up a notch, hasn’t it? It is. I’m entering Funhouse. Because the jocks are apparently
going to show up shortly. Are we in a mouth just now? We are… Wait… alright. Doo… doo…doo… Oh! They’re already… they’re being battered! Don’t do that! We’re pals now! Did you not hear? We’re friends. Wait, how am I locked onto that
nerd while battering up this jock? That was strange. Out the road! C’mere you! Right, test out my new moves. Hit you in the balls for your troubles! And then I kick you in the balls… and I kick you in the balls… and then I… few digs… Don’t mention it guys. “Lead the nerds out of the funhouse”… right, let’s go. Wait, what? So it’s not that way? Where are we going then? Unless I’ve too… Ah ha! I see! Sorry, I thought the game was literally
just asking us to run outside there! Did that unlock a secret door or something there? Ah ha! Right, right, right, right. Okay, let’s go. “Get to the graveyard control room”
Oh! I remember this bit actually! This can be quite annoying this part. Right, I’m too… I’m a bit impatient… and I don’t… it’s… See, I like to… see when I’ve got
the opportunity to go for two? See? Right there, I really should have
went but I’m trying to be sensible. Right. MARLEY: Oh, I nearly! I don’t if you’ve… [ LAUGHS ]
IN GAME NERD: Oh! I think I need an ambulance! I don’t know if you’ll
have heard that in the audio, but I wanted to press that there! [ LAUGHS ] No! I missed him! My god, I pressed the button to hit the nerd there! I’m so glad it didn’t let me do it.
That would’ve been dead funny! IN GAME JOCK: Let’s see how tough you really are! Just fail in the most spectacular way! Right, find out way out of the graveyard now. IN GAME NERD: I Need some backup, PLEASE!!!
MARLEY: There’s a nerd getting beat up on the
other side of this if I remember correctly. IN GAME NERD: Help me out!!! In here… Oh… IN GAME NERD: I need some back up… PLEASE!!! I hope their health bars
don’t appear anytime soon! They’re screaming in pain for me right now! Right, okay, let’s go this way. Found you! Now find Fatty. What are you screaming for?
I thought you’s were getting beat up. INGAME NERD: Agh! Help!
MARLEY: Sounds like he’s in here… INGAME NERD: Somebody save me! Oh, I found him! Now let’s get back out somehow… Head back… this way? Ah ha! Wait, is it this way? It’s the other entrance we need to go find. And it’s not that… Oh my god! This is the party where you’s all
just kind of scream at the video, at my… I’ve went the wrong way again. I can hear the comments being typed out right now, Honestly! Just calm down!
We’ll make it out of here in one peace. He’s taking a long road for a shortcut.
We’re gonna make it though. Here we go! Wait… Now I seriously don’t know what’s going on, I thought we were meant to get out. MARLEY: Now the screaming is intensified now.
Oh is that how… wait wait wait…
IN GAME NERD: Mandy says, if I lose 80lbs,
she won’t puke when she sees me! Is that how we couldn’t get through? Because we forgot fatty? INGAME NERD: I don’t want trouble! Out the road! INGAME NERD: Bump me if you will, don’t bother me… [ LAUGHS ] Right okay, fair enough. They wouldn’t let me out
because we forgot somebody… Oh no! I just got slapped in the face again. INGAME: Ohh, how did that happen? [ LAUGHS ] Oh no! Is that starting us from the very
start of that mission all over again? You’re kidding on! You are kidding on! Jesus Christ! Okay. This is where emm… This is where we get the
producers to do a swift edit– to when we’re back where we just
got slapped in the face with a shovel. A piece of camera magic
will let that happen right… now! Did you get that aye? [ LAUGHS ] We are back! A whole 24 hours later, Nah, I’m just kidding. It felt like that though. Let’s just not get smacked by this thing. Disable the miners… how do we… Ah ha! We were meant to go up here
instead of just trying to run through it. I mean this jock will pose probably
a pretty big threat as well. Oh yeah, he’s blocking all my… Oh… IN GAME JOCK: Beat it! You’re going down!
MARLEY: Mate, this guy… This is a tough fight! Yes! Bring it… he’s still not dead! C’mon! Well not dead, but you know what I mean. They look the same. And it gave me a drink, thank God, for some health.
IN GAME NERD: Gee! Thanks! Some much needed health. Right, can we run… yeah we can run across here. I thought we could. See what I mean about being too impatient? I just wanted to run to… oh this guy’s got a bat! I just wanted to run right across. That’s why i got smacked by the shovel. Yes! My new fighting moves are coming out well handy. I can even take a hit off that guy. Keep moving, keep moving folks. IN GAME NERDS: Thanks! Disable the last set of miners… There’s no way you would get through
there actually now that I think about it. What was I playing at? Trying to run through… Right, your pals are goners mate. Honestly, just stand down. I think that’s us? NERDS: Gee, thanks! Right… Find the nerds… what? Again?! Wait… Was he checking himself out
in the mirror there? [ LAUGHS ] Wait, where we going here? Right, I’ve got his… so what… Are we going through here? INGAME NERD: Maybe she’s like a prophet,
or psychic or something!
M: Ah ha! So as long as something doesn’t jump
out at us and tries to hit us. I’m just wanting out of this place! We did it! [ LAUGHS ] That was a mission and a half. Nerd respect, +5??? We’ve got two zeroes missing off that! That’s right, Jimmy.
JIMMY: Another good deed done! Right, what else of we got next? Right, paparazzi… Paparazzi? Right we’ll go… we’ll see, we’ll see… What class are we missing just now as well? Art 3? I’m alright. Okay, let’s… Out the road, out the road. IN GAME COP: Yeah, I know. You don’t need to
go to class, since you’re going to prison! I should’ve got my bike! There is a policeman chasing me right now. Let’s just see what other options we’ve got. Let’s just beat Paparazzi at the moment. I forgot you could do that actually! That’s quite fast, isn’t it? Also very dangerous, but… that’s Jimmy’s middle name. But uhh… yeah, let’s go do Paparazzi then. Don’t recall if this is a main one or a side one, but… You know what? Let’s just do it. And it is… is it the library? Is it the… I don’t know if it is. I know we’re truanting mate, I don’t care. Oh no, it’s at the preps bit.
Okay, okay, okay. Wait… That isn’t it either. Where is this mission at? Oh, is it the nerd secret base? Possibly, possibly is. Yeah, okay. Let’s… what yous… Aw, they’re leaving out wee
weapons for me as well now! And ammo! This beautiful friendship is flourishing here. Something tells me I already know
what Earnest is up to here. I bet you do. [ LAUGHS ] Listen mate, I only got +5 respect the last time. Don’t know what sort of respect this is going
to get me in the grand scheme of Jimmy’s life, but it better be worth more than 5 nerd respect,
I’ll tell you that much. Even Jock people who hate me. IN GAME JOCK: Who needs an education? Right, I probably should get
the camera out just before we… Be on edge. Right. IN GAME CHEERLEADERS: Bullworths rule!
Bullworths rule!
M: Is that a good photo? The game just told
me good photo. Thank you. A wee bit of an overreaction there. Enter the girls’ dorm, okay… Let’s get the skateboard out actually. I want to get Earnest’s creepy
mission over as fast as possible. An apple a day keeps the… the failed missions away. Check out these two wee guys fighting, look! Did you see… [ LAUGHS ] Here… guys, I’m trying to sneak into the girls dorm. If you could not beat each other up– next to the very suspicious
looking entrance, that’d be great. We’d love to imagine that prefect
did just not see or hear me climbing up there, I hate the mission going into the girl’s dorm. See trying to avoid, the uhh… How do we sneak again? Ah, there we go. I’m trying to avoid the thingy person. Wait. ‘Cause she’s not in that room, we need to like… There we go. No! She didn’t see me! That’s not failed I don’t think, I think we get another…
we just need to sneak back in. Yeah we do, okay. Not the end of the world yet. But I… how did she see me? I mean I was sprinting through
the dorm at some speed, but… still. [ SIGHS ] Let’s try that again. Where is she? Oh, she’s not… No, she is there! See, she just never gives you a minutes peace. I mean I know that’s probably her
entire job and that but… Right… turn around, and walk away please. No, don’t get closer! Come on! Right… This is our best chance now, come on! IN GAME: Is everything okay in there? [ LAUGHS ] Right, hold on a second. She’s literally in
where we need to go. I don’t know how she didn’t see me there, when she saw me the last time, but… okay. Right… that’s it. Patience… patience… Right, here we go.
IN GAME: Oh my god! I think I broke a nail
or something! Major emergency! Don’t get too close… I’m trying to get the camera out! No, don’t… not the skateboard jimmy! The camera, or the eggs, or the spraypaint. Okay, that’s a good photo of a door. I’m sure Earnest will have a great time with that. Nice hiding. Take that rubber band while I’m here… Gies that! JIMMY: I’m onto that! Right, how? This is the maze again! Let’s sneak… sneak! No, here comes the… teacher. No! That’s a bad photo? Yesss! Here we go! Let’s get out of here! No! IN GAME TEACHER: No trespassing! I saw you!
M: She’s spotted me! She spotted us! Go! Go! Go! God, she’s fast if she’s keeping up with Jimmy. Can we even get out of here again? No we can’t. We need to go to the front. Okay. Let’s just go full steam ahead then. See you later! Oh god! Oh god! Man, she’s rapid! Look how much better the girl’s dorm is by the way,
compared to the boy’s one. The boy’s one just has one floor
to it and about three rooms. Wait, am I meant to leave here? I think I’m are. Oh no, was I meant to steal something? Oh god, do I need to go back in there again? No I don’t, I don’t. Thank god! Hope that’s enough for Earnest. Now let’s make our way back there now. Oh, well are skipping Gym 4… Disappointed to be missing that! Jimmy’s getting good grades in that! Meanwhile Earnest is got him doing all
sorts of creepy shenanigans for him. What sort of respect will we get for that.? The nerds are so stingy! Forget the $25.00 he’s just gave us, I want respect! Right, go and do gym actually,
should we go and do gym if we’ve got time? Let’s do it. Gets you new… I mean… do you get a
new fighting move this time? I don’t know, we’ll see. Let’s find out, it might be dodge-ball
which I’m rubbish at, so we can all have a good time laughing
at how bad I am at it. See ya later, oh what a swerved, man! Jimmy could get on the football team with that! Right… is it dodgeball or is it wrestling? Let’s find out. It’s dodgeball. Do I remember how to do this, actually? Right… it’s… Throw… So… There we are now! Get that… get that ball! We’re gonna get them! IN GAME: You better get ready to lose,
because I’m ready to win!
M: Yeah! INGAME: Team nerd for the win! INGAME: You guys make me look bad!
MARLEY: You’re just rubbish. Accept it. Oh this guy’s pretty strong!
I had to work for that there. Oh, good on! He’s got a throw! He’s got a… Who’s got the ball? Someone get the ball. Mate, you are a gonner. Wing this one up. Bang! I think that’s enough to win? Yeah that’s it. What did we get for that? Aww, an accuracy upgrade! IN GAME: You paying attention? Nice, I like it! Yep, I’d say so Jimmy. JIMMY: I think we can call that a wrap! What have we got available to us now? Defender of the castle!
That sounds like a fantastic mission. Other things like that, BUT… Once this… hold on.. Let me deal with this guy. While I’m punching his lights out, I just want to say I hope you’ve enjoyed
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