Keeping children safe online: Superloop’s Cyberhound + HPE OEM

At CyberHound, we are mirroring a lot of
what HPE is standing for, which is really changing
the way people live and work. Superloop is an Australian listed company.
We operate across the Asia Pacific region. The overall group is focused
on internet infrastructure and our part of the business, CyberHound,
that is the cybersecurity business we are a software company and our main focus is
on the education sector. We are securing the schools network, and then we are helping
keeping these kids safe online. ClearView is a unique technology.
It is a behavioral analytics platform that we developed 10 years ago to focus on
cyberbullying, to take that bullying while it was happening, block it, and even
alert someone in a position of power in that school so that they could
then go and address the problem in a positive manner. We have now evolved that
technology to be able to detect through what students are doing on the Internet.
What might be going on in their mind, looking at things that could indicate
that they are at risk. It could be even something like an eating disorder to
moderate forms of self-harm, all the way through some fairly extreme things. It is very, very
valuable and it is something that once the school deploy, they typically
don’t ever want to get rid of. Schools really don’t have big IT departments.
They need something that is reliable, something that is just going to work.
We are part of the HPE OEM Worldwide Partner Group, and it is a fabulous
organization that provides us support in many ways. It started with us
really using their server platforms. as an appliance platform for our software.
It means we don’t have to worry about hardware. It is always innovative.
It is always the latest capabilities, the latest specifications. It is also highly reliable.
That is really important for us as a foundation layer because we are
delivering mission-critical infrastructure to these schools.
We design some custom configurations with HPE. So we have built exactly the right
computer power, the right scalability. We then load our software on that so we can
ship it straight out, so this cuts our time to market right down with the new
Gen10 ProLiant. We have what they call the silicon root of trust benefit.
Now this is fabulous technology. It basically does a heartbeat type check
on a continual basis to make sure that that firmware is always valid, that
really is a powerful benefit for our customers. One of the other benefits we
got from the HPE OEM Worldwide Partner Program was a really good introduction
to the Aruba part of the business. Where we saw this opportunity was through
their Aruba ClearPass policy manager. Now this is a very cool bit of software
that can actually enforce policies on a network. When we talk to our customers
about this, they told us that this was literally the Holy Grail. This is what
they have been looking for. We are growing very quickly. Without HPE and the OEM
Worldwide Program, we couldn’t do it. We know we can comfortably go into any
country and we can deliver a fabulous service. It sounds like a very bold thing to say,
but we are genuinely saving lives, and that is the most rewarding
part about what we do.