Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s
Naked Truth. This week we are talking about some crap that is going down
on the internet that makes me really mad and since this is a place to share
our feelings on the internet in a very raw and organic way that’s what we’re
going to do today. But before I jump into that I want to thank our Naked Army
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below. Alright so this week I am talking about kind of the history of what’s
been going on with Leslie Jones. Leslie Jones if you do not know who she is
is the fabulous Saturday Night Live actress who was also just in a Ghostbusters
movie and she got into a big Twitter battle with some people who were
critics we will say otherwise also known as trolls but people that were
just being really nasty to her online and I think as someone who is relatively
new to social media she kind of fed the trolls a little bit. Responded to them with more angry language back and it fueled the fire. Anyway it led to what happened this week or indirectly directly or indirectly
take your own take your own opinion there led to her website being hacked which
was then her website was then putting out nude photos of her that were stolen
from iCloud as well as photos of her passport and driver’s liscense
and personal documentation. So she was doxed and had nude photos leaked
at the same time. There were also some racist comments on there from
what I heard. I did not see it. When something like this happens I try not
to spread any of that information or look at it myself because I
feel like that’s the only thing that we can do as people you know to say as people
in the community to say I don’t agree with this is to stop it in its
tracks and not let it spread further. But people are you know up in arms. There are people who are people are blaming it on everything from brightbar to
this is the right coming in and this is the hatred of the right and conservativeism
and this is the evil of the internet and just in general it’s very sad
I think when you see something that’s so wonderful like the internet and
when you see the dark side of that. You know I’m always reminded of with great
power comes great responsibility. And the internet is amazing and it connects
different people and communities like this community that would
have never had that chance before. And it does give every individual person their
own voice and there is so much beauty in that. But unfortunately there is a good side and an evil side to everything and you know then
we get into the conversation of does everyone deserve their own voice? And I believe that they do but I believe there should also be consequences
for these types of actions. So according according to Definition because
I like to give definitions cyberbullying is defined as bullying that
takes place using electronic technology. That includes devices equipment such as cell
phones computers tablets as well as communication
tools like social media text messages chat etc. And I do feel like this is certainly her journey
and this issue in general is a big deal I would say
almost for everyone of our generation. I feel like you would be in the minority if
you’ve never experienced any kind of hateful messages directed
towards you online. And maybe that’s different for me as someone
who has put themselves more out there as a public figure that you know
I have gotten lots of hateful messages and it’s really horrible. And as someone who has dealt with bullying in school then deal with bullying
thanks to my career as well was a bit of a shock at first. I wrote an article for New Media Rockstars
a while ago about you know the things that I do to
deal with that. And I feel like that journey is different for everyone and so it’s
really hard for me to watch Leslie Jones go through this now. And you know you see people deleting their social media accounts and there are
certainly ways to get around or deal with this and like I said everyone’s
journey is different. So whether it’s you know muting or blocking or reporting or
argueing back and standing up for yourself or whatever it is that works
for you best to deal with it then I say you know do what works best for you because
there are times when we have a thick skin and it’s super easy and
there are times when we let it get to us and I feel like that goes for everyone
atleast everyone I know that you know is in the YouTube world has days where
it certainly gets to them and we rely on eachother. And I feel like that’s why so many people
who make YouTube videos that are in that online creator
community kind of flock together because they can really relate to
eachother’s struggles in that department specifically. Yeah it just it sucks and I just I wanted
to take this moment to say that I know some people will
argue that every opinion even the unpopular opinion deserves to be heard
and freedom of speech and like I said I believe that the opinions deserve
to be heard and I believe that people are entitled to their opinion but I
also think there should be consequences when something illegal is happening. And stealing nude photos or any type of private property is
not okay. Doxing could be legal or illegal depending which state you’re in
and depending which law it falls under but it can fall under stalking cyberstalking
harrassment threats there’s all different things it could fall
under. And in this case where it was actual photos of her passport and driver’s
liscense those were not things that were legally obtained. The arguement comes you know if it’s legally obtained publically available information
than abrogating that information should not be illegal even if there was malicious
intent but I don’t believe you could argue that in this case. And you know a lot of states right now I think there’s no federal law on bullying
but all 50 states do have some type of law on bullying and almost all of them
mention internet harassment. I think only about half of them mention cyberbullying
specifically but there are things that can be done. Not always criminal things and that’s not
to say your local police enforcement will do
anything if you screen cap this stuff and bring it to them. But it’s part of the journey and it’s
better to have record for it. So what I would suggest for people if you
are dealing with this kind of stuff online take screen caps of everything
if it works for you to reset your privacy settings or mute or block or
ban or what ever you need to do to protect yourself. These people have a right to say what they
want to say but they don’t have a right to direct access
to you and that’s the part that you could control. Again screen shot and report to the authorities
in general try to keep your personal information that’s
out there to the public keep it to a minimum if that’s something you’re very
concerned about. Like you’ll see a lot of times I won’t say anything specifically
like my parent’s full names or you know other things I try to keep private
out of respect for the other people in my life who may not want things
private and you do have to be safe because we talked about before in stalker
situations and just always remember that happy and secure people never
bully other people. So try as best you can to sympathize with the people
who are doing this harm. Whops sorry about that! My camera just shut off so I needed to restart
it. But what I was saying is if you can try to
remember that people who do bully are going through a difficult time themselves
and they probably need help and support as well so I think responding
to their anger and malintent with your own anger and malintent while it’s
a completely natural reaction is probably just going to make the situation
worse and at least for me it helps to have that change in perspective. So my question to you guys is how do you either overcome cyberbullying in your
own life? Or maybe if you’re someone who endorses it and you really think
that these opinions need to be out there and heard and not silenced tell
me why. As always differing opinions are welcome here just please try
to say it in a way that is open to educating eachother and is open to open dialogue
don’t just give me a comment to be like and here’s where I’m
right drop the mic because those kinds of comments don’t really help anybody
feel better except for you and your ego. So we’re all here for eachother so make
sure that you’re doing that. And I do want to say that this will be the
last Naked Truth in this setting . I am moving this weekend so as soon
as I finish filming this actually I have to box everything up and all
my equipment is being put away so there will be no stream tomorrow or
Sunday and it remains to be seen if there will be a Naked Truth next week
if I have my equipment set up in my new place in time there will be. If not we may have to take a week off so pay attention to my Twitter @thatgrltrish
no I in the girl to see if we’ll have another Naked Truth next week. But there will be a tech video going up this weekend so you can look forward to
that to hold you over in the mean time. Thank you guys so much for watching. And also congrats to SourceFed Nerd for reaching 1 million subscribers
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are there. So yeah so have a great week everybody and spread the good in
the world because yes we may notice poopey things but there are also
a lot of beautiful people in this world and they have good intentions so make
those the louder ones this week. Alright bye guys!