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Always Kurt! Kurt! What is this Sonika? Don’t you have any work? Have you gone mad? Meaning… OK… But you are too crazy Sonika. Don’t you get bored? Am I really wasting my time? I love Kurt. But am I taking this too far? What has happened to you these days? You are very quiet. Nothing. Just like that. There is a lot of work in office, right? Hey guys. I’m feeling I should disconnect for a while! Bye… Come back Sonika!!! We’ll miss you… What happened? Oh my God! It’s bad! Kurt’s version… was better… Will you eat ice cream? Hey. Why did you leave the group? Anything happened… I feel I should disconnect for some time. I think I’m going too crazy over Kurt. So what is wrong with that? We are all crazy! I don’t know dear… Don’t worry! It’s fine. Come back… I dunno. Please give me some time. OK! We’ll be waiting. Hey! Did you get the mail of that party? Yes we got the mail. So can I join you guys for that party? We are a group of 4 people. There won’t be room for you in the taxi. Next time, sure! Yeah! It’s fine… Did you watch Kurt’s new video? It’s great! I didn’t watch it. Why? I should concentrate on my work. But you are the Employee Of The Year! But people make fun of me. When KHS Is Life… Why should you listen to people? Do what you want to do. So guys I hope you liked this video. I usually make comedy videos. So this video was a bit serious. But I wanted to give you this message that… Don’t listen to people. Do what you want to do. All through July, I have made videos related to the theme #WhenKHSIsLife All of them were comedy videos But I wanted to make a motivational video. So here is my video for you guys. Please follow me! Please give me feedback about my videos on my socials. Please let me know if you like watching my videos in Hindi or in English. And if you liked this video, please give me a big thumbs up. Comment and share this video with your friends. Subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell icon to get notified when I post a new video. Thank you so much for watching my video. A bigger thank you if you liked it.