Kids ask teens questions about bullying | CBC Kids News

♪ ♪ No, I-I don’t know
why I was bullied. And I probably never will. But that’s not what’s
important to me. What’s important
to me is being able to forgive and being able to move on. Hiding is not healthy, I would say, because you’re
keeping it all into yourself. If you are a bystander
and you say something where you find a teacher
or you tell the bully that, “Hey, that it’s not so funny.” The bully is usually pretty
insecure himself. ♪ ♪ Hi, my name is Erin
and I was bullied from grades three
to grade eight. Hi, my name is Elana
and I was bullied through grade 4 and grade 5. Hi, my name is David,
and I was bullied. ♪ ♪ I have a few questions
about why do bullies bully? They also have their things
going on for them, as much as like we’re going through,
you know, pain as well and we’re feeling
lots of emotions. I feel like they’re also feeling lots
of emotions as well. If you could turn back
time and go back to when you were my age, what would you
have done differently? When bullying
started to happen, I didn’t tell anybody
for the longest time. it took me at least
a year and a half, you know, to really tell
my mom, you know, “I’m being bullied
and I need support.” Also, I wouldn’t
engage with the bullies as much as I did,
in the sense of I didn’t walk away
as much as I could of. Before I would hold it all in
and keep it to myself. I feel like I would
go to like a teacher or a guidance counsellor because it did a lot of
emotional things to me. First of all, I would
reach out immediately. I think that me
holding back prolonged the bullying much longer than it should have been. If you were to stand up
to a bully, what would be your best tactic,
in your experience? Mm-hm. For me personally
it was firstly, processing it within
my own self – so understanding
what’s going on, understanding how
it’s making me feel. Finding the outlets,
for me one of the big ones was slam poetry
and running. And then from there assessing,
can I handle this situation on my own or do I need
a little bit more support be it from a friend,
be it from a teacher or principal, whoever it is,
a trusted adult. Do you think it’s
childish to go to a teacher? Or do you think other people
find it too childish to go to a teacher? I think there is this perception
that finding teachers or the principal is probably
not cool or not acceptable, but there is a certain point in
bullying where it goes too far. And a lot of kids think that
they can handle it themselves. But oftentimes it’s just much
easier to go talk to a teacher. Figuring out a way to express
how you’re feeling and what is happening
is the biggest step, absolutely
the biggest step. For me personally, my tactic was mainly
running away, hiding. I remember at recess time
there was a lot of times where the teacher would send us
out and I would just try to hide in the washroom
or just try to hide. I didn’t want to go outside
because I knew the second I’d go outside it
would just start. I hid in the bathrooms a lot
and that is a reality for a lot of elementary students
when it comes to recess. Where, “Hey, you’re going to go
outside for 20 minutes.” and you don’t have
anyone to play with. So you can
stand in the cold. Because sometimes when
my class was younger you’d have a communal
game of cops and robbers and then anyone could
participate. How did you feel that helped? I think it helped
because anyone, anyone who was our
age could play there. You didn’t need
to have friends, you didn’t need
to be friends with the people who
are organizing it, you could just play. If you could say
to every single elementary teacher
in a room, what would-what would
you say to them? For some of them it’s been
a long time since they were my age so they
may have forgotten or just not
experienced bullying and not realized that these kids need this
or at least want this and that it can really help. Mm-hm. Yeah. I feel like, you know,
it’s-it’s hard to sometimes reach adults especially
at a young age. I mean, I’m quite a few
years older than you and I’m still
having that issue of, you know, getting
adults to listen. It’s hard to get
the message through. Mm-hm, yeah,
I totally get that. ♪ ♪