LeafyIsHere ROASTED Me, Misha & Matthias (DISS TRACK)

And this mother fucker looks like the type
of guy that would buy the prescription pills off of the other guy, alright! Leafys the only one I know Praying for more real estate just above his
throat How’s it going guys? I’m Chad Wild Clay and I like to start my
day by reading your comments and tweets BUT whatever you do not leave a comment below
until the very end of the video otherwise you might end up looking like a fool! What’s this? Roast Leafy is here, chad plize Chad roast Leafy is here…47 thumbs up! You guys! I mean know you like my roast and all but
I can’tt just roast people who never did anything bad to me! I mean I roasted Markiplier because I thought
was trying to steal my girlfriend Vy Hello Vy, yeah I wish would could have gotten
dinner or something. Oh dinner, yeah dinner sounds great. And I roasted RiceGum cuz he made fun of my
musical.lys Yo, miss me with that gay shit. What the fuck. Yo everyone that’s watching right now is probably
pissed as fuck cause like you didn’t dodge it. LIke you literally just got kissed by this
guy. I dodged it. And PewDiePie I mean he made fun of my Pen
Pineapple Apple Pen video This fucking guy got 9 million views off this
trend? Oh now the real cringe begins. No don’t recreate it. He put himself in there. And I roasted Matthias because he was making
fun of my neck! Whoa! That is the longest neck I’ve ever seen! So I’m sorry guys. I can’t roast leafy because hes always been
FOR PRESIDENT! I’m not trying to start drama but did you
hear what Leafy said about you guys? Chad! Leafy just roasted you, Matthias and
Misha! What did he say about Matthias? Check it out You know this kind of looks like the type
of guy that would stand outside Walmart and just try to sell some prescription pills to
people walking in and out of Walmart. How dare he! Nobody roasts Matthias! but you roasted Matthias Oh yeah, I did‚ Well, nobody roasts
Matthias except for me! Speaking of me, what did Leafy say about me? This is quite possibly the most important and this motherfucker looks like the type
of guy that would buy the prescription pills off of the other guy, alright OK, I’ve heard enough! What are you doing? I’m leaving‚ or should I say…Leafy…ing Pssst, you want to buy some prescription pills? Oh hey yeah, do you have anything for boredom? Depends on what is making you bored I’ve been watching a lot of LeafyIsHere videos I have just the thing! A bottle of Kill
Yourself! Hmmm, do you have anything less permanent? Less permanent… The only other thing to make you feel better
is to burn down the forest. A forest fire?…but… because a forest fire
burns leaves! Exactly. You need to burn leafy. Thanks Matthias, you give the best prescriptions! Any time I need to totally burn somebody I
do hella crazy research so I started analyzing Leafys video the one where he roasted us. Uh what the fuck was that? No joke i’m actually convinced now that the
Devil is actually living inside this little child. You want to talk about the devil, Leafy? Well
lets open up our bibles – In the beginning God said let there be the devil because the
world needs to learn about evil. AND let there be LeafyIsHere because the devil needs to
learn about evil as well. AMEN OK who the fuck are you Mr trumpet boy on
top of his trailer park? What the fuck? What the…Trumpet boy? You think that is
a trumpet? That is literally a sax! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you have
zero experience with ANY three letter words beginning with s and ending in x. So I got back to hacking, and I noticed Leafy
never shows his face. And instead always shows gameplay footage. The rumor is it’s because
he is actually a reptilian. It’s no wonder his followers are always commenting Hissss
on all my videos. I then discovered iDubbz who made a Content Cop episode exposing that
Leafys name is Calvin Vail and that he doesn’t have a chin! For a short time I was very concerned about
Leafy. I wasn’t sure if he had no chin at all cuz some pictures he covered up entirely.
Some pictures you could almost see something peaking out there. But I want to find out
for certain so, I pounded the pavement printed out some flyers to see if any one has found
his lost chin. I then found out Leafy hires his friends to
help make his videos. A guy that’s been working for Leafy doing
all of his animations and leafy promised him a shoutout and leafy just never gave him a
shout out. Nick goes on to explain that it takes him
4 to 5 hours to make these animations for Leafy’s channel. And when he complained about
not getting a shout out Leafy actually asked Nick if $20 was OK. But any way I decided to hack my way into
the future and discovered that 20 years from now LeafyIsHere is a goody goody social justice
warrior. Well, what’s up guys welcome back to a brand
video on the golly gee go lucky internet. And when I say guys that includes girls, transgenders,
bi-genders, gender fluid, non-binary, and artificial intelligence viewers as well. If you’re new here this is a politically correct
safe space that is inclusive of all peoples non peoples, and poly-species as well. Well
all accept cis white males! But no, I’m completely joking. With that being
said, let’s just get right into this shizow. Ba ba ba ba ba. But yeah let’s just check
our privilege and dive right into it. So I started investigating, why would Leafy
go from Cyberbully to Social Justice Warrior? I think it’s because the future Misha sang
an emotional song that really triggered Leafy’s heart strings. Warned them Leafy is an asshole. Leaf’s a
retard. Leafy is an asshole who bullies little kids. I warned them leafy is here, pyrocynical,
ricegum and keemstar they are all. So that song really touched Leafy deeply and
that’s why he changed his ways. Well, either that or because he was losing thousands of
subscribers every day. It’s anybody’s guess really Either way, future leafy changes so much
that he even endorses Killer Keemstar for president of the United States. Now already my campaign is being endorsed
by some of the top YouTubers including the #1 social justice warrior channel on all of
YouTube, LeafyIsHere. Well that’s enough about future Leafy.
Let’s focus on the current Leafy who just dissed me and dissed my friends and for
that, he is getting his own diss track! All my friends like Leafy cuz they’re slow
They wait on YouTube for his new upload He clickbaits them in just for views
They don’t know he’s worse than FouseyTube Hey what’s up Misha! Hi Chad! I’m back…again Hey were you listening to my Leafy diss track?
What do you think? Yes, it sounds good but it should be faster Good idea, I’ll try speeding it up a couple
octaves and try modulating the vocals with a vocoder They don’t call you Misha the music genius
for nothing! Alright, how does this sound? Leafy’s the only one I know. Sounds awesome! Praying for more real estate just above his
throat His channels bleeding and tampon full full
full I-I-I I’ve got a migraine And my pains to blame on the waste Leafy makes Thank God for gameplay cuz gameplays will always be better than his
face cuz that face is only loved by GradeA Hey Calvin Vail I fail to be your aficionado Mundane as a chairlift in Vail, Colorado Never are you clever ‘cept for when you hire
friends $20 for 5 hours and a shout out that’s pretend Let it be said what this diss track represents Is me defending all my friends It’s me condemning all your pretentious
mess That malicious incognizant reptilian clique represented best by brainless hisssssssss..tory
taught If you’ve not slopped iDubbz jock you’re gonna get Content Cop’d Phone is froze on your videos I guess I’ll
drink bleach Cuz sometimes death is better than Leafy on
my screen Leafys the only one I know Praying for more real estate just above his
throat His channels bleeding and tampon full Now I’ll go with one last sick burn‚
#niceshirt Leafys the only one I know Praying for more real estate just above his
throat His channels bleeding and tampon full Now I’ll go with one last sick burn‚
nice shirt Whooo, he got roasted! Alright guys as most of you already know this
whole video is one big joke I don’t hate Leafy. I did go a lot harder on him then I have on
every one else in the past because I feel like he can handle it you know? Any way, all of the Leafy fans have already
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the notification squad. YouTube will let you know when I have a video out. Oh yeah my video on Leafy is here 20 years
in the future is right here definitely check that out. And I will see you guys real soon with a brand
new video!