Last Day on Earth Devs Respond to Accusations of Fake Competitions

When players found out about the fake competitions,
the LDOE community was in an uproar. After many weeks of silence, here is the response
from the devs. Five weeks ago, I posted a video exposing
Last Day on Earth for creating fake competitions. It was a very sobering video because I love
Last Day on Earth and want it to succeed, but I also really don’t like what they did. In fact, I got really angry in that video. Maybe even angrier than I got in my older
video where I was telling PC Gamers to stop bullying mobile gamers. But when I made that video, the Last Day on
Earth community had several different responses as they wondered what Kefir would do next. Some of you were worried that I was going
to get in trouble with Kefir and lose my status as a partner, others demanded to know the
truth and hoped that if it was true, that Kefir would give an apology gift in response
to their mistake to make up for the vast amount of resources you spent to compete in a fake
competition. While others were satisfied when they made
the announcement that they were not going to do competitions like this anymore. So to start off, let me say that I am not
in trouble for posting that video nor did I break any of the rules of being a partner. Kefir has told me before and they reassured
me again after this video, that Kefir never forbids their partners from sharing their
opinions. I think this is an incredibly admirable philosophy
for Kefir to take on. For those of you who don’t know, if Kefir
wanted to they could tell me to stop using game footage in my future videos. Now I could still use some footage in my videos,
but I would have to be really careful to always be commenting on what I am doing and abide
by all of the copyright laws, which would be a huge headache and honestly, I would just
stop covering the game. So Kefir’s policy that they do not want
to interfere with us as partners sharing our opinions is very admirable and I think it
is indicative to what Kefir is trying to do. If Kefir was truly trying to scam people as
some of its haters claim, I have no doubt that they would put a tighter filter on their
partners, but if they did that then they wouldn’t get to experience our true opinions about
their game, which I think that means that they care more about understanding how players
are responding to their game than they do about making money from it. Now I know that they deleted some of your
comments sharing that video on their social media which bothered some of you, and that
makes sense, but they didn’t delete it on the official Discord or anywhere that I posted
it. So perhaps that was because of the way you
guys posted it. I’m not sure, but the bottom line is that
Kefir reassured me that I did nothing wrong and that I’m always free to share my opinion. Which, this would totally line up with my
other theories about Kefir and what they are doing behind the scenes that we can’t see. If you have not seen my videos with those
theories, make sure to check out my new playlist called “Conspiracy Theories about Kefir”. So the bigger question that I know most of
you guys have is were the competition’s actually fake? The evidence I presented in that video was
overwhelming, but sometimes there are crazy explanations that we couldn’t have thought
of on our own. Kefir was planning on coming up with an official
response that they were going to post publicly, but they have been so busy with this most
recent Sector 7 update and the upcoming Season 6 update, that they just haven’t had the
time to prepare one. So instead they said it was fine for me to
share part of the Unofficial response that they gave me. They explained that some of the information
in that video was incorrect, but when I asked them what information was incorrect so that
I could avoid using those sources in the future, they explained that all they can say is that
some information from some of my sources were at some level incorrect. Which cracked me up and I told them that there
was no possible way for me to use that information to prevent making that mistake in the future. And then they explained, “We can’t share internal statistics, the
studio prefers to keep all numbers in private, that’s why I can’t bring you real numbers. That is also why it’s difficult to prepare
an answer that is not vague. As a person who knows how businesses works,
you should understand there are many factors for keeping some numbers in private. I’m still talking to other Devs about topics
we can share and which ones I can’t bring to players. I hope we’ll be able to share more on the
leaderboard topics (like what cheaters were detected by the security system, how it works,
but right now I can’t do it because I’m not sure if cheaters understand how it works and
find the way to trick it.)” So of course this answer didn’t satisfy me,
but it did make me understand why they are having trouble responding and why now, almost
five weeks after they wrote this, they still haven’t had the time to prepare an official
response. And I’m a little torn on what I want them
to do next because this last Sector 7 update is, in my opinion, the best multiplayer update
they’ve made so far. So I don’t want them to take away from their
time preparing great updates to address this, but I also think what they did was really
wrong and that you guys should be compensated for working hard towards rewards that were
ultimately rigged. Furthermore, as I looked back, the most likely
numbers that I could have gotten wrong in that video were the numbers I shared in the
beginning of active and total Last Day on Earth players. I believe that is the internal statistics
Kefir was referring to that they prefer to keep secret, but those weren’t actually any
of the main premises of my argument for why I was convinced they were fake competitions. My four premises in that video were that it
is not normal for a competition to start easy and get harder especially in light of how
Fort Moss was set up. That usually most competitive players make
it to the top 5% of competitions because of so many casual gamers. That usually there is a leaderboard. And that Kefir made a public announcement
that hackers rankings did not affect our own. None of these four premises are based on Kefir’s
Studio statistics, and other then the premise provided by Kefir themselves, all of them
have overwhelming player anecdotal support. Now players can exaggerate, so it is possible
that some of the Fort Moss statistics I mentioned wear off, but we did a lot of research on
the Christmas competition and I don’t see any possible way for those numbers to be incorrect. So my fear is that Kefir is getting distracted
by the incorrect internal statistics that I shared and not addressing the four main
premises presented in that video. I understand that they cannot share exact
numbers with us, but I think it is strange that they cannot tell us anything to account
for these exposed abnormalities and a little suspicious that they won’t deny that they
were fake competitions. Whether I used wrong statistics or not, if
my conclusion was correct that they were fake competitions, then I don’t think it really
matters. So in my opinion, unless they can address
these four premises, I think they should give an apology gift compensating you guys for
your hard work in those competitions. In fact, even if there is a good explanation,
they admitted themselves that the system was poorly set up without giving the reason so
perhaps an apology gift is merited regardless. But my question is what do you guys think? The devs watch all of my videos so if you
have an opinion on this subject, please vote in this poll so they can see it and respond
when they have time. On a different note, I’m excited to announce
that I am moving my YouTube Studio from my bedroom closet to an actual room. This will not only improve the sound quality
of all of my videos, but because my closet is cramped and gets hot quickly, it will make
it a lot more enjoyable for me to do more live streaming and gameplay videos on my other
channel. Furthermore, it will make my wife much more
likely to make more gameplay videos which I know a lot of you have expressed a desire
for her to do more. Well. That’s it guys. I post a new video every Friday at the same
time each week. Also, I’m going to be making a lot of Last
Day on Earth videos over the next couple months because I’m getting pretty close to a hundred
thousand subscribers, so I am gonna try to speed that up. Alright guys. I’ll see you next time.