Kelly Clarkson On Getting Mistaken For Carrie Underwood

– But I noticed you have a tattoo. I have 17. (laughs) – I don’t have tattoos,
I have stretch marks. – I have those too. – Depending on how I move,
I can change the figure. – Very cool. – The characters look
different when I shift. – I have a couple tattoos
that are super suspect at this point. – Right. – [Kelly] They look different. – Well, what about that guy? Funky. – [Kelly] Yeah. He’s
getting my name tattooed. – I know. – [Kelly] He’s gonna regret it. But what’s yours? What does your tattoo mean? – Don’t you think it’s rude
that he has so many tattoos and he didn’t ask you of
us, for our autographs? – Like really, please can we bring that up when he comes back?
– Yes – He actually, he recognized
me but he confused me for being someone else. – No – Sign that person’s name. – That happens to me all
the time, you’d think.. Seriously, I’ve been asked so many times or they’ll be like, Oh my gosh
I love your song, So Small. And I’m like, I don’t
even know that that is. – What is that? – And then I find out,
it’s Carrie Underwood and I’m like, and then
I’m like, thank you. (crowd applauds) – Cause I’m like legit a 100 lbs heavier than Carrie Underwood. So I was like that can be
lot, yeah I’m just saying it’s real different though.