Kelly Clarkson Surprises Two 10-Year-Old Motivational Speakers With A Huge Gift

– All right, well my
next guest is an awesome and just an amazing 10 year old kid. He collects toys, clothes,
and food for kids in need. It’s called From the Bottom of My Heart, and his mission is to spread
kindness and end bullying. Please welcome today’s rad human, Jayden. All right, you do a lot! You do a lot to help kids and bullying, like what all do you do? – So I was bullied myself in kindergarten. It wasn’t a good feeling
because I have a pointy ear, like a little pointy ear.
– What, you don’t have weird, what? Your ear is fine. – That’s a good ear. – Somebody lied to you. – I like that ear.
– That’s a great ear. – So I was bullied about that. I was called elf, I should
be in the north pole. – Which is the greatest Christmas film, so it’s not that bad. (Jayden and Kelly laughing) – So I didn’t really wanna go to school. Would cry every day. – Aw. – And then one day, my mom, I told her. I told my mom that I was getting bullied and she went to the school
and told the principal, told the teachers and I
stopped getting bullied, but I told the kid I don’t
like to hold grudges, so I told the kid, “Do
you wanna be friends?” (audience clapping) – What? A lot of adults could take
some advice from kids. That is really brave and
very kind to do that, ’cause a lot of people would
just get mad at a bully and not be their friend. But a lot of times, kids are bullying kids ’cause they’re unhappy. They’re unhappy at home, or inside. So it’s really nice that
you befriended them. But I noticed that you
designed this little number. Is this the one you give away? – Yeah, I gave this away, so I had like a contest
at my house that I made, if you were getting bullied,
if you stepped up to a bully, or you were a bully but then stopped, – You included bullies! I love you! (audience clapping) That’s so kind! – [Jayden] Thank you. – Oh my gosh, so they got to win a shirt? So some people win shirts? – Yeah, so there’s a little
kid in Phoenix, Arizona. His name is Antonio and
he was getting bullied. I sent him a shirt and me
and my mom called the school so he could stop getting bullied and we just kept on calling
and calling and calling til he stopped getting bullied. – Oh my gosh, that’s so kind, man. All right Jayden, so there’s someone who
wanted to be here today to deliver you a message
in person, all right? So someone you helped beat
the bullies, come on out, please welcome Antonio! (audience clapping) – [Jayden] Antonio! What’s up? What’s up? – [Kelly] Nice to meet you Antonio! Oh my God, come on in here! – Hi, come sit! – Okay, we’ll sit. We’re very close. We’re all very close. (D’Arcy moaning) – I know, I love them! You’re wearing a backpack, is this one of the backpacks he did? – Yes. – Yes! That’s amazing! – Buddies! – So how did Jayden help you? – Jayden helped me by
reaching out to my mom and helping me with the bullying because the people were
calling me mean words and mean names and they tripped me. Then Jayden’s mom called – [Kelly] The school? – Mhmm. – Man, that’s somebody
looking out for you. So among all those bullies, don’t you forget there’s lots
of positive people around us trying to take care of us too. I know the bullies can seem
very large and in charge at the moment, but there
are people like both of you that are awesome and rad. But what do you wanna say to Jayden? You can look at him, you
don’t have to look at me. (audience laughing) – I wish I could thank you Jayden for everything that you gave me, by giving you a backpack
and helping you out and giving you a T-shirt. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, were you bullied? – I had a hard year, there was one year that I moved in the middle
of the year in third grade, so I was nine. And the new school, I had short weird hair and they thought I looked
like a boy and I was weird and all the girls were mean to me and I had a really hard year, but I do think that you
just need a couple people, like I had a really good family and somebody telling you that
this is just a moment in time and it made me a better person. I really do feel like
having a hard year or two can make you a stronger and better person and finding people like,
you know, like-minded people that are gonna help you
through is what it’s all about. Right? – And, you’re planning a
Christmas toy mission, aren’t you? – Yes, for Puerto Rico,
like how I did last year. That was my first ever mission. So, I wanna do it again
because another hurricane is hitting Puerto Rico, again. – [Kelly] Oh my, I know. – Them hurricanes need to not exist. – Yeah, they can’t catch a break. I’m with you. Well maybe Antonio, you can
help to with him if you want, but we wanted to help Jayden
with his Christmas mission, and so do our friends at
Spin Master toys and games. We’re giving you $10,000
dollars worth of toys. (audience cheering and clapping) There they are! – [Jayden] Thank you. – Yes! Oh my gosh, of course! Oh my gosh. And so, obviously, this isn’t
all the $10,000 dollars worth. – I was gonna say, I take
you to the swap meet, we could double that easy. – This is just the start. We only can fit so much
in the wagon, Jayden. But yes, look at that monster
truck, I know, I know. – [Jayden] Way bigger. – I know, there are lots
of toys coming your way, but we also learned that
you have never actually been on a vacation. – [Jayden] No. – That’s gonna change all right? That’s so awesome, oh my gosh. We are sending you, Antonio,
and both of your moms on an all expense paid vacation to Legoland Florida Resort. Courtesy of Legoland, Florida
and Frontier Airlines. Yes! – [D’Arcy] That will be so fun, you guys. – It’s gonna be good!