Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” Is Her Anthem Against Bullies

“Witness.” I love what I’ve
heard so far on the record. -Thank you.
-I’ve heard “Bon Appétit.” I heard “Chained to the Rhythm.” -Thank you.
-Whew. That’s a jam right there. -Thanks. -And then “Swish Swish”
is the new jam I just heard. -Yes,
just dropped it last night. -You dropped it, totally. -Like a — like a —
-It was so dropped. -Like a — a-whoo-get! -And meanwhile you’re
like a wkksh, wkksh, wkksh! — like a triple dab. -And it was so —
that’s what the kids say. Every kid is out there saying, “Dude, you triple dabbed it,
man.” -Cool dad.
-Cool dad. “Dad, stop that.” [ Laughter ] “Swish Swish.” Is that about anyone we know
or — -I think it’s a great anthem
for people to use whenever someone’s trying
to hold you down or bully you. -There you go. [ Cheers and applause ] I’ll leave it at that. -That’s kind of what
this record is about. It’s just like 360-degree
liberation. “Chained to the Rhythm” was
this political liberation. “Bon Appétit”
was a sexual liberation. And now I think this is
kind of — “Swish” is — represents the liberation from all the negative
that doesn’t serve you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I love that. How many tracks?
-There are 15. -15 tracks?
-Yeah. -That’s a lot.
-I know. The kids want it all
these days. I’ll literally put out
this record on June 9th, and they’ll be like,
so when is KP5? Like the next day! And I’m like, “Aah!” -No, we just worked on
this forever, yeah. Are you excited about this?
To drop an album, to tour? -Yeah, I’m so excited. I have a tour that’s starting
September 7th. -Do you like going on tour? -I love it. because I’m a little
bit of a details freak, and I love routine. It makes me very comfortable. And I just love connecting
with people, like meeting people
and seeing them, and like seeing
that we’re all so real and we’re all
so in this together. That’s what touring does, is it makes you like kind
of get out of your bubble and go to different cities that you have no idea about
previously, and you learn about the cities
and the culture. -Do you get out and go see — -Oh, my gosh.
The greatest thing — So last time I was on tour, we just had incredible cultural
experiences everywhere we went, and this time I got to partner
up with Boys & Girls and — Boys & Girls Club of
America, which is exciting. -Yeah, I heard about this. -Yeah. We’re doing
a partnership with them where each ticket sold, there’s a dollar donated to each
Boys & Girls Club. And the great thing is that,
like, of course, I can donate my money,
but my money sometimes — Look, truth of the matter is
I have a good amount of it. -Sure.
-What I don’t have is time. So I’m going to donate my time
here. I’m going to go and visit
Boys & Girls Clubs. I’m going to go and see how
they’re shaping children’s lives who — they are the future. That’s where it’s all
going to change. If you can keep kids educated,
keep kids in school, keep them feeling
like they have a community, that’s going to be the most
important part for our future. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s fantastic
that you’re doing this. -What I was saying — what I
was saying is, like, earlier — when I was touring years ago, I used to like go to the club
afterwards. Now I’m just going to go to
the Boys & Girls Club. [ Cheers and applause ] -You’re still going to go
to the club. Now you’re going to the Boys —
I see what you did there. -See? Dad and Mom jokes! -I love you.
Katy Perry, everybody.