Kids in Crisis: You’re Not Alone | Barrett: Be the Storm

(gentle music) (girls chattering) – [Team] One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. – [Barrett] Volleyball
has always been my escape. I can always, the
second I put my shoes on and walk into the gym, I
completely forget about everything else that’s
going on around me. – [Girl] Here, I’m gonna get it. – I got it – [Barrett] Being
able to play here having, you know a
three hour practice every night sounds
super daunting, especially if I have
a ton of homework. But you know the second
I walk in the gym I completely forget about
everything else that’s happening and I can just focus on
just making myself better as an athlete and doing
something that I really enjoy. I always know that
those other 20 girls are there behind
me at all times. And you know regardless
of what social circles we’re all in or
that kind of thing, we can always come together, and you know they’re
always there for you. – Here you go B – [Barrett] Being
able to have something that’s not school related
or that’s not social related just to be able to go and
just let energy out physically and be able to like put
my mind on something else I think that’s a
huge release for me. It was crazy to see
how just the change in atmosphere really
allowed me to just love the sport again. Being here, it’s just,
it’s just a good new start and the people are a lot
more accepting I guess on the team, and it’s just, it’s almost like we’re
all grown up here. It’s not any of the high
school pettiness anymore. It’s not any of that
stuff that we’re all, we all realize that
we’re adults and you need to treat each
other like we’re adults. None of us are shy in
front of each other and so we can you know basically
say or do whatever we want in front of another person and
they’re totally fine with it and so we consider
ourselves a family. – [Team] L-U L-U L-U-T-H T-H
T-H T-H-E-R L U T H E R Luther Luther Luther – [Team Member] Go Luther – [Team] Oi Oi Oi – [Barrett] My mental
health challenges definitely have gotten better since
I’ve been away at college. Whenever my mom and I hang
up from a conversation she always says to
me “Be the storm.” And so it’s always about
learning how to be the one that’s empowered and
being able to be the one that’s in control of everything. And me being able to be
in control of what I do and changing what I choose. I was having a really
bad day I think in the beginning of school
because I was so nervous and I just wanted
to go back home and I was so anxious and my mom
said “You know go check your mail I put something
in there for you.” And so I got this and it’s
been on my key chain ever since because it just
reminds me to say that you know, no matter what’s
happening everything can be, you know, going
on around you that’s falling apart and you can
be the one that’s in charge of everything and you
can still be the storm. Fate whispers to the warrior,
you can not withstand the storm, and the warrior
whispers, I am the storm. (Volleyball players cheer) I feel like for me
being able to share my story was almost
like a sense of relief. Volleyball also has
made me so happy with what I am today
and that kind of thing and so volleyball has
introduced me to some of the people who have
hurt me the most in my life but it’s also introduced
me to the people who I love the most in my life. (volleyballs bouncing
and team chatter)