Lawless Thug Don Jr Tweets Out Whistleblower’s Name

so I told you earlier this week that they
will not stop until the whistleblower ends up dead or hurt. And Donald Trump jr has now started tweeting
the alleged whistleblowers. There’s name. So I’ll tell you now, I’m not going to say
the whistleblowers alleged name for the time being, you know, eventually if it becomes
public knowledge, if it’s confirmed, if the person goes public. Okay. I understand by the way that me saying it
is not going to be what gets the whistleblower killed, but I’m not going to make myself a
part of the problem. This is not a name that’s been confirmed at
this point by the whistle blowers attorney. So I’m not going to say it, but I am going
to talk about what Donald Trump jr is doing and what they’re all trying to do. But I do want to remind you upfront about
what I’ve been saying for a few days now, which is that the particulars of this whistleblower
are no longer important because there are so many other people that have corroborated
the Ukraine fiasco and the quid pro quo. But we’re going to get back to that. So over the weekend, Republican Senator Rand
Paul, uh, went to a Trump rally in Lexington, Kentucky, and he called for the media to print
the whistleblower’s name. There’s a name that’s been floated around
now for a couple of weeks. Privacy advocate, Rand Paul, asking the media
to violate the protections afforded to whistleblowers by our system of law doesn’t make sense, but
it does. When you understand that Ron Paul is a total
tool of whoever he believes can put them into a position of higher power and privilege. Donald Trump has been referencing the whistle
blower as a spy, as a trader, and now incomes Donald Trump jr tweeting the name of the alleged
whistleblower and so as Breitbart, by the way, Don jr actually tweeting the Breitbart
article in which the whistleblowers alleged name is publicized. So as far as the legal case against Trump,
I believe it’s abundantly clear that now that they are publishing the whistleblowers alleged
name, this is the beginning of the obstruction of justice. This is the beginning of the witness tampering
on this particular scandal on the Ukraine scandal. Now as far as the moral case against what
they’re doing, there’s a reason whistle blower was being protected. The anonymity of the whistleblower was being
protected because their life and the life of family members are instantly at risk. If their identity is known, the trumps don’t
care about that. People dying from California wildfires, who
cares? No more aid to California says Donald Trump,
the whistleblower and their family could be at risk of being outed, could be at risk from
being out at rather, who cares? We’re going to out them anyway. Don jr doesn’t fall far from the tree as far
as this is concerned. He has Trump’s retaliate, retaliatory instincts,
his violent tendencies, his disregard for the wellbeing of others, particularly when
there’s some personal benefit to be gained at the expense of the wellbeing of others. Complete disregard for the law, and as far
as the law is concerned, there are legal experts who are saying, if this were anyone other
than the family of the president of the United States, they would have been arrested for
doing what Donald Trump did and what Breitbart did. A with Donald Trump jr did and what Breitbart
did. Now, let’s get back to the key thing. The Trumpists and the Republicans have lost
the argument on substance on the Ukraine fiasco, right? There is no more way to argue that there was
not a quid pro quo because it’s been corroborated. There is no way to argue that Donald Trump
wasn’t personally involved, both in the quid pro quo, but also in the trying to cover up
the quid pro quo with a truncated transcript and asking William Barr to go out. As I told you earlier in the program and announced
that Trump broke no laws, there’s no way to defend the substance anymore. So what they’re doing is they’re focusing
on the whistle blower, they’re doing character assassination, they’re impugning the motives
of the alleged whistleblower, all of the things that they are known for. Because remember, ambassador to the EU, Gordon
Sunland now says there was a quid pro quo, Ukraine expert, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander
Veneman exposed the same and they were deliberately removing references to Joe Biden from the
truncated transcript of the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president
Selenski. So what we need to continue focusing on, no
matter what the original alleged whistleblower said, or their motivations or anything about
it, is that the story has been widely corroborated period. And this is what is being distorted or covered
up or ignored by what has been taking place here. Now there’s another element to this, which
is sort of an ugly, uh, reality, uh, which is that we increasingly have, there’s this
incestuous nature, even though we’re supposed to have separation of powers, that’s what
it’s literally called separation of powers. And we have no separation. We increasingly have our systems of checks
and balances either controlled by or subjugated by that which they are supposed to be keeping
accountable. In this case, the president of the United
States. I mean, just look across it all. I was, I forget the number, but there’s some
rapidly growing number of, uh, high judges, important appellate judges and federal judges
that have been selected by Donald Trump. Now, if you believe that judges, uh, are simply
applying the law to the facts and making impartial decisions, then you wouldn’t worry about this. We know that’s not the case, though. We have a Supreme court increasingly controlled
by Donald Trump, and we have lower judges lower than the Supreme court, still federal
and appellate courts, um, controlled by people selected by Donald Trump. We have a Republican party that even if deep
down, they know that what we have in the white house is an atrocity and an abomination. They put their finger to the wind and they
do what’s politically expedient and they want power and they want to be in the good graces
of the president of the United States. It’s appealing, it’s attractive, it’s exciting. So they are certainly not going to hold Donald
Trump accountable unless the public turns on Trump. But as we learned yesterday, nearly two thirds
of Trump is say, there is nothing Trump could do that would get them to no longer support
Trump. So the Republican party that ship has sailed. We have the attorney general of the United
States who is potentially implicated in the Ukraine fiasco as we discussed earlier today,
selected by Donald Trump and functioning as they henchmen propagandist for Donald Trump
in almost all of the ways Donald Trump wants him to, other than refusing to go out and
say, Trump broke no laws. So we have to number one, stick to the facts,
which are, as far as the whistleblower is concerned, that initial whistleblower, we
want to protect them of course, but they’re increasingly irrelevant to knowing what happened
because we have corroboration from multiple other sources, including [inaudible] and sundman. Okay. And then number two, that there is going to
need to be some accounting here. There’s going to need to be some kind of reckoning
with the reality that up until now, executive power has sort of worked okay because we didn’t
have a president as audacious as Donald Trump, and as brazen as Donald Trump in ignoring
or superseding the checks and balances that were at least ostensibly a set up to control
or to check the president’s power. So maybe the system we have of checks and
balances and separation of powers is actually inadequate to deal with a president that is
this brazen and audacious. That’s the big picture that at some point
there will have to be an accounting of, I say we removed Trump first if I voting them
out in November of 2020 and then deal with that